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This page has all family members of the Penquino family (most of which have the "Penquino" surname). The Pequino family has originated from the country of Castilla. Many believe the name derived from the word Pequeño, which is the Spanish word for "Small" or "Little", but they actually came from Alemania, and their surname is a Hispanocization for their former Alemanian name. The "main" part of the family refers to Penquino and those he knows. He knows many members of his mother's side of the family, but not many from his father's side.


The first known ancestor of the Penquino family was a Viking Penguin who helped create Alemania in 50 BC, whose surname was Von Pecün, because he was from a small ancient Alemanian town of the same name. The Von Pecüns were barons of the village before it was burnt down by rival armies. Later on the family moved to Castilla, where they married a Borbón family Princess and could've become royalty. Hence, the name Pecün was Hispanocized to Penquino, yet the "Von" stayed, although some family members preferred "De". In 2011, Erik and Mito moved to Shops Island.

Known family members[edit]

Erik Von Pecün[edit]

Erik Von Pecün is the oldest known ancestor of the Penquino family. He was a Viking Penguin who helped create Alemania in 50 BC. The small ancient village that he lived in was also named after him (Von Pecün). Erik and his relatives were barons of the village before it was burnt down by rival armies. He married a viking princess named Hilga from a neighboring village sometime before 30 BC, and they had 3 surviving children.

Penquino and Mito's parents[edit]

Ramon von Penquino, known as Ray, was ignored in favor of his siblings when he was young, causing him to be a grumpy penguin his whole life. He grew up in the poor Fire Kingdom, what is now Trans-Antarctica. He hatched around the time King Ohzie Ablaze abdicated the throne, the third of eight chicks. He worked as a "handyman" for most of his life, helping to build or maintain igloos, such as putting carpeting, shoveling snow, and other similar things. His favorite color was orange, and he often wore nothing but glasses. He often seemed to care only about himself, and appeared quite rude. He also had no interest of his ancestry, including his great-grandparents and grandparents that had immigrated from Castilla during their civil war. Television spread to his family when he was young, and watching TV remained one of his favorite pastimes.

Alexa Mitochondryiette was loved when not being ignored by her busy parents, and was hatched and raised near modern-day South Pole City in the Ice Kingdom. She was very smart, but hated grade school and did poorly in it. Despite this, her parents worked hard enough to save money for her to go to college, and she eventually decided to go to law school. She would drive buses on the side to earn money. Her older brother joined the Navy, allowing him to sail around Antarctica and attend a military college. After Penquino and Mito hatched, she quit her job as a lawyer and focused on being a mom and babysitter, as she loved chicks. She was dark blue, wore glasses in her later years, and switched between different clothes and wigs.

The two met and married around the late 1980s. Ray joined the Allies in the STINC War to be a pilot because he thought it would be cool, but his vision was too bad so he became a repairman for weapons in planes and jets. After the war, he went back to his old work. After many years of Ray not wanting to have chicks, the two finally decided to have Penquino in 1998, and later Mito in 1999. After almost twenty years of marriage, the two split up shortly after the family's vacation to Club Penguin for Christmas 2007. They would both die around the same time in 2009 from the Nookularix Virus, contracted from unknown sources.

Erik Carlos von Penquino[edit]

Erik Carlos von Penquino, more commonly known as Penquino or CK, is the current "head" of the family. He is an eggnog loving penguin, who sees life in a different perspective (thanks to his 3D glasses). He is also a well-known governor and former Vice President of Shops Island.

Alexa Mitochondryiette von Penquino II[edit]

Alexa Mitochondryiette von Brown (neé von Penquino II), more commonly known as Mito, is Penquino's younger sister. She has been married to Warning von Brown since 2010, and they have had two chicks together. She is an inventor, and the former chief scientist of the Shops Intelligence Agency.

Warning von Brown[edit]

Warning von Brown is a famous scientist in Antarctica who currently works for the Shops Intelligence Agency. He married Mito in 2010 after moving to Shops Island, and they have since had two chicks.

Alexander Erik von Brown[edit]

Alexander Cp kiddo von Brown (commonly known as Cp kiddo) is Mito and Warning's oldest child, and Penquino's youngest nephew. He farts all of the time, and is a horrible speller, so basically he is the complete opposite of his super-genius parents. He is also annoying like his younger sister Cp kidette, most likely because they're both still chicks.

Penquinette von Brown[edit]

Cp kidette is Mito's youngest child, and Penquino's only neice. She cries all the time, and is annoying like her brother Cp kiddo. She also believes she is a princess, which is why Penquino calls her the "Princess of annoying".

Distant Relatives[edit]

The von Penquino family has many distant relatives abroad in Castilla and other foreign lands, here are a few of the known members:

  • Penguino of Weirdia is one of Penquino's extra-distant cousins; who was born in a place called Weirdia. He often says weird things like "my good buscuits!", and calls everyone "chap". The only exception is his cousin CK, who he calls "chap-ousin". It is thought that Penguino lives in Puffle'and or another Puffish English speaking nation due to the way he speaks.
  • Pandanda Baby is practically the complete opposite of CK. He is CK's "long-lost (not really) cousin, twice-removed fourthmajig-added uncleniecegrandpa". None of the family members know where Pandanda Baby lives, or how old they actually are.


Color Name (gender) Owner
Black Blaze (M) Erik
Pink Bouncy (F) Erik
Purple Bubbles (F) Erik
Rainbow Farty (M) Cp kiddo
Blue Fluffy (M) Erik
Brown Gary (M) Erik
Green Heather (F) Erik
Purple Poofy (M) Cp kidette
Rainbow Pride (M) Erik
Pink Princess (F) Cp kidette
White Snowball (M) Erik
Yellow Snuggles (M) Erik
Rainbow Sparkles (F) Cp kidette
Orange Stinky (M) Cp kiddo
Red Yarr Jr. (M) Erik
Gold Yukon (M) Erik
Orange Zane (M) Erik


  • The "von" in the Penquinos names derive from their ancient Almanian roots.