The Leader's Puffles

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These are The Leader's Puffles:


Type: Black Puffle

Status: Semi-Flooding the council hall.

A real political mastermind, he's a quick thinker and is well known for pranking nearly everyone in the UPR. He's a delegate in the South Pole Council.


Type: Electric Blue

Status: Goofing about, turning Shadow into a Flame

While this Puffle has a love for his electric, he always comes up with the best ideas when he's not goofing about, hitting Shadow on the way, turning him into a flame. He always turns into a Electro Ball (like Black Puffles, but, they turn into Fire Balls.)


Type: Orange Puffle

Status: Shapesifting (He really loves it a lot)

While he's very smart, he never give out his ideas often because he's always Shapeshifting into things like boxes, cupboards and even a Puffle sized igloo.


Type: Purple Puffle

Status: Up and Up and POP!

This female puffle is...well erm...really floaty. She's always going to bubbles, creating bubbles, chewing chewing gum, eating bubble gum and chewing chewing gum again.

Senator Kelly[edit]

Type: Lavander Puffle

Status: In charge of the UPR economy or writing a book

This female puffle really loves her life. She's a journalist, a author and she's also incharge of the UPR economy.


Type: Yellow Puffle

Status: Director at the stage

Paintball is rarely at his masters igloo. He always has to leave for some reason. Maybe it's because that The Leader made him the Chief of Police! Or it could be that he's got some directing to do.


  • No, this is not a Puffle. It's trivia. The puffles are above.
  • They're not evil, unlike their master. In fact, none of them know that their master is evil.
  • Paintball really is the Chief of Police in the UPR!


Electro posted this for comical reasons!