The Margate Times

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The Margate Times
The margate times logo.jpg
The logo
Type Reading Material
Effects To let the reader know about current incidents in Antarctica
Source Reading Material
Location Margate onerepublic Union
Cost to buy M$1 per copy
Cost to sell M$1 per 1 kg

The Margate Times (1965-), formerly known as The Straights Times, is the national newspaper of Margate and the state newspaper of Margate Central Island. It is popular among English-speaking Margatians, and is the most commonly read daily newspaper in Margate


The Margate Times was set up in 1963 as The Azilda-Margatian Times, a common newspaper for the citizens of Azilda and a state newspaper of Margate Antarctica Island. In 1965, it was renamed to The Straights Times as the national newspaper of the then newly-formed MAI. In 1983, it came under the Margate Press Holdings and was renamed to The Margate Times.


The Margate Times has 16 news bureaus in Antarctica's Major Cities, and has an extensive coverage of news in the Antarctic World. It is split into 6 sections - Headlines (A), World (B), Home and Sports (C), Business (D), Relax n Enjoy (E) and the Classifieds (F). On Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays, it produces a weekly tabloid called DigitalCentral, MyHealth and Style respectively. On Saturdays, a special Section called Report is produced, which includes a special report (feature), and a science section, which reports on latest scientific developments.

News Bureaus[edit]