The Last Stand

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The Last Stand
The Last Stand Cover Small.png
Date 2044 - 2045
Location Snowzerland, Freezeland, Darth Cube, Outer space
Result Snowzerland becomes Peaceful. Swiss Ninja, Bellina, and S1 get killed.
Casus belli The Rebellion against the Snoss First Reich begins
No territory changes.
Snowzerland AU (Mostly Castilla, Batavia, Snowprus, and Rusca), Freezeland, some USA forces
Emperor Pengvintine, Queen Bellina, Serth S1, Django Ghent, Java Ghent King Clovis, Fisch Hochstadt, Comrade Jock Hochstadt, Leonardo di Tremezzo, Piper J. Cub, Princess Litz Hochstadt
Have a large RDA Clone Trooper Army, powerful starships, Darth Cube Have a lot of Allies and soldiers, AU have more ground troops than Snoss
Clones can be clumsy and take long to Create Not very powerful technology, less spacecraft
Successor to Snoss Civil War from years before.

The Last Stand is the final series of battles that the Hochstadt Gang and their allies fought that resulted in the deaths of Swiss Ninja and Bellina, finally bringing peace to Antarctica.


It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth.

And so Time does play a key in this story, time starts as an enemy; it gave the enemy the chance to grow...but later Time began to give hope and opportunity for the ailing heroes seeking for justice. So perhaps time may be an enemy in the beignning, but things will get better sooner or later; it is up to the individual to make that change and to stand up for what he believes in. All it takes is patience...and dedication. This is the story of Swiss Ninja, and his final chapter and his redemption of becoming pure of heart once again. Time has made him realize his mistakes. This is also the story of the Hochstadt Gang, because they must endure the sufferings that comes with standing up for what they think is right, and they have done whatever they could do to help Swiss Ninja turn back from his evil ways right before he died.

Speaking of time, a lot had changed after the Snoss Civil War ended in 2030. Twenty years later, things looked very different as they were from 2030.

Let us begin first in the not so glorious year of 2031, about a couple months after the end of the war. It was a cold winter night in Antarctica, and there was a huge rain storm across the AU, Freezeland, and South Shetland Islands. If anything else was gloomier, so were the citizens. Castilla was still suffering from it's loss of soldiers and countries, but already a couple had been coming back. Clovis shut himself into his palace and preferred to stroll in the gardens occasionally when he wasn't taking part in any political activity. The storm prevented his morning strolls, thus he stayed inside and watched the grey clouds as they moved past the shadowy city of Metido, which was usually colorful in it's Mediterranean style that was clearly emphasized on a summer day. Winter seemed to tone everything down.

That night, that dreaded black night, with no white moon in sight, Emperor Pengvintine unleashed his bounty hunters. Yes, those cruel, shadowy faced enemies feared across the Antarctic. They were going on a capture spree, and no one was going to stop them from reaching their goal this time. For Austin8310, this would be his last official mission as a bounty hunter. He planned to retire and become the Emperor's right hand penguin. Meanwhile, XTUX scoffed at him and envied him since he was a cyborg. XTUX knew he would serve Swiss Ninja until he died, but all the same, XTUX liked Emperor Pengvintine ever before after the Civil War, and resolved to serve him fully. The same were for Java and Django Ghent, who were loyal to Swiss Ninja from the very beginning.

Who were the bounty hunters off to capture?

Well, Gill, Fredsworth, Xary, and other well known scientists of 2031 soon found out.... when they discovered themselves in a giant grey jail cell. Emperor Pengvintine confronted them, and he had a very special task for them, and if they denied to do this task, they would be killed. Thus, they accepted Pengvintine's offer, and they were soon released with no scratch, but with many very scared scientists.

What did Emperor Pengvintine make them build?

Emperor Pengvintine wanted the Scientists do to the impossible, no doubt. But Swiss Ninja wanted them to break a very important rule, a rule that most scientists believed would be impossible to break to begin with. Emperor Pengvintine simply asked them to create a revolutionary invention that would change Snowzerland and the Snoss Army forever....the Atom Cloning Machine, or just simply known as the Atom Cloner.

You may be wondering what this Atom Cloner does. Well, it defies that rule. It can clone matter.

What was the Atom Cloner built for?

Well, friend, this is where our story begins. Emperor Pengvintine planned for an enormous space station, half the size of the moon, to be built. He called it the Darth Cube, and although it was impossible for it to be created in the past, the Atom Cloner made making this new giant space station very possible now that raw materials could be used only once without wasting up all the metal mines.

Thus, in a matter of six short years, the Darth Cube was finally created and finished from cloned raw materials. This new Darth Cube scared the lives out of every non-Snoss Antarctican, helpless penguin and puffle citizens alike. The ghastly grey space station hung silently under the shadows of Planet Earth, many many miles below it. Emperor Pengvintine also planned for the station to have a giant superlaser, which it did, but because the station already used so much power, and most of it's solar panels provided all of it's energy. Thus, the superlaser planned to destroy Antarctica was cancelled and postponed until many decades later.

As for Emperor Pengvintine, he liked the Darth Cube so much that he destroyed his old residence, the Keukenhof Castle, and moved with Bellina and Austin8310 to permanently live in the dark shadows of the Darth Cube space station. The station also became the home for the many RDA Clone Troopers who were beginning to overpopulate Terninia, and they found the Darth Cube a very fitting home.

Nevertheless, on the other side, it appeared that more and more members joined the Anti Swiss Ninja Alliance, and they were waiting for the right time to strike Snowzerland and start the rebellion against his threatening demeanor. Soon whole countries joined the Alliance, including Freezeland, the MAI, and the USA. These nations, and people, had had enough of Swiss Ninja terrorist threats. They wanted to end him once and for all, no matter what it took.

It appeared that Snowzerland didn't care or notice the anti-Swiss Ninja alliance, but it wouldn't be long before Emperor Pengvintine's patience ran out. Unlike the alliance's plans to strike first, Snowzerland decided to strike first instead...

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Freezeland. S2 and his father, Shadow Guy, were busy at work cleaning part of the enclave that existed at the edge of the Snowbourne Mountains. No one really knew that the secret rebellion base was there except for the villagers who lived nearby and the leaders of the Anti-Swiss Ninja Alliance, which was basically the Hochstadt Gang and the Freezelandian Authority. Things couldn't get any better that nice day in the beautiful countryside of Freezeland, until Shadow Guy spotted something unfriendly.

He saw a LATTU coming down straight to the village.

Shadow Guy blasted back to the base and declared:"They've caught us! Quickly! All personnel to the village! We're going to act like we're Freezelandian soldiers!"

Everyone did as they were told, without question.

The LATTU landed in a nearby field, and a large group of RDA Clone Troopers hustled out of it and headed for the village. It was led by a RDA Clone Trooper Commander. Once they reached the edge of the ancient walls of the village vicinity, the RDA Clone Trooper Commander walked in. The Anti-Swiss Ninja Alliance Soldiers, mostly just called the "Rebels", stood casually and guarded the village with their machine guns and rifles.

The RDA Clone Trooper Commander approached to Shadow Guy, who met up with him.

Shadow Guy:"May I help you, sir?"

Commander:"Don't give me that smack, Rebel! Surrender your base or DIE!"

Shadow Guy:"I don't know what you are talking about! We are loyal soldiers of the Freezelandian military! The base belongs to Freezeland! Surely you must be mistaken, we don't even care about the Snoss."

Commander:"Liar! Let whatever what you say be true, but we're still going to destroy you anyways. Prepare to die, Anti-Swiss Ninja Rebellion...or Freezelandian Army..."

Shadow Guy did not hesitate and blasted the commander with his powers. The Rebels charged at the RDA Clone Troopers, and the battles began. However, S2 looked into the sky and saw a horde of LATTUs that were coming for backup. They were in for a heavy ride, for the Snoss were easily going to outnumber the small number of Rebels.

As the battles became more intense and more LATTUs began to land, Shadow Guy reunited with S2.

Shadow Guy:"S2! Come with me to the Enclave!"

S2:"Got it, father!"

The two superheroes dashed across the battlefields and entered the village, where the secret entrance to the Enclave was. However, it appeared that a couple RDA Clone Troopers had already discovered it.

RDA Clone Trooper:"Freeze, Rebels!"

S2:"Think again!"

S2 and Shadow Guy blasted the RDA Clone Troopers with their blue colored powers like before, and they quickly ran to the hangar.

S2:"So what are we going to do now?"

Shadow Guy:"Escape. Quick, S2. Open the Hangar doors. We'll take that stolen LATTU and escape to South Pole City or something. We're outnumbered."

S2:"Got it, sir!"

S2 ran to the controls and opened the hangar doors....only to find several RDA Clone Troopers fighting with some of the Rebel Soldiers. All of a sudden, everyone got out of the way, and three LATTUs immediately landed. To Shadow Guy's and S2's surprise, S1 and a group of RDA Clone Troopers appeared.

That moment, an equal amount of Rebel Soldiers arrived to back up S2 and Shadow Guy.

The Blasting of the laser rifles from both sides occurred again, this time, with a Snoss victory. S1 and S2 began to battle with their electro-pikes, which were sword-like poles that acted like tazers when hit. That moment, S1 smacked S2 in the face with his electro-pike, and was knocked unconcious.

That moment, Shadow Guy took out his blue keysaber and struck S1's electro-pike out of his hand, and threatened to stab him with his keysaber.

Shadow Guy:"S1! Why do you do such evil things! I am your genetic father! You were not meant to be part of the dark side!"

At first, S1 was silent. Then, he declared: "Shut up, old man! Swiss Ninja is my master, and it is HE who I serve!"

S1 jumped for his electro-pike and knocked Shadow Guy's keysaber out of his flippers. That moment, S1 drove his whole electropike into Shadow Guy, who dropped to the floor.

S1 spat on him and left.

S1:"Heheheheheh. They're all dead. We did it. I am leaving. All the other RDA Clone Troopers are to stay here and guard the base in case any more Rebels arrive. Try to find any information about the Rebel Activity if you can."

With that said, S1 left with his flowing, dark red cape following him. He stepped into the LATTU with a couple RDA Clone Troopers and left. Little did the Snoss know that S2 had already activated the distress signal.

A couple hours later, S2, who finally woke up, heard the roar of jet propelled aircraft. That moment, he realized that the RDA Clone Troopers were still there, and they did not notice that he was still alive. All of a sudden, the aircraft flew over the base and dropped bombs, which severely scared the RDA Clone Troopers.


S2 mumbled:"Hurray..Hurray...they're finally heere..."

S2 became unconscious again since the pain in his head was very tremendous.

Little did he know that the Castillans had attacked the base and had easily taken down the Snoss presence there. When all was clear and the remaining RDA Clone Troopers were in custody, King Clovis Hochstadt arrived in a Castillan LATTU. He stepped out of the LATTU as gallantly as any other king would do, although the flamboyant colors of his jester outfit that he continued to wear made him distinct and very noticeable. King Clovis surveyed the area and viewed all the dead Rebel and RDA Clone Trooper bodies that were lying all around. Luckily enough, Clovis was fortunate that the Castillans did not receive any causalities when they invaded. He walked into the hangar and kneeled down to S2. Clovis had not seen S2 ever since Dave Hochstadt was killed by Emperor Pengvintine. Unlike Dave's grandson, King Clovis was very forgiving, and he knew that S2 was sorry for what he had done, which is why he went on to live with his true father, Shadow Guy. King Clovis felt for S2's pulse to see that he was still alive. King Clovis began to shake him while the other Castillans began to inspect the other fallen Rebels to see if they had survived or not.

King Clovis:"S2! S2! Are you all right?"

S2 groggily woke up and moaned loudly as he rubbed his head.


King Clovis:"S2! What happened?"

S2:"The Snoss attacked...they discovered the base...I don't know how...where's my father?"

King Clovis:"He's over there....there's an electro-pike in his stomach!"

S2 fainted.

King Clovis rushed over to Shadow Guy and felt his pulse. Luckily enough, Shadow Guy was still alive, but he was breathing lightly.

King Clovis screamed:"We need a medic here! This hero is injured! Get these two guys in capes into medical care immediately!"

It was late at night when the Hochstadt Gang and Flywish assembled together in a secret conference room in King Clovis's palace in Metido, Castilla. Fisch and Clovis sat timidly on the edges of the shiny brown table while everyone else sat on the edges, including the puffles.

Fisch began the meeting.

Fisch:"Hello everyone. It's good to see everyone made it. your magesty, would you mind telling us what happened?"

Clovis:"Yes, I shall. Yesterday, around noontime, the Snoss attacked our relatively quiet base in Freezeland. Approximately 50 men were killed while 100 of them were either injured or unharmed. Among these survivors were Shadow Guy, and S2."

Jock:"S2? I thought..."

Clovis:"He followed the footsteps of his father and he has regretted siding with Swiss Ninja. I'd like to petition him once more to rejoin the Hochstadt Gang."

Fisch:"He may, but because of his betrayal that ended up in the death of one of our beloved members, grandfather of Flywish, he must prove himself worthy if he wishes to have an honorable spot in this group again."

Flywish:"I strongly agree with this!"

Fuut Ga:"How is he at the moment?"

Clovis:"He's luckily in stable condition, and so is Shadow Guy. They should be out soon."

Fisch:"Now....let's get to the real core of the meeting. I believe Clovis has something to propose, am I correct?"

Clovis:"Yes, I do. Our cover has been blown on one of our bases. We can't risk this any longer. I think it's time to make the Rebellion strike back, and finish this once and for all!"

Fisch:"Your Majesty, are you sure? I don't think we're ready yet."

Clovis:"Water Sensei the time we do get will be too late. In fact, in comparison to the Snoss, we'll never be ready. We just have to use what we've got before they learn to work that superlaser."

Leonardo:"So wait a minute, King Clovis. What is this superlaser and why isn't it functioning yet?"

Clovis:"The superlaser is...well...a large super laser on the Darth Cube. The reason why it doesn't work is because it would take a lot of power, more than it takes to power up the whole space station."

Leonardo:"And what happens if this laser fires?"

Clovis:"I am sure it could blow up whole cities, maybe even islands. Whatever the case is, the use of this laser could be catastrophic and unforgiving...and we will be to blame because we did not take course of action in time."

Piper:"But haven't you guys noticed what else it can do besides shoot a stupid laser???"

Clovis:" else?"

Piper:"Seriously? Look at that thing! That Darth Cube is half the size of the moon! At any given time, Emperor Pengvintine could crash that thing into Antarctica!!!! Then what????"

Jock:"That would result in the extinction of life in the Antarctic...all of Antarctic, the UTR, and the AU are surely going to be affected by the crash or it's nuclear bomb-like shock waves."

Fisch:"Then it's settled then....we will strike back in our Final Stand."

Jock:"Now the question is, where will we begin?

Chapter 1:There be Dragons

The Hochstadt Gang only knew of one safe location where they could attack the Snoss- at an illegal spaceship base near the Hochstadt Canyon. The Castillan and Ruscoe Armies were dispached immediately the next morning near the canyon, ready to attack.

Jock:"All we need to do is reach the base and steal the ship that carries the cargo to and from the Darth Cube. Once we hijack it, we'll fit in all the troops we can, and we'll head for the Darth Cube an make an assault on there since we'll act as if we are Snoss coming in with special cargo."

Gottfried:"Will that even work?"

Jock:"Yup. All we need to use is espionage. Too bad King Clovis isn't here to help us with that."

A voice behind the Hochstadt Gang was heard.

"Perhaps I can help, bring distraction to the Snoss, as a better way."

The Hochstadts turned back to see Sensei walking slowly through the crowds of soldiers who eagerly let him through.

The six Hochstadt Gang members present, Jock, Gottfried, Fisch, Piper, Leonardo, and Fuut Ga. All bowed before the honorable Sensei, master of all the elements.

Fuut Ga:"Enlighten us, o master, as we stand at the edge of this canyon."

Sensei:"I know a secret, that I will unlock to you, deep in the canyon."

Fisch:"Do what you must, O sensei, to help us win against our enemy in battle."

Sensei:"Now come follow me, down the canyon path we go, to wake the dragons."


Fuut Ga:"Don't question, Fisch. Just do as he says."

A procession of Castillan and Ruscoe Soldiers followed the Hochstadt Gang and Sensei down to the Canyon floor.

Soon Sensei stood in front of everyone and raised his flippers. Seemingly out of the shadows appeared three Ninjas; One Water Ninja, who brought a bowl of water, a Fire Ninja, who brought a cauldron that held a flame of fire, and a Snow Ninja, who brought a bowl of Snow. They soon disappeared once setting down the objects.

Like a river, Sensei smoothly performed very strong but relaxed Kung Fu moves, which excited the elements that were placed in front of him. The red flame of the fire blazed crazily and blasted up into the air a good ten feet.


All was still for a moment, and there wasn't a sound in canyon. Jock was beginning to sweat a bit from the soft light that the sun produced from far away. He was as just anxious as Gottfried, whose armor began to shine.

Then, a gradual earthquake occurred; it felt as if a giant penguin had awaken from his sleep and was getting up. That moment, the sides reddish-orange walls of the canyon burst reveal several dragons, all winged, blast out of their closed caves and into the sky.


The dragons had long bodies and were a relatively dark red in color. A several hundred dragons, many of them coming out from a cave broken by another dragon, flew into the sky. They appeared to be dancing in the air as they blew fire from their mouths. It was Jock's dream come true; he had heard the rumors of the Dragons when he was a kid from the classic Viking folklore, and he knew that the Hochstadt Ancestor, as well as the Unki Ancestor, Jaques Hochstadt and Dako Unki, were the cause of the extintion of the dragons because of their strong hatred and conflict that resulted in the creation of the canyon.

But finally, a wound longing so much to be healed, was sealed. Now, Sensei had given the Antarctic the gift of the dragons once more to use and utilize to end Swiss Ninja's tyrannical rule.

Sensei:"Now this is my gift, these dragons are meant to ride, use them at your will."

At that, Fire Sensei (Aelios) appeared with a group of Fire Ninjas. Sensei, Fire Sensei (Aelios), and the Fire Ninjas began to whistle loudly and performed actions with the fire cauldron like Sensei had done before. Soon, several of the Dragons landed into the canyon.

Sensei Aelios, despite having wings, was the first to hop on a dragon, and he flew into the sky with a thrill that a penguin had never felt before.

Sensei:"Who is next?"


The viking hopped onto the dark red dragon and braced onto it's horns on it's head.

Sensei:"Do not be speechless, give the dragon the command, and he will respond."

Jock, timid at first, waited until Piper, the typical thrill seeker, hopped on Jock's shoulder with him.

Piper:"I'm ready, Jock."


Suddenly, the Dragon's wings began to pound, and the three elevated smoothly into the sky.


Piper:"Here we come, Snowzerland! Prepare to face your doom!"

Jock and Piper were soon flying in the air along with Gottfried and his dragon flying alongside them. Fuut Ga, Fisch Hochstadt, and Leonardo di Tremezzo were not far behind.

Gottfried yelled:"So what's the plan, Jock?"

Jock:"Although it now appears that the Snoss have caught us red handed, the plan is simple. See that space ship up ahead? We need to stop it before it leaves the earth's atmosphere. The unused dragons can help distract them into fighting them while we come up from behind."

Gottfried:"Sounds good to me."

That moment, the Snoss transport spaceship took off, and it began to fight the dragons. Meanwhile, the Hochstadt Gang and their dragons flew over the situation until the Spacecraft passed them. Then, they turned around. The crew of the spacecraft was unprepared, and they immediately suffered damage from the blasts of fire. Nevertheless, their laser cannons were firing strongly at the dragons. Meanwhile, on the ground, the Snoss RDA Clone Troopers were dispached from the base and began the ground battle against the Ruscoe and Castillan soldiers. The dragons tried their best to help the battles against the Snoss on the ground as well.

Jock:"All right, boys! Let's land these dragons on the ship! It's time to hijack it!"

There be Dragons Scene.png

Fisch:"All right. We're right behind you."

Jock's dragon was the first to dash to the ship, and ran straight towards it without warning. It landed fiercely on top of the ship, and even though the ship was still flying very fast, the dragon's claws kept it's grip on the starship. Eventually, everyone else arrived too.

Then, a bunch of RDA Clone Troopers accessed the roof hatch and attacked the Hochstadt Gang, who were prepared. Jock and Piper blasted them with their pistols while Gottfried and Fuut Ga struck the enemies swiftly with their swords. Fisch had his keysaber.

Jock didn't care much for fighting, but while the others did the chore of taking down the troopers, Jock and Piper dashed down the hatch and into the hallways of the Snoss starship.

They were confronted by another bunch of RDA Clone Troopers.

RDA Clone Trooper:"Stop right there! Stay right where you are!"

Jock:"Who said I had to listen to you? I am not in your country!"

RDA Clone Trooper:"Swi-..."

That moment, Jock and Piper took out their machine guns and shot down all the troopers they saw. They immediately ran down the hallways and headed for the control center where the pilots were navigating the ship. This time, they were careful not to encounter any more RDA Clone Troopers, and if they did, they were shot before they could say anything.

They discovered the entrance of the control room, located in the front of the spaceship, to be locked with a giant metal door. Jock didn't worry; he took out his keysaber and sliced a hole big enough for himself and Piper to go through.

The Pilot and the Co-Pilot of the ship had their pistols ready while several other RDA Clone Troopers came in.

Pilot:"If you two DARE to attack us, I swear to you both that I will crash this ship into the ground and kill us all in honor of our Emperor!"

Jock:"You nutcase! You wouldn't dare do a thing like that!"

Pilot:"Oh yes I would! My Co-Pilot would help me!"

Jock:"No. You are one deranged penguin! Isn't there anything more to life than Emperor Pengvintine to you all?"

The room was silent and it echoed the battles there were going all around.

Then, suddenly, the rest of the Hochstadt Gang arrived, and they shot down all the RDA Clone Troopers. Jock and Piper tackled the Pilot and the Co-Pilot, and they killed them with their knicicles.

Gottfried:"Must you both go to the extreme of killing those pilots, Jock and Piper?"

Jock:"I am a Viking. I fight brutally when I need to. Besides, that pilot was a nutcase beyond doubt."

Gottfried:"Very well."

Fisch:"OK. Let's get this ship under control, Jock."

Jock and Piper sat at the controls and turned off the autopilot. They began to land since the ship was in worsening condition.

Fisch:"Open up the spacecraft entrances so the RDA Clone Trooper soldiers can exit. I already informed the other Castillans and Ruscans about our plans."

Jock pressed the button that opened the exits of the Spacecraft, but the Snoss did not exit.

Jock:"I don't want to sit here all day and wait for them to come out."

Fisch took out his radio.

Fisch:"Castillans and Ruscans, this is Commander speaking, Over. Get inside the spacecraft and kill every Snoss soldier you lay your eyes on."

Thus, several troops of Ruscoe and Castillan soldiers barged into the spacecraft and they killed and arrested all the Snoss RDA Clone Troopers they saw. Meanwhile, several other Castillan and Ruscoe mechanics began fixing the damage made and the hallways were cleaned up, which took a couple hours.

Once that was done, the gang took off with a couple troops on board and they flew safely into space.

The Spaceship flew smoothly towards the Darth Cube, ready for it's secret attack in an attempt to finally destroy Emperor Pengvintine, and liberate Fisch's adopted daughter who was in reality his niece, Litz Hochstadt, who was held prisoner there.

Meanwhile, Emperor Pengvintine sat in his throne overlooking Earth once more, with Austin at his side.

Pengvintine:"I sense the Hochstadt Gang coming."

Austin:"They are outnumbered. Stupidly, they don't know that."

Pengvintine:"I agree. But let them into the space station docks. We'll have a big surprise waiting for them there."

Austin:"Surely, we should kill them now. We have them all trapped."

Pengvintine:"Not all. Rey Clovis and Papa Flywish did not board the ship. They are still on Earth. The time has not come for the Hochstadt Gang to die."

Austin:"But won't we capture them, sir?"

Pengvintine began to rub again onto the foggy glass of his evil, dark ball of sorcery that sat on a cruel staff. He looked deep into it to see what he could find. He calmly looked back up at the aged Austin, who was waiting patiently.

Pengvintine:"No. We won't. They will not fall into our lair. We will fall into theirs."


Pengvintine turned to his daughter Bellina, who was relaxing in the corner of the room.

Pengvintine:"Bellina. The Hochstadt Gang is coming and is heading for Hangar 34. You know what to do."

Bellina:"Yes, father."

Bellina walked out of the dark throne room alone; Java, Django, and XTUX stayed in the room with the Emperor and Austin.

Clovis and Flywish watched the progress of the ship to the Darth Cube from a radar in a secret location in Castilla. The room was dark, but it was bustling with activity since there were many Castillan generals and scientists moving around from one station to another.

Clovis:"I have a feeling that we aren't going to be successful with defeating Emperor Pengvintine. I can sense it."

Flywish:"Why not? What makes you say that?"

Clovis:"I know because I didn't go with the Gang. I suppose the time hasn't come yet. I am afraid to face my brother, but I am also afraid to kill him. I fear now that it may be my only option."

Flywish:"That's crazy talk! If you were on that ship, you would have been the first to be murdered!"

Clovis:"It's better to make a sacrifice for your country and for what to believe in than to hide away from the evils that try to attack. I am not being loyal to my country and my friends by staying back. I am not your average king. I feel that I must serve others before myself."

Flywish:"I guess so....there's always a next time."


Jock radioed the Darth Cube's Control Center. He contacted them with a funny accent he made up to conceal his identity.

Jock:"Hello? Is this Control Center? Over."

Operator:"Yes. This is Control Center. Over."

Jock:"May we have permission to land? We have just escaped an attack from the Castillans and Ruscans near the Hochstadt Canyon base. We are delivering cargo."

The operator paused for a few moments and did not answer.

Jock:"Operator, are you still there?"

Operator:"Yes. Please proceed and dock at Hangar 34 when ready. Over."

Jock:"Roger that."

Jock turned off the radio.

Jock:"All right, Piper. Let's land this baby in Hangar 34. We have clearance."

Piper nodded silently in approval as he eased the ship closer to the large grey cube. Jock left the main control room to inform the Ruscoe and Castillan soldiers to prepare to attack. Gottfried leaned against the wall and looked out the ship's front windows to observe the lifeless space station.

The station was quiet and motionless like space itself as they approached it, and Piper began to slow the ship down as it approached Hangar 34. Once they were very close, Everyone could immediately see the large swarms of RDA Clone Troopers who filled all four corners of the hangar except for a large open space in the middle intended for the ship to land.

Piper:"This looks bad. We are in deep trouble."

Gottfried:"Oh gosh. What are we going to do now?"

Fuut Ga:"A fight to the death may be our only option."

Jock barged in.

Jock:"Don't be silly! I discovered something monumental. These faulty walls the Snoss made for this ship break off so easily! We can hide everyone behind some of these wall and even floor panels."

Fisch:"Good idea. Quick. Get everyone in there now. Piper, lock the ship doors and don't let anyone in...yet. First we will get everyone inside, and once you open up the hatch, dash to the hiding place."

Piper:"Got it."

Piper slowly landed the ship onto the Hangar Floor. By now, he could see Bellina waiting amongst the crowds of RDA Clone Troopers. Piper reluctantly unlocked the ship's doors, and dashed into the hiding spot with the other Hochstadt Gang members.

Chapter 2:Space Station Scare

Bellina, wearing her grey officer's uniform, stood solemly in front of the main doors of the Spaceship. Several RDA Clone Troopers followed her. She pointed calmly at the ship's door with her real flipper.

Bellina:"Open the ship, and slaughter every penguin and puffle you see in there!"

RDA Clone Troopers:"Yes, sir!"

Several groups of RDA Clone Troopers slammed open the space station doors and began searching thoroughly inside. Because they did not know of the faulty flooring and walls, they did not find any penguin or puffle in sight. All of them soon returned to Bellina, who was still waiting impatiently outside the ship.


RDA Clone Trooper Commander:"Miss Bellina, we have found no trace of penguins or puffles on the ship. It appears to be abandoned."

Bellina:"How is that possible??? Go search again. Have a squad of say...five to ten of your men patrol the inside of the ship. We have more important things to attend to."

RDA Clone Trooper Commander:"Yes madam."

Thus, Bellina and most of the RDA Clone Troopers left the hangar while a handful of troopers stayed inside the spacecraft and marched around it's white hallways.

To them, they thought the spaceship was completely abandoned and that Bellina was making a big deal out of it. Little did they know that their enemies were under their own feet. One second the soldiers were marching in a hallway, and the next they found the wall smashing them into the other wall like a sandwich.

Jock, Fuut Ga, and Gottfried walked out of the spaceship in full RDA Clone Trooper uniform. Leonardo and Piper followed behind them with their own helmets also.

Leonardo:"Why is Fisch staying back at the ship?"

Jock:"He says he's getting ready for something. I'm not sure what. However, our mission is simple. We are going to liberate Fisch's niece, Litz, out of the Darth Cube's prison and head back home. I don't think the time has come to defeat Pengvintine for good."

Leonardo:"All right. Lead the way, Jock."

Jock led the group through the grey hallways of the space station, passing by many other RDA Clone Troopers who seemed not to care for them as they went. Eventually, Jock stopped at an elevator and pressed the button to open the doors. The group went in and waited patiently as they went up. They arrived in a control room that hosted a long hallway that held all the main cells of the space station. One of the regular Snoss Soldiers, in an Elite Snosstrooper uniform, greeted them.

Snosstrooper:"Good day, Clone Troopers. What's the order?"

Jock:"Err..sir...we have orders to set miss Litz Hochstadt free from her cell."

Snosstrooper:"Funny. I was not informed. May I see your identification, sir?"


Snosstrooper:"And why..."

Fuut Ga took out one of his rifles and shot the Snosstrooper down. Jock took out his also and shot down the rest of the Snosstroopers in the room.

Jock:"This is what I hate about dressing up in the enemy's uniforms."

Suddenly, the intercom from one of the control panels went off. It was another Elite Snosstrooper on the other line.

Snosstrooper:"Hello? Hello? Is everything all right over there?"

Jock approached the control panel.

Jock:"Yes. Sorry. Everything is fine here. We had a malfunction..."

Snosstrooper:"What malfunction?"

Jock:"A reactor must have blown."

Snosstrooper:"Sir, our records do not indicate any reactors being in that area. May I have your Soldier serial number!"


Piper jumped onto the panel and began shooting his rapid-fire pistol, discommunicating Jock from the Snosstrooper in the main control center.

Piper:"It wasn't an interesting conversation anyways."

Jock rolled his eyes as he guarded the Elevator to make sure no one attempted to attack from behind. Meanwhile, Leonardo was the first to run to Litz's jail cell and open the door for her.

Inside, Leonardo saw a fair, beautiful penguin of Swiss Ninja's skin color. She had blazing red hair and wore a white renaissance styled dress. The last time Leonardo saw her was when she was still an egg and was given to Fisch after Maddieworld was captured. Litz looked a lot like both her parents, Swiss Ninja and Maddieworld equally.

Litz:"Aren't you a bit too short to be a RDA Clone Trooper? I never knew puffles could be part of the RDA Clone Trooper army."

Leonardo:"What? Oh, the helmet."

Leonardo threw the helmet off to reveal his full face.

Leonardo:"Litz, you do not remember me, but I am Leonardo di Tremezzo, good friend of your caring uncle, Fisch Hochstadt. We have come to rescue you."

Litz:"Ah, yes! I know who you are. Fisch would tell stories about you and the rest of the gang when I was a young chick."

Leonardo:"That's nice, but quickly! We need to escape now!"

Litz calmly stood up from her makeshift metal bed in her cell and she flirtatiously walked out. Although she was a penguin, Leonardo found her radiance to be very attractive.

Meanwhile, Jock noticed that the Elevator was going down and up once more. He knew that backup was coming. Jock, Fuut Ga, Piper, and Fuut Ga ran to where Leonardo and Litz were.

Jock:"They're bringing in reinforcements!"

Leonardo:"What do we do now??"

Piper:"Stand our ground!"

Litz rolled her eyes.

Litz:"Oh, men and their ways. Look, there's a vent right here! Let's escape."

Litz borrowed a rifle and snapped open the vent that was on the side of the wall, and everyone jumped in with Piper as the last one to go in, who closed the vent seconds before the Reinforcements arrived. Everyone eventually found themselves in a giant trash compactor with garbage and sewer slosh floating around.

Jock:"Yuck...Hey Litz, do you still regret going down here?"

Litz:"Of course not. I'd rather be here than to face those ugly faced RDA Clone Troopers."

Leonardo:"I hope this thing doesn't close in on us."

Jock:"It shouldn't. See, there's the door."

Leonardo:"Dang, I have a really bad feeling that this trash compactor is going to close in on us!"

Jock rolled his eyes and he broke open the trash compactor door and everyone got out safely.

Jock:"See? No problem. And why the heck would you think the trash compactor would close in on us???"

Fisch Hochstadt silently exited the spaceship. By now, no one was around to notice him, and he quietly walked into the corridors of the Darth Cube. He had his blue keysaber ready just in case. The more he walked in the grey hallways, the more his heart began to beat. Soon enough, when Fisch turned at another hallway, he saw Bellina alone at the other end. She too held her red keysaber in her hand.

Bellina:"Looks like you were able to make it to the party after all, Fisch Hochstadt! It's been many years since the last time I saw you."

Fisch:"I am surprised that battle in Hohenterngau didn't kill you."

Bellina:"Back then, Fisch, I was but a Serth learner under the guidance of my father. Now, I am the master."

Fisch:"Only the master of evil, Bellina. You always have been since the day you ruined my life years ago."

Bellina:"That was the best day of my life, nevermind the scar."

Fisch observed Bellina's aged face. The incident happened many years ago, but the scar was still barely visible, now only a brown line across Bellina's angry yellow face.

Fisch:"Very well."

Fisch vs Bellina small.png

Fisch unleashed his keysaber and held it in front of him with uncertainty and unease. Meanwhile, Bellina unleashed her red keysaber and held it in front of her with confidence. Then, the two clashed, but the two aged penguins fought with less vigor than what they used to, but it was still an intense fight. All the RDA Clone Troopers stayed back in awe as they witnessed the fight take place.

Meanwhile, the Hochstadt Gang and Litz sprinted back to the spaceship, where they encountered a group of RDA Clone Troopers waiting for them in the hangar. Jock and Fuut Ga took out their pistols again and started shooting.

Jock:"Litz! Get in the ship, NOW! We're taking off! Piper, get her ready to go!"

Piper:"Aye, aye, captain."

Piper, Litz, and Gottfried ran into the spaceship.

Leonardo:"But what about Fisch?"

Jock:"I don't know where he is, but we're wasting time and we have to leave before more reinforcements come and we all get killed!"

Leonardo saw the flashing of red and blue light coming from one of the hallways. There, he saw Fisch and Bellina in an intense duel.

Leonardo:"I see him! Let's go!"

Jock:"Right behind ya."

Leonardo, Jock, and Fuut Ga ran into the spaceship while they stayed at the door to fend the RDA Clone Troopers away.


The several RDA Clone Troopers who were fighting Jock and Fuut Ga stopped to look at the fight with Fisch and Bellina. They began to chant for her.

Bellina screamed:"Shut your traps and stop looking at me! Destroy those imbeciles!"

The RDA Clone Troopers silenced, but they did not look away.

Meanwhile, Piper radioed Clovis and Flywish who were still on Earth.

Clovis:"Piper? Is that you? What's the situation up there?"

Flywish:"Is everyone all right?"

Piper:"Yeah. We've got Litz all safe inside. We're waiting for Fisch, though. He's in a nasty confrontation with Bellina. I don't want to leave without him."

Clovis:"Of course we won't."

Piper:"However, I fear that we may not be able to fly out safely by the time Fisch does arrive. I am sure Pengvintine is dispatching several ships from his fleet to destroy us once we're out of the space station."

Clovis:"I know. The radar detects the high concentration of spaceships flying around the space station."

Piper:"Can you send backup?"

Clovis:"I'll see what other allies we can detect who are in space already."

Clovis and Flywish searched the radar and discovered the Puffish Space fleet not too far away.

Clovis:"Well, we've got Puffle'and. I hear they're beginning to build a space army, but I thought it was still undergoing testing."

Flywish:"I don't know...but at least they're the Puffish. They're one of the best armies out there. Anyways, we've got no other option at the moment."

Clovis:"Very well. Piper, we're going to get ahold of the Puffish fleet and see if they can help us. Don't worry."

Piper:"Roger that."

Clovis changed the transmissions and contacted the Puffish Fleet. A Puffish Commander replied.

Clovis:"Puffish Fleet, over, this is King Clovis of Castilla speaking."

Puffish Commander:"Hullo, this is Commander Abrams speaking. How may we help you?"

Clovis:"We urgently need you to engage a battle with the Snoss at the Darth Cube. It may be a risk, but we only need it temporarily so our ship inside the Darth Cube can escape safely."

Commander Abrams:"You must be crazy to think we would do such an atrocious endeavour. We are still undergoing training with these soldiers, you know. Those RDA Clone Troopers are more trained than a regular Penguin soldier of any kind."

Clovis:"Have faith, Commander. Just this once. The face of Antarctica's future rests in that ship."

Commander Abrams:"Fine. Let it be. I'll notify the Prime Minister immediately of our plans, and we'll get right into action."

Clovis:"Sounds good. King Clovis out."

Commander Abrams:"Commander Abrams, out."

While the Puffish began to battle the RDA Clone Troopers in space, Fisch decided to make his move. He began to make heavy strikes at Bellina, making her stagger back in surprise. At the last moment, with a quick motion, Fisch caught Bellina off guard and sliced her good arm off.


Bellina clutched her wound with her robotic arm, which bought Fisch time to swipe at her feet. Bellina collapsed like a tree and her face slammed the floor. Fisch dashed to the ship with the RDA Clone Trooper spectators speechless.

Fisch:"Let's get out of here!!!"

Fisch slammed the door, and Piper turned the ship around as they blasted out of the Hangar. Everyone began to view the battles going on in space.

Piper:"Looks like the Puffish did come to the rescue after all."

Fisch:"That's interesting. They're finally getting back into the competition."

Piper:"Now, let's fly back to Castilla. Clovis and Flywish are probably worried sick about us."

The ship landed silently at the airport in Castilla, and Clovis, Flywish, and a parade of cheering Castillan, Ligurian, and Ruscan soldiers rushed to greet the heroes who had boarded the Darth Cube.

Clovis:"Nice work, everyone! I am happy to see Litz happy and in good condition; it warms my heart that this new hope for Snowzerland still lives."

Fisch:"Yet we've got a long way. I nearly killed Bellina. I don't know what stopped me, though."

Clovis:"So what happened in the end? Did she escape?"

Fisch:"No. She lost her other flipper and both her feet. I could have just ended it there!"

Clovis:"There is always a next time. Anyways, you crippled her for now. You know your destiny is to defeat her. So shall it be, Fisch. So shall it be."

Jock:"King Clovis, what's our next plan of action?"

Clovis:"We are all going to the top secret Froth base near the Eastshieldian Mountains. We will move our secret Headquarters there for now."

Jock:"Are you sure you want to come? It may be better to stay here and rule your country."

Clovis:"No. I help my country by keeping them safe, even if it means risking my life. To me, in this point of my life, death is a gain and a noble feat. Much like what most of you Vikings believe."

Jock:"All right, then, Clovis. I respect that decision."

Emperor Pengvintine and Austin looked bitterly into the giant window in front of his grey metal throne and viewed the Puffish retreat.

Emperor Pengvintine:"They got away. With my own daughter."

Austin:"She was not raised by you, therefore she will not approve of your ways."

Emperor Pengvintine:"But doesn't she know that I am her father?"

Austin:"I think not, sir."

Emperor Pengvintine put rubbed his penguin forehead with his flipper in exhaustion.

Emperor Pengvintine:"Why...why must my brother ruin everything? It all goes back to that dreaded day of betrayal...I will never forget..."

Austin:"That is true...I never thought of it before. Why did Fisch betray you?"

Emperor Pengvintine:"I honestly don't know. I don't remember anymore...all I remember was getting very angry at him and I did not give him a chance to speak...I couldn't bear to see my little Bellina scarred for life. That was so many years ago."

Austin:"So that's how it all started? Kinda sounds a bit silly to me."

Emperor Pengvintine:"It wasn't. Maddieworld was freaking out, I thought she was going to faint in horror. And now...I lost her too. I can't believe she's living with that CONFOUNDED cousin of mine, Flywish!"

Austin:"I doubt she knows you are still alive. She thinks you may be a different penguin."

Emperor Pengvintine:"I know."

XTUX barged into the throne room without notice.

Emperor Pengvintine reprimanded:"XTUX, how dare you enter without giving us any further notice! I was having a personal talk with..."

XTUX:"It's urgent, master. Bellina is severely injured. Fisch....he was here. And he cut off her other flipper and both her feet."

Emperor Pengvintine's flippers fluttered to his cold heart that was shrouded by the dark purple linen of his robes.

XTUX:"Bring her in, boys!"

Two RDA Clone Troopers brought Bellina into the room in a stretcher. She was unconscious, and her whole body, except for her head, was covered with a blanket. Tears began to feel Pengvintine's eyes. He did not care to look at the wounds Fisch had made; they were not important to him at the moment.

Emperor Pengvintine put his flipper on Bellina's cold face and stroked her cheeks. He whispered:"My little girl...what has he done to you now?"

Emperor Pengvintine stroked his flipper gently over the ghastly scar on her cheek. Suddenly, he had the flashback again. He saw the young, innocent-looking Bellina, with her scar and bleeding....Fisch had a frightened look on his face. It seemed like he already regretted what he did.

Emperor Pengvintine's eyes opened again, and he saw XTUX asking him:"Are you done yet, Sir? Bellina will need surgery. We'll do our best to give her a new mechanical arm and mechanical feet."

Emperor Pengvintine:"Ok. I am done. Please do me one favor. Give Bellina the special power suit....the one that we're testing out with the special gadgets on there? It may not be the safest, but it will at least hide Bellina's ghastly robotic arms and feet."

XTUX:"As you wish, sir."

XTUX motioned the RDA Clone Troopers to leave, and they carried Bellina to the Darth Cube's medical center.

Meanwhile, Emperor Pengvintine looked into space once more. It was now empty and quiet.

Austin:"You have a lot on your mind, don't you?"

Emperor Pengvintine:"Yes. I do. If you excuse me, I wish to go to my bedroom to rest or so."

Austin:"Suit yourself. I'm staying here."

Emperor Pengvintine waddled over with his staff to his grand bedroom. Strangely enough, it looked exactly like his old bedroom in the Keukenhof Castle many years back. The walls were made of stone, and there was a large, glass-paned window that looked over Earth, although it couldn't open up, unlike the original. Emperor Pengvintine still had his old queen sized bed, his dressers, and photographs on the wall.

The moment he walked in, he closed the door and locked it. He waddled to his bed and crouched under it. He took out an old cardboard box. He opened it and took out a picture.

There, he saw himself, the Young Swiss Ninja, taking a family photo with his brothers, Fisch and Clovis.

Pengvintine had tears in his eyes again. In the first time in many years, he wondered what happened to that old friendship and fraternal bond with Fisch, Clovis, and all the other Hochstadt Gang, who were all his allies at a time.

So long ago, he thought. Where did those years go?

Pengvintine closed his eyes and tried to imagine those good old times. But there was nothing. He couldn't remember anymore.

Pengvintine put the picture back into the cardboard box and shoved it under his bed. Then, he went into his bed and buried himself under the covers and fell asleep.

Chapter 3:The Snoss Strite Back

The Froth base was located near the edge of the Eastshieldian mountains at their foothills, right exactly in front of a large and vast valley that was covered white with snow. King Clovis paced across the room that were filled with the Alliance soldiers who were either sitting at desks behind special computers and radars or waddling around from one area to the next.

Gottfried reclined back at the side of the room and was eating a bag of home made chocolate chip cookies.

Gottfried:"King Clovis, do you have any news of the Snoss yet? They haven't attacked us at all in a week. Quite suspicious."

Clovis:"You know Swiss. He is probably still mourning for Bellina's injuries."

Gottfried:"Not for long. Revenge is Swiss Ninja's second best friend besides Conquering....say...where are the others?"

Clovis:"Jock went on a field mission to scout for any signs of any Snoss spies hiding in the area. The two puffles and Fuut Ga are fixing some of our damaged starships and machinery. I don't know what Litz and Fisch are up to."

Suddenly, one of the soldiers at the computers summoned King Clovis over. Gottfried followed.

Soldier:"Sir, we're detecting a strange object heading towards earth near the mountains about half a mile away from where Jock is at this moment."

Clovis:"Inform him immediately. Didn't they say there was going to be a snowstorm coming soon?"

Soldier:"Yes, but it won't be coming until a few hours from now."

King Clovis turned on the radio to contact Jock.

King Clovis:"Jock, you there? It's Clovis speaking."

Jock:"Yep. I hear you. What's the matter?"

King Clovis:"We have detected a strange object heading for earth. It may be just a meteorite, but we need to make sure it's not a spaceship. It should be about half a mile away from where you are right now."

Jock:"All right. I'll keep an eye out for it, then."

King Clovis:"Also, once you find out and take care of the situation, we need you to head back to base immediately. There's going to be a heavy snowstorm in a couple hours, so hurry up."

Jock:"Don't worry. I've got you covered."

Moments later, Jock saw a small black object hurtle from the sky and into the soft white snow in the distance, creating a silent explosion of snow. Nevertheless, the black object seemed undamaged. Jock hid behind a mound of snow and took out his binoculars. He saw a large grey capsule that was torn to pieces....and a robot that seemed to be hovering above the snow. Jock hid behind the snow in terror. He took out his pistol and looked back at the strange hovering black robot.

Probe Bot.png

It was only a few meters away, and it was looking strait at him.

Jock stood up; he was trembling. Then, the robot probe fired at Jock with it's blaster gun that was attached to it. Jock dodged and shot back at it with his snowbullet pistol. It blew up istantly.

Meanwhile, King Clovis and Gottfried were still at the radio and heard everything that was going on. Gottfried grabbed the radio.

Gottfried:"Jock, are you OK? What happened??"

Jock:"It was a robot! That creature was some sort of robotic spy probe! It tried killing me with it's blaster..."

Gottfried:"What did you do?"

Jock:"I shot at it with my snowbullet pistol, and it strangely exploded...I think it self-destructed on it's own. The pistol couldn't destroy it that easily."

Gottfried and King Clovis looked at each other with concern.

Gottfried:"That's bad...really bad...get back to base here IMMEDIATELY..."

Jock:"You got it, Gottfried."

Jock turned off his radio and he sprinted as fast as he could back to the base, in hopes of arriving before the snowstorm began.

The Snowstorm lasted two days straight, and everyone was forbidden to go outside. Eventually, the snowstorm collectively cleared out and the skies became clear once more. Now, everyone was prepared for the Snoss to attack at any moment.

The whole Hochstadt Gang, including Fisch and Litz, were all crowded at the computers and radars, impatiently waiting for any sign of a Snoss attack.

Suddenly, something very large appeared on the screen.

Jock:"WOAH. What is that? It looks like a giant Starship!"

Fisch:"It's no starship. It's falling way too fast for that."

The object crashed into the snow, a couple miles away from the base.


Several Snoss troop carrier ships began to land right where the very large robot had crashed, and began to charge at the base. Meanwhile, the Alliance at the base got ready and charged at the advancing RDA Clone Troopers. The battle had begun.

Eventually, several Snoss RDA Clone Troopers were released as well as a large group of Snoss Mobile Machines, which were the Snoss equivalent to the old Yowien Super Suit, only more mobile. On the other side, the mixed forces of Castillans, Batavians, Ruscans, and Lisboagese were battling the Snoss with their heavy swarms of infantry, tanks, and cannon turrets.

The Battle of Froth.png

The infantry on both sides did not show any fear. They charged at each other mercilessly, and a couple alliance soldiers had the bravery to attack some of the Snoss Mobile Machines with whatever they had. Meanwhile, the Hochstadt Gang was still at the base, surveying the scenes going on and preparing for the right time to start fighting.

King Clovis:"That robot that crashed is still not moving. It's getting suspicious."

Fuut Ga:"The Snoss Troops are beginning to outnumber us. I don't think we should continue on. We need to evacuate."

Jock:"Nonsense! If we keep fighting, we will! At this rate, we still have a chance."

Gottfried:"Shouldn't we be more safe than sorry?"

Piper:"War has it's risks, but it's worth taking."

King Clovis:"I think Fuut Ga is right. There is something that we don't know that the Snoss do."

Jock:"Dang. I am really getting impatient right now. I want to fight, but that thing is also telling me we shouldn't go out there..."

Suddenly, all conversations stopped as they saw the giant robot stand up for the first time. The large black mass that was the robot revealed from the distance that it was in the shape of a humanoid, and it looked somewhat similar to the Snoss Mobile Machines except it only had one humanlike hand. On it's head was a single red eye.

King Clovis:"A giant cyclops robot???"

It looked directly at the Froth base, and it pointed it's stubby arm at the base.

Gottfried:"Uh....I don't like this..."

The robot's arm began to glow red slightly.

Gottfried panicked:"DUCK AND COVER!"

Everyone impulsively listened to Gottfried's orders and did not give a second thought. A second later, the Cyclops Robot blasted his super laser at the base, which completely obliterated the surveillance camera they were using and the whole base shook violently like an earthquake.

As everyone got up again, they heard the swelling sound of screaming and yelling soldiers running around.

King Clovis ran up to the main intercom and turned it on, which contacted all soldiers who had their radios on them.

King Clovis:"This is King Clovis speaking. All troops report to base and retreat immediately! I repeat, retreat immediately and get back to base! We need to evacuate!"

Jock took out his sword and smashed the glass emergency box and pulled the emergency alarm lever. Sounding the alarm, red emergency lights began to flash violently also. The Hochstadt Gang ran to the hangars.

Jock:"Where to, King Clovis?"

King Clovis:"We're escaping with the main command ship."

Jock:"WHAT? Why? That thing is way too big for us to escape. We'll be killed for sure."

King Clovis:"That's why we have other spaceship and aircraft fighters flying around us to protect us."

Gottfried:"But I heard the main command ship is low on fuel..."

King Clovis:"It doesn't matter. We can't have the Snoss steal that ship."

The gang approached to the main command ship, which was a grey and red ship that was in the shape of a large rectangular box. They boarded immediately and they waited until all the soldiers they could fit in the ship were onboard. They took off with their armada of starfighters and aircraft flying around them, and although they encountered a few Snoss fighters as they took off, the command ship was not damaged.

However, the robot's attention shifted from the base to the main capital ship. It began to clumsily run after the capital ship.

Jock:"It's coming after us!"

Clovis:"Fine then! Captain, fly us into space!"

Captain:"We can't do that, sir! We've got Snoss capital ships all over. Clovis looked away to see that it was true."

Clovis:"Then turn this ship around. Our only hope rests in the mountains."

Captain:"As you wish, sire."

As the giant spaceship was cruising over the grey silhouettes of the mountains, the Hochstadt Gang impatiently watched as the giant robot continued to chase them. Clovis looked briefly into the afternoon sky, and then he turned on his black radio.

Clovis:"Do you have the troops ready, commander?"

Commander:"Yessir. We see the robot heading directly towards us."

Clovis:"Fire when ready."

Commander:"Will do."

Clovis turned off the radio and joined the rest of the gang as they watched the robot. Suddenly, Clovis pointed everyone's attention to the group of Castillan and Lisboagese soldiers far in the distance next to several missile launching pads. The white missiles randomly launched, one after the other, heading directly for the robot.

The first missile struck it's side, and made it collapse, but it did not blow up at all and it did not show any signs of damage. However, the robot directed it's attention from the Hochstadt Gang's ship and turned to face the incoming missiles that were coming from the robot's right.

Future Robot Snoss or Hochstadt.png

As he struggled to get back up, he dodged the other missiles that came at him with ease, and began to run to the missile launching center.

Then, he blocked one of the missiles with the back of one of his robotic wrists. Then, Piper, who was viewing the whole thing with his binoculars, saw that the blast of the misslies finally made a slight dent on the robot.

Piper:"I found it's weakness. Those missiles won't cause enough firepower to destroy that well built robot."

Clovis:"Then what will, then?"

Piper:"I can't believe I am saying this, but we will need to nuke it."

Clovis:"NO! This is USA Territory! We will be in so much trouble if we do!"

Piper:"If we don't we all will die!"

Clovis hung his head. Fuut Ga nodded to Gottfried, who nodded reluctantly back.

Fuut Ga:"Clovis, Gottfried and I have an idea. We'll break inside the robot and we'll tear up all of it's robotic wiring and programming. We just need a distraction."

Clovis:"Very well. Gottfried and you may go."

Gottfried and Fuut Ga bowed before the king and left immediately.

Clovis:"Jock and Piper, go to the ship's hangars and command the pilots to distract the robot so Fuut Ga and Gottfried can get in."

Jock and Piper saluted and went off. Leonardo di Tremezzo and Flywish were left with Clovis.

Leonardo:"And us, sir?"

Clovis:"Just stay here. I fear this is going to be an unpleasant battle."

For the first time in war, Gottfried and Fuut Ga used the newest 2045 version of the Batavian Hoverboards, and they soared their way to the Robot. Meanwhile, the Alliance's ships had already been deployed and had beaten them to the robot to distract it more.

Fuut Ga:"Let's go low since all the other ships are up high."

Gottfried:"All right..."

Fuut Ga and Gottfried flew low near the ground, and they hopped onto the metallic feet of the robot. They took their ropes, hooks, and grapples, and hooked onto some of the sharper parts of the robot's metal leg, and they soon began to climb up as quickly as they could.

Eventually, they became very tired, and they decided to stop as soon as they were half way up the leg. They had found a black cleft in the silvery grey metal armor of the robot.

Fuut Ga:"Ah, perfect. The inner parts of the robot."

Gottfried:"Shall we use our swords?"

Fuut Ga:"Ceartainly!"

Fuut Ga and Gottfried took out their swords, and they slashed at the metal that surrounded the robot's legs. They were unsuccessful; the swords did not damage the metal very much and only made a few scratches.

Fuut Ga:"Good grief. That means we need plan B. I'll have to use my keysaber."

Fuut Ga unleashed his green keysaber and deeply stabbed it into the metal. Immediately, the robot made an audible screech and it kicked it's leg, which threw Gottfried to the ceiling of the cleft and made Fuut Ga and the keysaber slide across the cleft, making the cut longer.

Gottfried:"Aaah! Fuut Ga! Are you all right?!?"

Fuut Ga:"I'm fine! Where are you?"

Gottfried:"I'm here hanging on the edge! I need some help getting back up...I don't think I can hold on to the ledge much longer."

Fuut Ga took his keysaber out of the robot and rushed to Gottfried's side. However, when he grabbed both of Gottfried's flippers and attempted to haul him back up to the cleft, the robot kicked again, and it flung Gottfried and Fuut Ga into the sky.

Gottfried clung to Fuut Ga like glue, and he did not let go. Fuut Ga stayed calm and took out his Hover Board and shared it with Gottfried. They immediately flew back to the command ship without looking back.

Eventually, everyone returned back to King Clovis.

Fuut Ga:"It did not go well. It's impossible to defeat it."

King Clovis:"Well, that's too bad. I guess we have no option but retreat immediately...there's a Snoss Star Destroyer armada flying this way..."

Jock's white eyes grew big and flared with opportunity. He had an idea.

Jock:"Piper. Come with me. I have a plan."

Clovis:"And where do you think you're going, Jock?"

Jock:"I've got a plan to destroy the robot once and for all..."

Clovis:"Well, how???"

Jock:"You'll see, just stay away as far as possible from the robots, and tell the other pilots to do the same!"


Jock and Piper sprinted to the ship's hangar and took one of the pilot's starfighters and blasted into the sky.

As Piper sat on Jock's shoulder, he asked:"So...what are we doing?"

Jock:"Well, we're going to hijack that Snoss spaceship. I wasn't going to tell King Clovis because I know he would kill me if he knew."

Piper:"Interesting plan...but will it be that easy?"

Jock:"Well, of course it won't be easy, but it's the best plan we have."

Piper:"But then, what does hijacking the Snoss spaceship have to do with destroying the robot? It seems like nothing can penetrate it except for a nuke."

Jock:"Or just something that will act like a nuke."

Jock increased the speed of the small starfighter, and it crashed right into one of the side hallways of a Snoss Star Destroyer. Jock and Piper wasted no time; they took our their weapons and shot down every RDA Clone Trooper they had in their sight.

Jock:"All right...let's go this way to the command center. That's our destination."

Piper nodded and followed Jock down the grey hallways. They dashed to the main elevator and made their way up to the large control room, which was filled with computers and the pilot's controls. The Control room had large windows on all three sides of it, and it gave a panoramic view of Antarctica from the air.

Two RDA Clone Troopers met Piper and Jock the second they stepped out of the elevator. Jock raised his flippers up in the air. Then, the ship's commander arrived.

Commander:"Well well well, look who has turned themselves in...Jock Hochstadt and his pet puffle."

Jock:"No, we didn't turn ourselves in at all, commander! You must be mistaken."

Commander:"Oh no, I'm serious. You are under arrest as of now. Men, take them away."

Jock impulsively took out his sword and Piper took out his gun. With a couple of quick and precise slashes, the commander and the two RDA Clone Troopers were on the floor, dead. Jock charged at the other pilots on the ship and began to slaughter them in a Viking fashion. Piper shot down whoever was left.

Jock:"Piper! Seal the elevator doors! We don't want any reinforcements coming in!"

Piper nodded and took out a welding kit and quickly fused the round elevator doors shut.

Piper:"But wait, don't we need to get out?"

Jock:"Not from there, no."

Piper gave a funny look but he did not question Jock's strategy.

Jock:" are the controls to steer this thing?"

Piper:"Over there..."

Piper led to a set of computers and equipment that were at the center of the room. Jock grabbed the black joystick but he couldn't move the ship.

Jock:"It's not working! Dang it! Stupid Snoss engineering! Who makes a ship that can't..."

Piper:"Jock, it's on autopilot."


Piper hopped onto one of the buttons and turned off the autopilot. The Snoss Star Destroyer jerked violently. Jock flinched for a moment, but he put his light blue flipper back onto the black joystick once more, and he pushed it forward. Immediately, the Snoss Star Destroyer began to tilt towards the earth.

Piper:"Jock, what are you doing???"

Jock:"What do you think I'm doing?"

Piper:"You're not supposed to fly a ship like'll crash!"

Jock:"That's the point, Piper."

Piper said nothing but continued to watch everything with anticipation. As the ship began to head towards earth, Jock pointed the ship directly at the robot. Meanwhile, the elevator went back up to the command room, now filled with RDA Clone Troopers. They couldn't open the elevator, and they began to bang on the doors. Piper and Jock ignored them.

They continued to keep their target on the robot as they headed closer to Earth.

Antarctic Crash.png

Then, the tip of the spaceship, which was the size of the giant robot, crashed right into the robot, and it began to drive through the robot and into the ground. The Snoss Star Destroyer shook twice as violently as before and it threw all the RDA Clone Troopers on the ship onto the floor.

Piper:"OK, Jock...We hit him...what are we going to do now??"

Jock:"Drive through....we aren't done yet..."

Piper:"Ok....are we still going to live?"

Jock:"Of course."

Jock took his flippers off the joystick and he hid behind the computers.

Jock:"Fire at the windows, Piper! We're escaping this piece of scrap!"

Piper fired his gun at the windows of the ship, which shattered and flew to the back of the room.

Jock:"All's action time!"

Jock grabbed Piper and put him on his shoulder, and he climbed up the remaining sills of the windows to the top of the sinking ship. Jock put on his parachute, jumped, and deflated it. He flew into the air as the spaceship continued to drive into the robot and the ground, and a shroud of brown debris and wind blasted Jock and Piper away from the crash, but they safely landed on the rocky terrain of the mountains. By the time they landed, all they could see were the foggy brown dust of debris and the multiple flames of fire that had sprouted in the distance. The unpleasant and irritants in the air caused Jock and Piper to cough violently.

Jock took out a gas mask and gave one to Piper, and then gave another one to himself.

Piper:"Good grief. I hope this did it."

Jock:"Let's see..."

With Piper on his shoulder, Jock walked up the slope of the mountain. He stopped soon after the debris began to clear, and he looked back at the crash site.

There in front of them, they saw the scraps of metal that was once the spaceship and the many fires that were still going on. The robot lay where it was hit, and it finally looked battered up. For a moment, Jock and Piper saw it try to get up and it tiredly brought it's arm up, but then it finally died and collapsed to the ground.

Jock and Piper cheered in success. Minutes later, Gottfried arrived in a Helicopter that was flown by Clovis, and he pulled them inside.

Gottfried:"That was one crazy tactic. Never do this again."

Jock:"Ok. Whatever you say..."

Chapter 4:Escape to Ternville

The Hochstadt Gang reunited at the command ship once more.

Clovis shook his head when Jock arrived, but soon Clovis patted Jock's back in approval.

Clovis:"Some original idea you came up with, Jock."


Clovis:"Now, everyone, we're heading to Ternville to refuel the ship, so we won't reach Castilla today."

Piper:"That's all right. I have a friend there."

Clovis:"You do? Who?"

Piper:"He's a tern named Skydo. He owns a nice, futuristic hotel there."

Clovis:"Awesome. Call him up and tell him we're coming, all right?"

The Alliance's command ship docked peacefully at Terninia and it began to fill up. Meanwhile, the Hochstadt Gang went to meet Piper's friend, a tern named Skydo, whom he had not seen in years. Although the Gang planned to sleep in the command ship, they still decided to visit Skydo's hotel and to have their dinner there.

Skydo met them at the front entrance of the large futuristic hotel. Everyone was in awe of the place except for Leonardo and Clovis, who noticed the unattractive and large warehouse that sagged next to the hotel. It was old and rusty and seemed to have been abandoned many decades ago.

Skydo:"Piper! Good to see you, man!"

Piper:"Long time no see, Skydo. Thanks for inviting us for dinner."

Skydo:"No problem. So, there are your friends?"

Piper:"Yup. This is Leonardo, my cousin, King Clovis, Papa Flywish, Jock Hochstadt, Fuut Ga Hochstadt, Gottfried Hochstadt, Litz Hochstadt, and Fisch Hochstadt. I am sure you have heard of them before."

Skydo:"I have. Nice to meet you all for real."

King Clovis:"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Skydo. What is that warehouse for?"

Skydo:"Oh...that is some sort of factory now. It's not a warehouse anymore. I'm not sure, but they don't make any noise, don't worry."

King Clovis:"All right."

Skydo led the Hochstadt Gang into the building, and the hotel ushers opened the doors for them as they entered. However...once the gang entered the hotel, the ushers closed the doors and locked them shut.

As the unaware group of penguins and puffles waddled past the grand lobby and into the corridors, Leonardo spotted another yellow puffle painting a picture in one of the Conference rooms. Leonardo eventually turned around and went into the room to look at the picture the puffle made. However, when Leonardo entered the room, a deep voiced penguin screamed at him..

"Hey, what are you doing here?"

That moment, the conference room door was slammed shut and locked, and the sounds of muffled yelps were heard.

Jock, who was in the back of the group, looked back for a moment to find Leonardo gone. However, he kept silent, thinking that he went to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, in the front of the group, Skydo and Piper struck up a conversation.

Piper:"It's good to see you made yourself a business. Last time I saw you, you were gambling your life away in Mylou and Las Puffles."

Skydo:"I got over the habit after finally winning big time."

Piper:"How'd you become from a penniless beggar to a big time rich hotel owner when you had no money?"

Skydo:"Oh. I took loans. I was also able to work some places too, but that didn't really work the loans off much..."

Piper:"From who?"

Skydo:"The Snoss Government."

Everyone was silent and uncomfortable. They finally reached the special dining hall.

Piper:"You've already paid them back, right?"

Skydo:"No...I sadly haven't...but I've made a deal with them that should pay all my debt off..."


Skydo slammed open the doors of the dining room. On the end of the table was Emperor Pengvintine himself. He sat properly and straight up like a polite gentleman, but he continued to wear his dark blue cloak and the hood over his head. The hood shadowed his ancient face as he spoke.

Emperor Pengvintine:"Welcome to dinner. Please sit down and start a friendly conversation, shall we?"

Piper impulsively took out his gun and nearly fired before Pengvintine quickly took out his dark staff of evil and magically pulled the gun away from Piper to himself. A moment later, a group of RDA Clone Troopers and Bellina appeared.

Piper:"Skydo, you traitor. I should have known you haven't changed your shady ways."

Skydo:"Look man, this was the only way Pengvintine said I could pay off my debt, otherwise he said I would be hanged!"

Piper didn't reply.

Pengvintine:"Oh Piper, I didn't want to start a fight. Well, you chose your own destiny."

King Clovis:"Let us free, brother, or you will suffer."

Pengvintine:"Ha! I don't think so. Java, what do you propose we should do with Piper? I believe it's your turn to decide a Hochstadt Gang member's fate."

Java:"I have had something in mind for a long time. Have Piper frozen up in an ice cube so I can hang him up in my room as a decoration."

Pengvintine:"Genius idea, man!"

Piper:"That's the stupidest..."

An RDA Clone Trooper smacked him on the back of his head.

RDA Clone Trooper:"Shaddup."

Jock began to struggle with the RDA Clone Troopers holding him, but they tazered him and threw him in the dark conference room and locked it. Meanwhile, everyone else were taken into other conference rooms that were converted into jails.

As Jock gained consciousness, he rubbed his head and sat up from where he lay in the dark room. It was dark but he could barely see the conference table and chairs in the room, and the only light came from a window that was covered by shades that only bore small slits of light. In the midst of the darkness, he began to heard muffled sound of screaming.

Jock:"Hello? Who's there?"

The muffled sounds became louder, and it seemed to Jock that the sounds wanted him to come to it. Jock reluctantly obeyed. As he got closer to the noise, he discovered that the sounds were coming from Leonardo himself, whose mouth was tied up with a white rag and was tied to the leg of a chair with rope. Jock took out his pocket knife that he kept hidden in the torso of his shirt, and he set Leonardo free.

Leonardo gasped for breath and cleared his throat. He whispered enthusiastically:"Free at last!"

Jock:"Where were you?"

Leonardo:"It was terrible, Jock...I was captured by an RDA Clone Trooper..and I see you have too."

Jock:"Everyone has. I don't know where everyone else is, but I'll do anything to break out of here and look for them."

That moment, two armed RDA Clone Troopers broke open the Conference room doors, which released harsh light into the dark room. Jock held his flippers up in the air, and Leonardo stayed close to him. They were led out of the room that they were held into, and they took a secret tunnel that led into the old warehouse that they had seen before they went inside the hotel. Unlike what they thought, the Warehouse was not a giant factory, but a freezing facility.

Leonardo:"I don't like the looks of this."

Jock:"Quite apparent."

As the Hochstadt Gang stood in a group at the side of the giant room, Piper was seized and taken to the edge of the pit. Pengvintine had already left, but Bellina was still there, with Java Ghent.

Bellina:"It's time for you to meet your fate, Piper. Good luck being frozen up for eternity."

Piper:"I won't stay in there for anger and passion to destroy you will melt the ice..."

Bellina and Java looked each other strangely.

Bellina:"Don't you bother. We've mixed Ditto with the ice, so you'll stay frozen nice and long. By the time you will need to be re-frozen, you would have died of old age."

Piper:"Let it be."

Jock:"Come on, Piper, don't just stand there, DO SOME-"

An RDA Clone Trooper put his flipper over Jock's Mouth, while another trooper slapped Jock.

Piper:"No. I'm not going to run away anymore. I'll take this undeserving punishment."

King Clovis:"But why?"

Piper ignored him and turned around, looking down into the pit. The grey platform was raised from the depths of the misty metal pit, and Piper stood on top.

Bellina:"Sayonara, Piper!"

Bellina slammed the lever and Piper dropped into the pit. Steam and mist began to hiss loudly. Moments later, a metal crane pulled Piper out of the pit. Sadly, Piper was completely frozen in the Ditto and ice mixture, and his facial expression looked like as if it was smashed against a window.

The frozen green block of ice was placed back down onto a rolling cart. A doctor quickly examined him, and nodded to Bellina. The Hochstadt Gang sighed in relief. However, Java Ghent then grabbed the cart and began to walk away.

Bellina, now in her robotic black suit, walked to the rest of the Hochstadt Gang.

Bellina:"Now, don't feel sorry for Piper. He had it easy. I have something much better planned for you all."

King Clovis:"What would that be, Bellina?"

Bellina:"Have you heard of the Scarlet Sharks?"

King Clovis:"The most largest and most vicious group of sharks in the Antarctic? Of course."

Jock:"Darn it, you're feeding us to the Scarlet Sharks? Seriously?"

Bellina:"Heck yeah I am and you all know it. I will relish every savory moment each time one of you fall into the water."

Jock:"Crud. But I'm too young to die!"

Bellina:"No you're not. You're older than me and I'm in my thirties..."


Bellina:"All right. Men, send them on the LATTU and prepare them to board my super yacht."

The RDA Clone Troopers nodded and carried the Hochstadt Gang away.

The Snoss escaped Ternville without the Alliance Command Ship noticing, and once the LATTU reached land, Bellina had her giant yacht, the HMS Bakini set sail into the sea, heading for the place where the Scarlet Sharks dwelled.

The HMS Bakini was believed to be Antarctica's largest yacht in the year of 2045, and it was the most classiest. The giant shiny white ship was the great envy of Gaston Hochstadt himself, the uncle of Bellina. Everything inside was high tech and first class; it had it's own kitchen, master bedroom, servant/guard bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining room with a Cream Soda bar, living room, giant bathroom, a jacuzzi deck, a weapons stockpile room, and even it's own pair of jail cells.

For the most part, the Hochstadt Gang, except for Piper, Leonardo, and Litz were left alone in the jail cells, awaiting their excecution. Meanwhile, Leonardo and Litz were forced to be the servants of Bellina, who tended her every need as she comfortably sat in her large and comfortable throne made of brown leather. Java and his father, Django, leaned back on the walls in the back of the living room next to the lifeless frozen statue of Piper.

Finally, the yacht eventually arrived to the place where the Scarlet Sharks dwelled. Leonardo and Litz curiously peeked through the windows.

The Scarlet Sharks looked like regular sharks, although they were a lot bigger...and the water that surrounded them was a faded red. The sharks, in total about seven, danced and swam in a continuous circle as they awaited for their food. Another fishing skiff, also full of RDA Clone Troopers and Guards, prepared the walking plank for the victims.

Bellina had the gang hauled out of their cells, and they boarded the fishing skiff, and it sailed back towards the scarlet sharks. However, Leoanrdo and Litz stayed back on the ship with Bellina. While Bellina went to her bedroom to prepare for the event Java and Django went to the bathroom, Litz rushed quickly to where the green block of ice stood. Immediately, she took out a small lighter and tried to slowly melt the Ditto diluted water. Leonardo accompanied her and handed her a rubber mallet and a chisel that he carried in hyperspace. Litz struck it as hard as she could, and the ice shattered, freeing Piper. Piper gasped for breath.

Piper:"Gah...where...where am I?"

Litz:"You're on Bellina's yacht. The Gang is about to be fed to a couple of angry Sharks."

Piper:"Oh gosh...I can't see a thing..."

Litz:"It's only temporary and it's a result from the frozen Ditto you were in."

Piper:" it you, Litz, who I am speaking to?"


Suddenly, Bellina, Java, and Django appeared with a couple RDA Clone Troopers. Litz quickly stood back up and raised her flippers in the air.

Bellina:"What is this? Java, your prize has escaped."

Java:"I don't want it anymore. Have him die with the rest of 'em. Not Litz or Leonardo. They can stay as slaves."

Bellina:"Very well."

Bellina waved her flipper, and the RDA Clone Troopers carried Piper away to join the rest of the gang on the Fishing Skiff. Meanwhile, Bellina had Litz chained up and was held onto by an RDA Clone Trooper. Nevertheless, she had forgotten about Leonardo, but she didn't care; there were other things on her mind at the time. Leonardo just decided to kick back and watch everything happen from the outside deck.

Then, Bellina set up her throne on the outside deck too with Java and Django, who also had seats.

Bellina screamed to the RDA Clone Troopers on the Skiff:"Let's get this going, boys, it's time to start the execution."

The RDA Clone Trooper closest to the walking plank yanked Fuut Ga from the group and threw him onto the plank first. The trooper nudged him to go forward with the tip of his blaster rifle. Fuut Ga kept his flippers in the air, and he innocently looked at Bellina and company. Then, he turned his head slightly to look directly at Leonardo. He slightly nodded.

Although Leonardo did not understand why he nodded at first, he soon remembered that he still had Fuut Ga's green keysaber that Fuut Ga told him to keep safe during the fight at the battle of Froth. Leoanrdo winked back.

Fuut Ga waddled slowly to the edge of the plank and timidly looked down at the hungry sharks.


Fuut Ga jumped up into the air. The afternoon sun danced on his black silhouette, and then, when it seemed like he was about to plunge into the water, Fuut Ga had grabbed the edge of the white walking plank and sprang up into the air again. This time, Leonardo chucked the keysaber at Fuut Ga, who caught and released it in midair. A moment later, Fuut Ga attacked the nearest RDA Clone Trooper at the diving plank.


Releasing their weapons, the rest of the Hochstadt Gang began to attack the rest of the RDA Clone Troopers on the fishing skiff.

Bellina:"Java! You know what to do."

Java nodded, took out his gun, and he flew to the scene. Django decided to stay back and watch since he was tired and not in the mood to fight.

Java's first victim was Piper, who was starting to recover from his temporary blindness. Piper was trying to attack the enemies with a rifle he had stolen, and while fighting, Java snuck behind him with his gun ready.

Fuut Ga:"Piper, look behind you, it's Java!"

Piper turned around, with the tip of his rifle up in the air. As he did so, the rifle's barrel smacked him in his face.


Fuut Ga rushed towards him, because as he tried to recover from the smack, he attempted to fire his gun. Fuut Ga quickly sliced the gun in half and staggered back towards Piper, who had his back turned on him again.

Fuut Ga:"Piper, Java's behind you again!"

Piper:"Java Ghent, where?"

because Java had his back turned on Piper, Piper's rifle smacked and blasted accidentally a part of Java's jetpack. Immediately, the jetpack malfunctioned and Java flew uncontrollably in to the air, and then into the sea.

Django rushed to the railings to see what happened. Then, he saw a shark jump out of the water and immediately crush and eat Java. From within Django's blue helmet, his jaw had dropped. The place where Java had been eaten was now the color of a faded red. Strangely enough, the shark that ate Java soon became satisfied, and left the scene. Django silently stood there on the yacht's railing, leaning his helmet against the top of the silver rail.

Meanwhile, back inside the ship, the RDA Clone Trooper began to caress and try to kiss Litz, to her annoyance.

Litz:"Please stop that."

RDA Clone Trooper:"Oh, you know you can't help it."

Litz:"Oh no, no you're not..."

Litz immediately grabbed the chains and threw them around the RDA Clone Trooper's neck. She unforgivingly yanked as hard as she could until the RDA Clone Trooper was dead. Then, she left the living room and joined Leonardo on the outside deck.

Bellina was getting angrier, and she was now standing and screaming.


One of the RDA Clone Troopers ran up to Bellina.

RDA Clone Trooper:"Yes, missus Bellina?"


The RDA Clone Trooper smacked Bellina with the butt of his rifle, and she collapsed to the ground unconscious. The Clone Trooper threw the helmet off of his head to reveal that he was not a Clone Trooper, but the yacht loving brother of Swiss Ninja, Gaston!

Gaston:"Liberte! It's all yours, Skydo!"

Skydo popped up from the Captain's quarters, and he quickly swerved the yacht so it crashed into the fishing skiff. The Hochstadt Gang boarded the yacht again, and they threw Bellina, the dead RDA Clone Troopers, the living RDA Clone Troopers, and Django Ghent onto the fishing skiff. Skydo immediately blasted the engines and abandoned the Snoss in the middle of the sea.

Piper:"Well, fair enough, Skydo. Looks like you still do have a heart."

Skydo:"Hey, you know I didn't want to betray you. I had to make it up somehow.

Eventually, they made their way back to shore. The yacht was handed back to Gaston, who would keep it. The Hochstadt Gang and Skydo returned to Ternville and re-boarded the Command Ship, heading back for Castilla.

Chapter 5:The Gallant Swiss Ninja

Several of the Alliance leaders and representatives had decided to assemble at Clovis's palace in Metido, Castilla. Those who came to attend the meeting were King Clovis himself, the President of Lisboagal, the President of Frankterre, the President of Rusca, Gottfried Hochstadt, who represented Alemania, and Papa Flywish of Liguria. Meanwhile, Jock Hochstadt, Piper J. Cub, and Leonardo di Tremezzo stood in the background of the room with their own desk; they were the judges and overseers of the Alliance's council.

King Clovis:"We've been at this war for a long time, haven't we?"

President of Lisboagal:"I think we need to step up our game...we need to end this soon and not waste time. What are we afraid of?"

Gottfried:"I agree. Clovis, I know you have mixed feelings about killing your brother, but we've got no choice now. You saw how badly he defeated us there at the Froth Base."

President of Frankterre:"I agree with Gottfried."

King Clovis:"All right. I officially declare that we shall make our final strike against the Swiss Ninja regime, once and for all."

Everyone almost simultaneously said:"I agree."

King Clovis:"Very well. Flywish, do you have any ideas?"

Flywish:"I do. you know why the Snoss are so powerful?"

King Clovis:"Uh..cause they're rich and they have a powerful leader?"

Flywish:"No...not exactly...."

President of Rusca:"Their military?"

Flywish:"Exactly! You see Clovis, the only reason why the Snoss are so successful is because it's army consists of Clone Soldiers that can be replaced over and over again, therefore they would never be short on staff and can easily continue fighting. I propose that perhaps that we the Ligurians should attack and destroy Terninia first. That way, the rest of you can make a final strike on the Darth Cube...and find some way to destroy it."

The President of Frankterre raised his flipper and said:"I agree to this plan. It would be the honor of great Liguria to destroy the accursed Terninia. Flywish, you were born to do this!"

Clovis:"I do to on that part...but I am very skeptical on the final strike on the Darth Cube will we know how to destroy it?"

Flywish:"We won't...we, the Hochstadt Gang, will go inside and confront Swiss Ninja..err...Emperor Pengvintine himself."

Clovis:"Are you serious?"

Flywish:"Of course. It's our destiny to defeat him, right? And I figure that it's finally Fisch's destiny to defeat Bellina."

Clovis:"Very be it...this is all risky...but who cares....we gotta try, right?"

Emperor Pengvintine and Austin once again sat in their thrones in the shadowy grey room. XTUX entered the room.

XTUX:"Sir, Bellina has returned from Ternville."

Emperor Pengvintine:"Let her in."

XTUX turned and nodded to the Royal Guards, who opened the doors. Bellina waddled in. XTUX stepped to the side of the room.

Emperor Pengvintine:"What happened this time?"

Bellina:"I have failed you again, father. They have escaped...and killed Java."

Emperor Pengvintine looked down at the floor again, and so did Austin. They were silent and did not say anything. For the first time in many years, Austin and Emperor Pengvintine's eyes became soft.

Emperor Pengvintine looked up into Bellina's cold eyes.

Emperor Pengvintine:"Where's Django?"

Bellina:"Well...your brother Gaston stole my yacht, so we all were confined to a stupid fishing skiff. We made it back to shore, but the only penguin who did not leave was Django. He immediately started the engines and left us and went out to sea again."

Emperor Pengvintine:"I bet he went off to look for the remains of his son."

Bellina:"I don't care anymore about that. I didn't know that so called 'legendary bounty hunter' could be such a sap."

Austin angrily eyed Bellina. She dismissed it and walked to the side of the room to rejoin XTUX. Both of the waddled out of the shadowy grey throne room for a moment. Then, a moment later, Bellina appeared again in the room with XTUX, this time with an angry tone. She had a pistol in her hand, and it was pointing at Emperor Pengvintine.

Pengvintine:"Bellina! What on the Darth Cube are you doing?"

Bellina:"This is it, father! Your pitiful reign is OVER! Now it will be time for ME to rule the Snoss empire and crush this rebellion ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!"

Pengvintine:"Bellina! How dare you betray your own father..."

Bellina:"You are such a joke, Father. You call yourself evil, but you fail at it. Heck, I was evil ever since I was born, no kidding."

All of a sudden, Emperor Pengvintine and Austin's minds blanked out completely. Bellina's words began to echo in their minds.

"I was evil ever since I was born..."

Suddenly, Emperor Pengvintine flashed back to the past....he saw a confused and angry Fisch....and the young Bellina...bleeding from the scar Fisch gave her years ago...

It made sense now.

Emperor Pengvintine though:"Fisch knew this all along didn't he...he attacked her to save my life...he did it out of love..."

Pengvintine began to tear up. He knew what he had done long ago was foolish, and that it was his fault for not knowing the truth and not giving Fisch time to explain his actions. However, that sadness turned into an anger. Immediately, Pengvintine impulsively took out his orb staff and blasted Bellina with all the lightning that was inside the orb. She flew to the other side of the room, and collapsed to the floor.

Pengvintine:"YOU TRAITOR! You have been from the very beginning! All these games have been nothing but a waste of time...what have I done....Guards, lock her up in a Jail Cell at once!"

The Royal Guards and the RDA Clone Troopers carried her away to the prison cells. XTUX calmly went back to the side of the room. Pengvintine took no note of his presence, nor did he care.

The Mega Destroyer seemed to appear like a Snoss Star Destroyer, except ten times bigger; it seemed to dwarf them. Strangely enough, the ship belonged to Liguria, since many years ago, Flywish and his army had stolen the plans from the ailing Yow Kingdom, an extinct country. The Ligurian Mega Destroyer continued to hover over the waters of the Ninja Archipelago. Even though they could only see storm clouds, they knew Terninia was close. On board the Mega Destroyer was everyone at the meeting, including Fisch, Fuut Ga, and Princess Litz.

A Ligurian Soldier manning the green colored radar beckoned Papa Flywish over to tell him that Terninia had been tracked.

Papa Flywish returned to the group of leaders and the Hochstadt Gang, who were standing in the center of the Control room.

Papa Flywish:"What's our first move, King Clovis? Shall we deploy our air and spacecraft to raid the base?"

King Clovis:"No. We will not. Something more devastating than that must be done first."

Papa Flywish:"What do you have in mind?"

King Clovis:"Do you know that your ship has the largest Ion Cannon on the planet?"

Papa Flywish:"Yes, I do. Why would I not?"

King Clovis:"Ok, then, we should use it especially for this situation. Yours is pretty deadly, although it won't destroy Terninia completely, it will shake it pretty well."

Flywish called to the ship's gunners:"Ready the Ion Cannon, men!"

The two Soldiers looked at each other in disbelief, but they did as they said. King Clovis and Flywish walked over to them.

King Clovis:"Aim there there Section B. That's where the clones are cloned."

The Soldiers turned on the Ion Cannon, and waited for it to charge up.

Papa Flywish:"Ok...let's fire this thing already?"

King Clovis:"Actually, the Ion Cannon on all ships take very long to load. Once we make this crucial strike, I advise we start the aerial assault. I know. This ship was flawed. We shouldn't have copied this thing completely from the old Yowien design plans."

Papa Flywish:"Ok."

A minute later, the Ion Cannon was charged.

Clovis:"Looks well enough charged."

Papa Flywish:"Got it. Fire when ready, commander."

The Soldier slammed the button. Immediately, a large blast was heard from the Ion Cannon, and a few seconds later, a large explosion was heard. From below the rain clouds, the main building of Section B was blown up. Immediately, a fire was set up, and the continuous cloning of RDA Clone Troopers had stopped.

King Clovis:"Direct hit!"

Papa Flywish:"Radio Officer! Order all Pilots to start the raid!"

Radio Officer:"Yes sir!"

An RDA Clone Trooper barged into Emperor Pengvintine's shadowy grey throne room in a panic. The light of the stars and the earth shone over the grim Emperor. The RDA Clone Trooper stuttered as he spoke.

RDA Clone Trooper:"Sir....the Alliance...they are attacking Terninia this minute! Our cloning facilities....are completely destroyed..."

Emperor Pengvintine placed his flipper on his head and sighed.

Emperor Pengvintine:"I know. I know. There's nothing we can do now. I have ruined this all from the beginning...there's no way I can stop this anymore."

RDA Clone Trooper:"Don't be discouraged sir, we still have hope, although rebuilding our cloning center may take a long time to get up and running..."

With annoyance, Emperor Pengvintine looked up at the RDA Clone Trooper with his pale white eyes.

Emperor Pengvintine:"I do not need your words of encouragement, soldier! Now go back to your post and leave me be!"

The RDA Clone Trooper saluted and left. XTUX felt awkward in the room after the scene, so he left as well to return to his quarters. Emperor Pengvintine turned to Austin8310, sitting beside him.

Austin:"We should have known all this long ago. It truly is too late to turn back. But hey, those times were fun when we chased them down."

Pengvintine:"They ceartainly were.... Austin, I will do anything now to protect ourselves from being killed. I suppose we will fight until the last breath in us."

Austin:"Which won't be long, I can fortell."

Pengvintine:"Hope, Austin, Hope. Perhaps the Hochstadt Gang will find mercy on me once more."

Austin:"That's what I am saying. I think it's too late...."

As more Snoss troops were deployed to Terninia, the battle became more intense and rough. Papa Flywish looked over the battles from the Mega Destroyer with optimism. Terninia may always have rain, but where Flywish and the Hochstadt Gang were, it was clearly a beautiful afternoon.

King Clovis:"Flywish, my friend,'s Time. May we borrow one of your shuttles?"

Papa Flywish:"Absolutely. I am ready when you are. Don't worry about my army. I'll just have my son take care of it. Isn't that right, son?"

Flywish II, who was working at one of the computers, looked back and waved in approval.

King Clovis:"I have to some time....I think it should be now...or never..."

King Clovis waddled to the Hochstadt Gang.

King Clovis:"It's time. Let's head for the shuttle."

Jock:"Yes, sir."

Litz cut in:"King Clovis?"

King Clovis:"Yes, Princess Litz?"

Litz:"Do you mind if...I stay back? I...I don't feel comfortable going to engage in this gruesome event...I don't think I can take it."

King Clovis looked at her with his sympathetic eyes that were vaguely filled with tears.

King Clovis:"I totally understand. This will not just be painful for you, but for many of us too."

King Clovis hugged his niece, and walked off to the Ligurian Hangar. He took out his black radio and signaled all the Alliance's fleet, except for the Ligurians, to start the assault on the Darth Cube. Everyone entered from the back of the white shuttle, and they soon took off into space.

The Gang and the shuttle were packed with weapons and they were all ready to fight. As the giant grey silhouette of a cube grew larger, the more uneasy everyone became. They could see that the Castillans, Batavians, Ruscans, and Lisboagese had already attacked the station and were engaged in a battle with the few starships that were still on the Darth Cube.

Without too much trouble, the Hochstadt Gang landed the white Ligurian shuttle in the closest Hangar in the Darth Cube- the Royal Hangar specifically reserved only for Emperor Pengvintine and the Bounty Hunters. As they landed, the hangar was abandoned, and no one was there to confront them.

Jock with Piper on his shoulder was the first to step out. He had his gun ready just in case anyone would dare come near, but there was not a sound to be heard except for the faint hum of the machinery that ran the giant space station.

Jock whistled, and everyone followed him out.

Jock looked around the hangar, puzzled for a moment.

Jock:"So...which way is to the Throne Room?"

Leonardo:"Hmm. Maybe that sign that says 'This way to Throne Room' in bold red letters over the hallway to your left?"

Jock looked to his left.

Jock:"Oh, there it is!"

Leonardo and Clovis exchanged glances and followed Jock and Fisch, who were up ahead.

XTUX solemnly and briskly walked down shadowy the hall of jail cells. He stood in front of Bellina's jail cell door, and unlocked it. He found Bellina sitting in the middle of the cell, meditating.


Bellina turned around calmly and stood up.

Bellina:"You're here to free me, aren't you?"

XTUX:"Your father is going to meet his destiny with the Hochstadt Gang. You better come so that after they kill Swiss Ninja, you can easily kill them."

Bellina:"Eh. Why not?"

Bellina and XTUX walked out of the jail cell together. She didn't even notice the dead RDA Clone Troopers lying on the floor.

Finally, Bellina and XTUX arrived in the dark throne room the same time the Hochstadt Gang arrived. Pengvintine and Austin had their backs turned on them while sitting in their black chairs that blended in with the shadows. They were looking into space, viewing the space battles.

King Clovis, Fisch, and Jock took out their keysabers.

Emperor Pengvintine:"So this is how it end."

No one responded.

Emperor Pengvintine:"I will defend my life the best I can. I have done wrong, and it is too late now for me to apologize."

Piper quipped:"You bet it is!"

Emperor Pengvintine peeked around his chair at Piper with a wild look. Suddenly, he turned his chair around and he jumped at them with his red keysaber. Immediately, he was in an engaged keysaber fight with Clovis, Fisch, and Jock simultaneously.

Bellina immediately took out her keysaber to attack Swiss Ninja, but Fisch then leaped out of the group for an opportunity to fight her off instead. Meanwhile, XTUX was tying a black anvil to the ceiling with a rope. He planned to use it to kill one of the Hochstadt Gang members who would be clumsy enough to stand under it, not knowing that it was there. Still, no one noticed XTUX. Everyone was focused on Emperor Pengvintine and Bellina.

Fisch made no haste in his battle. As he and Bellina headed towards one of the space station's large shafts. Bellina was batting her keysaber in all directions, but Fisch kept his cool as he blocked one, bobbed another, and he finally blocked and countered the last strike, and in a keysaber lock, he made a circular motion with his blue keysaber that flung Bellina's weapon down into the shaft. She backed away near the black metal wall, but Fisch did not give her any grace.

Immediately, Fisch drove his blue keysaber into her heart, and with all his strength, he threw her down shaft. He watched as her black robes and clothing fell off as she fell.

XTUX, who immediately saw what had happened, stopped what he was doing and raced down the shaft with his jetpack feet to try to reclaim her body. Fisch took notice of him and rejoined the gang in fighting Pengvintine.

Already outnumbered, Pengvintine yelled at Austin:"Can you at least help me out here? I know you're old but I can't hold them off much longer!"

Austin casually got out of his chair and took out his keysaber. He began dueling with Fisch and Jock, while Clovis and Fuut Ga continued to fight with Emperor Pengvintine.

Gottfried and the two puffles stood by Flywish as they silently watched and fought RDA Clone Troopers that dared to come near.

Flywish still remembered what Swiss Ninja did to his grandfather. He would never forget. Flywish felt bitter inside, and his eyes flew to the brown rope that held onto the black anvil, and the position of where Emperor Pengvintine was standing. He was only a couple feet away from being directly below the anvil, and Flywish took out his blaster to get his chance of revenge.

Then, that moment, Dave Hochstadt appeared to Flywish as a ghost.

Dave Hochstadt:"Flywish! Don't do this! Don't kill Swiss Ninja, he has changed for the good!"

Flywish:"But he has wronged me! Your death will be avenged!"

Dave:"But don't let your anger get to your head!"

Then, Emperor Pengvintine stopped fighting and threw his red keysaber away. Little did he know he was directly under the shadow of the anvil.

Swiss Ninja:"I refuse to fight you anymore. I care for you all, and I am guilty of what I have done to all of you. Arrest me if you must."

Clovis and Fuut Ga looked each other in amazement, and undid their keysabers. Austin stopped fighting, and so did Jock and Fisch.

Swiss Ninja:"I have changed. I have seen my mistakes. I want to join you now, if only I could undo the madness that I have created..."

That moment, Flywish's anger surged up again. Dave cried a final "NO!", and Flywish shot the brown rope with his blaster.


A faint cry was heard, and when Flywish looked down, he saw Swiss Ninja's body crushed by the black anvil. The room seemed to become darker as the light in the room began to fade.

Although he was not hit, Swiss Ninja's twin brother, Fisch, yelped in pain and fell to the ground, clutching his lungs.

Jock and Fuut Ga rushed over to Swiss Ninja and lifted the giant anvil off of him. King Clovis and Leonardo ran to his side, and King Clovis clutched Swiss Ninja's flipper. Jock put Swiss Ninja in a comfortable lying position, and Jock had Swiss Ninja rest on his shoulder so he could see the gang.

Meanwhile, Flywish was completely overjoyed at seeing his grandfather once more, this time in ghost form. They hugged and embraced, even though Flywish couldn't feel Dave. The rest of the Gang dared not to disturb Flywish, nor were they angry at him; they figured that this was destined to happen after seeing Dave's ghost.

Eventually, everyone was soon crowded around Swiss Ninja except for Flywish and Dave's ghost, although not too close.

Swiss Ninja raised his head up from Jock's shoulder slightly, and peered at King Clovis with his half closed eyes. He used the last of his strength to put his flipper over Clovis's.

Swiss Ninja stuttered:"I'm...I' sorry....I wish I never..."

Swiss Ninja coughed hoarsely.

King Clovis:"It's ok, brother. We all forgive you."

Swiss Ninja smiled. He replied:"Thank you...b-before I die...I want you to bury my the same place where I was born..."

Swiss Ninja coughed again.

King Clovis:"Anything for you."

Swiss Ninja:"Your destinies are must rid of this empire...destroy this Darth Cube....before it's too late..."

King Clovis:"But how?"

Swiss Ninja:"'ll find out...take care, all of you. are a great friend....and Clovis and two are the greatest brothers a penguin can have..."

Clovis, Fisch, Jock, Gottfried, Fuut Ga, Austin, and Leonardo began to have tears in their eyes, even Piper and Flywish seemed to sniffle a bit.

Finally, the noble Kaiser had one last thing to say: "Plaudite, amici, tragoedia finita est..." (Applaud, my friends, the tragedy is over....)

With that said, Swiss Ninja took his last breath and died. His head went limp and it fell back onto Jock's shoulder. His eyes were completely closed, but he had a small grin on his face. Everyone knew he was in a better place.

Chapter 6:The Remnants

Jock picked up Swiss Ninja's limp body, and everyone finally stood up again.

Jock:"What now?"

Austin:"We need to destroy this Darth Cube immediately. Pengvintine planned today to finally use the superlazer. He plans to blast SPC. If we don't hurry very quickly and find a solution, we're doomed."

Gottfried:"Doesn't this space station have a small weakspot? Perhaps we can fire inside of there that will cause it to blow up."

Austin chuckled, and said:"Heh. There is a weakness area, but you'd have to fire a missle into a small hole the size of a grapefruit. Simply impossible."

Clovis:"There MUST be a solution. We found a solution long ago when Leonardo and I stopped those Snoss missles from bombing the USA many decades ago! I am sure we can do it again!"

Leonardo's eyes became wide and bright.

Leonardo:"That's it!"

Clovis:"What's it?"

Leonardo:"I know a solution! But quick, does this space station have a Puffle Launcher?"

Austin:"Um yes...but..."

Clovis:"WHAT is your idea, Leonardo?"

Leonardo:"It's too long to explain, but you all have to evacuate immediately! Austin, where is that puffle launcher?"

Austin:"Uh...on the other side of the corridor. It was principally designed to shoot small spy puffles to certain locations to gather data quickly. It was kind of a waste in my opinion, but..."

Leonardo had already sped off to the Puffle Launcher, leaving Austin, Piper, and the rest of the Hochstadt Gang behind.

Jock:"What now, Clovis?"

King Clovis:"Come on. Let's get on the ship. We're getting out of here."

The Hochstadt Gang and Austin did not delay, and they took Swiss Ninja's body with them inside the Spaceship, and they flew out of the hangar. A minute later, XTUX flew back up from the shaft, with Bellina's corpse in his robotic flippers. He too immediately went for an abandoned Snoss spaceship and left the Space Station. By the time XTUX and Bellina's body had left the space station, Leonardo was sitting in the small capsule of the Puffle Launcher, ready for launch.

Leonardo closed the airlock of the capsule behind him, and he looked at the controls There were but three things on the control panel: a GPS, a Red Button that said "Release", and a Green Button that said "Parachute".

Leonardo, already knowing where to go, immediately set up the exact location where he wanted to land...right smack dab into a giant grey warehouse in the middle of Waffleland. Leonardo confirmed the location coordinates, and pressed the red button. The Puffle Launcher adjusted to the location Leonardo entered, and it catapulted the capsule into space like a spitting camel.

The capsule was like a bullet that raced across space towards earth. As it began to enter the atmosphere, the front part of the capsule began to turn up so that Leonardo faced up in his seat. A few seconds later, Leonardo slammed the green button and initiated the white parachute. The capsule landed gently onto the warehouse ceiling. Leonardo jumped out, and went inside one of the air conditioning vents that exited out of the warehouse. Leonardo easily fit through, and he made his way through the tunnels until he saw what he was looking for.

Below the metal slits of the air conditioning vents, Leonardo saw the desired THIS, the most dangerous superweapon ever built, capable of wiping all life out of Antarctica; there was never a better time to use it than now.

Leonardo used his EPF wrench to open the vent, and he jumped down into the Warehouse. He reached for the controls. There appeared to be no one in the warehouse; it must have been abandoned a long time ago since the place had a lot of cobwebs and dust everywhere.

Leonardo found the control station that looked over the whole Warehouse behind glass also abandoned. He hopped onto the dusty green stool in front of the control panels and observed the buttons and levers. Leonardo slammed the red "Open Roof" button.

The roof of the green warehouse opened up.

Leonardo tapped the yellow "Set Up" button. Immediately, the giant super missile was propped up vertically, preparing to launch. Leonardo aimed the missle directly towards the Darth Cube. Then, without hesitation, Leonardo pressed the yellow and black striped button that said "LAUNCH" in bold letters.

For the first time ever, the powerful THIS started it's engines, which caused a very loud roar and simulated a very strong earthquake. The Engines roared crimson red and bright orange flamed, and as it took off, the intensity of the engine blasts shattered the clear windows of the Control Room and threw the helpless Leonardo across the room, who slammed against the back wall.

For a few moments, Leonardo was quite dazed, but he was still all right and unhurt. He got up and looked out to the sky, and he saw the missle heading right towards the Darth Cube. In a matter of minutes, the missle struck the Darth Cube. In a flash, the Darth Cube and THIS exploded like a firework at the fourth of July with the same amount of anticipation.

Leonardo knew that this was the end of an era. Some minutes later, he saw the Hochstadt Gang's ship approaching him.

As the Hochstadt Gang's ship flew into space again, Austin walked to the back of the ship to where his master's body lay. Jock and Clovis were with him, this time.

Austin:"What point is there now for me to live? I am very old for a Khanz my age...and now my best friend and my former employer is dead."

Clovis:"We grieve your loss. If there is anything we can do...."

Austin:"If anything, please do me one favor...leave me be. I wish to join my best friend and other loved ones..."

Austin lied down onto the floor not too far from Swiss Ninja, and closed his eyes. Austin peacefully took his last breath and died of old age. He knew his time on earth was complete.

Clovis and Jock took down their hats in respect. They didn't know what to say.

The white spaceship glided over the earth like a bird floating in the sky, they were heading for the birth land of Swiss Ninja, Fisch, and Clovis. While waiting, King Clovis sat next to Fisch, who was leaning back in his seat and was clutching his stomach.

King Clovis:"What's wrong, brother?"

Fisch:"I'm in pain...all over..."

King Clovis:"What happened? Are you hurt?"

Fisch:"I's because I'm Swiss Ninja's you know..."

King Clovis:"You two had a close connection?"

Fisch:"Yeah...that's it..."

Piper, who was in the cockpit with Leonardo, turned from his pilot's seat and announced:"We are approaching our destination. Fisch and Clovis, you may come look out the window to see it if you'd like."

They descended deep into a large mountainous area that seemed to be covered in a blanket of both light and dark green. As they got closer, they saw that the dark green was forest and the light green was fresh grass. They also saw several patches of red and white around, and they saw that they were villages.

They landed in a field that was about half a mile away from one of the sleepy villages, although at first, no one dared to leave the white spaceship into the green pastures. A few minutes later, a Castillan starcruiser arrived, landing nearby.

Piper:"Hey, what are those guys doing here?"

King Clovis:"They're the mourners for the funeral. I also had them bring two caskets."

Piper:"Ok. I was going to ask about that."

The Soldiers of the other ship was the first to step onto the fertile green land, and they carried the black caskets with them to the other ship. Piper opened the doors of the spaceship, and the soldiers came in to put Austin8310 and Swiss Ninja in their caskets. Leonardo di Tremezzo noticed that the soldiers who were on this ship were not only Castillan; there were also several Frankterran, Ruscan, Lisboagese, and even regular Snoss soldiers also.

The two black caskets were carried out into the Swiss meadow that was surrounded by forest, and all the Hochstadt Gang solemnly stood watching nearby as several of the soldiers began digging the two graves. Meanwhile, the sun was covered by grey clouds and the long green grass began to flow with the zephyr of the wind.

Then, everyone gathered together to have the caskets be lowered into their graves. The Hochstadt Gang held white flowers in their flippers, while Leonardo held a bouquet of Edelweiss that he had picked nearby. A choir of white robed penguins arrived, and they opened their black songbooks. A Frankterran, Castillan, Snoss, and Batavian soldier held one end of a blue flag. On it were the royal symbols of each of the countries that held the flag. The golden fleur-de-lis from Frankterre, the crown from Castilla, the Royal Swiss Shield from Snowzerland, and an orange lion from Batavia. They draped the blue flag-like blanket over Swiss Ninja, and they began to lower him down into his grave first.

Meanwhile, a couple musicians and the choir began to sing what used to be the royal chant of the King of Frankterre, now sung to the heroic fallen king of Snowzerland.

The casket was lowered into the darkness of the earth. Everyone began to throw their flowers into the pit, and then the soldiers buried the casket and the flowers with the brown dirt they dug up. There was a long moment of silence while the burial occured and while the choir sung.

As the final mounds of dirt was heaved on, it seemed for a moment as if there was a blue, sparkly dust that rose out from the dirt. Meanwhile, a large white slab of marble was laid over Swiss Ninja's grave.

Meanwhile, Austin's coffin was silently raised down into it's pit, and the choir also sung for him too, although unlike Swiss Ninja, Austin had the flag of Snowzerland on his coffin instead. He was lowered silently as everyone continued to watch, and he too was buried and was covered by a large slab of white marble which covered the burial spot like a memorial plate.

The Hochstadt Gang were very somber, and after half an hour, they walked away back to the starship, and they flew away, leaving the two graves forever.

However, moments later, the blue ghosts of Swiss Ninja and Austin8310 emerged from the graves. Both of them were smiling, and they nodded to each other as they watched the spaceships leave.

The Hochstadt Gang returned to Antarctica still feeling blue, and Clovis decided to return to ]]Castilla]] since he believed that the war was done; he had a country to run. Meanwhile, Jock, Gottfried, and the puffles transported the ailing Fisch back to Club Penguin, where he would rest in bed. There, they reunited with Litz.

Under the faint Club Penguin sun, Gottfried was the first to greet Litz outside Fisch's house. They hugged strongly as if Gottfried was Litz's father, not Swiss Ninja.

Litz:"It's been done, hasn't it?"

Gottfried:"It has. It's all over. Before he went...he conformed from his ways. He is now in a better place."

Litz's eyes filled with tears of joy and cried as she embraced Gottfried again. He patted her on her back and pulled her close to him like a father with his daughter.

Gottfried:"He would have loved you so much. I am sure he does now, still. He'll always be with you."


Litz then went to her great-uncle Jock, who hugged and embraced her in the same fashion.

Jock:"It's time you place your claim on the throne. The remnants of the destroyed Snoss Empire are in the hands of the clone brother of our friend, S2. We must defeat him and finally put you as the true leader of Snowzerland."

Litz:"But what if I was not meant to be..."

Jock:"You ARE. You are Swiss Ninja's daughter, and you are the descendant of a line of many great rulers. You must always rule from your heart, and for the people, never for yourself. Learn that from your father, Litz."

Litz:"I will."

The Ligurians left Terninia to waste, leaving it in ruins and all of it's cloning machines had been destroyed. Django Ghent sat silently on the edge of what used to be the floor of one of the hallways, now exposed to the outside. He was sitting in the least damaged building, which only had a large gaping hole in the side of it. The rain silently trickled down his helmet as he sat, looking down upon the hostile seas. He could see the other Terninian buildings, also in ruin, still with smoke and some small fires.

Then, his son, Java Ghent, who was revived just like his father, appeared. He sat back down beside him to look on to what the Ligurians had done to the place that they called home. Java was eternally grateful for his father's great efforts for salvaging his body and brains, putting himself back together, and then brought back to live by the "XTUX Revival Machine" that Django had once been in.

Django:"We are done. This is it."

Java:"Everything changed since I was's our Master?"

Django:"I heard a distress signal from one of the working radios. He is dead. The Darth Cube has also exploded."

Java looked at Django with astonishment.

Django:"It was the T.H.I.S. Missle that did the final blow to it. It was released soon after our leader's death."

Java shook his head in sadness. Then, he looked up, for he saw a strange red figure on a raft coming towards them with cargo that was covered in a black tarp.

Java ran back into the ruined building to get his binoculars. Once he returned, he saw that the red figure was XTUX. Java waved and beckoned XTUX to come near him. Luckily, XTUX saw him.

Django and Java hauled XTUX and cargo up into the ruined building.

Django:"Good to see you still in one piece, XTUX. I was able to revive Java like myself."

XTUX:"Ah, like father like son."

Django:"I have heard what happened to our glorious leader. He has fallen...and so did Austin?"

Java:"Austin died too?!?"

XTUX:"Yes. Sad...and this is also not ordinary cargo..."

Java:"Is it him?"


XTUX yanked the black tarp off the cargo to reveal the corpse of Bellina. XTUX had wrapped up her stab wound with some cloth, and one of her mechanical flippers were missing.

XTUX:"I was thinking....Bellina has suffered so much in her life. She's lost all her limbs. She's practically half cyborg..."

Java:"What are you trying to say?"

XTUX:"I would like to revive her as a full robot, like myself. Although, not like a penguin."

Django:"Not like a penguin? You want to revive her into a puffle cyborg?"


Django:"Then what, a tern?"

XTUX:"NO! Not that either! What do you guys think would be the most scariest creature you would encounter in your lives?"

Django:"A leopard seal?"

Java:"A walrus?"

XTUX:"No...not what I was thinking. I was thinking about making Bellina's robot body in the shape of a somewhat human cyborg."

Java:"I like that idea. I would respect her more that way."

XTUX:"And just imagine how much fear she would put into the hearts of her much stronger she will be..."

Django:"What are waiting for? Let's build it! I have the materials ready. Once we're done, I'll fire up the XTUX Revival Machine!"

Back at Fisch's igloo in CP, Fisch was still feeling sick, but was looking a bit better, however, it appeared that Fisch began to an abnormal speed. Gottfried, Jock, the two puffles, and Litz were there with him. That day, S2 also came for a visit.

S2:"How are you feeling, Fisch?"

Fisch:"Good. How about yourself?"

S2:"A bit jittery. My, you don't look too well."

Fisch:"My twin's death has eliminated my immortality. Slowly but surely, I am going to age more quickly until I die."

Jock:"Yep. But he won't die until we have S1 defeated, S2. Don't you worry."

S2:"That's what I also came about. I wish that I could defeat my brother myself."

Jock:"Are you pulling my leg?"

S2:"Do you think I am?"

Jock:"You must be crazy to go off and defeat an army by yourself."

Gottfried:"However, he is a superhero."

Leonardo:"I don't think it really's not wise in the first place."

S2:"'s just...I sense that my brother is waiting for me. He wants to fight me, one on one."

Piper:"Well, if that's the case, we're going to help you get there. We'll distract the rest of the army just in case they try to attack you."

S2:"Very well...I will face S1...alone."

Inside the ruined building, the rain pattered harder and harder. The room was relatively dark except for one of the ceiling lamps that continued to flicker constantly. It didn't seem to bother anyone though. On the table was a giant robotic cyborg that had humanlike arms and legs, but it's head seemed to be part of the torso, and it had a single eye that was dark red since it was not activated.

XTUX carefully placed Bellina's brain inside the machine, and closed the top lid shut.

Then, he cuffed the robotic cyborg to the metal operating table of the XTUX Revival Machine. Immediately, XTUX threw the lever down, and a shock of electricity was emitted into the Cyborg robot constantly for a minute. Then, XTUX switched it off once he began to hear a loud and unbearable baritone screaming of what seemed to be ultimate terror.

At once, the robot began to steam slightly, but then, it signed deeply in grave relief.

XTUX now saw that the red eye was now a glowing bright red. He came closer to the cyborg cautiously.

XTUX:"Bellina...are you there?"

Bellina:"Uuuuugh...where am I...and why do I sound like this?"

XTUX:"It is I, XTUX. I have brought you back once more as Cyborg."

Bellina:"Oh, how wonderful...but why do I feel funny....why do I SOUND funny?"

XTUX:"I suppose that's the only sound box we could find you. We're on least what is left of Terninia."

Bellina brought her human-like arms up so she could see them with her cyclops eyes.


Bellina threw her robotic arms away from herself in horror.

XTUX:"I made you into a human shaped cyborg, mostly."

Bellina did not respond.

XTUX:"I see you're excited about it."

Bellina:"How did you escape with my body and how did you escape my father?"

XTUX:"He's dead."

Bellina did not respond to that comment either.

XTUX:"Now, the Snoss empire is in shambles, but it's right now under control of that underrated commander, S1. Remember him?"


Bellina got up to her feet and she stood, surveying the dark room.

Bellina:"So Java, I see you also have been revived?"

Java:"I was, thanks to my devoted father."

Django:"Yep. I apologize for abandoning you that day. I had to look for him."

Bellina did not seem to care for his reason and ignored him.

XTUX:"Django was able to revive Java once he returned to the ravaged Terninia not long after the Ligurianss had left."

Bellina:"The Ligurians? They destroyed Terninia? They must have had help from the Double Sicilians."

XTUX:"Unfortunately, they did both. The Cloning facility is as dead as a doorknob also."

Bellina:"Pffft. That's something. It doesn't matter...I do have one ace in the hole that I have planned to use as a backup if this were to ever happen."

XTUX:"Which is what?"

Bellina:"Do any of you remember....that nasty fellow...that X-antibody of Jock Hochstadt?"

Java:"I remember."

Bellina:"I had it stored here in Terninia, right?"

Java:"You did..."

Bellina:"Do you remember where it is?"

Java paused and thought for a moment. Then it hit him. Xock's preserved body was in the very building they were in, deep in the center. There was still hope.

Bellina:"This time, when cloning, we will have to go twice as fast. Luckily, Xock was an X-antibody, so I'm sure they'll immediately clone into adults. Who knows, maybe the Xock clones' memories of the past will still be around to hate Jock even more?"

Chapter 7:Backlashes

Jock, Gottfried, the two puffles, Fuut Ga, Fisch, and S2 were flying in a former Snoss LATTU heading for Snowzerland, where the battle would begin. A large squad of Castillan and Frankterran jet fighters flew with them, and they immediately began in aerial combat against the Snoss who were defending the island. Meanwhile, the LATTU flew down onto the Southern coast of Snowzerland, where there was S1's newly built palace made of metal.

The LATTU landed on one of the platforms of his palace, and immediately, S1 alone was standing there, waiting for his brother to step out. His dark red mask and his new black cape made him more menacing than usual.

S2:"Guys...once I jump out...I want you to take off without me. Do you understand?"

Jock:"No way, we're coming to fight with you!"

S2 grabbed Jock's tunic and screamed:"FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THIS IS PROPHECY! THIS IS MY DESTINY!"

Jock nodded in understanding, and S2 jumped out of the LATTU, unleashing his blue keysaber.

Jock:"Piper, fly us out of here, NOW!"

Piper:"Sure thing."

Piper flew the LATTU back into the sky. S2 did not look behind him, and he kept his eyes on his brother.

S1:"So, brother. We finally meet again at last. You are a traitor to Snowzerland's First Reich. Emperor Pengvintine was too gracious to you for keeping you alive so long."

S2:"As of now he wouldn't have wanted to kill me."

S1:"He's DEAD, brother."

S2:"I know."

S1:"But now, I am in control of Snowzerland, and all the power is in my very flippers. I decree that you shall die from my very red keysaber blade."

S2:"I am not going to die without a Fight. The Snoss throne does NOT belong to you, brother! It belongs to Princess Litz, the last of the offspring of the late Swiss Ninja!"

S1:"Do I care? NO!"

S1 unleashed his red keysaber, and the two of them immediately were engaged into a full out keysaber fight. The red and blue keysabers clashed each other, causing harsh white sparks to fly. They seemed to be oblivious of the fighting that was going around them. None of the remaining RDA Clone Troopers dared to interfere with the duel since they found it interesting and very intense.

They also barked at each other as they fought.

S2:"S1...don't do this! You do not have to take the path of Evil. It is avoidable, and good will bring peace to your life..."

S1:"I don't need you, and your petty friends are an obstruction to my plans..."

S2:"Our clone father would be ashamed of you..."

S1:"I DON'T CARE!!!!"

S1 flipped in the air as he prepared to strike S2 with a fatal blow, but S2 was prepared and he sliced his flipper off as he came down.


S1 kneeled down to S2. He held his blue keysaber at his brother's throat.

S2:"You gave me no choice."


Using his Serth powers, S1 pulled his still activated keysaber back towards him, attempting to stab S2 in the back, but then, S2 jumped and the red keysaber flew right through S1's torso. He collapsed onto the metal floor of the landing pad, dead.

The RDA Clone Troopers jumped up in surprise, and released their blasters at S2, who was deflecting the lazer blasts that came at him with his keysaber. That moment, a blaster cannon from far away blew up a whole squadron of RDA Clone Troopers. S2 looked up and saw that the Hochstadt Gang had returned to him, and Jock was the first to yank him inside the LATTU as they flew off. The Hochstadt Gang cheered for S2, for they finally felt that he had re-proven himself as a worthy and trusted member of the Hochstadt Gang once more.

Jock:"Hey. I know how you feel about losing your brother. You did the right thing."


The Hochstadt Gang landed in Geneva as they prepared to help restore order in the nation and to revive Princess Litz as the true and pure leader of Snowzerland.

As the AU began occupying Snowzerland, Jock, Gottfried, Fuut Ga, Fisch, Leonardo, and Piper began to organize the grand coronation ceremony for Litz. They arranged everything to occur in the Grand Telenacle Cathedral of Zurich, the same one that Swiss Ninja was coronated.

It was a cloudy afternoon when the Hochstadt Gang decided to take a break and have tea in a restaurant nearby the cathedral. Leonardo was the first to drink his tea, but he resolved to finish his desserts for later. He wanted some fresh air, so he left the restaurant and took a stroll in the city of Zurich. Suddenly, a faint explosion was heard from far off.

Penguins began screaming, and Leonardo was caught amongst the crowds.

Leonardo:"What's going on??? What's happening?"

Leonardo raced through the wild crowds with great difficulty, until he reached the side of the street where there was a newspaper kiosk. The owner was quickly closing up shop.

Leonardo:"Sir, what's going on?!?"

Suddenly, a flurry of AU Fighter Jets blasted across the sky, heading towards the faint explosion.

Kiosk Owner:"It's another invasion! We're being invaded by a bunch of Mutant Vikings....led by a Cyborg Bellina! We're doomed!"


Kiosk Owner:"Yes, mutant Vikings! And according to the internet news right now, they have a whole fleet surrounding the island! They just blew up S1's base up into shreds!"

Leonardo:"This isn't good..."

Leonardo ran back to the restaurant to tell the troubled Hochstadt Gang the news.

Fisch:"We will stand and fight as much as we can until Bellina is dead once more!"

Three hours later, the Hochstadt Gang found themselves flying back to Castilla in the same LATTU they came in. Jock looked back at the island, which was now beginning to be shrowded by grey clouds, and the tyrannical reign of a cyborg Bellina.

Jock turned to Fisch, who was next to him.

Jock:"It's time we end this..."

Fisch:"Yes. Soon. I can't believe we forgot Litz before we left! She must be captured already!"

Fisch looked down into the angry ocean with regret and doubt. Jock patted his back with reassurance.

Jock:"We're going to end this here, and now. This time, we're going to have the AU unleash it's maximum power. I don't care if I have to fight that horrid X-Antibody of myself again. It will be quite a pleasure, actually!"

King Clovis stood at the edge of the palace balcony that looked over the lush green garden. He watched the sunset behind him with solemnity. The Hochstadt Gang came together as a whole to talk with him. They did not disturb him when they saw that he was gazing over his country.

He turned around to face his friends and family without changing his facial expression. He looked them over a bit, and made a faint grin. It appeared that they didn't have to ask. He already knew.

King Clovis:"Go ahead. Use the army. End this once and for all...Swiss Ninja is already dead."

Jock and Gottfried bowed faintly with surprise but still with the grace of two noblemen. The Hochstadt Gang walked off to the Palace's military planning room, all except Leonardo, who wished to stay with Clovis. He boldly hopped onto the top of the balcony's stone railings, and looked King Clovis in the eye, who was still looking beyond the horizon.

Leonardo:"Clovis? What's on your mind?"

Clovis:"Nothing. It's a strange feeling to know that Swiss Ninja is actually dead now...and he's on the good side...I still can not overcome his death."

Leonardo:"That's understandable...I miss him too."

Clovis:"I wonder what would have happened if he didn't die. Would life be better? Would we be in a golden age that would last forever? Then again, I am only dreaming. I should stick with reality and what has actually happened."

Leonardo:"True...perhaps it was meant this way."

Clovis:"While you guys were fighting S2 and such, I went to Liguria to attend Flywish's wedding. He married the girl of his dreams, Maddieworld, since she is now a widow."

Leonardo:"I see. Too bad I couldn't come."

Clovis:"Flywish only wanted me to come, some reason. Not even any of your relatives attended either, Leonardo."


The soft light of the sunset danced on the two figures, who were now viewing the panorama of Metido city. They could see around them the well maintained gardens of the palace, the bustling streets of downtown, and even the suburbs in the distance. The true beauty of Castilla could be captivated by all who had stayed long enough on that stone balcony, since it was from the perspective of the King himself.

The next day, Leonardo and Piper sat in the back of the old but modified Eastshieldian P-51 Icesting, flying with King Clovis himself in the cockpit. They were blasting across the sky with the rest of a seemingly endless squad of AU aircraft that ranged from fighter to bomber to carrier. Already, several portions of them had split off so they could help liberate the other colonies.

When King Clovis saw Snowzerland in sight, he called all the aircraft and small amount of LATTU's into formation.

King Clovis:"Piper and Leonardo, prepare your parachutes. I have to let you guys go once we reach the spot where Bellina is."

Piper:"Got it."


The Hochstadt Gang's LATTU was ahead of everyone, and they had spotted Bellina on top of one of the mountains in the Italian Speaking region of Snowzerland, near the city named after herself, Bellizona. Once Clovis was nearing the area where she stood, Leonardo and Piper jumped out of the Icesting, bidding adieu to King Clovis. They hurled themselves into the air, and they activated their parachutes successfully.

The second they set foot to the ground, the Hochstadt Gang LATTU landed onto the mountain as well.

Bellina Final Form.png

Bellina stood her ground, and the dust on the top of the mountain flurried with the blowing wind that came in. Her robotic eye was no longer glowing red, but was a deathlike black.

Fisch:"I guess it's here and now, eh?"

Bellina roared with her baritone voice:"You bet!"

Fisch undrew his regular sword as he battled Bellina with her battle ax. Gottfried joined to help Fisch as well. That moment, XTUX, Django, and Java emerged. Jock and Piper immediately unleashed their machine guns at their arrival. All three of them activated their jetpacks and they flew into the sky. Wishing he could fly too, Jock jealously looked up and watched them.

Piper:"Don't just sit there, Jock...take this!"

Piper threw a giant and heavy rocket launcher at Jock, who caught it awkwardly. He wasted no time and fired it at his closest target, XTUX. It immediately hit XTUX, who appeared undamaged from the blast, but his jetpack malfunctioned and he flew out of control into the sea.

Immediately, once XTUX bobbed his head out of the water, he was encountered by the ghost of Swiss Ninja himself. At first, he didn't recognize him, for he was in full Water Ninja garments. He glowed with a soft blue light. However, XTUX recognized him once he spoke.

Swiss Ninja:"Your evil has a price, XTUX. I am disappointed in you. Then again, you are just a cyborg..."

XTUX:"Swiss??? Is"

Swiss Ninja seemed to ignore his question, and he immediately controlled the water and drowned XTUX....seconds later, he turned the water surrounding XTUX into a large iceberg. Swiss Ninja's ghost faded away while XTUX, encased in the iceberg, floated away deep into the sea.

Java and Django watched in the distance, and they immediately gave up and left the battles, heading back to Terninia in hopes of rebuilding it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Hochstadt Gang watched as Fisch and Gottfried menacingly battled Bellina and her battle ax. Both the attackers seemed to jump at their opponent with their swords flailing and flashing in the glittering sunlight. Each time, Bellina rigidly blocked their strikes with her battle ax with immense power.

Then, Bellina blocked one of Gottfried's sword strikes, and with the flat end of her ax, Bellina slammed Gottfried like a baseball. Gottfried stumbled down the hill, but then came to a stop, luckily. He was bruised, but he could still move. He dared not to get back into the fight, since he knew that this was Fisch's fight. His part in the fight was no longer needed.

Fisch and Bellina were still continuing head on with each other, clanging with their weapons. Then, Fisch took out his blue keysaber, the same one he had originally killed Bellina with, and with a swift movement, Fisch sliced Bellina's free robotic arm off.

A loud mechanical screech was heard from Bellina, and her rage grew more and more. Immediately, Bellina's actions became uncontrollable as she began swinging her battle ax in all directions. The Hochstadt Gang ran for cover as Fisch approached her.

Fisch kept a straight face, and he did not sweat in his yellow suit. The soft light of his face glistened from the sun, and he jumped up in the air since Bellina attempted to swing at his feet, and he sliced off her other arm that held the ax.

Again, a louder mechanical screech was heard. This time, Fisch did not pause, and he sliced the mechanical head off. The metal head flew off the robot and began tumbling down the mountain, where it crashed into the Zurich Bay.

The robot became limp and began to fall, but Fisch stabbed it's center with his keysaber. He began slicing the remains of the machine into pieces. The Great Struggle was over, and Fisch was ensuring that it would stay that way.

At long last, thunderous applause roared through every city, town, village, and farm in Snowzerland and all it's colonies. The sun's golden rays bounced on the beautiful Zurich bay and the lakes of Snowzerland. The spring grass basked in the sunlight with their intense green color. White edelweiss jumped out of the soil to meet the sun's soft light and the friendliness of the grass.

Innumerable crowds of penguins and puffles gathered in the main square of Geneva, waiving Snoss flags and victory signs with pride. Several of them chanted, "Vive Niegerterre, vive Niegerrterre!"

On the balcony of the Snowzerland Capitol Building that Swiss Ninja once stood on many years ago, Princess Litz stood with the Hochstadt Gang, waving at everyone.

An hour later, they went to the Grand Cathedral of Zurich, this time preparing the coronation with great gusto and pride. Everyone pitched in, and the next day, the coronation of Princess Litz began.

All the Hochstadt Gang and the members of the AU attended Litz's coronation. The trumpets blared her arrival, and like a bride, Princess Litz arrived in a long white dress holding a bouquet of yellow flowers in her hands. She gracefully walked down the aisles, looking straight ahead at the Telenacle Priest. A young penguin walked behind her, who carried the pillow that was under her crown.

The Hochstadt Gang looked back at her and smiled at her. Everyone began applauding at her arrival. When she reached the front, she proudly kneeled before the Telenacle Priest, who was handed the crown.

Telenacle Priest:"Today, my friends, we gather in hopes of a better future for Snowzerland and her monarch! May Queen Litz reign forever!"

The priest placed the crown upon Litz's head, and she stood up and bowed to the roaring applause of her audience. She could have sworn Fisch had tears in his eyes.


Queen Litz became one of the greatest rulers Snowzerland ever had. It was under her reign that Snowzerland reached it's golden age, and it became a very powerful, but very peaceful nation that won the hearts back of every nation in Antarctica. Six years after Queen Litz's coronation, Fisch had died as a wrinkly, old penguin and joined himself with his brother and his best friend, Sensei. Django and Java Ghent eventually rebuilt Terninia for themselves, but they no longer wished to be part of Snowzerland, while XTUX continued to stay imprisoned in the iceberg for milleniums to come. King Clovis continued to reign Castilla, Gottfried continued his peaceful life in Alemania as a senator in it's legislature, Fuut Ga finally became the Sensei and trained many Ninjas, and Jock and Piper eventually built a longboat that they used to sail across the Antarctic in a long variety of adventures. Leonardo sometimes had tagged along, but many times Leonardo pursued his passion for the arts as he continued to paint, sculpt (with snow), draw, weld jewelry, attend plays and movies, reading books that were modern and ancient, and travelling all over Antarctica while making many friends. Papa Flywish and Maddieworld lived together in harmony until Papa Flywish was assassinated years later. Although this may be the end of an important era with Swiss Ninja, the Hochstadt Gang's work was not over yet...they still had to deal with the descendants of Flywish.