The Golden Jackhammer

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The Golden Jackhammer: Tip of the Iceberg
Teaser poster for the movie.
Directed by Albert Penglin
Produced by Zack Penglin
Screenplay by Albert Penglin
Narrated by Zack Penglin
Starring See characters
Studio Penguin Productions
Release date(s) October 27, 2014
Running time 101 minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget 6 million coins

The Golden Jackhammer: Tip of the Iceberg, usually just known as The Golden Jackhammer, is a 2014 action-adventure comedy film produced by Penguin Productions. In the film, two penguins: Josie and Morgan, were best friends for over 5 years and have been obsessed with trying to break "the iceberg", a popular location in their town for its beautiful simplicity and its impossibility to tip over. At one point, Josie gets over it, because she finally realizes there is no way, but Morgan continues obsessing over it. After a fight, they fall down a strange hole under a bush that leads to a museum of legends. While Josie is interested in all of these different legends, Morgan is only interested in one legend: the golden jackhammer, the only jackhammer strong enough to break the iceberg. Morgan becomes even crazier than ever and forces Josie to come on a quest with him to find the golden jackhammer, but Morgan seems a little...different than normal during this quest.

The Golden Jackhammer was pitched to Penguin Productions by twins Albert and Zack Penglin in 2012. The Penglin twins were noted for doing most of the main work such as directing, producing, and writing the screenplay for the film. PenguinOfDoom666, a friend of the Penglin twins, also helped with the screenplay. The Golden Jackhammer was released on October 27, 2014 to good reviews, and made more money that the budget had cost.



  • Bill the Narrator (Zack Penglin) - Bill is the narrator whom tells the story of the movie. His lines are usually gags, but his narration is prominently featured in the beginning of the movie, the quest scenes of the movie, and the end.
  • Josie "Jo" Delia (Snowphie Tulip) - Josie is a pink 13-year old penguin and one of the main leads of The Golden Jackhammer. She has blonde hair and a blue jacket, with orange tennis shoes. She is very perky and fun, but very serious and confident at the same time. She has been best friends with Morgan for 5 years, and was obsessed with tipping the iceberg.
  • Morgan Soph (Morgan Iceguy) - Morgan is an arctic-white 13-year old penguin and one of the main leads of The Golden Jackhammer. He has black wavy hair and a green t-shirt, bare-flipper. He is very perky and fun like Josie, but is not as serious. He has been best friends with Josie for 5 years, and is obsessed with tipping the iceberg.
  • The Hackman (David Snouse) - The Hackman is the main antagonist of The Golden Jackhammer. He is the owner of the golden jackhammer, but is trapped in the cave in which it stands and has been plotting to escape so he can tip the iceberg and find the real secrets on the other side.


  • Bob Delia (Max) - Bob is the pink 40-year old penguin father of Josie. He attempts to stop Josie from going on the adventure because of how protective and careful he is of his daughter.


In 2011, Albert Penglin was on a trip to "the iceberg" for a bit to go on an aqua grabber adventure, and had bumped into penguins with jackhammers attempting to tip the iceberg. There were nearly 50 of them there. He then learned about how people liked to try to tip the iceberg. After his aqua grabbing adventure, he looked up "tip the iceberg" and saw fake videos of people tipping the iceberg over and began doing research on the subject.

His twin, Zack Penglin, was interested in the movie business, so they decided to combine their loves and create a movie about tipping the iceberg. They had tried a couple of different ideas, but none of them seemed to work. After a couple of ideas, they decided on the current plotline. They pitched it to Penguin Productions, and it was given a greenlight. The movie went into production on January 4, 2012. Voice recording began on March 14, 2012. The film finished production on November 21, 2013.


The film score for The Golden Jackhammer was composed and conducted by Snowby T., this being his first time doing music for a film, or for any large company, sparking his career as a music conductor and composer.

The Golden Jackhammer
Length 20:44
Producer Snowby T.

No. Title Length
1. "Tip of the Iceberg (Main Title)"   1:32
2. "Just Two Kids"   2:44
3. "I'm Not Obsessed"   0:59
4. "Didn't See That Coming"   1:03
5. "Legendary Museum of Legends"   3:04
6. "The Tale of the Golden Jackhammer"   2:22
7. "The Dark Warrior"   0:43
8. "Why Did I Just Do That?"   0:04
9. "I'm Sorry"   1:13
10. "Cannot Be Tipped"   2:30
11. "The Final Straw"   2:32
12. "Jackhammer Jazz (Credits Song)"   4:45


The Golden Jackhammer was advertised heavily around Icey Channel, Icey XD, and Penguin Network, with the occasional commercials on other networks. Posters were put up around Minigame Island.


The film is set for an October 27, 2014 release. On September 17, 2014, it was announced that The Golden Jackhammer will be coming to home media on December 5, 2014.