The KD Band

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The KD Band
Background information
Origin The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
Genres Variety
Years active 2012 (2012)–2013 (2013), 2018
Labels Chill Island Productions
Associated acts Penquino, The Ed
Chill57181, Penquino, The Ed
Past members
LMGT, Mario Arkay, Bro

The KD Band is a band originally formed by Chill57181, Mario Arkay, Penquino, and LMGT. They were most popular on Shops Island and were very successful there, because all of the band's members had previously been in the public eye through Shops politics. However, they weren't nearly as popular elsewhere. They only released one album before deciding to end the band after the tragic events of Calada, Eh?, but made a surprise return in 2018.


The KD Band was formed out of boredom in the Summer of 2012 by Chill57181, Mario Arkay, Penquino, and LMGT, after the release of Penquino's single The Eggnog Starts Now!. In December 2012, they decided to go professional, and LMGT left the band to devote more time to other projects, and Bro joined the band in his place.

In early 2013, the band announced their first album, Let's Rock!. Shortly after, they began the Let's Rock Tour to showcase some of their new songs. Let's Rock! was released on May 26th, 2013, to critical acclaim on Shops Island.

However, a few months prior, Mario was teleported into another dimension and originally presumed deleted while on vacation in Calada. While trying to figure out how the band would go on, they eventually agreed it would be best if they ended the band.

In May 2018, Chill was bored and came up with an idea for a new KD Band album and decided to revive the band. Chill contacted the others, and Penquino agreed to rejoin. Bro was less optimistic and refused to rejoin the band, calling it a "failed experiment" and telling Chill to leave it in the past. Chill decided Bro was being "broring" and instead got his friend The Ed to join the band in his place, who had previously wrote the hit song "Without Memes I Will Die". As Mario was still legally considered dead by the Shopper government and living off the radar in Chill Island, he didn't rejoin.

With everything in place, Chill announced the surprise revival of The KD Band and their new album, OOOOkay We're Back, scheduled to release later that summer. Unlike Let's Rock!, the new album would only be released as a digital download, and the band would not go on tour because they were busy with other things in their lives.


  • Chill Beachball (Keyboard, Vocals) - Founder of the band.
  • Erik von Penquino (Drums, Vocals) - Founder of the band who also has a small solo career.
  • The Ed (Guitar, Vocals) - Joined the band for its 2018 revival. Successful solo singer/songwriter of "Without Memes I Will Die".


  • Lm34gt45 - Founder of the band, left in early 2013 to devote more time to other things.
  • Mario Arkay (Vocals) - Founder of the band that disappeared for a while, causing the remaining members to decide to end the band for five years.
  • Bro Jean (Electric Guitar, Vocals) - Joined the band after LMGT left, and helped to write their first album, Let's Rock.


Title Details Songs included
Let's Rock!
  • Released: May 26, 2013
  • Genre: Variety
  • Label: Chill Island Productions
  • Format: CD, digital download
  1. We Will PWN You
  2. Fry Day
  3. Adopt Me Maybe
  4. Mine Crab
  5. I Like Planes
  6. The Eggnog Starts Now! (bonus track)


The KD Band enjoyed most of its success on Shops Island, thanks to all of its members being in the public eye through Shops politics. Elsewhere in Antarctica however, they were much less popular.

Their first album, Let's Rock!, sold very well in Shops Island, and topped Shopper charts during the week of its release. Concert tickets for the Let's Rock Tour also sold well. In the rest of Antarctica it was largely ignored, and the little reception it did get dismissed it as generic, outdated, and nothing special.