The Invisible Elevator

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The Invisible Elevator
Tick Tock, bro.
Type Time Machine/Universe Hopper
Effects Warps user to a specified target between universes and points in time.
Source Project X Mark 1
Location Here, there and everywhere.
Cost to buy We don't know, it could be any price really depending on which one you see.
Cost to sell X wouldn't sell it, he likes messing with time.

The Invisible Elevator is Project X Mark 1's current time machine. It is never actually seen, all you ever see of it is a 2-D optical illusion. It is about the same size as Doctor Hickory's time machine, only it is much smaller on the inside (just big enough to house the user interface, two beds, basic sanitary facilities and kitchen with pantry). It also has the function of hopping between universes, where you end up there is usually the universe's Bureau of Fiction because it is attracted to places of significant wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey significance (for example, the prime area for warping to the Club Penguin Fanon universe is the room that contains the Final Solution, a permanant deletion black hole inside the BOF). X constructed it during the events of Break In Dimensions and has used it for all sorts of time-foolery.


Main Article: Break In Dimensions

The elevator was originally conceived as a small executable that wound up inside X's virus chest. This code was attempting to break out and insert a subroutine into his left eye's visual interpreter. It eventually succeeded and X saw the instructions of how to make it. Realizing it was a time machine/universe-hopper, X immediately set about the construction of it. He did in time and the elevator replaced his severely damaged (again) time-machine.


UI and Register[edit]

The Elevator has an easy-to-use interface. It utilizes a simple touch screen and microphone/keypad as input. The touch screen has vertical lines running across it, these represent universes. A small red dot represents the elevator. If one of those green lines is dark, then it means that it is an unregistered universe and you are unable to travel to it, but if the line is lit then it is a registered universe and you are able to travel there. Registering a universe is easy, press the "Register Universe" button (on the keyboard) and either say the Universe Number into the microphone or type it into the keyboard, the next dark line will light up and be the line representing that universe, the universe it is deployed in is automatically registered on startup.


You travel across time by touching the red dot and sliding your finger to the timeline/point in time you want to go, the higher that dot goes, the further into the future it is. When you are at the desired point, you press the "Warp" button. The doors then close, this is what happens then:

  • The lift partially rollbacks itself, removing itself physically and also making it pass-through-able, but it still shows up on the Department of Surveillance moniters as being 'there'.
  • The lift, actually 'existing' in the space-time continuum, then starts to move. Through time-vortex through time-vortex it speeds through This does, of course, expend energy by the yottajoule, the lift's generator is actually infinitly large to bypass entropy, allowing the lift to operate indefinatly..
  • Eventually it comes to the universe and point in time it has been requested to go to.
  • There, using mysterious powers, it un-rollbacks itself at the destination.

Calling The Lift[edit]

Calling the lift is a simple task of pressing a button, usually labeled "Call Lift". It sends a signal to a specific version of the lift Actually, it sends a signal to all of them, only it starts with the final incarnation of said lift, working it's way down towards said lift's first incarnation.. A lower priority alert can also be issued by inputing a certain string of letters, numbers and symbols into certain computers, typewriters, or the Narrators Organ. Specifically, the code is: "j5a3i6i9k0Ω∞, without the comma. When the lift is given one of these requests to come, a bleeping sound issues and a small yellow light flashes on and off. The pilot fo the lift can either ignore it or press the "Ansr Rqst" button just below it.


You can also set a point in time as a "Floor" by either of these two ways:

  • Moving the red dot to a point, then pressing "Floor Des". This sets the location of the red dot as a floor.
  • Pressing the "Floor Cur" button, this sets the elevator's current position as a floor.

The floor appears as an orange dash across a timeline, touching it then pressing "Warp" will take you there.


  • The Invisible Elevator runs off an infinite number of Wankel Engines, which are powered by liquidized coal, which is stockpiled heavily, allowing it to run for immense periods of time without turning off.
    • The waste fumes are ejected into the time vortex of the current universe.

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