The Mystery of Pen Chi

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The Mystery of Pen Chi
The cover for the book
Start July 11, 2010
End July ??, 2010
Prerequisites LiquidFence Scandal
Level Yellow Snow
Location Club Penguin, LiquidFence Database Museum, Pen Chi's Hideout
Great Snowzerland War III, The Quest for Fisch Great Snowzerland War IV

The Mystery of Pen Chi was a Mission held by the Hochstadt Gang to find and capture Pen Chi for Several Reasons.


It's Been a While Since the LiquidFence Scandal Occured in 2008, when Pen Chi quit being the sensei as it was passed on to Sensei. No one has figured where Pen Chi was, nor did they really care. However, it was Fuut-Ga, a Hochstadt destined to be the sensei in a hundred years or so, took a look at Pen Chi's life Story via books and the Fourth Wall. He figured that Pen Chi had broken his promise to the previous sensei, Hung, which was the last Hochstadt Sensei. Fuut Ga told the gang about this, but they had mixed feelings about it.

Chapter 1:Where Is Pen Chi?[edit]

Everyone was congregated at Beacon University, in Fisch's Office.

Fisch:"That Mission is pretty complicated. There are several rumors of where Pen Chi may be. It's going to take a long time to figure this out."

Fuut Ga:"Can't we at least try?"

Clovis:"I've heard that he escaped to a place called Japan."

Jock:"Clovis, you don't know anything about Seafaring and Human World Geography, don't you? Japan is too far north for him to live there."

Explorer:"Well you aren't the best in math, not like my brother."

Jock:"Hey! Math is boring! I'd rather...."

Fuut Ga:"Come on Guys! Let's Focus!"

Fisch:"I have heard that Pen Chi lives in a remote hiding place with Rentu and his other minions."

Fuut Ga:"What about..."

Austin8310 broke into the room with Snowzer Cheese.

Fisch:"You're back on SN's Missions I see?"

Austin:"NO. This isn't a Mission. It's PAYBACK!"

Austin threw the Snowzer Cheese at Fuut Ga.


The Cheese badly injured him.

Everyone rushed towards him for help...except Fisch.


However, he was already gone.

Fuut Ga was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

Fisch:"Fuut Ga! Wake Up! How are you feeling?"

He could barely talk, for there was bandages covering his whole body.

Fuut Ga:""

Corai:"The Hospital!"

Fuut Ga:"No!.....what about..... Pen Chi Mission?"

Jock:"We'll have to Postpone it."

Fisch:"We don't have time for that. Someone will have to take his place."

Fuut Ga:" can do it...."

Fisch:"I would love to, but I have an important classified meeting in SPC to go to. I guess the leadership has to go to Jock."

Jock:"What? Me? I'm the leader of Military Operations, not treasure hunting!"

Fisch:"Pen Chi is Dangerous. We need a leading military strategist like you to capture him!"


Fisch:"You'll bring fame to the Hochstadt Family name!"


Fisch:"You'll be rich?"

Jock:"I'm not interested in Fame or Fortune."


Explorer:"Have a Wonderful Time."

Jock:"Ok, fine, I'll do it then."

Fisch:"Thank you. I have to leave for SPC now! Bye!"

Fisch left the room and headed for the airport.

Back in Explorer's Igloo....

Jock:"Alright men. Now that we have our group assembled, we need a plan."


Jock:"Where to go."

Clovis:"Why not go to that Museum?"

Jock:"Museum? We already know what happened."

Explorer:"I've heard rumors of a strange penguin there...."


Jock:"Fine....we could take a short field trip I guess."

Chapter 2:The Museum[edit]

To Be Continued!