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The family's logo.

The Pie Family is a family of inventive Viking Penguins. The most inventive are Zayne Pie, and Feey1 Pie. Somehow the family is leaving their viking ways, and becoming an inventive family.

Pie Family Legends[edit]

  • St McForge Pie and the Wagon of Doom is a legend told across Antarctica about a dashing penguin named McForge Lockhart Pie who saved a woman, Carolina Loveheart, from her wagon in the year 1225. He would later save her, and himself, from a Prince that had proposed to her in 1226. They would go on to get married and stay married until his death in 1265, while she lived to 100. The modern Pies claim that McForge was real and was their ancestor.
  • The story of Jiana Pumpkin is more recent. Jiana hatched in 1840 and lived in Shiverpool with her parents Willow Pie and Oasis Pumpkin. It was said that a robber entered their home, and Jiana froze to death as the robber had left the door open, but the story states that she had actually been frozen alive into an ice cube by an advanced freezing device the robber had stolen, and that Jiana is now frozen in an ice palace in an unknown location. It also says she could be woken up by being unfrozen.

1800's Pie Family[edit]

Modern Pie family (1900AD-Present)[edit]

  • Fum Pie - (Feey1's youngest brother) B:1980
  • Penny Pie (Feey1's adopted twin sister)
  • Feey3 - (Feey's son) B:2013



  • Add {{Pie Family}} to any character page that is a part of The Pie Family.
  • Two times a year all The Pie Family relatives meet for a family reunion.
  • Feey1 is one of 4 members of the family that love exploring.
  • The Pie Family are all Viking Penguins, however they are changing from their viking ways. However they have all originated from Shiverpool, they are probably just loosing their viking ways from the next generation leaving Shiverpool.
  • The Pie Family is connected to Aunt Arctic's Family through Sue Pie. Making Aunt Arctic Feey1's cousin.
  • The only two known family member that is a scientist and doctor is uncle Professor Issac Pie.
    • Feey1 is NOT a scientist, he's a engineer.
  • The Pie Family once ruled the Yowien Empire, and the Royal Monarchy of Glaw. Many expected Feey1 and Fum (the ruler of the nations), to merge the two into one monarchy before the Great War.
  • Penny was adopted by this family in 2013.
  • Both Pie Family "legends" lived while the family name was Hamilton, before Charlie34 Pie changed his name to "Pie", meaning they may not actually be related; If the stories are real at all.

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