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Who are we, you ask?

Ah. This article should explain it all.

We are the Others, mystical human beings (well, not really "mystical" to you) from Reality who frequently visit this universe. We are able to control whatever happens in this Universe through the actions of the Bureau of Fiction and the Masters. (That's right, they're puppet rulers!)

We established this universe inside a site called the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. We take items from Reality, parody them, and incorporate them into this universe. We also write our own work.

We were in this universe from the beginning of time. Unlike Reality, this universe was created in its present timezone. After that, we decided to extend it into the past and also into the future.

We are outside of this universe: above it, beyond it, and we control it with our mighty hands and with otherworldly keyboards that you can not even grasp in your inferior mind.

We ARE the CPFW, and we are the fundamental force that controls the universe. With our hands, we did build the Fourth Wall, and with our hands, we could relocate it, abandon it, or even change it.

We are never to be contacted by you. We are above your mortal mind, and we fear that you could go mad from the revelation if you tried to contact us.

We have graced the Board of Fiction with the rights to look at us without losing their minds. We establish ties between them and never speak beyond them.

We are a silent force, a guiding hand, and we use you for our amusement. You have no purpose other than to amuse us.

We wrote you, created you, and control you. You have no say in what we do to you. Why, we could make you a goth right now. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN.

We do not always have reasons for what we do. Sometimes, we're up for some mischief, other times, we are struck by inspiration and other emotions you mortals experience.

We, or at least some of us, seem to have a fondness for nerds.

We are not one.

We pity any fool that tries to defy us.

We are your masters, your rulers, your boss, and when the day is done, we shut down our mystical power, take our hands off the keyboards that guide your destiny, and sleep. We then come back and control you, and so the cycle repeats forever.

We are the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.