The M Triumvirate

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The M Triumvirate
Motto: Through Unity, We Break our Barriers
Largest city Rio de Vatica, Munijoch
Member States Munijoch.jpg Munijoch
MAI.png Margate
Magonia flag.PNG Magonia
 -  President of Munijoch The Globalist
 -  President of Margate Frederick Mueller
 -  Emperor of Magonia Slender
 -  Creation of The M Triumvirate 2017 

We should rise up from this muck and stagnation of the world, and emerge victorious as a triumvirate of power.

The M Triumvirate is a cooperative military and economic union between Munijoch, Margate, and Magonia in an effort to establish closer relations between the three countries, as well as garner a foothold within the Western Union for Munijoch. The purpose of the union involves sharing military and economic stimuli, along with resources, scientific advancements, and open borders between the countries. Included within the Triumvirate are a set of long reaching laws regarding Munijoch's influence on the two regarding legislation that will benefit all three parties, as well as other associated entities. Currently, the primary goal of the Triumvirate is to increase Magonia's regional presence through military and economic means, making it a focal point for technology and research through incentives and opportunities for companies.

The countries have a non-aggression pact, should war ever break out between the Union and the Powers, in which interests would be protected and conflict would be resolved through diplomatic means.



In 2016, Munijoch was investigating extending ties with other countries in an effort to expand its economic power. Likewise, Margate was looking to expand its economy as well. The two saw opportunity when Zescorean and Nexonan enclaves began to appear in Magonia, a country in close proximity to UTR. The two agreed to liberate Magonia to a constitutional monarchy and begin the path to modernizing it. Deals were worked out with Magonia to allow dual-citizenship for the enclaves between Magonia and Munijoch/Margate. In return, Munijoch and Margate expanded arms manufacturing industries, such as PULSE, into the country, as well as assist in the development of modern transportation across the country, along with infrastructural development. This led to closer ties being developed between the two countries, despite being in rival organizations.

In December of 2016, discussions commenced on the two countries establishing a formal alliance with each other, along with Magonia, with the central goal of modernizing Magonia to compete on the regional stage.

Present Day[edit]

Today, the three nations are working closely together in an effort to push Magonia to the regional stage through massive cash influxes through the two countries, as well as major public work projects between them. All three have free travel to and from the countries, as well as collaborating on military, governmental and various other aspects of society as a whole. While nowhere near as strong as the other organizations on the global stage, the three countries aim to improve their own country above all, rather than exert a noticeable global influence.


All trade between the countries are exchanged duty-free. The majority of trade flows through Margate and Magonia, where Munijoch can take advantage of Magonia's proximity to UTR and Margate's prime location on the SABER, where duties are charged once Margate or Magonia trades, in which the three countries take a 40-30-30 cut from them, the majority going to the country of origin for the product. The countries primarily trade with their own currency, with Magonia accepting both Grams and Margatian dollars. Combined, the GDP of the three countries sits at around 19 trillion Polarian Dollars, making the Triumvirate somewhat formidable economically, but nowhere near the prowess of the Axle Powers or Western Union. All transactions are also encouraged to take place digitally, as to better organize income and transactions if the need for a currency exchange arises.

Resources take up the majority of transactions, where coal, oil, natural gas, wood, and raw ore get freely exchanged between the three countries. Magonia, the primary importer, then takes those materials and puts them to use, where it can then export finished goods for companies like PULSE or other Margatian corporations. While both Margate and Munijoch export the majority of the resources to Magonia, Munijoch tops Margate due to their huge supply of oil that is largely untapped due to their non-reliance on it.

The second most exported good is technology, where Munijoch once again takes king, with Margate at a close second. Munijoch, a leader in both information technology and electronics, export a vast amount of goods to both Magonia and Margate, where Munijoch gets a substantial profit. That profit is then put to work developing more electronics for the countries. Margate also exports their goods to Munijoch and Magonia, primarily for Munijoch to tinker and repurpose for other means. In addition, the three countries have begun an effort to create a supercomputing network as an experiment to calculate quantum equations, an effort spearheaded by PULSE to better experiment the effects from their weaponry, as well as scientific inquiries in regards to various fields of study.

Government and Politics[edit]


As each country can pass their own laws as they please, there is only a common legislative branch that passes regulations for each country to abide by, made up of equal representatives from each country, with 33 total. If one country does not like the law, the bill gets voted on again, revised, and sent for their approval. If they approve, then it is made into a regulation for them to follow when considering laws. The legislation cannot protest laws if they pass, however, without passing a formal letter to the head of the country. The legislation also votes on potential taxes, funding endeavors, military games, and research contracts taken from the combined fund allocated in the budgeting laws they also pass. Funding for the legislation comes from taxes taken from plane tickets between the countries.


All member countries agreed that a collective military force is not required to maintain peace within the Triumvirate. Instead, individual soldiers from the respective countries contribute as needed or requested by the countries. Per the agreement to create the Triumvirate, however, the countries are to assist Magonia in getting their military upgraded, as well as defend Magonia until they are able to do so on their own. As a result, Munijoch has agreed to both continue honoring the trade agreement made in the Zeta Connections, as well as increasing that agreement substantially. In addition to that, there has been calls by Magonia and Margate for Munijoch to develop warheads based off their PULSEBomb designs, but Munijoch has been wary in doing so in part due to their suspicion that the technology could be abused by other nations if they were to get their hands on the warheads, as opposed to using proprietary PULSE parts to air-drop the bombs, which can be easily tracked (or disabled).

The collective military force is nowhere near as strong as the Axle Powers or the Western Union, but it is still substantial.

Research Cooperative[edit]

All three countries have been described by their allies and enemies alike as technologically advanced, and one of the main benefits of the M Triumvirate is a free flowing, well funded research cooperative. The countries agreed to share research on various fields of science, such as quantum computing, with each other. In addition, scientists from each country have diplomat status when embarking for different countries on a business purpose. So far, the three countries have completed at least 10 research endeavors and are undertaking 20 more by the end of 2020. The goal is to create a reliable quantum computer, establish a new standard for artificial intelligence, research new bands for cellular connections, and research cleaner ways to generate power from various sources.

In addition, the M Triumvirate have designated several locations in each country to operate as "M Labs," where research between the three take place. These are mostly generously donated by corporations that have scientists working with the M Triumvirate, although some have been purpose built.

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