The Puffalia Conflict

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The Puffalia Conflict
Date June 15, 2013 - June 23, 2013
(1 week and 1 day)
Location Puffalia
Result Puffalia gains independence.
Casus belli Puffalians begin to kill Shops soldiers stationed in Puffalia, and Shops responds with an invasion followed by an occupation and battle against the Pengolians.
PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia
East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia
MelodeevesFlag.png Melodeeves
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Bolsheevic Penguinsky, Hans Traugott Lavender
More nations on this side Most powerful military of the war
Less weapons Lone wolf against the other forces.

The Puffalia Conflict was a minor military conflict between Puffalian rebels, East Pengolia, the Melodeeves, and Shops Island.

Prologue: Road to War[edit]

Shops was still recovering from The Great Yowien War, and was making lots of money and domestic improvements with the new money generating by farming in Northern Shops. President Lavender was resting at the presidential mansion, as he'd spent the last 2 weeks at endless diplomatic meetings and press conferences.

Lavender: "It's good to rest."

Suddenly, however, a government adviser walked in. He showed Lavender pictures of dead Shops soldiers being paraded around Puffalia, as if they were trophies.

Lavender: "Oh dear. This is gonna give me nightmares."

Adviser: "Sorry you had to see this, sir. But, it was my duty to report it to you."

Lavender: "Yes, and it's my duty to address the public about it. Thank you."

The adviser saluted Lavender before leaving. Lavender waddled from the bedroom over to the triangular office and started writing a speech that he would deliver that night at Shops City Square.

That night, Lavender walked onto a balcony with the 2 government towers and the city skyline behind him. There were 1000's of penguins packing the square, as Lavender approached the intercom and gave his speech.

Lavender: "Today, several of our brave soldiers were massacred at the hands of our own colony; the Puffalians. We thought they meant us no harm, but that seems to simply not be true. I declare the full reoccupation of Puffalia, and we shall install a new, democratic government in the place of this evil Communist one. Thank you."

The crowd cheered. Some for the invasion, some for democracy, and some just to fit in. There were mixed reactions among the crowd, as those whose families had endured the Great Yowien War didn't want another conflict, while nationalists and imperialists did.

The speech was broadcast all over Antarctica. Even East Pengolian government officials tapped into the speech. They brought a transcript of it to Bolsheevic Penguinsky.

Bolsheevic: "Democracy? Not on my vatch! Ve vill defend Puffalia at any cost from ze evil forces of democracy!"

Government officials: "Hurrah!"

The transcript was soon forwarded to the Melodeeves where their leader caught note of it. He replied back stating that East Pengolia and the Melodeeves should both declare war and invade Puffalia. Bolsheevic Penguinsky soon made up a document, saying that the 2 axis nations declared war on Shops Island.

However, Lavender also responded with a declaration of war. Shops and East Pengolia were about to go to war for the second time within a month.

Chapter One: The Reoccupation of Puffalia[edit]

At a military base in Southern Shops president Lavender was there to see off an elite squadron air force base that would, hopefully, take back Puffalia quite simply.

Lavender: "Do our country well, men. For you are the chosen ones; the chosen ones that pave the way of freedom and righteousness, even at the cost of your lives."

The soldiers saluted. But, they were still concerned about Lavender seemingly paying no attention to the Axis declaration of war on Shops.

Solider: "Sir... Are you not discontented about the axis declaring war on us?"

Lavender: "Of course it's on my mind, fine soldier. But, we have one of Antarctica's strongest militaries. They are no match for us. Now, make with yourselves! Serve Shops Island well!"

Soldiers: "Yes sir! Never never never give up!"

The soldiers climbed into fighter jets and took off soon after. Lavender faintly waved, worried that they wouldn't return.

The jets flew fast over the sea, heading northeast towards Puffalia. However, they were shocked to find many Pengolian aircraft guarding the seas around Puffalia already.

Soldier: "Ground control, do you copy?"

Control: "Roger and copy. What is it, soldier?"

Soldier: "Lots of Pengolian backup. About 10 times a much as us Shopp-"

The radio cut out. Suddenly, ground control heard multiple explosions through the radios before they cut to static. All the ground controllers took off their headsets and hung their heads low. A controller radioed head military command in the capital.

Capital: "Yes? we copy."

Control: "All deployed aircraft were destroyed and all the pilots presumably perished with them."

Capital: "Oh dear. President Lavender will know about this quite soon."

The Capital hung up and a transcript was soon delivered to Lavender. The president was shocked. He was talking to the head of the SIA, LMGT.

Lavender: "How. How did they know we were coming?"

LMGT: "We have military bases there, right? They probably tapped into our communications."

Lavender: "I see. I'd like to be alone, please..."

LMGT: "As you wish, Mr. President."

LMGT got up and left the room silently. Lavender was left to ponder as to what his next move would be. He was worried that the Zhouese or Ruscans would get involved on the Axis side, and the conflict would quickly escalate into nuclear war.

The next day, Lavender met again with LMGT in his to discuss what their next move would be.

Lavender: "We could take out the military there and destroy the island."

LMGT: "How? The Axis will stop any and all Shopper craft entering."

Lavender: "What about the submarines? The Pengolians don't have those."

LMGT: "Yeah, but neither do we, genius."

Lavender: "True... I can always ask the Castillans or Snoss if they'd be willing to lend us one."

Lavender left the office and went to phone King Carlos and ask for a submarine. He went to the phone, and dialed King Carlos' private personal number.

King Carlos: "Hello?"

Lavender: "Hi. It's Lavender."

King Carlos: "Oh, Lavender! Good to hear from you! Is your economy doing well?"

Lavender: "Yes, it's excellent. However, that's not why I called you."

King Carlos: "Oh?"

Lavender: "I wanted to ask if Shops can borrow one of your submarines; we plan on evacuating our diplomats and government officials from Puffalia before we do any damage."

King Carlos: "Sounds like a worthy cause. I'll get the navy to send you a submarine right away."

Lavender: "Thanks a lot. Bye."

King Carlos: "Pleasure doing business with you. Goodbye."

Lavender put the phone away and went back to his office, where LMGT was still sitting.

Lavender: "They'll deliver a sub ASAP. Knowing Castilla, it'll probably be here sometime tomorrow."

LMGT: "Cool. I'll get some elites ready and we can do our operation as planned."

Lavender: "Fine by me. See ya."

LMGT left the room and went to recruit some of the SIA's most elite soldiers and agents. Lavender went to his desk and began on some paperwork.

It was nighttime, the next day. LMGT was at the Vonkouver marina and was waiting for the Castillan submarine to surface. The sky was lit up by bright lights, and boats could be seen over the horizon.

It didn't take long before a dark green submarine with Castilla's flag on it surfaced not far away from the seawall and made its way to shore. It docked right near LMGT, and the Castillan soldiers came out.

LMGT: "Hola! Good to see you made it!"

Soldier: "Gracias, mon amigo."

LMGT: "We have hotel rooms booked for all of you downtown. You can board a plane back to Castilla tomorrow."

Soldier: "Sounds good to us!"

LMGT led the soldiers to their hotel. Once the Castillan soldiers left, some SIA elites arrived and set up the submarine. It dived into the water, and made its way out to sea, heading towards Puffalia.

Before approaching Puffalian seas, the submarine resurfaced. The soldiers got out and covered the Castillan flags and emblems with Shops ones to make sure Castilla didn't get blamed for any trouble. Thankfully, the submarine was invisible to primitive Axis radar.

Mission Control: "Is everything going well?"

Soldier: "10-4. Everything's dandy, over."

Control: "That's good."

One soldier was in charge of looking at the radar. As the ship came close to shore, there was a Pengolian ship near them. It was the only danger in sight, as the airplanes wouldn't be able to spot the submarine, even if it was surfaced.

Soldier: "Hey, commander! Permission to fire torpedo!"

Commander: "Go."

The soldier loaded a torpedo into a firing barrel. He closed the barrel, and pressed a button the fired the torpedo. It hit the Pengolian ship, and an explosion was heard soon after. They fired another one for good measure, and the ship sank within a matter of minutes.

The submarine was now able to get right onto a beach. All but 2 elite soldiers jumped out, and made their way inland with some heavy weapons.

The squadron soon approached the facility where diplomats and government officials were housed. They got to the door, and a note said this:

You're too late, capitalist pigs. They have been taken to the main government building, where we will keep them until they rot.

Soldier: "Whoever wrote that note wasn't very smart."

Other Soldier: "No duh. Let's blow this place up before we keep moving."

A soldier pulled out a bundle of 20 pounds worth of TNT. He strapped it to the building and set a charge. The soldiers ran, and the building exploded soon after. This awoke many Puffalians and they started calling in the military. The soldiers were now in the chase of their lives.

It wasn't long before the squadron reached the main government building. The ceremonial doors got smashed down, and the soldiers shot countless guards while running through the hallways. They eventually found the diplomats and officials tied up in a basement cellar. The soldiers untied them.

Diplomat: "Thank you so much!"

Official: "You saved our lives!"

Soldier: "No problem. Now, let's get moving! The Axis is after us."

Everyone made haste and got out of the building. A soldier pulled out his RPG and fired it at the main government building. A massive explosion happened immediately afterward, and balls of molten rubble and fire started raining down on the streets.

Solider: "Quick, people! Let's run!"

Everyone ran to the best of their ability back to the submarine. They got in, and a soldier shot and killed 10 Axis fighters who were trying to attack the submarine. The vessel soon submerged, and made its way back to Shops.

That morning, the submarine resurfaced back in Vonkouver's harbor. It was greeted by loud cheers of citizens, and by the families of the diplomats. Everyone got out of the submarine, and the scene was beautiful.

Not soon after, the soldiers met with Lavender who gave them medals of honor.

Lavender: "You've served your country well. Thank you."

Soldiers: "Always, Mr. President."

The whole thing seemed like a victory, even though it was only the tip of the iceberg. There was much more to come, and much more war too.

Chapter Two: Reform[edit]

Puffalia was devastated by the surprise attack by the SIA. One of the three presidents, Hans, was in East Pengolia with Bolsheevic Penguinsky for a meeting.

Bolsheevic: "You do understand zhat for victory, zhere can only be one leader of a country, vright?"

Hans: "Yes."

Bolsheevic: "You have better potential zhan zhose ozther two. I vant you to kill zhem."

Hans: "VHAT?!?"

Bolsheevic: "It is zhe only vay."

Hans: "If I must..."

That night, Hans was back in the ravaged Puffalia. He met with the other two presidents, but he was concealing a weapon.

Hans: "Guten tag."

Nehmen: "Hallo."

Artur: "Hmm."

Hans: "I have a proposal for ze government."

Nehmen: "Vhat iz it?"

Hans: "DEATH!"

Hans pulled out a pistol and shot both Nehmen and Artur in the forehead. They laid there dead. Hans picked up their bodies, and threw them out the window where they landed in a dumpster. An official barged in, alarmed by the sounds of gunshots.

Official: "Vhat happened?"

Hans: "Change."

Hans walked out onto a balcony and addressed a small crowd there, which had gathered after the sound of gunshots.

Hans: "Puffalians! Today change has happened! Ve are no longer communist, for ve are Superiorist now!"

The small crowd cheered. They were obviously excited.

Hans: "Let zhis be known. All of Puffalia shall know by midnight!"

The crowd cheered louder, and dispersed; eager to tell their friends and family the news. It was almost no time before the entire island knew of the revolution.

Back on Shops Island, the SIA had cracked down on the entire thing. It didn't take long before LMGT was alerted.

Agent: "Sir, the Puffalians have switched over to this new system called Superiorism..."

LMGT: "Oh boy, that thing. It's even more evil than Communism! I'll alert the president right away."

Agent: "Good idea, sir."

The agent saluted LMGT and left the room. LMGT emailed the situation to Lavender, who soon replied. The message read this:

Uh oh. Whatever, a quick invasion and we'll be done with it. How hard can it be?

It wasn't going to be easy. The Pengolians had restarted the production of tanks, this time much more secretly. It wasn't good news for Shops, either, as they had just put half of their SIA Drones out of military service and into the domestic field.

Chapter Three: The Battle[edit]

It was a cloudy day. At a dock a military base in Southern Shops, the SIA was ready to go with a squadron of 100,000 SIA drones and 10,000 tanks. The tanks were being lifted onto the decks of Shopper transport ships, while the drones were being marched inside. LMGT was there to see the brigade off.

LMGT: "Come back."

Commander: "We will, trust us."

The ships set sail, heading towards the insurgent Puffalia. There was no fanfare at departure, and the soldiers were about to have a change of heart.

A few hours later, Shopper ships had successfully avoided enemy fire and landed on the beaches outside of Triskale. The tanks and drones unloaded and flooded into the capital. Pengolian tanks were waiting there, but the drones made haste out of them. The Pengolian tanks exploded in fireballs, and Shopper tanks were destroyed by bombing from above and the Pengolians. There were even 5 Melodeevian tanks in there. However, they were getting nowhere. The commander radioed LMGT asking for backup.

LMGT: "Yes? I copy."

Commander: "We need aircraft here. This is becoming extremely costly on our side, over."

LMGT: "Roger."

The fighting was futile, and it was a stalemate as the number of SIA Drones were slowly dropping while Pengolian tanks kept arriving. It wasn't long before Shopper fighters came, though, and started firing missiles at the Axis forces. They were pushed back, oh so gradually.

Commander: "Yes! It's working!"

More Shopper reinforcements came, and soon all 25,000 aircraft and another 5000 tanks were deployed. The Axis was pushed into the ocean where they surrendered and most of their equipment drowned in the ice cold water. A Pengolian commander stepped out of his half-submerged tank and raised a white flag.

Pengolian Commander: "Ve surrender! Ve surrender!"

Shopper Commander: "About time."

The Shoppers exiled all the soldiers back to Pengolia. Soon, everyone was gone, and they were free to occupy the now silent island.

Commander: "Let's make haste, men! Let's go what we gotta do, and occupy the rest of this place."

All but 100 tanks and 25 fighter craft left and headed back to Shops. The remaining infantry pushed to Shayle and occupied it. A soldier got out of his tank and was about to announce that it was now officially under 100% Shopper control. However, before he could make the speech, he looked into a ravaged building. He saw families huddled for safety; they were broken by the war. The soldier, and the rest of the army seemed to have a change of heart; some even shed tears.

Soldier: "I hereby... I hereby declare this territory an independent state; the independent state of Puffalia!"

The population roared in cheering, and the soldiers wiped the tears away from their eyes. The job was done; Shops had won, but Puffalia still gained independence. The army and their infantry got picked up peacefully and headed back to Shops Island.

Upon arrival, Lavender was there to greet them.

Lavender: "I'm thankful to see your elite squadron made it back safely. I think it was time to let Puffalia go anyways."

Commander: "I agree. It's still a victory for us though; we defeated the Axis!"

Lavender: "Indeed. That calls for a celebration!"

A huge presidential party was held in honor of the small, but nonetheless important victory. It had been settled without nuclear weapons, which was a pleasant change for the Shoppers.


In the end, Puffalia gained its independence. But, was it really worth it? Shopper and Pengolian tensions grew, and Shops was ready to move on to another chapter without protests and insurgency.

The End!