The Punfisher

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Frank Carcharodon
Si vis pacem, para bellum
Title The Punfisher
Gender Male
Race Shark
Health Good
Level High
Status Alive
Location In the worst cities of Antarctica
Place of birth Club Jellyfish
Occupation Vigilante, former soldier
Height 10 feet
Interests Murdering criminals
Weaknesses Fire, dehydration
Fears None
Enemies MadCap, Bugzy, all criminals

Frank Carcharodon otherwise known as The Punfisher is a shark who is waging a one man war on crime in Antarctica. He lost his family when he was crossed in a gang war and seeks to "punfish" all criminals in the world for revenge. He is wanted by many government organizations for his actions, but manages to evade them, despite being a ten foot sea creature.


Frank was a shark who lived in Club Jellyfish. He joined the Jellyfish military and helped them fight a war against the crabs. As the crabs lived on land, he was trained to be able to walk on land well and hold his water long enough to stay there for a prolonged period of time, and learned to melt and breathe in snow. Frank killed and ate many crabs during the war, but the Jellyfish eventually lost and surrendered.

After the war, Frank found a family and had children. He loved his family very much, but still kind of missed the glory and action of his war days. One day, a gang war between the Underground PWN Mafia and some pirates occurred near his home. It was very bloody, and Frank and his tried to escape. However, his wife and children were caught in the crossfire and sadly died. Frank was filled with rage, and tried to kill the criminals, but was stopped by MadCap, who was trying to take out both sides.

Frank decided to spend the rest of his life killing criminals for taking his family away from them. With his military training Frank was a great fighter and could walk on land. He carried a gun with him and began shooting criminals in Antarctica and eating them to not leave any evidence.


Frank doesn't have any powers, but is much stronger and durable than the average shark due to his military training. He has immense strength and stamina and can take out many penguins at a time. Being a shark, he is also very large and has rows of sharp teeth which can be weaponized if his gun is ever discarded.

Punfisher's main weakness is that once he stays in the surface longer than he should, his gills will collapse and he will suffocate. As Frank can breathe snow and stay on surface for hours, it sounds harder than it seems. Frank can also be dehydrated if put near fire or dryness.


  • He really, really, really dislikes MadCap.
  • Despite his ruthlessness, he will never kill an innocent person, and only goes after murderers, torturers, traffickers, and members of organized crime.
  • He is a parody of the Marvel Comics character Punisher