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I look down upon you all and your petty political games. Everyone knows who is in charge. I've been elected without anyone knowing me. My mask is on tight, while you all are being handled by me. Tread carefully, council.
— The Globalist, addressing the Council via hologram.

Title President of Munijoch
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil
Health Excellent
Level Governmental President of Munijoch
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Birth date Unknown
Occupation President of Munijoch
Interests Science, Technology, Manipulation, Globalization
Friends Joseph Yslenski, Victor Malkov, Isaac Juggernaut, Mark Yslenski
Enemies Those who cross him
Archetype Protagonist

The Globalist, known only by few as the moniker of V, is the current President of Munijoch, elected August of 2016 by the public, following Joseph Yslenski's end of term. Making history as the only President elected without both a political party of ever revealing himself outside of silhouetted holograms in broadcasts, not much is known about him other than the motives behind his rise to power. He has famously said that his aim is to bring the whole world under his banner, be it by "peace or total annihilation." Despite his cold and calculating remarks, those who have had the privilege of speaking with him have described him as a charming and enigmatic character, able to inspire a mind with his words, not rhetoric.


Not much is known about him other than what he has openly said during debates, speeches, and meetings with council members. The information that has been gathered is purely speculative.

Early Life[edit]

The Globalist was born after the Great Migration of 1945 to Munijoch, but not after the 2nd Munijoch Civil War. His life was quiet, with his parents living on a decent paycheck to support him. He graduated his high school and college in honor roll and soon went to Law School. When Munijoch fell under WhiteBlood insurgency, he was forced to serve in their army until the Democratic Revolt. By then, he had gathered a famous reputation among both his peers and his enemies, earning him the moniker of "The Realist." For a long time, he held multiple top government positions, all anonymously, in both the Munijoch government and other countries to get a grip on the proper world of politics.

Frosian War[edit]

During the War, the Globalist returned to Munijoch, almost being assassinated by WhiteBlood insurgents ransacking the City of Progress. After going to the hidden bunker, he commandeered 15 DRONE aircraft and led a strike team against the WhiteBloods, thus ending their ransacking to retreat and tend to their base. The Omnipotent Blood, curious as to why he did this, called The Globalist, to which he only replied "all's fair in love and war, my friend." Joseph did not question his actions at the time, seeing as he was being coup'd by Isaac Juggernaut, at the Globalist's discretion.


When the Munijoch Elections began, the Globalist took the opportunity to run for the position, completing his goal of true leadership in Munijoch. Realizing that he may lose his cover identity, he hid it, saying it was for "security reasons" and began campaigning. Joseph and Isaac openly endorsed The Globalist, bolstering his polls. In the end, the Globalist won 90% to 10% to the next competition, a businessman from Shops Island. When he took office, he openly declared that Munijoch was now "free of the false beliefs garnered to us by the international community, and we will unite the world under our flag, by means of either peace or total annihilation." As the jets flew over the stage, he solidified his rule over the nation, for they now answer to him and only him.

Present Day[edit]

Today, The Globalist oversees a country on the upward trend of recovery following a devastating war. Despite his vocal opposition to SI:9, The Globalist approves of most of the endeavors pursued by the agency, realizing their final worth is more than the sum of their mistakes. Likewise, he has begun to crack down on what he believes is "rampant corruption" within Munijoch's government. Much remains to be seen as to whether he will be successful, with many people claiming that this is only an excuse to consolidate more power and build a solid support base that isn't afraid to back him up on potentially questionable decisions regarding war. He has once again denied this, stating that he was "elected with the purpose of making this country a more powerful one."


Those who don't know him think he may come off as cold, calculating, or manipulative. While he is, in fact, calculating every sentence and outcome in advance for a conversation to ensure that it goes his way, those who actually have the pleasure to speak to him notice that he is very inviting towards others. Keen observers will note however that there is an off putting sense of falseness to the way he speaks, almost as if he intends to make you happy and ensure that you agree with him. He regularly twists words and morphs them so that those who listen will be opposed to whomever said them. He has a distinct accent, slightly British but in a manner that is imperialistic, dark, and menacing.


He stands unusually tall at a staggering 6 feet and has been implied to have black feathers. He only wears black suits to further conceal his identity, and it's implied he also wears sunglasses to further cover his eyes. He wears a glowing apparatus on his back, largely implied to be a Mercy model P2971-MERCY, most likely to either supplement his importance as a world figure or to better enhance his combat abilities. He usually has a PULSE Pistol on him, which usually isn't necessary for him to use.


The Globalist is unusually strong, either due to his training or his Mercy pack. He typically doesn't rely on weaponry unless it's for assassination, for most of the time he uses hand to hand combat or a Vibroknife. He's an excellent assassin, typically planning on what to use for a target, and can easily sneak past guards or take them down. His punches are strong and usually meant to take out vital points in the body to quickly move on to the next. When things go awry, he holds 5 canisters of toxic gas or smoke bombs, along with a respirator similar to Isaac Juggernaut's, and can escape with little to no difficulty. Previously, he carried a stealth field generator, but discarded it per a dare by Isaac himself.

Those that fight him describe his fighting style as "semi-clumsy, brutal, but precise... like a blunt jab" Even then, he prefers to simply use weaponry such as his PULSE gun or DRONE controls to attack opponents, feeling that hand-to-hand combat is a waste of time. He makes it a point to avoid fights, although his anger often gets the best of him. His Mercy medical kit allows him to withstand hard hits, gunshots, and limited amounts of electricity before shorting out.


  • "Everyone is born the same, and while their lives are different, the only thing differentiating a death is how it'll be administered."

Isaac: Tell me, sir, why do you take the interests of everyone in mind?

The Globalist: For if I don't, what better am I than those war mongering nations, or those savages we vanquished?

Isaac: We have technology to use, sir.

The Globalist: Technology is only as good as it's intentions.

  • "The State could never teach you what I know."
  • "Am I monster? Or am I the savior? Not all angels have wings, you know."


  • He hates cup holders.
  • He has his own brand of suit sold in luxury stores in Munijoch, known as "The Tailor."
  • He pronounces his name as thee Globalist, rather than the Globalist.

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