The Migrator

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The Migrator
Migrator image.png
The Migrator entering Rockhopper Cave.
Product Information
Manufacturer N/A
Ship class Clipper ship
Role Rockhopper's sailing vessel
Length Unknown
Width Unknown
Height Unknown
Armament The Snowball Cannon 3000
Complement Cargo that can be held
Crew 2+
Other Information
Era 21st century
Affiliation Captain Rockhopper

The Migrator is a large clipper ship built by Rockhopper. It's been constantly repaired, sometimes even at sea, and once sunk to the bottom of the ocean, but the ship still sails the ocean perfectly. Many try to sneak onto the ship so they can get to Rockhopper Island, but only Rockhopper's Family are allowed to sail with him on it.


In the early 2000s, Rockhopper decided that it was time for him to build his very own sea-worthy vessel. A ship so large, it could hold anything he'd ever need, and so fast that it could travel around Antarctica in 80 days. The seafarer had grown up on Penguin Island around many other sailors who came and went. His father was also a prominent sailor with his own ship (named The Hopper), which is how young Rockhopper learned so much about the sea, and decided that was what he was going to do later in life.

By September 2004, Rockhopper had enough money to build his ship, due to all of the hours he worked in the Pizza Parlor, and the financial aid that he got from his family.

After he received approval from The Club, Rockhopper purchased some large pine trees that were already chopped down, which were transported near the Dock via construction crane.

During this time, many people from his family came over from Rockhopper Island to help him with building the ship. Some other penguins also helped. Lockhopper helped him with the metal parts.

Maiden Voyage[edit]

After months of hard work, Rockhopper finished building his ship on March 7th, 2005, and he planned to set sail as soon as possible. On March 8th, "Club Penguin" held a large going-away party for him at the Dock. The Club Penguin Band was also there during the festivities. Pictures of Rockhopper and his new ship were taken and placed in the Lighthouse, goodbyes were said, cargo was loaded onto the ship (mainly cream soda and the Captain's Quarters desk), and a member of The Club christened The Migrator with a fresh bottle of Cream Soda. Rockhopper had planned to return to Club Penguin in a month's time, but fate had a different plan, a plan where Rockhopper didn't return to Club Penguin until over a year later. During this time, he floated south, and encountered Fruit Island many times. On June 9 2005, Rockhopper spotted a castaway Yarr on a plank, and so took him in.

During the days when sailing was uncommon outside of Freezeland, Rockhopper started the construction of the Migrator. He didn't have a construction team to help him, as he constructed it on a small island near Club Penguin, but he managed to build it. The wood was made using pine trees, and he was sure to load lots of Cream Soda onto the vessel.

Soon after he finished it, Rockhopper started sailing the ocean, following a map he found floating in the ocean. Since then Rockhopper and his Puffle, Yarr, have sailed to many exotic lands with the Migrator and continue doing so to this day.

The Migrator has had various accidents however. In January 2008, the vessel crashed into a small iceberg causing into to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Thankfully the Captain and his puffle escaped, and they managed to row to Rockhopper Island in a row boat. Later however the head scientist G started the Save the Migrator Program. He invented a machine called the Aqua Grabber to help bring important items back to the surface. In April the ship was complete and a huge party was held. Rockhopper thanked all the citizens of the USA and soon left to sail some more.


The Migrator is divided into four rooms. The Upper Deck, Lower Deck, Captain's Quarters, and the Crows Nest. Originally, the only place Rockhopper let penguins visit on his ship was the Upper Deck, but soon the Lower Deck was open to others. The Upper Deck doesn't have much to do except try to steer the ship, but the Lower Deck has a place were Rockhopper sells many rare items (see Resources for details).

The Captain's Quarters was originally were Rockhopper kept his treasure, but was opened to the public when they helped save his ship. A special game called Treasure Hunt can be played there.

The Crow's Nest holds a large cannon invented by G, with the help of some members of his family. Many pranksters like the Troublesome Trio like to fire large Snowballs from the cannon to startle various penguins (please note that the cannon is not fatal).



  • Evil Penguins that try and sink the ship


Rockhopper sells many aboard items the Migrator. Various items include Stone Statues, Plastic creatures he calls Flamingos, and pirate clothing.


  • Ninjahopper will only enter the Migrator when he attends the family reunions at Rockhopper Island.


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