Great Space Race of 2013

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The Great Space Race of 2013
Date July 2013
Location All over Antarctica, Space
Result Helps trigger the Great Snowzerland War VI
Casus belli Shops Island constructs a massive space station, to rival the already competing Antarctic and Snoss space efforts.
USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
FlagEPF.png Elite Penguin Force
Penguin Space Agency image.jpg PASA
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
RDA logo.png Resources Development Administration
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
SIALogo.png Shopper Intelligence Agency
USA flag.PNG Spike Hike
FlagEPF.png Gary
Snowzerland Flag.png Swiss Ninja Hochstadt ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Lavender
SIALogo.png Warning von Brown
This was a bloodless conflict.

The Great Space Race of 2013 was an unarmed, and ideological conflict between Snowzerland, Shops Island, and the USA in an effort to gain space supremacy. It was a major factor in the buildup to the Great Snowzerland War VI and the Star War.


In late June 2013, spies from the Antarctic EPF caught notice that the Snoss were working on developing a new space vehicle. Originally, the government was uninterested as they never suspected anything new. However, with the help of PASA satellite imagery, the EPF noticed that this was no regular space vehicle. It was something completely new, and it didn't have rocket propulsion. Just like the PASA Space Attack Fleet, the USA thought that the Snoss were also creating a new form of propulsion.

Soon later, Shops Island also openly expressed their interest in creating new space innovations, with the revelation of their new agency, the SIA Space Command Fleet. Many press releases stated that Shops was mass-producing fighters and SIA Drones to pilot them. A few days later, Shops successfully started piloting them as they were being mass-produced, and sending them to the moon to be stored.

As this was happening, all the three countries were rapidly creating new technologies. All three of them effectively mastered the art of light speed travel, especially Shops, who mastered hyperspace travel; much faster than light speed. With this, Shops had secretly put out so many spacecraft due to super-secret cloning. Snowzerland put out their massive fleet due to grotesque slave labor. And, the USA created theirs due to their sheer wealth.

Shops had immediately confirmed what they were creating, and how they were going into space. Snowzerland, however, was being extremely secret. Into July, the USA eventually found out that they had created TIE fighters, and some were illegally sold to the USA. Swiss Ninja immediately took them back, as tensions between the USA and Snowzerland began growing. Shops withdrew diplomatic relations from Snowzerland, Puffle'and, and their child nations. However, the USA and Snowzerland were in the spotlight of tension. This gave way for Shops to do whatever they wanted without attention for the time being.


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