The Nebulent Mixtape

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The Nebulent Mixtape
The Nebulous Mixtape cover.PNG
Mixtape by Nebulent
Released October 19, 2001
Recorded 2000-2001
Genre Terrain grime, hip hop
Length Unknown
Label Independent
Producer Nebulent, Nyninyne, Pilloww, Detention, Omar Grest
Nebulent chronology
The Nebulent Mixtape
The Shadow Album

The Nebulent Mixtape is the first official mixtape and released material by Terrain grime and hip hop rapper, Nebulent. The mixtape was released on October 19, 2001 for free digital download and cassette. Producers include Nebulent, Nyninyne, Dr. Ray, Pilloww, Detention and Omar Grest. The mixtape was released independently, as his record deal was postponed and didn't want to postpone the mixtape either. The mixtape is one of the rarest in the industry, as cassette copies were limited and download links soon expired.


Release and promotion[edit]


Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Here I Go"  Marlon AndersonNebulent ---
2. "No More Chances"  Marlon Anderson, Raymond EldermanNebulent ---
3. "Everything is Everything"  Marlon AndersonOmar Grest ---
4. "Rap Rebellion"  Marlon AndersonPilloww ---
5. "Live Another Day" (featuring Nyninyne)Harrison Harolds, Marlon Anderson, Dippy IntionDetention ---
6. "Heart Rate"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, Nyninyne ---
7. "The Whole Alphabet"  Marlon AndersonOmar Grest ---
8. "1984 Years"  Marlon AndersonNyninyne ---
9. "Run Over Me"  Marlon AndersonDetention ---
10. "On the Roads"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, Nyninyne ---
11. "Fire"  Marlon AndersonPilloww ---

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