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Sam "Star kirby123" Davis XII
Born 1988
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Adelie Penguin
Other names Star, Star Kirby12
Occupation BoF
Employer BoF
Home town Club Penguin
Known for Saving the world from Nightmare, Darktan II, etc.
Partner Richperson
Children None
Parents Unknown
It's my duty to protect Antarctica from all evil. It's pretty pressurizing, by the way.
— Star

Sam "Star Kirby123" Davis XII, better known by his stage name, Star Kirby12, is a powerful member of Antarctica's Protectors and the leader of the EPF's Division Alpha. He is known for his powerful battling capabilities and has defeated multiple villains many times, often with the assistance of his partners Richperson and DaiBouken. He started fighting evil, more specifically Questisbak and her developing Doom Squad, long before the creation of the PSA, and has been fighting high-threat criminals and villains throughout Antarctica ever since, most notably Herbert P. Bear, Darktan Anator/Darktan II, and Ultimate Protobot 10,000.


Star Kirby12 was laid in Club Penguin by Adelie Penguin parents in 1988.

As soon as he was laid, his mother passed away of pain. It was his brother's duty to keep the egg safe while his father was at work, working at a construction site.

At that time, Darktan Anator knew that his father would soon become an expert constructor and that he would teach his two sons how to do it. If that happened, he figured that even young Star would be able to handle any kind of evil with a jackhammer and hard hat. So he gave Star's father a terrible disease that would stop him from working, which is why Star is an Elite Penguin Force agent and not a construction worker.

In third grade he met Richperson. They spent lots of time together, Person often visiting Star's igloo so Richkirby, who couldn't leave the house because of their father, could talk with him too.

After college, both Star and Person became Penguin Secret Agency agents. When Questisbak and her followers attacked, Star and Person, along with many others were chosen to defeat her. They were also able to collect enough funds to nurse Star's father back to health.

Star has also fought Nightmare and Darktan II, two of the most wanted criminals of the PSA.

Great Darktonian Pie War[edit]

Star had a pretty major (but not too major) role in the Pie War. He was not eliminated, and helped the side of Justice win the war. When Darktan turned into the Maledict and captured Tails and Lazor, Star and Explorer, along with Ultimate DaiBouken and EPT, engaged in combat but were swiftly defeated.

With things looking desperate, Billybob announced that the USA's army was going to unleash a KZT Triple X to eliminate the Maledict in three hours. Star urged him to let them fight, as if the deletion nuke was unleashed, not only would Tails and Lazor be deleted, so would most of the USA. Billybob rejects as there doesn't seem to be a way they could win, but is ultimately persuaded by the rest of the BoF.

Within an hour, the whole team worked on multiple tasks: Repair the vehicles, upgrade DaiBouken's sword so it could do a powerful new attack, the X-Clash, and treat injuries. They finish in time, and Star, Explorer and the rest of the team who were part of the Pie War go to battle.

Once they arrive at the scene, the Good Guys begin an onslaught against the Darktonian Army. Explorer uses a cable connected to EPT to distract the Maledict, while Star frees Tails and Lazor. Almost immediately, all of the Hero Mechas (that existed at the time) were summoned at once to do battle with the Maledict. Soon, a dragon just a little smaller than the Maledict arrived with Sentinel. DaiBouken gets atop the Brilliance with Sentinel wielded and they battle.

This battle as well, fails. However, Mayor McFlapp gives Luce a deletion missile that destroys the Maledict.

Nightmare Epic[edit]

To be added

Operation Blackout[edit]

Star played an extremely important role in Operation Blackout. He was initially sent to Antarctica to take down the Snowzerland army that was infiltrating the USA. Later on, he was part of the group of EPF agents that infiltrated Herbert's base and took down his defenses, and he ultimately destroyed the Sun Ray.

Operation: Puffle[edit]

When Kerboommista is attacked by Herbert, Star saves him and defeats the bear.

Power4U Affair[edit]


In 2031, Richperson and Ultra Leon were killed by Emperor Pengvintine's army. Wanting to avenge his best friend, Star continued to fight off Pengvintine's army for half a year, until he and DaiBouken were ultimately killed, at the cost of damaging Pengvintine's forces, although that was easily repaired.


Star is modest at best. He thinks of his past as dark, and thus never talks about it (nevermind the fact that there's a lot more edge out there). While he is usually kind and understanding, he has been known to sometimes be quite short-tempered, and immediately resort to violence.


Star has a vast choice of weaponry, including his trademark Mike Sword and his special Keysaber. He also has a turbocharged Jet Pack, which allows him to fly very quickly. His hockey skates are known to have detachable blades, which can subsequently be used as boomerangs. Finally, his horned helmet allows him to use the Spiral Drill attack.

In Blackout mode, he has temperature-resistant goggles, as well as super glover with the ability to fire powerful ice beams. He also has nets to capture enemies, and is able to switch into Ulimate form easily.

Star in Ultimate Form

In Ultimate form, Star is encased in a powerful metal suit, with a cyber helmet, drills with built in machine guns, and mechanical wings. He also has an apparent limited control of lightning bolts. EX form expands on this by changing his drills to be more effective excavation tools as well as giving them the power to shoot lightning bolts with ease. Everything else is upgraded.

EXX mode (yes it's literally called EXX Mode) is simply the EX suit used with the dual Legend Mike Swords. EXXX mode (this is getting really stupid) is a full-on upgrade, commonly referred to as the "Ultimate XL Suit". It upgrades absolutely everything and gives Star a bit of height, and has the two drills combine with the mechanical wings. These weapons are used as rocket thrusters, held by two additional mechanical hands. The Legend Mike Swords are held in each hand, and Star gains a huge arsenal of transformation capabilities.

Star also has the ability to control DaiBouken and the Tobots.

Special Moves[edit]

Star has several special moves. In the Mike Tornado, he starts spinning with the Mike Sword extended, causing a powerful wind to blow up. He can either strike enemies or throw the tornado at them. In the Super Spiral Drill, Star performs the Spiral Drill while using his jet pack at turbo speed, making the attack more powerful, faster and almost uncounterable.

In Blackout mode, he can use the Super Blizzard, in which he spins and rapidly fires ice beams everywhere, which can be very useful when battling armies. He can also use the Freezing Spiral Drill, in which he encases himself in ice and uses the Spiral Drill to ram the ice into his opponent.

In Ultimate mode, he has access to the Thunderbolt, where he fires a rather large thunderbolt from his hands. In An Explosive New Year, he used the Maximum Powerwave, causing a massive shockwave that obliterates almost anything in its path, although it is designed to protect allies and neutral parties. Once the attack is done, a lot of his power is drained (wait... where have I heard that before?). The Rapid Wild Buster is a finisher where he uses his machine guns at frightening speeds, strong enough to shatter the camera.

In EX form, EXGRANDER is his primary finisher, where he surrounds himself with electric energy and flies at the opponent in a destructive drill move. EXX form ends the battle with Legend Boomerang, where the two Legend Mike Swords are chucked at the opponent with such power that it TEARS THE CAMERA APART. EXXX form can use different types of finishers, but his ultimate finisher is Megaton Tornado, which traps the opponent on a high mountain and surrounds them in a tornado before Star throws a giant ball of energy at him/her/it, obliterating the mountain. He then flies into the tornado, knocking each stone powered by a certain universe's power into the enemy before obliterating him/her/it with a powered-up EXGRANDER.


TMP in Star's igloo.

Star also previously owned a group of pet puffles, that go by the name The Master Puffles (TMP). There are ten in all, those ten being:

Catchin' Waves, head of TMP.
  • Catchin' Wave- A red puffle who is the leader of TMP. He is friends with Yarr, and is a good surfer, having won a surfing contest in the past.
  • Jetpack Puff- A green puffle who's second-in-command of TMP. He and Super Jumper are partners.
  • Aqua Grabber- A good diver, who happens to be the medic of the group. She is a kind pink puffle.
  • Brown Dude- The brains of the group, Brown Dude's inventions actually work most of the time. He works at Brown Puffle, Inc., since he's a brown puffle.
  • Snow Dude- A white puffle, who is the most adorable in the group and tends to be bait. He likes to sleep, but when he's not doing that he can create very strong ice.
  • Cart Surfer- A very strong black puffle, he can lock and unlock doors very quickly, but has a hard time controlling all of his power.
  • Dance Puffle- A female purple puffle, Dance Puffle is very good at dancing, and often uses dance moves as attacks. It is rumored that she and Super Jumper are dating.
  • DJ Puffle- The brains of the group before Brown dude came along, DJ Puffle still gives Catchin' Wave advice, though his ideas are often over-the-top. He's a yellow puffle.
  • Orange Dude- Orange Dude is the psycho puffle of the group, who's often violent towards others. Like most orange puffles, he loves to eat- specifically carrots and cookies.
  • Super Jumper- This blue puffle is the newest member of the group, who enjoys many things. He can jump very high, and also enjoys dancing with Dancing Puffle, which has sparked rumors that they're dating.

However, both parties have decided that working separately would be more efficient, so the TMP eventually parted ways with Star. They are still friends, though.

Popular Culture[edit]

Star is included in many games, most notably Super Star 64, and Super Smash Mates (Jitsu|Brawl|3DS/N|U.B.E.R.).



Expect to hear these themes whenever Star is in battle. (Also expect the one at the top of the page.)

Upgrade themes
Blackout Ultimate EX XL


  • Despite the large influx of X-Antibodies around Antarctica, Star doesn't have his own X-Antibody. Some believe that he actually had one at some point before he was eliminated under unknown circumstances.
    • Diehard conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati was involved.