The Great Golden Crisis of 2012

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The Great Golden Crisis of 2012
A notice posted by the Tom Mall after being taken over by the Golden puffles.
Date May 5-9, 2012
Location Tomville
Result Puffles exterminated, Mayor Kari temporarily arrested.
Casus belli About 19,000 defective Gold Puffle clones had been "born".
Tomville, Shops Island Golden Puffles
Johnny 115 Mama Golden, The Puffles.
Knew how to stop the puffles. Large quantity of them.
None Deletion
This is the first time that the SIA acted in any event. At this time, at was still extremely weak.

The Great Golden Crisis of 2012, better known as The Golden Rebellion, was a rebellion that started and mostly occurred in the Eastern Shops town Tomville. It started on May 6, 2012, and concluded on May 9 with Mayor Kari's arrest. Though other locations were destroyed, the Tom Mall and Tomville were the most heavily damaged, causing the town to be mostly abandoned shortly after until it was rebuilt in 2013. The golden puffles caused over 300 million wiki bucks (WB$) in damages to Tomville and surrounding areas.


Tomville's first pet store opened up on February 9, 2012 inside the Tom Mall. The first animals for sale were some normal-colored puffles (blue, green, red) and some golden puffles. These golden puffles were very adorable; in fact, one of them was even advertised as sitting in a basket! They sold like wildfire, and most of the penguins of Shops Island were quite pleased.

Shortly after Tomville was officially opened by Mayor Kari, the pet shop had grown immensely, expanding their catalog of available puffles for sale. However, the animals' "natural goings" caused the mall to be very smelly, so the pet shop employees and the mayor agreed to move the shop to Tomville. They opened in the new, much larger facility on May 5th. It is still open today as the Tomville Animal Shelter.

Mama Golden, the mother of every golden puffle at the Tomville Animal Shelter, had just had another litter. However, that wasn't enough- there was a backlog hundreds long for people that wanted Gold Puffles across Shops Island. Since the owners of the pet shop wanted to make a lot of money off of the pets, they purchased two experimental cloning devices off of the black market, based on the cloning technology in Terninia. Mayor Kari also approved since he liked the Gold Puffles.

Unfortunately, the experimental cloning machines were very flawed- it caused most of the Gold Puffle clones to be mentally unstable. Despite this, they were also surprisingly somewhat intelligent, cunning, almost villainous, and well organized. A giant litter of mentally psycho puffles didn't sound good, and it wasn't. The machines had been left on to run all night, so by the time they overheated and shut down in the morning about 19,000 clones had been "born".


The Crisis Begins[edit]

On May 6, 2012, at 10:53 PM EDT, the first signal of the Golden Rebellion was sounded off. The new litter of puffles provided Mayor Kari a picture of some golden puffles playing, with the caption "Stampede!" A few minutes later, they stormed their birth home, the animal shelter, and chased all other types of puffles out.

The next day, the mayor addressed Tomville's citizens about the crazy golden puffles, and issued a warning to everyone in not just Tomville, but Shops Island as well. These young puffles were quick to catch on, and stopped Mayor Kari from speaking out against them further by capturing him. He would later escape and go into hiding from the puffles in Yuri102212 City. After capturing Kari, the puffles began wreaking havoc, starting with the Tom Mall, and then the town's newspaper office. In the latter half of the day, the Puffles spread from Tomville into the surrounding area.

The Spread of the Puffles![edit]

By the end of May 7, all of southern Eastern Shops had been rampaged by golden puffles. Thankfully, there were no other communities affected outside of Tomville. However, the puffles had spread across the border just south of Bro Town up on to Yuri102212 City while looking for Mayor Kari, where they somehow managed to buy a house. They then reeked some more havoc here, and spent the evening in their new house.

A Cure[edit]

Meanwhile in Shops City, word had gotten out about the "stampede", and Snowstormer (the governor of Eastern Shops) had organized an emergency meeting of the Shops Island Council to decide of an extreme way to get rid of the problem, since these puffles had a mental condition that made chocolate good for them. Though scientists unaffected by the puffles in Tomville video-conferenced and suggested that they use toxins to kill the puffles, the council took Jack's suggestion of mobilizing all SIA agents, who at that time served as Shops' tiny defense force. On the morning of May 8th, the decision was made and all SIA agents were told to get to Eastern Shops ASAP. Some agents that had been in Eastern Shops took to the streets and used their snowball and Deletion guns on the puffles, but expansion was now increasing rather than decreasing.

The Rampage Goes On[edit]

Right as the SIA was being mobilized, the climax of the rebellion was going on. The puffles had moved back towards Port Chill and destroyed the clothing store there. Unlike other instances, the puffles immediately retreated, and moved to the nearby Penguin City. Here, they destroyed the town's mall, the Yoshi Egg Center. May 8 ended with the golden puffles attacking Mario Arkay's mall, The Great Mall. This was the last of the attacking, as most of the puffles had been deleted or captured by SIA agents that had surrounded Penguin City.

After the Crisis[edit]

On May 9, 2012, Mayor Kari was taken into custody by Chill57181 at a five-star hotel in Yuri102212 City. He was accused of wrongfully cloning wildlife, and refusing to get rid of the puffles (the deletions were unapproved by the mayor, as he was in hiding). The Eastern Shops Court sentenced Mayor Kari to ten days in prison, but he was let out early on bond.

Due to the trauma she was put through of seeing her litter's clones being deleted, "Mama Golden" was released back into the wild to live the rest of her life in the wilderness. It is rumored by some that she is organizing any leftover clones for a second riot, but nobody knows for sure.

The SIA and its agents were praised for a job well done, quickly and humanely handling a situation that could have been a lot worse. It was their first test as a large military/defense force, and thus after this event the Shops Island Council started considering getting a larger, well trained army that could handle any threats. The Agents that took part were also give a medal and a ribbon for their service. When Mayor Kari's jail term ended, major changes were made to the Tomville Animal Shelter to ensure this crisis would never happen again. Some changes made in Tomville include:

  • The sane and living golden puffles were sent to a large grass field in southern Eastern Shops for a few weeks while scientists investigated the incident. The puffles have since returned.
  • Because of Mama Golden's "litter", golden puffles and other puffles are shipped to Tomville from a puffle farm somewhere far away.
  • In July 2012, Tomville passed a law in which residents can only own at most two puffles.
  • Every puffle is spayed or neutered before they're put up for adoption.
  • After the Crisis, many residents of Tomville left the town for other cities on the island, including Mayor Kari who left in the summer, and didn't return to rebuild the town until 2013.

Furthermore, everyone on Shops island was sad to learn they couldn't all have their own golden puffle. However, in late 2013 PH found an entire cave full of Gold Puffles on Club Penguin, which made everyone shop from there instead. It was discovered that these were different from Shops' "Golden Puffles", and it is now thought that these are an exclusive group of Yellow Puffles with darker fur color.


  • This marks the first time that the SIA was used as a military force.