The Race to Thanksgiving

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The Race to Thanksgiving
The race to thanksgiving.png
Oooohhhh, aaaahhh!!!!
Start November 1st, 2011
End November 24th, 2011
Prerequisites ???
Level 777,777,777
Location All of Antarctica basically
Rewards Knowledge of Feey1's evil clone: Feey2. Kaylin's chicks remain in her custody.
Feey1's Crazy Halloween Operation: Yowien Sea to Snoss Sea
The Crab Wars
The Great Puffle Adventure
Feey and the Amigo

The Race to Thanksgiving is a Holiday story penned by Feey. It is a two-sided tale that, firstly, documents the adventures of Kaylin Peirce's, and Feey1 Pie's high-speed race to West Pengolia to stop the state from seizing custody of Kaylin's chicks after her idiot of a nanny quit without any replacement. Secondly, Feey2, Java Ghent, and Django Ghent are commissioned to attempt to destroy Feey1. Will Kaylin keep custody? Will Feey1 survive? Read on, reader, read on!


Kaylin's scrap book.png

Kaylin Peirce sat in the taxi as she flipped through a scrap book of her chicks. She had been recently laid-offed by her boss, and received news that her nanny had quit. So by law if a reliable supervisor did not arrive within 24 days, the chicks will be taken to a government orphanage. Kaylin was quiet, and crying on the outside; inside, she was angry at the law and her nanny. Well, mostly at that idiot of a nanny. Suddenly, the taxi stopped without warning and Kaylin flew into the seat in front of her.

Driver- "Alright miss, the coins you gave me will only get you this far."

Kaylin- "But we haven't even reached the Dock! We should have been there by now."

Driver- "You boarded on the Commercial Servers. Traffic was so bad that I had to switched through servers and drive through the Industrial sector.."

Kaylin- "You charged me for Server travel!?!"

Driver- "Of course! Do you know how much power it takes to teleport a whole taxi cab through a server? You're lucky we're even back in Commercial. Now, get out."

Kaylin- "GRUB!"

Kaylin got out of the taxi and watched as it drove away. She looked where she was, and it was the Snow Forts. She exited the Commercial server and teleported to the Traditional Servers. There, she waddled down into the Town Center, then into the Dock, wondering why she didn't just walk in the first place. As she came into the Dock she saw a Hydro Hopper boat with no penguins around it. Ideas suddenly started to race through her head.

Feey2 threw a glass bottle at a metal wall, as he yelled.

"AUGH! GRRR! That Swiss Ninja Hochstadt goof up always messes up! I can't do anything with him controlling me."

Feey2 waddled over to a desk and pushed everything off of it. Everything fell to the ground and broke, and Feey2 grumbled more.


A door behind Feey2 opened up and a blue penguin waddled in, it was no other than Swiss Ninja himself. Swiss had a angered look on his face, that said things were bad. He held a folder to his side, and it had the Snowzerland flag shown on it. Feey2 panicked and awkwardly started to pick up the items he pushed off the desk.

SN- "A little crabby, Feey2?"

Feey2- "Oh, um. Hehehe. Um, no."

SN- "Well good! I have another mission for you."

Feey2- "Listen Swiss, your missions have always failed. If I planned all my missions Feey1, Yow Kingdom, and all your enemies would be dead!"

SN- "Well this time I've mixed things up a little. Ok?"

Feey2- "Fine! Tell me your plans!"

Swiss tossed the folder to Feey2, and it had a title on it. The title read: Operation: Thanksgiving BOOM, BOOM. Feey2 cocked his head as he looked at the folder, and finally opened it. Inside he found pictures of Feey1 in a mansion with Zayne Pie, and a girl.

Feey2- "Where, and how did you get these?"

SN- "Spies, duh. This is your assignment: capture Kaylin Peirce, she's Feey1's crush."

Feey2- "Hahaha! This is perfect, I'll head off tomorrow!"

SN- "No, you're leaving to Terninia and taking a LATTU to Club Penguin."

Feey2- "But the USA will stop that LATTU from landing on Club Penguin, or coming near it for that matter."

SN- "Just say you're going to the RDA Recycling Center to drop off supplies."

Feey2- "Swiss, you're always one step ahead of me."

Chapter One: Kaylin Meets Feey1 Once Again[edit]

Feey1 snored loudly in his sleeping chambers. He draped the sheets over his body and snored louder. Zayne Pie quietly opened the door into the room and sort of chuckled. In his flippers was a balloon full of coffee. He slowly crept towards the beds and raised the balloon into the air. Just as he was about to throw it the alarm went off and scared Zayne.

Zayne- "AUGH! Whoo! Ahhhh!!"

Feey sat up and saw his grandpa bump into a dresser and drop the balloon, on HIM!


The coffee spilled all down on Zayne and the furniture.

Feey- "Hahaha! Another plot failed. I heard you waddle into my room."

Zayne- "I'll get you soon."

Feey- "Well now I know to watch my back. Thanks for telling me. Hahah!"

Zayne- "ARGH! I am so dumb sometimes."

Feey waddled out of the room and into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and looked in it. There was hardly a piece of food in there, and Feey grumbled. He slammed the door and looked in the cabinets, there he found ONE box of cereal. Feey reluctantly went and grabbed it. His grandpa waddled into the room frowning.

Feey- "Better get some food."

Zayne- "Ya. That's YOUR job, go do it."

Feey- "What? This isn't my house!"

Zayne- "Mansion, its a MANSION."

Feey- "You better not be like this on Thanksgiving."

Feey poured the cereal in a bowl, then poured some milk in it, where he proceeded to sit down and swallow it.

Feey2 looked down from a hot air balloon and saw the ocean down below. As he looked forward he saw storm clouds not three miles away.

Feey2- "Ahhhh, Terninia, home of my friends. Can this go any faster?"

Pilot- "Hot air balloons aren't fast, we'll be there in thirty minutes, sir."

Feey2- "Good. We'll pick up some supplies, and make off in a LATTU."


The balloon flew into the dark storm clouds, and rain fell hard onto the hot air balloon. Lighting blasted in the distance, and the pilot seemed a bit worried. Both the basket and the passengers were soaked to the bone in the freezing air. He let air out of the balloon, and looked over the sides of the basket.

Pilot- "We must hurry, the storms are getting worse!"

Feey2- "Just do things right. My life's goal cannot fail."

The pilot dropped some sand bags. Right at that moment....


The balloon was hit by lightning and began to plummet to the ocean!

Pilot and Feey2- "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

The basket crashed into the water, and the balloon slowly drifted down over it. It slowly bobbed to the surface. Feey2 jumped out of the basket and began to swim to his destination. Luckily a LATTU came down to the water's surface after a few minutes, hovering a few feet above Feey2 and the choppy waters.
The side doors opened a small group of RDA Troopers were standing inside of it.

Feey2- "Thank goodness! My stupid pilot couldn't fly the balloon away from a lighting bolt!"

Clone- "Just grab onto my flipper, I'll pull you and your pilot in."

Feey2 grabbed onto the trooper's flipper and was pulled in. Then the pilot pulled in the balloon pilot, who was shivering. Feey2 saw this and rolled his eyes at the pilot.

Feey2- "What's wrong with you? Penguins live for the water!"

Pilot- "I don't like cold water."

Feey2- "WHAT!? We live in the Antarctic, and you don't like cold water?"

Pilot- "Well its just that...."

Feey2- "Wimp!"

Feey2 turned from the pilot and noises of him grumbling was heard through out the LATTU. As the LATTU landing on the platform, the doors opened up and everyone waddled out. Two RDA Clones were guarding the entrance and saluted Feey2.

Clones- "Welcome to Section A of Terninia, sir."

Feey2- "At ease troopers."

Feey2 waddled past the guards and entered the door. Feey2 waddled down the hallway until he ended up at a office where he met a tern named Ja.

Feey2- "Hello Ja, I'm Feey2. I'm sure Swiss Ninja contacted you about my arrival?"

Ja- "Oh yes. You'll be equipped with one LATTU, two RDA Clone Troopers, five thousand Gold Coins, an armory of ten weapons, and..... well, that's it."

Feey2- "Good, Swiss got everything right for once. Now lead me and my crew to my LATTU."

Ja hopped off his chair and led Feey2 to a hanger. In the hanger there was a LATTU with two clones hanging out in it. Their helmets were off and it looked like they were playing Go Fish.

Ja- "(cough)"

The troopers threw their helmets back on and saluted to Feey2. Feey2 rolled his eyes, with his third eye staring at the clones. He pushed the clones to the sides and waddled into the LATTU.

Ja- "Are you ready for flight, sir?"

Feey2- "Yes I am. Troops, get on the LATTU now and prepare for take off."

Clones- "Sir, yes, sir!"

They waddled onto the LATTU, and the side doors closed. The craft hovered off the ground as its engines started up, and took off. The LATTU flew out of the hanger at full speed and turned to the right sharply.

Feey2- "Operation: Thanksgiving BOOM BOOM has begun!"

Kaylin looked at the boat, and finally decided to get in it. She looked for the keys, but couldn't find them; she reached into her hair and pulled out a hair clip. She put it in the key hole and turned it several times. Amazingly, she succeeded in hotwiring the boat. The engine sputtered and coughed, but finally started up.

Kaylin- "Hmmm, old boat I guess."

She drove the boat out of the Dock and took off in the direction of Antarctica. She saw forests pass by, and large trees. She looked back at the dash board and saw that the tank only had a quarter of a gallon!

Kaylin- "ARGH! I should have checked that before. Well I guess I'll go to the Cove and refuel."

She turned her direction to the left, heading for the Cove. When she reached the edge of the island she turned to the left sharply, and it seemed like the boat was going to tip. Fortunately it didn't, and Kaylin remained on course. She was about to come up to the Cove when a boat to her right waved, and shouted to her. Kaylin turned her head and waved back, passing the Cove! She didn't notice and kept on going. She went for about three miles until the engine coughed, and slowly died out.

Kaylin- "No! No, no no! ARGH! What now?"

She looked around for a couple of minutes till something caught her eye: smoke. She saw smoke rising in the air in the forests, and it was a sign of a house.

Kaylin- "Hmmm...Someone lives this far out?"

Without question she dived off the boat into the water, and started to swim towards land. When she got there she started to waddle instantly into the woods. She waddled for about five minutes till she found a large mansion. It wasn't an igloo, no, it was a fully built structure!

Kaylin (thinking to herself)- "Hey! It's Feey1's house. Or, ummm wait, wasn't it his grandfather's? Ooh, no time just go!"

She hurried to the front door and knocked hard on it. When no one came she knocked even harder, and rang the doorbell endlessly, hoping to get a response. She then heard voices inside, loud and angry voices.

Voice- "Stop ringing my doorbell like its a toy! I'm never answering it if you don't stop. In fact I think you can't hear me because of your knocking and doorbell ringing!!! Forget about it, you whacko!"

Kaylin- "Please, this is an emergency!"

Voice- "Oh, alright, I'm coming."

The figure ran over to the door and opened it up. It was Zayne and he looked a little angry.

Zayne- "Who are you, and what's wrong?"

Kaylin- "I need to get to West Pengolia right now!"

Zayne- "That doesn't sound like an emergency...."

Kaylin- "My name is Kaylin Peirce, and I'm ina family crisis. The nanny abandoned the children, and I'm taking the fall! If I don't get to my chicks by the twenty fourth of November, the courts will charge ME with child neglect and take custody of my chicks!!!! I didn't even do anything! PLEASE! HELP ME! PLEASE!"

Zayne- "Ooohhhh, you're Kaylin? Well come on in, Feey1 has been waiting for you."

Kaylin pushed by Zayne into the house and waddled over to a couch. Instead of sitting down, she just stood there as Zayne closed the door.

Zayne- "Feey1, someone is here for you! Hehehe."

Kaylin- "Actually I didn't come...."

Feey waddled into the room and saw his grandpa smiling. He cocked his head, then he saw Kaylin. He looked back at his grandpa and got angry. They started to make facial expressions at each other.

Kaylin- "Alright, enough! Can of you help me?"

Feey- "Kaylin, you're here? What for?"

Kaylin- "I need to get to West Pengolia, right now."

Feey- "What for?"

The two ended up sitting on the couches and Zayne just waddled away.

Kaylin- "Well my nanny quit today, and if no reliable supervisor gets to my chicks by the 24th... their custody will be seized by the state."

Feey- "That's terrible!"

At that moment Zayne came in the room with a silver tray, and on it was two tea cups. He placed the tray on a coffee table and smiled as he waddled away. Kaylin reached for a cup as Feey continued.

Feey- "So... why the rush? I mean you do have twenty four days."


Feey- "True. Anything else?"

Kaylin tried not to scream, and calmly added:

Kaylin- "I don't want my chicks to end up being raised like I was..."

Feey- "Oh..... well, I'll help you."


She squeezed Feey in a fierce embrace.

Feey- "Can't... breathe..."

Chapter Two: Thanksgiving Boom Boom Commences[edit]

Feey2 grinned as Club Penguin came into view from the LATTU. The LATTU flew over the mountains and the RDA Recycling Center came into view. The LATTU landing at the Mine Shack, and the side doors opened. The clones got out to check for civilians before Feey2 got out. The doors of the Center opened up and a RDA scientist came out to greet Feey2.

Scientist- "You've came to drop off supplies?"

Feey2- "No, we're here are on an important mission. Well I am, the troops can stay here. And I prefer it that way."

Scientist- "Good, sir. Swiss has instructed the clones to stay here."

Feey2- "Good ol' Swiss, always messing things up."

Scientist- "Oh, okay."

Feey2 pushed the scientist aside and waddled towards the Forest.

20 Minutes Later.

Feey2 sneaked up to Zayne's mansion and looked through one of the windows. He saw Feey1 talking to Kaylin but he couldn't hear anything. So Feey2 pulled a small device out of a pocket in his cloak, then stuck it to a wall. He turned it on and began eavesdropping. He overheard their discussion and came up with a new plan. Sneaking across to the other side of the house, Feey2 saw Feey1's room. He took his Keysaber and cut a hole in the window, then sticking his flipper through the hole he unlock the window and opened it.

He crawled in and looked around the room till he found Feey1's Player Card.

Feey2 (thinking)- "Ah ha! My original's Player Card."

Feey2 grabbed the Player Card and jumped back out the window.

Two Minutes Later.

Feey1 waddled into the room and looked around for his Player Card. He looked in his duffel bag, then in a drawer.

Feey- "Where is it? How could I have possibly lost my Player Card?"

Feey gave up and came back in the living room disappointed. He saw Kaylin and Zayne talking to each other.

Feey- "Bad news: I can't find my Player Card."


Feey- "I don't know... I couldn't find it anywhere."

Kaylin frowned as she put her tea cup down. She waddled over to the house and waved goodbye.

Kaylin- "Well thanks for trying anyways....I have to go now. Bye, Feey1!"

She opened the door and left. Feey1 and Zayne stood their quite until Zayne motioned for Feey to follow her.

Feey- "No."

Zayne- "Go."

Feey- "No!"

Zayne- "Go!"

The two continued to repeat it over and over again, until finally Feey gave in.

Feey1- "Fine, I'll go help her! Happy now, grandpa?"

Zayne- "Very."

Feey- "GRUB!"

Feey reluctantly waddled towards the door to follow Kaylin. He looked around but didn't see her.


Feey- "AUGH! What was that?"

Bushes around Feey ruffled and something was in there. Feey yanked his Keysaber from his bag, put it in his flippers, and turned it on. He looked into the bushes where the rustling came from. The bushes started to shake violently until they stopped.

Feey- "That's odd....."

Without warning a figure jumped out of he bushes and onto Feey. The figure jumped onto him and pushed him down to the ground, then ran away. Feey sat up and looked around quickly. He turned on his Keysaber and looked all around him for the mysterious figure.

Feey- "Show yourself, coward!"

In the bushes...

Feey2 sat low in the bushes as he watched his original look around. Just as he was about to attack again his communicator beeped, Swiss was trying to contact him. Feey2 turned on the communicator, and a small screen lit up. Swiss Ninja was standing in the screen, and he looked angry.

SN- "What was that?!"

Feey2- "What was what?"

SN- "You just disobeyed me, and ruined the operation! YOU FOOL!!"

Feey2- "I know how to do my job right, Swiss. Let me do things MY way, and everything will be right."

SN- "How dare you call ME- the great and mighty KAISER SWISS NINJA -WRONG?! I'm never wrong!"

Fee2- "Hehehe! Yeah right....."

SN- "I AM righ-"

Feey2- "Bye, Swiss."

SN- "Wait, don't you h-."

Before SN could finish Feey2 hung up and chuckled. Then...


...the bush burst opened and Feey2 was grabbed by the cloak. He was pulled out of the bush and slammed on the ground by his enemy.

Feey2- "OOF! Ouch!"

Feey- "Ah-ha! There you are, what's your name?"

Feey2- "That's classified, my original."

Feey- "'Original'? What does that...."

Feey2 kick Feey in the stomach, then grabbed him. He threw Feey five feet, then activated his Keysaber.
Feey coughed as he looked up, just about as Feey2 ran at him with his Keysaber.
Feey quickly jumped to his left and turned on his Keysaber as well. Feey backed away from Feey2 as he watched him.

Feey- "Who are you?"

Feey2 turned towards Feey and pulled down his hood to show his face. His face looked a whole lot like Feey1's, and his hair too. They were practically identical twins!

Feey- "You're, you're...."

Feey2- "You. Cloned you. Surprised, Feey1?"

Feey- "Yes, but how?"

Feey2- "Ha ha, I'll tell you. I was created by the RDA to destroy you! The Kaiser has wanted you defeated for quite a while. His normal troopers couldn't do the job, so the RDA made me. It was obvious that only YOU could destroy YOU!"

Feey- "O_O"

Feey2- "I thought your face would look like that. Look, I look just like you when I do it! O_O"

Without warning Feey2 slashed his Keysaber at Feey1, but Feey quickly pulled his Keysaber up and blocked it.

F1 & F2 duel.png

Feey2 jumped away and pulled out a Snowball Gun. He aimed for Feey1 and started to shoot wildly at his feet.

Feey2- "Dance funny penguin, dance!"

Feey- "Whoa! Augh! Eep! Augh!"

Feey2- "Hahahaha."

Feey1 quickly pulled a Fruit Blaster out of his pocket and shot Feey2 with an apple, in the face! Feey2 fell to the ground moaning loudly. Quickly Feey ran over to him and punched him in the stomach. Reacting Feey2 grabbed Feey's flipper and threw him at the mansion. Feey hit hardly on the brick wall and fell to the ground.

Feey1- "Ohhh...OW! OOF! OW, ow, ow..."

Feey2- "Weakling."

Feey2 waddled away laughing at Feey1.

Feey2- "You know that Kaylin girl? Well you're never going to see here again. Hahahaha!!"

Feey- "Kaylin!"

Chapter Three: Kaylin Saves Feey1[edit]

Kaylin waddled down the pathway thinking of ways to get home to her chicks. She had no coins to sail, or fly. As she waddled into the Forest she suddenly came up with an idea: Ask help from Feey.

Kaylin- "Hey, Feey1 is rich! He could help me. Maybe I should go back."

Kaylin turned around and started to run towards Zayne's mansion. After twenty minutes she finally came in view of the mansion, where she saw Feey1 on the ground moaning.

Kaylin- "Oh my gosh, Feey are you okay?"

Feey- "GRUB! No..."

Kaylin raced over to him. Feey had blood coming from his beak, and he had scars all over his face. Kaylin pulled a handkerchief from her inventory and wiped the dirt off of Feey's beak and clothes.

Kaylin- "We need to get you inside, right now."

Feey- "Way ahead of you."

Kaylin helped Feey up and waddled towards the door with him. Just then the door bursted opened and Zane was standing there.

Zayne- "I saw the whole thing unfold. I've already called 9111."

Kaylin- "Great! He's in terrible pain, he's been cut and wounded, and has scars all over him!"

The two carried Feey1 into the house and rested him on the couch. Just then sirens were heard outside the house. Zayne waddled next to the window and looked out it. He saw the ambulance speeding up the drive way, then stopped. Five paramedics jumped out, and two of them were carrying a stretcher.
They came into the house where Zayne and Kaylin were waiting. Without hesitating they picked the aching Feey up and put him on the stretcher.
They raced out of the house and put Feey in the ambulance. Zayne waddled out of the house and towards his garage.

Kaylin- "By the way, what's your name?"

Zayne- "My name is Zayne, but there's no time for 'hello'! We have to get to the nearest hospital, NOW!"

Kaylin- "Good point."

The two got in the car and followed the ambulance. It led them to a medical helicopter to drive them to the hospital on King George's Island, which wasn't that far from CP.

In The Bushes...

Feey2 watched as the ambulance and Zayne's car drove away. His communicator started to ring again, and he reluctantly answered it. The screen lit up and Swiss' face showed.

Swiss- "Progress report."

Feey2- "Ok, well Feey1 got injured enough to have to go to a hospital off of Club Penguin."


Feey2- "Well, I um..."

Swiss- "Follow him to the hospital and kill him here. Or else I'll fire you, or worse! I'll just kill you. You're a clone, after all, not just some penguin. No problem..."

Feey2- "Whatever, Swiss."

Feey2 got up out of the bushes and raced after the cars.

Feey1 woke up and saw a doctor standing above him. The doctor looked very worried, and turn to the left every ten seconds.

Doctor- "Sir, are you alright?"

Feey- "What happened?"

Doctor- "You got injured, and you're in King George's Clinic right now."

Feey- "How bad is it? I'm not in Club Penguin?"

Doctor- "You're not, and as for that..."

The doctor frowned.

Doctor- "I'll tell you that later."

The doctor waddled away and Feey was left on the bed alone. He looked towards both his sides, then tried to sit up.

Feey- "OUCH! OW, Ow...ooohhh!"

He laid back down in the bed, just as the doctor came back in. Behind him was Garmield Pie- his father -Zayne Pie, and Sue Pie, his mother.

Feey- "Mom, dad, you're here!"

Sue- "Feey, what happened to you?!"

Feey- "Well mom, I was attacked by a Snoss. He had a Keysaber, and was wearing a brown cloak. The weirdest part was he was practically a clone of me!"

Sue stared at Feey in shock. She stopped blinking and didn't move.

Feey- "Mom, are you okay?"

Garmield- "She's frozen. It happens when she's scared Hold on just a minute."

Garmield pulled back his flipper, readying it to whack Sue.

Feey- "Wait, dad don't!"

Garmield slapped Sue on the back so hard she fell to the floor. She got up immediately and smiled slightly.

Sue- "OOF! Well I guess I'm back. You know you could have done something lighter than that!"

Garmield- "Nothing else came to mind. Besides, you forced me to come here, that was a little revenge."

Doctor- "Anyways, the police have started a search for your attacker. No luck though."

Feey- "I could understand that. The attacker is my clone, trained by Snoss generals."

Doctor- "Well, than the only ones who can stop him is the EPF."

Feey- "The clone has super strength, too."

Zayne- "I saw him use it against you during your little fight."

Feey- "Grandpa, where's Kaylin? Is she alright?"

Zayne- "She's fine my boy. I gave her some money to get home."

Feey- "Well that's nice of you."

The doctor came back with some X-rays and showed them to the family, and Feey1.

Doctor- "Good thing is you only have a couple of bruises. No bone damage."

Sue- "Oh thank goodness."

Feey- "So, when can I leave?"

Doctor- "Well it depends. You may be able to leave in two days at least."

Feey- "Good."

Swiss Ninja waddled into his office and saw his computer beeping. Sitting down in his chair he pressed the spacebar and saw that Feey2 had sent him a video message. He click the 'answer' button and saw Feey2 running like a mad penguin.

Feey2(video)- "Swiss, you didn't answer my call so I'm sending this video to you. The police have arrived at Zayne's mansion and are looking for clues! So far they have not found anything. Now the real reason why I called you. Kaylin Peirce has escaped and is flying to the USA. What should I do?"

The video ended and Swiss thought for a second. Finally an idea came to him and he went back to his computer. He contacted Feey2, and Feey2 answered it.

Swiss- "All right, this is what you do."

Feey2- "What is it?"

Swiss- "Sneak into the hospital disguised as a doctor, then poison Feey with a syringe loaded with poison. I'll get my tech specialists to make the hospital 'require' a 'vaccine', which you shall administer. Got that?"

Feey2- "Sounds good.'

Chapter Four: Feey1 and Feey2 Duel Again[edit]

Feey2 fit the latex gloves on his flippers, after finishing his costume he waddled towards the hospital doors as a new crews drove up. A news van drove up next to Feey2 and stopped. A penguin holding a camera, and a reporter in a red dress ran out of the van. The reporter waddled into position and messed if her hair. The camera penguin started to talk.

"We go on in three, two.."

Reporter- "I'm Kaylee Barrel in front of the local Club Penguin hospital, where Feey1 is staying. He was recently attacked by a Snoss soldier, who wore a brown cloak and had ties with the RDA."

The reporter noticed Feey2 standing there, and quickly waddled towards him. She stuck her microphone in his face and started to ask questions.

"Do you know how badly injured Feey is, sir?"

Feey2- "Oh, no. I'm not checking on him, someone else is. as far as I know he only has a couple of bruises."

Reporter- "A lot of penguins and puffles have wondered why the Snoss attacked him. Do you have an idea?"

Feey2 (lying)- "Well, Feey1 is hated much in Snowzerland, but much more in Castilla. So I'm not really sure why. That's all I know."

Reporter- "Thanks for your information, sir."

The reporter and the camera guy got back in the van and drove away. Feey2 rolled his eyes and groaned.


Feey1 ate his dinner in bed as he watched the TV on the wall. He laughed as he took a drink of his soda, then started to spit it up.

Feey- "OHHH! COUGH! COUGH! Windpipe! COUGH! GROAN..."

Feey started to cough violently until the soda came out.

Feey- "Oh my gosh! I need to be more careful."

At that moment a strange looking doctor came into the room pushing a small cart. On the cart there was a needle and the doctor picked it up.

Feey- "Um, doctor I don't need a shot do I?"

Doctor- " do."

Feey- "Well I don't. I only have some large bruises."

Doctor- ""

The doctor somewhat jumped out towards Feey holding the needle. Feey panicked and jumped off the bed, and the doctor accidentally gave the pillow a shot!

Doctor- "AUGH! You stupid Feey1! I'll get you."

Feey- "Feey2!?!?!!!??"

Feey2- "Oh um...yes!"

Feey2 pulled down the mask so Feey can see it was him. Feey1 gasped because he had never seen Feey2's third eye.

Feey- " have a third eye, eye!?"

Feey2- "I thought you noticed that already. Oh well."

Feey2 jumped at his original, seeing Feey jumped to his side and ran out of the room. Feey2 got up off the floor and chased after Feey. As he ran out of the room he pushed a doctor to the floor, but continued to chase after Feey1. Feey looked behind his shoulder and saw his evil clone, then pushed a cart in his way. Feey2 had no time to react and ran right into the cart.

Feey2- "OOF! ARGH! Get back here, Feey1!"

Feey- "You'll never catch me, you freak!"

Feey looked to his left and saw a stair case. He turned towards it and started to run down the steps as fast he could. Feey2 ran to the stairs and saw Feey1 running down. Quickly Feey2 reached for his pocket and pulled out a small disk shaped thing, a electronic bomb! He threw the bomb at the wall and it quickly exploded.


The stair case started to collapse, right on Feey1.

Feey- "AUGH! Faster, faster."

Feey2- "See if you can get out of this!"

Feey jumped from one flight, to another. As soon as he came to a door he threw it open and ran in. As soon as he got in he heard a large crash in the room he came from. The door had a window so he looked through it and saw a mess of stair cases piled on top of each other.

Feey- "Oh my, that was close!"

Feey1 turned around and looked both ways of the hallway. When he didn't see Feey2 he waddled into the hallway and ran quickly towards the exit. He saw some doctors and quickly stopped to tell them something.

"If you see a black, old penguin with a cane and top hat tell him I'm going to go help Kaylin."

Feey1 started to run towards the entrance again. He pushed the doors open and saw his mom waddling towards the hospital.

Sue- "Feey1, what are you doing?"

Feey- "No time. Tell grandpa I went to go help Kaylin. Careful there's an evil clone of me in there! Bye, mom."

Sue- "O_O"

Feey1 ran into the middle of the Plaza, then ran towards the Snow Forts.


Feey(thinking)- "What the heck?"

Suddenly Feey1 found himself in a massive shadow. He looked up and saw the underside of Snoss LATTU! He quickly started to run again, but a RDA Clone Trooper jumped down in front of him with his gun pointed.

Trooper- "Think again."

Feey1 turned around and ran that way, only to be stopped by another trooper.

Trooper 2- "Stay where you are."

Feey ran towards the middle only to have Feey2 jump right in front of him and stop him.

Feey2- "Where are you going? We have so many things planned with you."

Feey- "Like killing me?!"

Feey2- "That's number one on our list."

Feey2 jumped at Feey1 and tackled him to the ground. Feey2 pinned Feey to the ground and reached for his pocket. He pulled out his Keysaber and just when he was about to turn it on...


...a Player Card fell out of the pocket and landed on the ground. Feey1 looked at it and saw that it was his!

Feey- "My Player Card!"

Feey1 punched his clone in the stomach and pushed Feey2 off of him. He raced to the Player Card and quickly scrolled through the Inventory. Feey2 stood up and turned around to see him. He started running at Feey1, picking up speed. Just as he was about to come in contact with his original he ran into a thick piece of metal.


Feey2 fell onto the ground and groaned. He looked up to a Penguin Super Suit standing above him.

Feey2- "ARGH! My head, it hurts so bad!"

Feey1- "Well I got to my Super Suit just in time."

Suddenly the RDA troopers started to fire at Feey1. Reacting Feey shot, and killed them. When Feey wasn't looking Feey2 quickly looked up at the LATTU as a rope ladder came down. He grabbed onto it and the LATTU took off.

Feey2- "Goodbye, Feey1!"

Feey2 climbed into the LATTU and went in the gunner's seat. He aimed the gun at Feey1 and fired. Feey quickly flew in his Super Suit towards the LATTU and grabbed it. With all the power the suit had he pushed it down to the ground, and it crashed. The LATTU was almost a sandwich before Feey2 escaped. He broke the glass of a window and jumped out as soon as he could.

Kaylin Peirce looked the window as she watched the sea rush by. She was now flying home, after Zayne Pie gave her 100's of coins. She turned her head away and looked at a magazine in her lap. She slowly turned to the next page, where she saw a ad that took up two full pages. The ad was one of those public announcements telling penguins to play with their chicks. This ad should a mom and her chick playing tennis and smiling.

Kaylin- "Sigh. I'm coming my chicks, momma's coming."

Attendant- "Would you like something, madam?"

Kaylin almost jumped at the voice. Standing right there with a food cart was a flight attendant. She was smiling and looking down at Kaylin waiting for an answer.

Kaylin- "Um, yes. I'll have one peanut bag, and a cup of orange juice."

Attendant- "Okay, that will be twenty five coins."

Kaylin reached into her pocket and handed the money to the attendant. The attendant quickly poured the juice and got the peanut bag. Kaylin once again looked down at the ad. A tear drop fell down on it.

Chapter Five: Snoss Fighter Jet Coming Your Way[edit]

Feey2 stood against the Night Club wall breathing heavily. With Feey1 in his Penguin Super Suit there was no way he could beat him. He tried to think of a way to defeat his original, but nothing came to mind. He leaned forward to look into the Town but all he saw a was bunch of penguins.

Feey2- "Woo. Feey1 isn't out there."


Feey2 suddenly found himself staring at the legs of a Penguin Super Suit.

Feey2- "Great, just great."

Feey1- "There you are, Feey2!"

Feey1 grabbed Feey2 and threw him into the Town. Then the suit's arm popped open with weapons. Feey2 soon found himself the target of uncountable lazer pointers.

Feey2- "GRUB."

Feey2 quickly got up and ran towards the Coffee Shop. Feey1 fired more rounds at him, but missed every time. Soon Feey2 disappeared in the ally in between the Coffee Shop and Night Club. He quickly turned on his communicator, and Swiss's face showed again.

Swiss- "What is it, Feey2?"

Feey2- "Sir, I need a Snoss fighter jet right now! You know to continue with Operation: Thanksgiving BOOM, BOOM."

Swiss- "Hmmm, and what exactly will you do with it?"

Feey2- "Kill my original, shoot down Kaylin's flight, and probably destroy Club Penguin."

Swiss- "Don't use the third one. I'm commanding a fighter to go there, just tell the LATTU to go back to Snowzerland."

Feey2- "Ummm. The LATTU is, um flatten and destroyed."

Swiss- "WHAT!?! How did that happen!? Did Feey1 get to his Player Card?"

Feey2- "Yes."

Swiss- "We have no backup plan for this, you're on your own now."

Feey2- "What? Oh alright, I'll improvise."

Swiss- "Listen, I'm very busy right now so I MUST go. Bye."

Feey2- "Bye, sir."

Swiss hung up and Feey2 grumbled.

"ARGH! I can't believe...wait! Swiss isn't commanding me anymore, this changes everything. Without Swiss I will succeed at last! Hahaha!!!"

Feey2 hurried his way out of the alley way and headed towards the airport behind the Stadium. He ran past the Stadium and found himself at the airport. It was bustling with activity and penguins were all over the place. Feey2 waddled towards the wall and continued through the airport next to the wall. As he came to the security check he stopped and worried. He wouldn't be able to get to the runway without going through security, and if he did he couldn't bring his weapons.

"Great, how am I suppose to get to the runway?"

Unfortunately the Snoss fighter flew in at that very moment, and Feey2 needed to act fast. There was a big glass window beyond the security check point. An idea suddenly popped into his head. Feey2 waddled back a few feet, then started to run forward. As he came near the check point he jumped over the scanner and landed on the other side. Everyone noticed this including the guards.

Guard- "Hey, stop right there!"

Feey2- "Uh-oh."

Feey2 quickly pulled down his hood to the point that his third eye could be seen. The guards freaked out and stopped suddenly.

"You have a third eye!?"

Feey2- "Scared yet?"

Without warning Feey2 turned on his Keysaber and stabbed it in the guard. The guard's body fell to the ground and everyone screamed. Feey2 started running again when everyone was in shock. One of the guards saw Feey2 running away, so he pulled out his gun. He clumsy shot at Feey2, but missed every time.

Guard 2- "Freeze!"

The guard chased after him and kept shooting, or missing. Feey2 ran towards the glass window and jumped.


He bounced off the glass and fell onto the floor. He sat back up and rubbed his forehead.

"What the heck!?"

The guard suddenly shot at Feey2 again, and like always missed and shot the...


...window. Shards of glass blasted in the air and flew across the airport. Feey2 quickly jumped out the broken window and fell down to the runway.


He landed on the ground and instantly started running again. He looked for the fighter and spotted it out in the middle of the runways. The pilot was sitting in the cockpit listening to the radio music. Feey2 ran up to him and threw him out of the cockpit. The pilot hit hard on the ground, but Feey2 didn't bother checking on him. He quickly closed the cockpit and started up the engines. He drove the fighter out into the runway and took off. He looked down at the airport to see police cars and ambulances on the scene.

Feey1 watched the fighter jet fly away, and he almost screamed. It suddenly came to him that Feey2 was after Kaylin, so he drove the Super Suit into the sky and chased after the fighter jet. Unlike jetpacks; Super Suits can fly 94% as fast as an average fighter jet can fly. Feey1 quickly caught up with Feey2, then every Super Suit pilot's nightmare happened: the fuel gage beeped for fuel.

Feey- "Uh-oh."

The Super Suit deactivated, and it suddenly started to fall. Feey1 screamed for about thirty seconds before thinking. Seeing how close he was to the water he quickly grabbed his Player Card, and put on his Jetpack. He started up the Jetpack right as he was about to fall in the water. He closed his eyes tight and held onto the lever straps of the Jetpack. When he stopped feeling rushing wind he opened his eyes and saw he was floating over the water.

Feey- "Oh, boy. That was close, but..AUGH! I need to save Kaylin! Ummm...I better fly back to Club Penguin and refuel my Super Suit, but that could take thirty minutes! I need...."

Rockhopper- "You need help there lad?"

Feey1 looked behind him to see Rockhopper and Yarr in the Mirgrator looking down on him. Yarr was looking his telescope and Feey, and Rockhopper was eating a slice of pizza. He took the last few bites right as Feey was answering.

"Rockhopper, I'm so glad you're here! I need a fast way to get to an airplane! Can you help me?"

Rockhopper- "An airplane? Err..I don't know how I can help you, lad."

Feey- "Well I need a refuel and you get me to Club Penguin?"

Rockhopper- "Come on up here."

Rockhopper motioned with his flipper for Feey1 to get on the Migrator. Obeying Feey flew up onto he deck in his jetpack, which quickly disappeared after he pulled out his Player Card. Rockhopper waddled over to the helm(that big wheel that pirates use to steer a ship), and turned it in the direction of Club Penguin. Feey waddled up to the front of the ship and looked over the waters.

Feey2 sat in the fighter jet smiling. He planned to shoot down the commercial jet, and capture Kaylin right before they crashed. He would soon use her to get Feey1 to come with him to Snowzerland, where Feey will be killed. He pulled on the choke and caused the jet to go faster.

Feey2(thinking)- "They don't stand a chance!"

At the control tower..

A worker at the control tower looked at the radar trying to find Feey2, after given orders by police to do so. The radar picked up Kaylin's flight, and closely behind the flight was the Snoss fighter. The worker panicked, then quickly called his boss over.

Worker- "Sir, I've picked up the Snoss fighter!"

Boss- "Where is it?"

Worker- "About ninety miles behind Flight 567, the one that left eight hours ago."

Boss- "Contact them, and tell them to get back to the mainland quickly. If anything that fighter jet is after them!"

Worker- "Yes sir, I'll contact them now."

The worker reached for a microphone, and pressed a small button on the stand.

"Flight 567, please respond. Over."

Pilot(radio)- "This is flight 567, what is it control tower? Over."

Worker- "A Snoss fighter jet is coming your way. Caution, we believe it is trying to attack you. Over."

Pilot(radio)- "Control tower please repeat that last message. Over."

Worker- "A Snoss fighter jet is coming your way. Caution, we believe it is trying to attack you. Over."

Pilot(radio)- "Roger that, we'll speed up the engines for the mainland. Over and out."

Feey1 quickly activated his Penguin Super Suit and took off. It took Rockhopper twenty minutes to sail back to Club Penguin, and Feey knew that Feey2 was chasing after Kaylin. As Feey looked out of the cockpit he saw the Hydro Hopper boat go by, and a penguin jet skiing. The penguin looked up and waved to Feey, then lost his grip and rolled into the water.

Feey- "Hahahaha! That's kind of funny!"

Feey1 turned back and pulled on the choke, sending more power to the engines. The Super Suit gained speed an blasted through the air! Soon a sonic boom was heard, and Feey couldn't even hear himself yell. When the Super Suit slowed down the noise quickly caught up and he could hear the engines again.

Feey- "Wow, these things really are weapons of mass destruction. I can't believe I invented them myself."

Feey1 looked at the radar and saw that he was forty miles from Feey2's jet, then he noticed it was right behind Flight 567. Feey was confused for a moment.

"Now why would Feey2 be tailing a commercial flight? The only reason he would was if that flight was the on Kaylin was....ON!!!!"

Quickly Feey1 pushed a lever and the Super Suit gained speed, quickly. The Super Suit was going at five-hundred miles per hour, and burning fuel quickly. Feey looked ahead and only saw ocean.

Feey- "Darn it! If I don't get the heck there in time, Feey2 will probably kill Kaylin! There has to be a faster way."

Feey2 cackled as Flight 567 came into the view. The jet was quite small, and it had SkyJet Airways' logo on the side. On the handles were two red buttons that when clicked shot bullets. Feey2 reached for one of the buttons and clicked.



Bullets blasted out of the guns and shot the left wing of the jet, the wing broke off of the plane. The plane tilted to the right, and went down. Feey2 flew his fighter jet down towards the water, trying to figure out how to save Kaylin. Finally he decided to eject out of the fighter jet, and fall into the water. Feey2 pressed the eject button, and blasted out of the cockpit. Without opening his parachute, he quickly fell into the water and swam towards the commercial plane. Using his super strength he broke the door open and barged in. Inside penguins and puffles were screaming and people were trying to escape. Feey2 ignored them all, and pushed his way through the aisle. He found Kaylin in the back helping a chick. Feey2 grabbed her and quickly carried her up the aisle as she hit him on the back. Once they were out of the jet Feey2 threw a bomb into it, and quickly pulled Kaylin into the water.


The jet exploded, and everyone was killed. Feey2 pulled Kaylin up to the surface where there was burning oil, and debris everywhere. Kaylin pulled back her flipper and slapped Feey2 across the cheek.

Kaylin- "Who are you?"

Feey2- "I am Feey2, and I have been ordered by Swiss Ninja Hochstadt to capture you."

Kaylin- "You're that penguin that attacked Feey1, are you?"

Feey2- "Yes, I am."

Before Kaylin could react Feey2 put a bag over her head, and tied her flippers behind her back. Feey2 picked up his Player Card, and put on his jetpack. He took off towards the USA, where he would stay and wait for Feey1. As they were flying towards the USA Kaylin hit, and kicked Feey2. She yelled and cried out, but all Feey2 could hear was mumbling.

Later that night they finally landed in in Elterbrast. As soon as they touched down penguins started throwing rocks at them, and came at them with spears. Feey2 pulled out his Keysaber and killed all the ones he saw. The news spread out quickly around the town, and all the penguins decided to kill him and Kaylin.

Feey2 slowly waddled through the forest, still carrying Kaylin. He waddled up to a O Berry bush and hid behind it. The noise of angry penguins were heard in the background, and they kept fading away. When Feey2 didn't hear them, he ripped the bag off of Kaylin's head.


Feey2- "Shhh! You want to get killed? We're in Elterbrast, you idiot."

Kaylin- "Watch your tongue. Or I'll cut it clean off."

Feey2- "9_9"

Kaylin- "Did you just roll your eyes at me!?"

Feey2- "Oh shut it."

Feey2 plopped the bag back on Kaylin, and picked her up. He carried her for miles until they finally came across a cave. Feey2 laid Kaylin on the cave floor, and sat down by her. He ripped the bag off her head, and she looked very angry.

Feey2- "We're safe here. Now NO calling for help, or I'll spin you around and throw you off a cliff!"

Kaylin- "You wouldn't do that to me, you need me for your plan to work."

Feey2- "ARGH! Quite, you."

Feey2 got up and waddled out of the cave. Kaylin looked outside of the cave and saw the moon rising. She started to think of her chicks, and her dumb nanny.

Kaylin(thinking)- "After this I'm moving to the Yow Kingdom."

Chapter Six: Feey1 Returns to Shiverpool[edit]

Feey1 woke up in a tree at Elterbrast. He looked around and wondered why he was there. Soon he noticed the engines were damaged, and a note was left on the cockpit window.

Feey- "What the heck?"

Feey opened up the cockpit and grabbed the note. As he started to read he started to panic too.

Dear Feey1, it is me: Feey2. I have captured your love: Kaylin Peirce,
and is holding her ransom. Meet me at cave signaled by smoke, and don't even
think of doing any funny business. See you real soon my original. 

Feey1 crumbled up the note and threw it down into the forest. He shouted his lungs out.


He quickly put his Penguin Super Suit into his Inventory, and brought out his jetpack. He flew up into the air and looked around the area. He saw no caves, so he decided to fly South and look for any.

Feey- "Don't worry, Kaylin, I'm coming for you."

A group of Elterbraster citizens gathered around a blue penguin holding a stick. He had a beard, and wore broken glasses. He shouted to the crowd that two normal penguins, and one rich penguin had entered their town. The crowd booed, and hissed. The penguin silenced the crowd, and got down to the snow. Using the stick he made up a map for a plan. After he was done he grouped up some penguins, and gave them all spears. The mob ran out of the town and into the woods after Feey1, Feey2, and Kaylin. They shouted weird things, and cut down bushes for no reason. The blue penguin grabbed an O Berry and smeared the juice around his face, and shouted like a mad penguin.

After two hours of flying Feey1 finally saw the smoke that he was told to look for. He flew down to the cave opening and landed on the ground. There was a fire pit by his feet, but no sign of Feey2. Suddenly a mysterious penguin stepped out of the cave, it was Feey2!

Feey- "There you are, you coward!"

Feey2- "Glad to see you again, my original. I'm sure you came to save Kaylin."

Feey- "Yes, you have no right to kidnap her."

Feey2- "Oh, I don't want her. I want YOU, Feey1. You see Kaylin will make it back home if you come with me."

Feey- "To where?"

Feey2- "Back to Snowzerland where you will die."

Feey- "If anything show me that Kaylin is fine."

Feey2- "GRUB! Fine.

Feey2 waddled into the cave and came back out with Kaylin. He pulled the brown bag off of her head. When she saw Feey1 she rejoiced.

"You've come to save me!"

Feey- "Um...well, yes."

Feey2- "Enough chit chat! Feey, if you come with me Kaylin will return home safely."

Kaylin- "What will you do to Feey?"

Feey2- "I won't do anything, Swiss Ninja will."

Feey1 stood still for a moment to think up something. Finally something came to mind. Quickly Feey pulled out his Keysaber, and swung it at Feey2. Reacting Feey2 dodge towards Kaylin and pulled out his Keysaber, too. He put the lazer near Kaylin's neck, which instantly stopped Feey from doing anything.

Feey2- "Any move towards me and she is dead."

Feey- "How could you just kill someone like that?"

Feey2- "I was raised by Swiss. Now, either come with me or she will die."

Kaylin- "Don't you dare threat me, Feey2!"

Feey2- "Oh really, and what are you going to do about it?"

Kaylin- "This."

Quickly Kaylin grabbed Feey2's flipper, and threw him into the ground. Then she punched Feey2's stomach, and kicked him across the ground. Feey2 slid to the edge and just as he was about to get up, Kaylin pushed him over the edge of a cliff.


Feey2's voice faded away quickly and Feey1 stood there shocked at what Kaylin did.

Feey- "How did you..."

Kaylin- "I was once an EPF agent. I learned some moves while I was there."

Feey- "I could never do something like that."

Kaylin- "Alright, take me home now."

Feey- "Umm. Well I suppose I can take you by jetpack to the nearest town."

Kaylin- "Good, and then you'll give me money for a flight home?"

Feey- "Umm...sure. Here's some coins."

Feey1 handed Kaylin a bag full of coins. She smiled and happily took it, then placed it in her pocket. She turned around and started to waddle away.

Feey- "Wait Kaylin, you know these people hate rich folk. You can be in danger by yourself."

Kaylin- "I'm not rich."

Feey- "Well they hate anyone who has money! Let me help you out of this town."

Feey1 grabbed Kaylin's flipper and looked at her. She pulled her flipper from him and continued to waddle away. She scoffed at Feey.

"I can make it home just fine. Thanks for the help anyways."

Feey- "But...."

Kaylin- "I'm fine!"

Feey2 groaned on the rocky terrain. He slowly opened his eyes to see a large cliff in front of him. He had bruises across him, but no injuries. As he sat up and looked at himself he smiled.

"Super strength it really handy. Hahaha! Now to get Feey1."

Feey2 stood up and waddled towards a hill to his right. As he went up it he heard snare drums in the background, and yelling penguins. When he got to the top he saw a group of mad penguins with pitchforks waddling as fast as they could. They waddled past the cave Feey2 and Kaylin stayed in, and they followed tracks in the snow. Feey2 was confused for second than it hit him: they were chasing after Feey1 and Kaylin! Feey2 rested himself against the cave wall and laughed.

"Hahahaha! This will be as easy as cake. The angry hobos will just go, and kill the two of them for me. I don't even have to do anything! Hahahaha!"

Feey2 started a fire in the cave and snuggled up near it. His eye lids slowly closed and he started to snore. Then his mind came alive with weird dreams. He started to dream of Swiss Ninja, Feey1, Kaylin, and a walrus playing the piano. SN, Feey, and Kaylin were in a bar and were talking with each other. The walrus played a weird song, probably 'Row, Row Your Boat'. When the song ended a figure wearing a cloak barged into the bar, and turned on his Keysaber. He shouted at the trio, then attacked Feey. SN pulled the figure off of Feey, and threw him into a table. Feey ran up to the figure and punched him in the gut. Then SN ran up to him and pulled off his cloak. The penguin had a third eye, and was a dark blue. SN and Feey traded looks, then killed the penguin!


Feey2 woke up in the cave screaming. He was breathing heavily, and was outside the cave. As he looked around the cave he saw scratches, and marks on the cave walls. The fire wood was all over the place, and Feey2's Keysaber was on the ground still activated.

Feey2- "What...what, happened? What's going on, here?"

Feey2 panicked, and cowardly waddle into the woods and hid behind an O' Berry bush. Feey2 sat there freaking out, and thinking about his dream.

Feey2(thinking)- "What does there dream mean? Swiss Ninja and Feey1 teaming up against me? Impossible! It was probably just a weird dream, that's all."

Feey2 laid on the snow and quickly fell asleep. As he did a dream took him back to the bar, the one in his last dream.

After the penguin was killed he was taking to a grave yard and buried, then SN and Feey1 went back to the bar. There Kaylin gave them two big bottles of Cream Soda, and the two of them had a celebration. They shouted, "Hurray! Hurray! He is dead!" They danced, and they sung. Soon RDA troopers join them in the celebration, and King Alexander appeared. Then Clovis, and Cheddar Ninja, and all of them came! Fireworks shot up into the sky, and the Penguin Band played happy tunes.

Feey2 woke up again screaming. He shook his head, and slapped his feet. Tears came down his face, and thoughts pounding in his head.

Feey2- "What does it mean? What does it mean!?"

Feey1 and Kaylin looked out the taxi windows, and saw the amazing city: Shiverpool. Feey was surprised at how little it changed since the USA took over.

Feey- "Shiverpool, my home town. Driver, take us to ShiverBells."

Driver- "Alright, but it will cost you another 60 coins."

Feey- "GRUB! Here you go."

Feey1 handed sixty coins to the driver, then settled back in his seat. Kaylin looked at him puzzled, then finally asked a question.

"Shiverbells? The hotel isn't there."

Feey- "Ya, but my parents are."

Kaylin- "Your parents still live here?

Feey- "They just can't leave the place you know. Even though it is pretty small."

Igloo scene.png

The taxi drove into Shiverbells, and up to Feey1's chick house. The house was really large, and had a massive property compared to the modern day properties. The house was made of stone, and had some old charm in it. Sitting in a swinging chair was a orange penguin.

The penguin looked at the car, and tilted his head. Feey1 opened up the door and waved at the penguin.

Feey- "Hi, dad!"

Garmield- "You have a lot of nerve coming here slave owner."

Feey- "Hey, they were about to eat you!"

Garmield- "Who cares. Besides I saved you, and..."

Sue- "Quiet you two. I know we have a large property, but that doesn't mean our neighbors can't hear you."

Feey1's mom waddled out of the house and onto the deck. He glared at Garmield, then turned back to Feey. She ran down to him, and gave him a big hug.

Feey- "Mom."

Sue- "Yes?"

Feey- "Can't....breathe."

Sue- "Oh honey, sorry!"

Sue let go of Feey1, and he took some deep breathes. Once his skin turned his normal color of blue he started to talk again.

"Can we stay here over night?"

Sue- "'We'?"

Right after Sue said it Kaylin got out of the taxi and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Kaylin Peirce."

Feey- "Oh and mom that's spelled: Peirce, not Pierce."

Sue- "Feey1, you got a girlfriend! Finally, I knew someone out there was perfect for you."

Feey and Kaylin- "Woah! No, no, no."

Feey- "Mom, I'm just helping her get to West Pengolia to her chicks. We're not..."

Kaylin- " love or anything. He's just helping me."

Garmield- "Wouldn't it be easier just to buy her a plane ticket to West Pengolia?"

Feey- "Well, ummm, well yes. But..."

Sue- "..."

Garmield- "Hey Feey, there's a nice place in the basement for you to sleep in!"

Sue- "Quiet, honey! He may be a slave owner, but he's still your son!"

Garmield- "9_9"

Feey- "Don't make me! I have a Keysaber you know."

Garmield- "And I have a magical gold viking helmet that makes people drool!"

The two started to argue and Sue gave up. She turned her attention to Kaylin and started to talk with her.

Sue- "So, why are you going to West Pengolia?"

Kaylin- "My nanny quit, and the government will cease control of my chicks in twenty four days."

Sue- "Sounds band."

Kaylin- "It is. So how long have you lived in Shiverpool?"

Sue- "Wellmy whole life. The Pie Family is well centered around this town."

The two continued to chat while Feey1 and Garmield argued with each other.

In a board room some of the Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland were waiting for Swiss Ninja Hochstadt. The gathered ones were: Django Ghent, and Java Ghent. The room was quiet until the doors opened, and Swiss waddled into the room. He waddled towards the end of the table and looked at the bounty hunters.

Swiss- "Good even Django, and Java. I have a new mission for you."

Django- "Permission to speak, sir?"

Swiss- "Why wouldn't you have permission? Continue, Django!"

Django- "Well where are all the others?"

Swiss- "They were busy, you two were the only available ones."

Django- "Oh, well then what is our mission?"

Swiss- "You all know who Feey2 is right?"

Django and Java- "Yes."

Swiss- "Well he is having some problems with Operation: Thanksgiving BOOM BOOM, and I think he could use some help."

Java- "Wait, Feey2? You know he doesn't like his work tampered with, he wants to do things alone. He may attack us!"

Swiss- "Calm down! I'll send Feey2 a message, Java. For heaven's sake.."

Django- "I accept the mission. It's about time I get hired to chase down that Feey1."

Java- "I dunno, there seems to be something good in him."

Django and Swiss glared at Java, which kind of made him uneasy. Java shook in his and let out a few words.

"I mean he's pure evil. Slave owner; how crazy is that?"

Swiss- "Glad we're all on the same page. Now go to Shiverpool via aircraft. An LATTU would be too slow."

Java and Django- "Yes, Swiss, sir!"

The two bounty hunters waddled out of the room.

Feey2 slowly waddled through the woods, depressed by his nightmares. He started to think that they met something not a vision of the future, but something like it. Feey2 didn't JUST dream things like these, it had to be a message.

Feey2- "Well, it would have just been a dream."

Suddenly the noise of angry villagers could be heard behind Feey2. They started to get louder, and louder until Feey2 felt he could almost turn around and touch them. Feey2 turned around, and looked eye-to-eye at a crazy penguin holding a spear.

Villager- "Do ya has money?!"

Feey2- "Yes, but I'm not giving it to you."

Villager- "Than us kill you."

Feey2(scoffing)- "Ya, right. You guys are funny."

Villager- "Are us?"

Feey2- "Yes, and you're getting in the way of my work."

Feey2 quickly pulled out an ice machine gun, and shot at all the villagers. The villagers screamed and jumped into the bushes. Some tried throwing their spears at Feey2, but missed. They tried running away, but got shot down. One minute later every villager but one was killed.

Feey2- "If one of you isn't killed, get out of my site!"

A villager jumped out of a bush and ran away. Feey2 laughed and turned back around, and continued down the path. He pulled out the Operation: Thanksgving BOOM BOOM folder and started to read the next step. As he read through the last line caught his eye. It read:

If Feey2 reaches this point, Java Ghent and Django Ghent will be sent in.

Feey2 couldn't believe his eyes, Swiss Ninja planned to replace him at this stage! Feey2's face turned purple(because he's a blue penguin, and red+blue=purple). He crumbled up the folder and threw it into the bushes.

Feey2- "Why doesn't Swiss trust me?! He raised me himself, I'm one of the best soldiers in the RDA! How could I need help, or even be replaced!? ARGH!!!"

Feey2 pulled out his Keysaber and sliced a tree in half. The large tree fell into another tree, and caused a domino action.

Feey2- "Wait if Java and Django are coming, I'll just get rid of them. It will be easy, no one but me could be better than Swiss!"

Feey2 grabbed his special communicator, and dropped it on the ground. Then he stepped on it. He started to cackle.

Feey2- "Hahaha! Swiss doesn't know what he is doing, so I'll never work for him again. I'll complete my life's goal, then I'll get Swiss Ninja. The world WILL be ruled by one, but that 'one' will be! Hahahaha! Cough! Cough! Too much cackling. Cough! Cough!"

Java Ghent looked out of the cockpit, and waved to Django Ghent in the other plane. Django didn't wave back, but rather kept looking at the controls. Java went back to looking at his controls, to make sure everything was okay. When the coordinates matched up with the ones Swiss had given them, Django contacted Java.

"Django to Java. We have reached the desired coordinates, and are ready to land. Over."

Java(radio)- "Roger that. Let's spiral down and land in that field down there. Over."

Django- "Roger that."

The two planes turned sharply to the left, and started to spiral down to the field. When they were a couple hundred feet off the ground, they turned hard to the right. They went towards the field straight on, and finally landed at the same time. However as they landed Django's jet hit a tree stump, and jumped into the air. The jet fell back to the ground, and crashed into the field. Java panicked and quickly slowed down his jet. As soon as his jet stop he got up, and raced over to Django(who had broken through the cockpit and was now on the ground).

Java- "Father, are you alright?"

Django- "Well, I've been through worse. I only have a couple of bruises."

Java- "Especially on your head, well it's actually kind of more as a bump."

Django- "WHAT!? How big is it?"

Java- "Ummm, tiny."

However the bump of Django's forehead was huge! It was all red, and really puffy. It extended about half an inch out, and took up all of his forehead. Java just couldn't bear telling him how big it was.

Chapter Seven: Weirdness In The Pie Family[edit]

Feey1, Garmield Pie, Sue Pie, and Kaylin Peirce sat and ate at a dining table. No one was talking, and the sound of forks clashing on plates was all that was heard. Sue glanced at everyone, and finally decided to break the silence.

"So Kaylin, you have how many chicks?"

Kaylin- "Four little chicks, two boys and two girls."

Sue- "That's nice. Well..."

Garmield- "You know what isn't nice: slave owners?"

Feey- "You're never going to let me live that down, are you?"

Garmield- "Nope. You're no longer my son, a Pie never enslaves."

Sue- "Garmield!"

Feey- "Dad, they were going to eat us!"

Sue- "Feey1!"

Garmield- "Well that doesn't mean you can enslave them."

Sue- "Honey."

Feey- "They have no minds."

Garmield- "Just like you!"

Sue- "Oh boy."

Feey1 and his father got up out of their seats and faced each other. Garmield wrapped his flippers in a fist, and Feey reached for his Keysaber.

Sue- "ENOUGH!!! Garmield apologize."

Garmield- "Hmph. I'm sorry."

Sue- "Feey1 Pie?"

Feey- "I'm sorry, too."

Sue- "Good! I'm glad this is settled."

But it wasn't settled, Feey1 got up out of his chair and waddle to the guest room. A door creaked opened, then slammed shut. Garmield got up to and waddled out the front door, slamming it too.

Django Ghent, and Java Ghent waddled down the trail looking for Feey2. They followed a footprints, and every once in a while there was something cut.

Django- "Looks like he's mad. Every five feet there's something cut by a Keysaber."

Java- "Yes, he must be mad. But why?"

Django- "No clue."

Java- "Hey Django, look at this!"

Java waddled up to a rock, on the rock there was a sticky note. Java pulled it off the rock and examined it. He read aloud:

I see Swiss Ninja has replaced me. How dare he do that! I'm the best at this
job, not you two! Swiss, and you will pay for this. -Feey2

Java- "What does it mean, father?"

Django- "Feey2 is going to attack us!"

Java- "What?!"

No later after Java said it, Feey2 jumped down from a tree and onto Java. Feey2 got off of Java, then picked him up in the air. He threw Java into Django, then pulled out his Keysaber. Django pushed Java off of him, and pulled out his gun. He blasted at Feey2 but it wasn't affective, Feey2 just bounced them away with his Keysaber. While Django was shooting at Feey2, Java got off of the ground. He pulled out his Snowball Gun, and pointed it at Feey2's back.

Java- "Stop!"

Feey2 reluctantly turned off his Keysaber, and put his flippers in the air.

Django- "Good. Now to..."

Java- "Wait, we're here to help him! Not kill him, Django. Listen Feey2, we're not trying to replace, or hurt you. We're here to help you, and be under your command."

Feey2- "Liars! You Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland are idiots, and liars."

Django- "How dare you insult..."

Java- "Knock it off! Now Feey2, do you promise to cooperate if I take this gun off your back?"

Feey2- "Do you promise to cooperate?"

Java- "Yes."

Django- "Maybe."

Feey2- "I promise if you promise."

Java slowly pulled the gun from Feey2's back, and put it in his holster. Feey2 waddled away from Java, and ended up in between the two bounty hunters.

Feey2- "So, where is my original?"

Django- "SN has sent scouts to chase him down, and we have located him in Shiverpool: his home town."

Feey2- "He's probably staying at that inn, or even his parent's house."

Java- "Well Swiss gave us orders to occupy a house near his parents, or the hotel room he is staying in."

Feey2- "Here's what we'll do: one of us goes to the inn, and another goes to the house. I'll be in the town square near the fountain. If any of us spot Feey1 we contact each other, and give directions. Understood?"

Java and Django- "Yes, sir."

Feey2- "Then let's do it!"

Later That Night...

Feey2, Java, and Django finally arrived at Shiverpool. They had stolen a van to drive there, and endured a police chase. They abandoned the van in an alley way, not far from the fountain Feey2 was talking about. The fountain was right in the middle of the road, which had to circle around it. On the edge of the road were seafood diners, and small stores.

Feey2- "Alright Java go to the inn, and Django go to the house. I'll stay here and keep an eye for Feey1, if he comes into town."

Django- "Sounds like a plan to me."

Java- "Alright, but I don't think Feey would stay in a hotel under five stars."

Feey2- "Just go!"

Java- "Yes, sir."

Java and Django quickly waddled away opposite of each other, and Feey2 just waddled up to the fountain. He sat down in a bench near it, and took a long nap.

Feey2- "ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz...."

Java waddled through the alley way, trying to hide from the citizens. As he came to the end of the alley, he saw the small inn across a road. He looked out of the alley both ways, making sure there were no citizens around. When the coast was clear he ran across the street, and jumped behind a bush in front of the inn.

Java(thinking)- "Alright, made it across."

He turned around to face the small inn's office, which was a separate building from the inn itself. The office building was kept, and cleaned well. When Java looked at the inn itself he saw old, broken, outdated, rotting buildings.

Java(thinking)- "Okay, Feey1 definitely isn't there! May as well turn around, and go back."

Java stood up from behind the bush and started up his jetpack. He flew up into the sky, and flew back to the town square.

Django sneaked up to Feey1's parent's igloo, which was protected by a large brick wall. When Django got up to the wall he stopped, and looked up at it. It was ten feet tall, and one foot thick.

Django(thinking)- "Hmmm, well I guess I'll have to climb over it."

Django grabbed onto some bricks sticking out of the wall, and started to climb up it. In under thirty seconds he reached the top, and jumped off the wall. Unfortunately right behind the wall were pine trees, and Django fell right into them. He crashed into the pointy branches, and fell onto the frozen ground.

Django- "OWWWW!"

Django slowly got up on his feet, and tried to look through the tree branches. He saw the massive igloo, and large porch. He pulled out a pair of binoculars, and tried looking through the igloo's window. He didn't see anyone, and got pretty mad.

Django(thinking)- "Well, I guess I'll have to get closer to the igloo."

Django got out the trees, and ran towards the igloo. He ran up towards the wall, and stood there. He waited for a few seconds to make sure no one heard him, then he sneaked around towards the back of the igloo. He found a back door there, and he opened it quietly. He tip-toed into the igloo, and slowly crept up the stairs. He tip-toed into a hallway, and looked for Feey1's room. He saw a sign hanging from a door that said: 'Feey1's room'. Django didn't hesitate at all, and barged into the room.

Django- "Ah ha! There you...wait, where is Feey1?"

Django looked around and didn't see Feey1 anywhere. He scratched his head, then slowly waddled further into the room. He saw some of Feey's old toys, and his bed.

Django(thinking)- "Where is he?"

Suddenly Django heard a footsteps coming up the stairs, and he panicked. He quickly ran over to a window by Feey1's bed, and opened it. He jumped onto a hanging flower pot, and jumped down to the ground from it. He was in the backyard, and quickly ran towards the gate. He quickly opened it up, and ran into the alley way.

Django- "That was close. Wait why did I do that when I could have attacked him?! ARGH! I am not thinking straight today."

Django kicked a rock across the road, which the stone hit someone.

Penguin- "Owww! Right in the neck."

Django- "Are you okay?"

Django quickly waddled up to the penguin to check him.

Penguin- "I'm mighty fine thank you for asking, partner. Anyways, the Fair is a coming to Shiverpool. I am going around town selling tickets, want one?"

Fair ticket.png

Django- "No thank you."

Penguin- "Oh, but guess who's I just sold tickets ta?"

Django- "Listen I don't really...."

Penguin- "I sold a tickets to the Feey1 Pie!"

Django- "What? Okay, now I'd like a ticket."

Penguin- "Alrighty, how many? They are fifty coins each."

Django- "I'm here with two friends, so three would be good."

Penguin- "Alright, here ya go fella."

The penguin gave three tickets to Django, and started to waddle away. The penguin turned around, and started to waddle backwards. He shouted at Django.

"Nice costume! But you do know Halloween is over right?"

Django- "Actually I was on my way to a costume contest!"

Penguin- "Well you will mighty win! See ya at the Fair!"

The penguin turned around, and started to waddle forward again. Django looked at the gold tickets and smile. He headed down the opposite side of the alley, going to the town square.

Java angrily looked down at the sleeping Feey2. Who grumbled, then slapped Feey2 across the face. Feey2 suddenly woke up, and punched Java in the stomach pay back. Java fell to the ground in pain, and gasped for air.

Java- "OUCH! Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Feey2- "Well next time don't slap me, Java."

Java- "You were on the one napping, while me and Django were working!"

Feey2- "Meh, good point."

Feey2 sat down in the bench again, and watched Java get up off the ground. Java sat down on the bench next to Feey2, and laid back. At that moment Django came running up to them, and his flippers were three tickets.

Django- "Alright guys, I got a plan."

Java- "What is it?"

Feey2- "Ya, and it better be good."

Django- "While leaving Feey1's igloo, I met this penguin in the alley way. He was selling tickets for the Fair, and wanted to sell me one. I wasn't interested until he told me he sold two tickets to Feey1."

Java- "Feey1 bought two tickets to the Fair? Why would he buy two?"

Django- "Two words: Kay-Lin."

Java- "Oh, okay."

Feey2- "Wait so you're planning to go to the Fair tomorrow, and attack Feey1 and Kaylin?"

Django- "Well, duh."

Feey2- "Sounds good to me."

Java- "Well I guess that means we'll be staying over night."

Feey2- "Yes, but where exactly? The only place there is that old inn."

Java- "No, not that place! It's disgusting, we could get seriously sick."

Django- "I'm afraid we don't have much other choice."


Feey1 happily looked at the two Fair tickets he bought. He had placed them on his old drawer, nicely lined up. He finally decided to ask Kaylin to go to the Fair with him, had being taunted by his grandfather.

Feey(thinking)- "I hope Kaylin will come."

Feey1 grabbed the tickets, and put them in his pocket. He breathed heavily, and opened up his door. He waddled down to the end of the hallway, where the guest room was. He knocked on it, and waited a few seconds. The door opened up, and standing there was Kaylin.

Kaylin- "What is it, Feey1?"

Feey- "Hey Kaylin, the Fair is coming to Shiverpool and they will be open tomorrow. I was wondering if you wanted to go, with me."

Kaylin- "Well...that would be nice, but we have a flight tomorrow, remember?"

Feey- "Yes, but I was thinking about BEFORE the flight."

Kaylin- "That sounds lovely."

Feey- "Thanks, here your ticket."

Feey1 quickly handed Kaylin her ticket, and ran away to his room. Kaylin smiled, and looked at her ticket. She closed her door, and sat down on her bed.

Kaylin(thinking)- "Maybe he's crushing on me, too?"

Chapter Eight: The Fair Comes to Shiverpool[edit]

Feey1 woke up to loud music, and cheering. He sat up in bed, and rubbed his eyes. He got up out of his bed, and looked out his window. In a nearby street a parade was going by, and penguins lined up on the sidewalks cheered.

-The music playing.

Feey1 smiled, and went downstairs to the kitchen. There his mother was making breakfast: pancakes, french toast, orange juice, and Rhopper Berries on the side.

Feey- "Good morning, mom."

Sue- "Good morning, Feey1. I'm making pancakes, and french toast."

Feey- "So I smelled."

Sue- "Hahaha! Oh, and your father returned last night."

Feey- "Maybe I should apologize to him."

Sue- "Sorry, he's already left for work. Well breakfast is ready."

Feey1 sat down at the dining table, while his mom placed a plate full of food in front of him. Feey thanked his mom, then started to eat the meal. At that moment Kaylin Peirce came down the stairs, and sat at the table also. Sue gave her a plate too, then sat down at the table.

Kaylin- "Our flight is at 1:30pm, so we don't have much time for the Fair."

Sue- "What are you two talking about?"

Feey- "Umm...well I bought two tickets for the Fair, and decided to invite Kaylin."

Sue- "Honey, you're suppose to be helping her get home. Not go on dates."

Feey- "MOM!"

Sue- "Oh, sorry. Hehehe!"

Kaylin- "It's okay Mrs.Pie, I could stand a chance to unwind. With all that's been going on."

Sue- "Oh, well don't be late for your flight."

Kaylin- "Nothing could stop me from missing it."

Java Ghent, and Feey2 woke up to the the Fair music. There were two beds and Feey2 was sleeping on the floor, Java was uncomfortably laying on a bed, and Django was fast asleep on the dirtiest bed.

Django- "ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ...."

Feey2 saw the sleeping bounty hunter, and groaned. He suddenly shout at the top of his lungs.


Django- "AUGH!"

Django jumped out of his bed, and fell onto the floor. Dust flew into the air as he hit the floor. Django got back up trying to act like nothing had happened, but he was really mad at Feey2.

Django- "You are exactly like your original!"

Feey2- "I am his clone, am I not?"

Java- "Guys, let's just start figuring out this plan."

Django- "Alright where are we so far?"

Java pulled out a notebook where they wrote down the whole plan. Django had even as far as to draw maps of the Fair ground.

Java- "Well our plan is: Feey2 will be disguised as a civilian, keeping an eye on Kaylin and Feey1. I will be on the left side of the tent, while Django will be on the right. When Feey2 sees Feey1, and Kaylin he will shoot. If he misses and Feey1 and Kaylin run out of the tent, Django and I will stop them."

Django- "Uhhh."

Feey2- "Hey, its good enough for me."

Java- "Well, let's do it!"

Django- "Get your weapons ready men, today we honor SN once again!"

Feey1 and Kaylin waddled up to the Great Puffle Circus tent, so was everyone else. A bunch of penguins crowded up the tent, and sat down in the bleachers. Feey1 and Kaylin sat near the front row, and bought some popcorn from a vendor. Soon spotlights turned on, and music started to play.

Kaylin- "Hey, it's starting."

Feey- "My grandpa saw this in Club Penguin, I hope it's as good as he said it was."


A red puffle blasted out of a cannon, and into the air. The music got louder, as three puffle ran out of the curtains. Each one stood in the middle of a ring, and did a special trick.


This time two red puffles shot out of cannons, at the same time. The three puffles on the ground went backstage, and the red puffles parachuted into the crowd. The music stopped, and the crowd cheered and clapped.

Crowd- "Yay! Woohoo! That was amazing! Woohoo! Yay!"

After the applause went down, a penguin in a red jacket and hat came into the center ring. In his flipper was microphone, and he started to yell into it.

"Are we having a good time at the Fair?"

Crowd- "YES!"

Penguin- "Well it's about to get better! My name is Clod, the great penguin who brought the Fair to YOU!"

Crowd- "Yay!"

Clod- "Alright, should we continue with the show?!"

Crowd- "YES!"

Clod- "Well let's do it!"

Clod waddled backstage, and the show continued. More puffles came onstage and started to perform tricks. Feey1 watched in amazement, the puffles were doing amazing things. Suddenly a black puffle came into the center ring, and lit on fire. He danced around the ring, which moved the fire into weird shapes.

Kaylin- "That's amazing!"

Feey- "I know right?"

A vendor waddled up next to Feey1, and started to talk to Feey.

"Hey sir, want to buy some popcorn, a drink, cotton candy, ice cream, or a hat?"

Feey- "No thanks I'm good."

The vendor continued to waddled down the stairs, until he tripped over a water bottle. He fell down the stairs, and into the stage. The black puffle accidentally bumped into him, and the vendor's clothes caught on fire. The vendor jumped off the ground, and screamed.


A penguin sitting in front of Feey1 chuckled, then started to laugh out loud. Feey grumbled and tapped the penguin on his shoulder, the penguin turned around to face Feey.

Penguin- "What?"

Feey- "That's not funny! The guy's is literally on fire!"

Penguin- "It's only funny if its not happening to you.

The penguin turned back around, and continued laughing. Clod ran out on stage with a bucket of water, and threw it at the vendor. However Clod accidentally threw the BUCKET at the vendor, and it hit him on the head. The vendor fell on his face, with his clothing still on fire.

Feey- "Dane, I help he gets some help soon."


Feey- "Did he just say 'kind of'?"

Kaylin- "Ummm...yes, he did."

Clod- "Somebody call 911, hurry!"

Feey- "I'll do it!"

Feey1 pulled out his cell phone, and dialed 911.

Java, Django, and Feey2 handed their tickets to the Fair worker, and waddled into the Fair grounds. As planned Java went towards the left, Django went towards the right, and Feey2 went in the tent. When Feey2 went in he heard the noise of laughter, and then saw the unconscious vendor on fire.

Feey2(thinking)- "What a weird act."

Feey2 waddled to the front of the bleachers, then slowly waddled up them looking for Feey1. Feey2 went to the top of the bleachers, where they weren't as many penguins. Once he sat down he finally saw Feey1, and Kaylin sitting ten rows below him.

Feey2(thinking)- "Oh, there they are."

Feey2 pulled out a radio and contacted the others.

Feey2- "Alright guys, I've found Feey1 and Kaylin. They're a couple rows below me."

Java(transmission)- "Wow you got close, now shoot him!"

Feey2- "Way ahead of you."

Feey2 reached into his cloak, and pulled out a lazer gun. He pointed it at Feey1, and fired. The lazer hit a penguin right behind Feey1, and the crowd screamed. The dead penguin fell on Feey1, and he himself screamed. He pushed the dead body off of him, and grabbed Kaylin by the flipper. They ran out of the tent, as hundreds of other penguins ran out too.

Feey1 and Kaylin ran to their left, where Django was waiting for them. Django saw them and bolted out for them. He grabbed onto Kaylin and she screamed.

Django- "You're not going anywhere!"

Feey- "Let go of her!"

Feey1 pulled out his Snowball Gun, and shot Django in the head. He passed out, and let go of Kaylin. Feey led Kaylin into a fun house near by, and they hid in a ball pit there. Soon Django gained conscious again, and quickly got up.

Django- "Where the heck did they go?!"

Django looked around him, until he saw Feey2 and Java running up to him.

Feey2- "Where did they go?"

Django- "Feey1 shot me with a Snowball Gun, he and Kaylin escaped in those thirty seconds I was unconscious."

Java- "ARGH! Feey2, how could you miss?! You're better than an elite RDA Clone Trooper!"

Feey2- "Accidents happen, Java! What we need to focus on is finding those two rift rats."

Django- "Agreed. Now there's a fun house there, a haunted house there, and a ball pit over here. So they're hiding in one of those."

Feey2- "Good work, Django. Java you search the haunted house, Django you search the ball pit, and I'll search the fun house."

Java- "Roger that."

In The Fun House...

Feey1 led Kaylin up the spiral staircase, where he saw a EXIT sign. When they got up there they found themselves in a mirror room, and were really confused.

Kaylin- "Ummm, where now?"

Feey- "We have to find our way out of here. Or maybe we could just escape through your EPF phone."

Kaylin- "We'll miss my flight, and I may not get home in time."

Feey- "Kaylin, you have twenty four days."

The two continued through the mirror room, till they made it to the end. At the end there was a large tube that kept spinning, and a chick was still in there.

Feey- "What are you guy doing here?"

Chick- "Hiding from my parents."

Feey- "Well get out of here, there are bounty hunters here."

Chick- "Bounty hunters? Awesome!"

Feey- "No not awesome. They're trying to kill ME, and HER. If you are in their way, you will get KILLED."

Chick- "Let's go then!"

The chick ran out the tube, and went down a slide at the end. They got out of the slide, just as Feey2 was about to enter the fun house. He waddled up to the chick and waved hello.

Feey2- "Hi there, did you see anyone in there?"

Chick- "Well mister there was: a dark blue penguin, and a lime green one. Why do you ask?"

Feey2- "Oh, I'm just looking for them."

Chick- "Oh and sir, keep an eye out for bounty hunters. They're trying to kill that guy, and women up there."

Feey2(sarcastic)- "I'll keep my eye out then. Thanks for the help."

The chick ran off, and Feey2 went into the fun house. He knew Feey1 and Kaylin weren't coming out, so he decided to go in and catch them. He sneaked through the fun house, until he saw Feey1 and Kaylin. They were sitting in the spinning tube, and Feey2 smiled. He pulled out his lazer gun, and once again aimed for Feey1. He pulled on the trigger...


Feey2(thinking)- "What the heck!?"

Feey2 checked his gun and saw no ammunition, so he reached into his cloak and pulled out a black box. Feey2 tried to put it in the gun, but accidentally dropped it.


Feey1 turned to the noise and saw his evil clone.

Feey- "FEEY2!?!"

Feey2- "Original."

Feey2 quickly pulled out another gun, and started to shoot it at Feey1.

Feey- "Look out!"

Feey1 pulled Kaylin out of the tube, and they went the slide together. Feey2 chased after them, going down the slide as well. Feey1 and Kaylin came out of the slide, and quickly started running.

Feey2- "Backup! Feey1 is getting away!"

Django popped up out of the ball pit, and saw Feey1 running away with Kaylin. He quickly pulled out a gun, and started shooting at them.

Django- "Die! Die! Die!"

Kaylin- "Look out!"

Django pulled out a bazooka, and fired it at the two.

Feey- "Run!"

Django- "You'll never escape!"


Django fired a couple more times until he ran out of ammunition. As he was reloading Java took off in his jetpack, and chased after Feey1. He pulled out his gun, and started to shoot at their feet.

Kaylin- "AUGH!"

Feey- "Quick, get in the tent!"

Kaylin- "Right behind you!"

The two jumped into the tent, and ran underneath the bleachers. They hid under them as Java flew into the tent.

Java- "Show yourself, Feey1!"

At that moment Feey2 and Django came running into the tent.

Feey2- "Where did they go, Java?"

Java- "I don't know, boss."

Django- "Well they're here somewhere."

When the trio weren't looking, Feey1 and Kaylin sneaked out of the tent. They ran out of the entrance, and quickly out of the Fair grounds. Once they passed the ticket booth they started to run really fast, they were heading for Cody Maverick Regional Airport.

Kaylin- "We need a taxi to get there in time."

Feey- "Way ahead of you. HEY, TAXI!"

Feey1 waved his flippers at a incoming taxi, which slowly stopped in front of them. Feey and Kaylin quickly got in.

Driver- "Where to?"

Feey- "Cody Maverick Regional Airport, please."

Driver- "Okay."

The taxi started to drive away, and soon the Fair grounds were no longer in site. Kaylin breathed in heavily, so did Feey1.

Feey- "Dane, that was close. It's a good thing we got out of there in time."

Kaylin- "Yes, but this is getting a little out of hand."

Feey- "What?"

Kaylin- "This is becoming a threat to me, can I just go to West Pengolia alone?"

Feey- "But you need protection, from Feey2."

Kaylin- "I'm sorry Feey1, but they're after you not me. I'm going alone."

Feey- "*sigh* Okay, good luck on your trip."

The taxi drove up to Cody Maverick Regional Airport, and Kaylin opened the door. The driver looked back at Feey1.

"Aren't you going?"

Feey- "Just take me to Shiver Bells, and I'll pay you there."

Driver- "Ummm, okay."

The taxi drove off again, pasting all the penguins waiting for a cab. They yelled, and waved at the taxi. To their disappointment it just pasted by.

Feey2, Java, and Django sat on the bleachers still at the Fair. They had called SN on Feey2's special communicator, and were still waiting for Swiss to pick up. Feey2 was getting inpatient, and started yelling.


Django- "You do know he can't hear you, right?"

Feey2- "What do you think I am stupid?"

Java- "Enough! Shut it you two, before I sow your beaks shut!"

Django- "What happened to you?"

Java- "Well first I was forced to sleep in a gross inn, then I was forced into a haunted house, and..."

Feey2- "Swiss picked up. Hi, Swiss Ninja."

SN(communicator)- "Hey there, Feey2. I got your call, so how is it going?"

Feey2- "Well, ummm...not too good. We still haven't killed Feey1 yet."

SN(communicator)- "What!? Not even with the help from Java, and Django? Django is the best bounty hunter in the world!"

Django- "Only when I'm working alone...."

Feey2- "Whatever, Django. Anyways Swiss, we received word that Kaylin is flying alone to West Pengolia."

SN(communicator)- "Okay but your mission is to kill Feey1, not Kaylin."

Django- "Yes, but we've been trying to kidnap her. Then we would use her as ransom to lure in Feey1."

SN(communicator)- "That does sound good, continue with your mission. I'm busy right now, got to go. Do not fail me!"

Java, Django, and Feey2- "We won't."

Swiss Ninja hung up, and Feey2 heavily breathed out. Java stood up, and turned on his jetpack.

Django- "Where are you going?"

Java- "Well we have to kill Feey1 somehow! I say we bomb his igloo."

Feey2- "Hey, that's a great idea."

Djano- "Ya! Let's get ready for that, everyone get your bombs ready."

Feey2 and Java- "What?"

Django- "Never mind, let's just go."

Feey2 and Django ran out of the tent entrance, while Java flew by jetpack over them.

Feey1 entered his parent's igloo, and saw his mom reading a book in the living room. He looked up, and smiled at Feey.

Sue- "Hi honey, how was the Fair?"

Feey- "Scary bad. Two bounty hunters, and my evil clone attacked us."

Sue- "What bounty hunters, and what clone?!"

Feey- "My evil clone: Feey2, and the RDA bounty hunters: Django Ghent, and Java Ghent. They were sent by SN to kill me."

Sue- "O_O We need to call the police!"

Sue got up out of her chair, and ran over to the phone. She started to dial 911, before Feey1 stopped her.

Feey- "Mom, these are professional bounty hunters. One of them was trained by Swiss Ninja himself, no police force can stop them!"

Sue- "Except for the Shiverpool police force."

Feey- "Mom, stop wasting your time. To be safe I'll just fly back to F Island, where I'll be protected in my castle."

Sue- "Well alright, and I do suppose you an take care of yourself. You do have a Keysaber, Penguin Super Suit, Snowball Gun, and a lazer gun."

Sue put the phone down, and went to hug Feey1.

Sue- "Have a safe trip home, honey."

Feey- "I just have one more thing I have to do here: apologize to dad."

Sue- "He's at work, down at the clothing store. His lunch is at 11:30am today."

Feey- "Thanks and bye mom! I hope you can come to F Island some day."

Sue- "Don't worry, we will."

Feey1 waddled outside of his parent's igloo, and watched his mom cry. He didn't need to pack anything, 'cause everything is in his Player Card. He happily waddled down the pathway, till he came to the gate. He opened it up and took one last glance at his mom, who was now on the porch crying.

Feey- "Bye, mom."

With that Feey1 opened the gate, and left to apologize to his dad.

Several Minutes Later...

Feey1 arrived at the clothing store his dad worked at. The funny thing is that the store was actually called 'The Clothing Store'.

Feey(thinking)- "That's peculiar."

Feey1 waddled into the building, and saw that is actually very large. It was a massive building, with many shelves. At the front was a check out counter, and standing behind it was Garmield. When Feey waved to Garmield, he rolled his eyes.

Feey- "Dad, I came to apologize."

Garmield- "You got a lot of things to apologize for, hey look time for lunch."

Garmield waddled out of the check out, and headed towards a door that said 'Employees Only'.

Feey- "Dad, please just hear me out. I'm sorry for what I did to you last night, and the day before."

Garmield- "And the only reason those happened was because you became a slave owner."

Feey- "Dad, I was young and clueless back then. I only still enslave the Hokjoks because if I set them, they will eat my citizens on F Island!"

Garmield- "Then give F Island back to the Hokjoks, son! Face it, it's all about you isn't it?"

Feey- "Dad, please just listen."

Garmield- "Bye, son."

Garmield opened up the door, and waddled into the room. Before Feey1 could follow him, he locked the door from the inside.

Feey- "*sigh....."

Feey1 sadly waddled out of the store, kind of crying. When he got out into the town, he decided to fly back home. So started waddling over to Cody Maverick Regional Airport, to disappointed to ride a cab. Like all the times when someone gets sad, a sudden rain pour started. Feey pulled an umbrella from his Inventory, and popped it open.

Feey(thinking)- "My own father, hates me! *sigh"

Visions of Feey1's chickhood popped up in his memory, him and his father. They played checkers, and went on explorations in the back yard. The memories were painful, and Feey started to sob. He drew the attention of passing citizens, and he saw them pointing and staring.

Feey1 finally arrived at Cody Maverick Regional Airport, and went inside. The airport was crowded with penguins, and some terns. Feey waddled up to the security check point, and showed his two way ticket. After going through it he went, and sat down on a chair waiting for his flight.

PA- "Flight 987 ready for boarding at Gate 7."

Feey- "Well, that's me. Better go."

Chapter Nine: Show The Snoss Pride[edit]

Feey2, Django Ghent, and Java Ghent raced to Feey1's parent's house. When they got there a Snoss spy came over to tell them some news, BAD news.

Spy- "Men, Feey1 has left the premises. He has gone to Cody Maverick Regional Airport, and is flying back to the June Islands. There he will ride a boat back to F Island."

Feey2- "Thanks for the information. Now.."

Django- "WAIT! If Feey1 goes back to his castle, he'll be protected."

Feey2- "True, but..."

Java- "Plus the only way to get him to come with us, is ransom Kaylin Peirce."

Django- "Then the only way to get him, is to get Kaylin."

Feey2- "Okay! Okay! We'll go kidnap Kaylin, ransom her, and force Feey1 to come with us."

Spy- "One problem, she's flying home to West Pengolia. You'd have to attack her in midair."

Django- "I got it! Feey2, contact SN to send us a LATTU."

Feey2- "Wait, those are too slow to catch up to an airplane."

Java- "Feey2, Django can always find a way around things."

The communicator started to ring, and the small screen lit up. Swiss Ninja was standing in the screen, by the look of things he was in Nuke Island.

SN(communicator)- "What is it, Feey2?"

Feey2- "Oh hi, Swiss Ninja. Django has come up with a plan, and we need an LATTU."

SN(communicator)- "Hmmm. Well I've given it much thought, and have decided I will accompany you."

Feey2- "ARGH! What next, are you going to bring the whole Royal Army of Snowzerland down here?"

SN(communicator)- "Do not question my tactics, Feey2. I am unstoppable, you hear me?!"

Feey2- "ARGH! Yes, but really what difference would it make if you were down here? Me, Java and Django alone can hardly catch Feey1."

Feey2's communicator watch.png

SN(communicator)- "We all know that I'm better than you guys, I cannot fail."

Feey2- "Amazing how you've failed more time than you've said that, Swiss."

SN(communicator)- "That is it! I am coming down to Shiverpool right now, and am going to take control."

Feey2- "Whatever, Swiss."

Feey2 hung up on the communicator, and grumbled.

Feey1 waddled towards the gate, suddenly he felt a weird buzzing in his pocket. He reached into it, and pulled out his cell phone. He was getting a call from Kaylin, so he answered.

Feey- "Hello?"

Kaylin(phone)- "Feey1, it's me: Kaylin. I've been thinking about this whole splitting apart thing."

Feey- "Oh really, and what about it?"

Kaylin(phone)- "Ya, I kind of miss you. Almost."

Feey- "You do!? Kaylin, I don't know what to say."

Kaylin(phone)- "Hehehe! Well anyways I was hoping you can meet me at MAI, where my flight will be landing."

Feey- "Oh sure! I'll go on a different flight to there, I can't wait to see you."

Kaylin(phone)- "Ummm. Me too, oh got to go. Bye."

Feey- "Bye."

The phone hung up, and Feey1 waddled away from the gate. He left the terminal, and went to buy a ticket to MAI.

Kaylin looked out her window, she saw the great capital of MAI: Margate City. The amazing architecture made Kaylin smile. The plane soon landed, and Kaylin quickly waddled out of the airport. At the entrance she saw an incoming taxi, and waved to it. The taxi slowly stopped in front of her, and she got in.

Driver- "Where to, miss?"

Kaylin- "Hmm. I'd like to go to Snowbucks Coffee."

Driver- "Alright, we'll take the scenic route. Lots of great views of Margate City."

Kaylin- "Thanks, I could stand some calmness in my life right now."

The taxi drove off, and like the driver said there were amazing views. The scenic route showed amazing Margatian architecture, and some pretty amazing buildings. Soon the taxi stopped in front of a Snowbucks.

Driver- "We're here, that will be $3.00."

Kaylin- "Oh dear, I forgot your currency is dollar here. Let's see..."

Kaylin did the math in her head, then gave the driver sixty coins.

Driver- "Uhhhh.."

Kaylin- "You can trade it in for your currency, at your bank. Thanks, and bye!"

Driver- "Uhhh. Yes, your welcome."

Kaylin got out the taxi, and saw it speed away. She to the Snowbucks, and went inside. The strange smell of coffee hit Kaylin like a brick, and she just couldn't take it. She hated coffee, so she decided to buy a smoothie and get out of there. After buying herself a smoothie she went outside, and sat at one of the outside tables. She was expecting Feey1 to arrive in two hours, so she had plenty of time to browse around the area.

A band of penguins waddled into a park near Snowbucks, and they started to play a song. The song was written by the Penguin Band, but this band played it even better!

-The song the band was playing.

Kaylin soon found her feet tapping to the beat, she smiled. The music started to make her move, and she almost wanted to get up and dance. She restrained from dancing, but couldn't help it.

Kaylin(thinking)- "No, no. I'll look like a total fool, don't cause a flash mob!"

Kaylin couldn't help it. She started to dance to the music, and couldn't stop. Penguins inside the Snowbucks building looked out the window, and watched her dance. Some even started to laugh, even some pulled out their phones and recorded her. Kaylin turned around to face the Snowbucks, and gasped. She quickly sat back down in her chair, and tried not to get back up dancing.

Kaylin- "0_0"

Feey1 looked out the window, and saw Margate City. When the airplane landed, he hurried out of the airport and got a taxi. Surprisingly it was the SAME taxi Kaylin got in, even the same driver.

Driver- "Where to?"

Feey- "Snowbucks 78th Walrus Street, please."

Driver- "Want the scenic route?"

Feey- "I'm kind of in a hurry, so no thanks."

Driver- "Alright, let's go."

The taxi drove off into the rode, headed for Snowbucks. A couple minutes later they arrived at Snowbucks, and Feey1 saw Kaylin sitting outside. The driver turned around to Feey1.

"That will be $3.00."

Feey- "Oh, here you go: sixty Gold Coins. Have a good one!"

Feey1 got out of the taxi, and waddled up to Kaylin.

Feey- "Hi, Kaylin. So how was your time in Margate City?"

Kaylin- "Meh, it was good."

Some customers inside Snowbucks looked outside, and saw Feey1. One of the customers spit out their drink, and another gasped. Everyone ran towards the door, and waddled outside to see Feey1. They surrounded Feey1, and looked for paper in their pockets. One customer got a piece of paper out, and gave it to Feey1.

Fan- "Will you sign my stick-note to attend my grandmother's funeral, Feey1?"

Feey- "I guess."

Feey1 grabbed the stick-note, and wrote:

Have a good day! My biggest fan.
-Feey1 Pie

When Feey1 handed it back to the fan, he freaked out.

Fan- "Oh my gosh!!!! I have Feey1's signature, this is amazing!!!!"

Fans- "Can we have one too?"

Feey- "Wait, wait! I'm on vacation here, and I'm in a hurry."

A little chick waddled up to Feey1, and looked up to him. Her eyes grew wide, and Feey was awestruck. The big eyes got to Feey, and he finally cracked.

Feey- "Okay, I'll sign ALL of your spare pieces of paper."

Fans- "HURRAY!!"

Feey- "Ya, well this better not take long."

Thirty Minutes Later...

Feey- "Enough already! I autographed all your spare pieces of paper, leave me alone now!!!"

Fans- "No, you're a celebrity."

Feey- "I got a flight in thirty minutes, stop stalking me!"

Feey1 got up out out of his chair, and started to run away. The fans stalkers chased after Feey, into the park. They started to call for him.

Stalkers- "Wait! Come back! We miss you!"

Feey- "Get away from me, you stalkers!"

They ran down a brick pathway in the garden, and went past a pond. Feey1 turned towards the pond, and unwisely jumped into it.


The stalkers stopped at the edge of the pond, and looked for Feey1. Suddenly Feey surfaced, and gasped for air. He pulled out his Player Card, and put on his jetpack. He quickly started it, and flew away from the stalkers.

Feey- "So long, suckers!"

Feey1 blasted through the air, and headed back to Snowbucks Coffee. He quickly landed by Kaylin, and grabbed her by the flipper.

Feey- "Our flight leaves in thirty minutes, and there are crazies stalking me. Let's go!"

Kaylin- "'Stalkers'?"

Feey1's jetpack blasted into the air, and flew towards the airport. Kaylin looked down, and suddenly panicked.

Kaylin- "AUGH! I'm afraid of heights!"

Feey- "Well I'm afraid of crazies stalking me, let's hurry!"

The jetpack gained speed, and quickly landed at the airport. Kaylin gasped, and tried to catch her breath.

Kaylin- "Oh, sweet ground."

Feey- "Hey, our flight leaves in twenty-five minutes. Let's go in."

Kaylin- "Okay."

Feey1 and Kaylin waddled into the airport, and headed for the security check point. After going through it they sat down in some chairs, and waited for their flight. They were silent for a little bit, until Kaylin spoke up.

Kaylin- "Wow! This is some adventure we're having, isn't it?"

Feey- "Bounty hunters, stalkers, and missing flights. Some quest!"

Kaylin- "Our flight leaves in five minutes, do you know what gate we are?"

Feey- "Ummm...Gate 4B."

The PA system crackled, and a voice came over it.

PA- "Gate 4B now ready for boarding. Gate 4B now ready for boarding."

Feey- "Meh, it's early."

Kaylin- "We better go."

The two got up, and waddled over to the gate. They handed their tickets to the taker, and headed into the airplane. It was a massive plane, with a large cabin. It even had a small second story, where there was a small lounge.

Feey- "Since we're in first class, we'll be able to go up there."

Kaylin- "It must be fun to be rich."

Feey- "Well, it's not the money that makes me happy. It's the things I can buy with money, that well make me happy. But being rich and famous isn't always Mary Sue."

Kaylin- "Fans, stalkers, maybe even some murderers."

Feey- "But the worst is when everyone friends you just for your money, I hate that!"

Kaylin and Feey1 found their seats, and sat down. In the seat pockets in front of them was menu, and safety booklet. Feey reached for the menu, and looked at it.

Feey- "Wow, this food looks good!"

Kaylin- "Let me see, oh wow! I haven't had fancy food like that since, I moved out of my uncle's mansion."

A flight attendant waddled pass them, and her eyes grew wide.

Attendant- "Kaylin, Kaylin Peirce? Is that you?!"

Kaylin- "Melin, what are you doing here?"

Melin- "I'm working on this flight, oh and is that Feey1 Pie!?"

Feey- "Hi."

Melin- "What are you doing with him, in 1st class?"

Kaylin- "He's helping me get to West Pengolia, before the state seizes custody of my chicks."

Melin- "That's very nice. Oh I almost forgot, make sure your tray tables are stowed, and your seat belts are fastened."

Kaylin- "You know, I've said that a million times. It's get a little sickening after a while."

Melin- "Ya, see you soon."

A strange penguin wearing a cloak, waddled up to the gate. He handed his ticket to the employee, and went inside the plane.

Employee- "Have a good flight, sir."

Feey2- "Meh."

It was Feey2! He boarded the airplane, and looked for Feey1. He saw him laughing, while Kaylin told a joke.

Feey2- "Your last laugh, my original."

Feey2 waddled past Feey1, and almost lunged forward at him. He restrained himself, and stuck with Django Ghent's plan. He kept waddled down the aisle, till he found his seat. He sat down, and buckled up.

Feey2- "It's going to be a bumpy ride. Hahaha!"

Melin- "Excuses me, but can you please keep quiet for the other passengers? Thanks you."

Feey2 looked up to see Melin looking down on him. Feey2 nodded, and looked back out the window. A Macaroni Penguin sat next to Feey1's seat, and groaned.


The penguin tooted, but looked at the other passengers. Feey2 rolled his eyes at the penguin, and looked back the window.


The penguin tooted again, and Feey2 started to get angry.

Feey2- "What is wrong with you?"

Macaroni- "I've been eating a lot of fiber later, sorry."

Feey2- "Well try holding it!"

Macaroni- "I..."



Feey2- "Why do you eat so many beans!?"

Macaroni- "They're are delicious!"

The Macaroni penguin continued farting, and Feey2 was started to get very angry. But because of the farts, but because of the SMELL! Every time the Macaroni tooted, it smelled like a sewage treatment plant." Feey2 felt a weird urge in his stomach, and he raced to the bathroom. He locked the door, and barfed.

Feey2- "ARGH! So disgusting!"

Feey2 flushed the toilet, then washed his beak. He took a large gulp of water, and prepared to go back out.

Feey2(thinking)- "That Macaroni penguin is so dead!"

Swiss Ninja's LATTU landed in the empty field, there he met Django and Java. The doors to the LATTU opened up, and several RDA Clone Troopers came out with Swiss. Django and Java saluted to Swiss, then put down their flippers. Above ahead several fighter jets, and LATTU's came down to land.

Django- "So, you did bring the entire Royal Army of Snowzerland here."

SN- "Silence! With your failure with such a simple mission, I had no choice but to take drastic measures. So is Feey2 in position?"

Django- "His flight left left MAI twenty minutes ago, sir."

SN- "Good. Django get in your fighter jet, and Java get on an LATTU. This plan must not fail!"

Django and Java- "Yes, sir."

The bounty hunters did as they told, and everyone gathered on the aircraft. The fighter jets quickly took off, then went the LATTU's. The aircraft picked up speed, until they were at full speed.

Swiss Ninja pulled out a walkies-talkie, and contacted Django.

SN- "Django, you sure this plan will work?"

Django(radio)- "For the last time Swiss, YES! It's pretty easy: we shoot at the commercial jet, and miss on purpose. Then Feey2 kills the pilots, and Feey1 tries to be the hero. As he's flying the jet we'll continued to shoot and miss, while Java flies onto the wing. He'll break in, and then Feey2 and Java will capture Kaylin. Feey1 will turn back around, and chase after us."

SN- "Wait, why don't we just blow the craft apart?"

Django(radio)- "We'll get arrested by the USA, and possibly start another war."

SN- "Meh, good point. Hey, the radar is beeping. We're within twenty miles of them!"

Django(radio)- "Roger that, Swiss. Over."

The Snoss aircraft came in view of the commercial aircraft, and Swiss Ninja smiled. He pulled out his communicator, and contacted Feey2.

Feey2(communicator)- "Yes, Swiss?"

SN- "We have visual contact of you, you know what to do."

Feey2(communicator)- "Kill one penguin, then kill the pilots. And kill anyone who knows how to fly."

SN- "You remembered, now go!"

Feey2(communicator)- "Roger that."

Feey2 hung up, and Swiss kind of smiled. ONE of his arch enemies was about to die, at the hand of Snoss.

Feey2 looked at the Macaroni penguin next to him, who was still farting. Feey2 smiled, then killed the penguin with his Keysaber. The Macaroni fell over in his seat, and Feey2 sarcastically screamed.

"AUGH!! Somebody was murdered!"

Random passenger- "AUGH!!!!"

Soon the whole cabin started to scream, and Feey2 quickly got up out of his seat. He raced down the aisle, and went into the cockpit. He drew the attention of the co-pilot.

"Hey, you're not suppose to be in here."

Feey2- "Yes, I am."

Feey2 quickly shot the co-pilot, then aimed for the pilot. The pilot quickly unbuckled, and punched Feey2 in the beak. Reacting Feey2 punched him in the gut, and the pilot collapsed. Feey2 shot the pilot then, ran out of the cockpit. He then shouted in a little chick voice.

"Help! The pilot and co-pilot have been murdered!"

Passengers- "AUGH! We're all going to die! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Feey1 heard all the screaming passengers from the lounge, and freaked out. Kaylin started screaming, and so were the others. The piano player was deaf, so he still played his piano.

Kaylin- "AUGH! Do you think Feey2 has caught up with us, Feey?"

Feey- "By the looks of it ya, I better go!"

Kaylin- "Not without me you're not."

Kaylin grabbed Feey1 by the sleeve, but he pushed her away.

Feey- "Too dangerous! Stay up here where it is safe, I'll handle this."

Kaylin- "But I'm an EPF agent, I can help."

Feey- "For you own sake, please stay."

Kaylin- "*sniff Fine."

Feey1 raced down the stairs, and went into the cockpit. Melin was sitting in the pilot chair, trying to contact the tower.

Melin- "How do you work this thing!? AUGH!"

Feey- "I know how to, get out of the chair."

Melin did as she was told, and got up out of the chair. Feey1 sat down in it, and in a second contacted the tower.

Feey- "Hello, hello? This is Feey1 Pie, and our pilots are dead. I know how to fly the plane though, but we need to land immediately! Over."

Tower- "Please give me your flight number, and location."

Feey- "Six-hundred miles from MAI, Margate City. We have a murderer aboard. I repeat: a murderer aboard! I don't know what flight number though, and I don't see why you need my flight number!"

Tower- "Remain calm. Now requesting an emergency landing at Palm Island."

Feey- "Roger that. We are heading there now."

An RDA pilot on Swiss Ninja's LATTU heard the whole conversation, and quickly called for Swiss.

Pilot- "Swiss, sir, Feey1 is contacting the control tower. They have requested and emergency landing at Palm Island."

Swiss- "ARGH! Block their communications, and prepare to attack. Java, get ready to leave."

The Snoss aircraft picked up speed, and chased after the commercial jet. The doors of the leading LATTU opened up, and Java prepared to jump outside. However, his jetpack was changed. This time it had three rockets, the middle one being supremely large.

Java jumped out of the LATTU, and started his jetpack. Suddenly he flew by the LATTU at incredible speeds, and caught up with the commercial flight in no time. He got the wing, and opened up the door.


Powerful winds blasted into the cabin, sending any debris into the air. Feey2 helped him in, then closed the door.

Chapter Ten: Swiss Ninja's and Feey1's First Battle[edit]

Feey1 Pie turned on the 'Seat Belt' sign in the cabin, after finding the Snoss aircraft on the radar. He sent Melin to make sure everyone was buckled in, but for some reason she didn't come back to the cabin.

Feey1 quickly clicked a button, and talked over the PA system.

Feey- "Melin, is everyone strapped in?"

Suddenly Kaylin Peirce bolted into the cockpit, and she was sweating a lot.

Kaylin- "Feey, Feey2 and Java Ghent are coming over here! This time I think they're after ME!"

Feey- "Why you?"

Java- "Because we were ordered to."

Kaylin and Feey1 gasped, standing right behind them were Feey2 and Java. Feey2 waddled into the cockpit, as Java stayed by the entrance.

Feey- "Why do you want Kaylin?"

Feey2- "She is your crush, you'd do anything for her."

Feey- "*blush"

Kaylin- "Feey1, is that..."

Feey2- "Enough small talk! Kaylin you're coming with me, or else."

Kaylin- "'Or else' what?"

Feey2- "Or else this chick and her momma die."

Feey2 stepped aside to reveal Java holding a gun to a chick, and the chick's mother. Kaylin gasped at the sight, and Feey1 scolded at his clone.

"How could you do such a thing!?"

Feey2- "It's just business, nothing personal."

Kaylin- "Killing a chick, and her mother is 'business'!?!"

Java- "Just do as we say, miss."

Feey2- "Yes, what Java said. Come with me, or else you know what."

Mother- "Please, she's only a year old!"

Feey2- "What will it be, Kaylin?"

Kaylin- "I don't want ANYone to grow up the way I did, so...I'll go with you."

Mother- "Thank you."

Java- "Quiet, you!"

Java let the mother and her chick go, and grabbed Kaylin. He took her up to the lounge, as Feey2 went over and sat in the chair next to Feey1.

Feey2- "Listen my original, now it is your turn."

Feey- "What do you want, Feey2?"

Feey2- "Is it not obvious? I want YOU to come with me, to Snowzerland."

Feey- "Why, so you can kill me on national television?!"

Feey2- "Brilliant work, Holmes."

In The Lounge...

Java threw Kaylin into a couch, while the pianist was still playing. Ironically the music was slow, and peaceful; unlike the battle currently happening. Kaylin laid on the couch, watching Java's every move. He waddled up to the pianist, and handed him a note.

Got any action packed songs?

The pianist nodded his head, then flipped through his book. He stopped on a page, and started to play it. He started to play the most violent song he had, witch was always piano(soft sound). Java grumbled, and took out an Icepod. He scrolled through it, then started to play an action song.

-The song playing.

Kaylin rolled her eyes at Java.

Kaylin- "Why does every battle have to have background music?!"

Java- "It's cool."

Java started to dance, then danced his way down the stairs. When he reached the bottom he stopped dancing, and entered the cockpit. There he saw Feey2 talking to his original, and Feey2 was starting to yell.

"If you do not obey me this plane, and all on it will be destroyed!"

Feey- "Same thing if I DID obey you."

Feey2- "That is it! You know I am getting sick of you! Now come with me!"

Feey- "The plane will crash with no one flying it, Feey2!"

Feey2- "Java is going to land the craft!!!!! Am I...oh hi, Java."

Feey2 turned around to see Java standing there, astounded at how angry Feey2 was. Feey2 waved his flipper, as a single for Java to leave. Java obeyed, and went back upstairs.

In the lounger he turned up of the volume of the music, and blasted it through the airplane. He then saw an audio outlet, and plugged his Icepod into it. Then the whole plane was full of the music. Kaylin was still sitting on the couch, and rolled her eyes.

Swiss Ninja held up his walkies-talkie, waiting for Java to contact him. He stood there for several minutes, until he finally contacted Java. He angrily screamed into the mic.


Java(radio)- "I'll hand you over to Feey2, Swiss."

Swiss- "Well, just hurry."

Feey2(radio)- "Yes, what is it, Swiss?"

Swiss- "What's going on in there, Feey2? Why haven't you've given me the signal?!"

Feey2(radio)- "Feey1 won't cooperate, but we have Kaylin in custody."

Swiss- "Alright, continue with the plan. Threaten to KILL Kaylin if Feey1 won't come with us."

Feey2(radio)- "Ummm. Whatever, Swiss."

Swiss- "Good."

Swiss's face turned purple(because he too is blue colored), and the RDA troopers saw this. They starred at Swiss, and kind of gave him a funny look.

Swiss- "WHAT!?!?"

Trooper 1- "Nothing, Swiss, sir."

Swiss- "Good...."

Feey2 looked at Feey1, who was still looking out the cockpit window. Feey2 got up out of his seat, and left the cockpit. He went towards the stairs, then called for Java.

"Java, get down here!"

Java quickly came down the stairs, and came up to Feey2.

Java- "What is it?"

Feey2(whispering)- "Kill-a the-a Kaylin-a."

Java- "What?"

Feey2(whispering)- "Plan B."

Java- "O_O Okay."

Java went back up the stairs, and Feey2 sat by his original again. Feey1 kept starring out of the cockpit, not paying any attention to Feey2.

Feey2- "Listen, we have ways of making you come with us."

Feey- "Like what?"

Java came into the cockpit holding Kaylin, with an off Keysaber by a her chest.

Feey- "You wouldn't dare!"

Feey2- "We would dare. Now come with me and Java, or Kaylin dies!"

Kaylin- "Feey1!"

Feey- "Don't worry Kaylin, I won't let them do ANYthing to you!"

Feey2- "If so, come with us!"

Kaylin- "No, they will kill you. Find out something else."


Feey2- "If it shall be."

Feey2 left the cockpit, and contacted Swiss Ninja. The little screen on his communicator lit up, and there was Swiss.

Swiss(communicator)- "What, Feey2?"

Feey2- "Sir, Feey1 wants to see you."

Swiss(communicator)- "Did you do Plan B, like I told you to?"

Feey2- "Yes, but he wants to see you very bad!"

Swiss(communicator)- "Fine, besides I haven't seen him in person before. I'm coming over."

Feey2 looked out the plan windows, and the LATTU catching up with the plane. The LATTU connected with the wing, and the side doors opened. Feey2 hurried, and opened up the aircraft's door, and once again wind rushed into the cabin. Swiss Ninja quickly ran from the wing and into the jet, following him were two RDA Clone Troopers. When they got Feey2 quickly closed the door, and led Swiss Ninja to the cockpit. The RDA Clones followed him inside, and closed the door behind them.

Swiss- "Hello, Feey1. It's nice to see you in person, for once."

Feey- "Swiss Ninja, the stupidest penguin in Antarctica. You're so Mary Sue, and evil!"

Swiss- "World domination takes a lot of work, my friend. So what was it that you wanted to talk about?"

Feey- "How dare you threaten to kill Kaylin! You can't just go around killing innocent penguins, it's wrong."

Swiss- "Well you're coming with me. I can't let you take the Yowien throne, I have other plans!"

Feey- "Wait...'other plans'?! You're not going to..."


SN punched Feey1 in the shoulder, and through him out of his seat. The RDA Clones went for their guns, but SN stopped them. Feey got back up, and quickly pulled out his Keysaber. He swung it at SN's face, and reacting SN lowered to the ground. He too pulled out his Keysaber, and clashed it with Feey's. The two got in a serious duel, and started to jump around in the cockpit. SN kicked Feey into the wall, and pulled out his icebullet gun. He quickly fired it at Feey, but missed and hit the wall. The icebullet punctured through the wall, and created a hole through the plane. Feey ran up to SN, and kicked him the belly. SN kind of lumbered backwards, then karate hit Feey in the side. Feey fell to the ground in pain.

Swiss- "Hahaha! I may as well kill you, and Kaylin now!"

Feey- "No, not Kaylin! Don't you ever touch her!"

Swiss- "What are you going to do, slap me with your wimpy flipper? Hahahahaha! Oh no."

Feey1 quickly got back on his feet, and pushed Swiss into the wall. He punched him the stomach five times, then slapped him across the face.

Swiss- "I...I can do this all day."

Feey1 then punched him in the stomach five more times, and Swiss got drowsy. He passed out at Feey's feet, and Feey smiled at his victory. The RDA Troopers reacted, and grabbed Feey. Feey kicked his feet, and struggled. Finally he broke through one of the clone's grip, and punched him in the face. He took down the other one, then killed them both with his Keysaber. He turned back to Swiss, and then at his Keysaber. Feey took his Keysaber, and ran over to Swiss. He lifted it into the air, then lunged it down. At a split second Swiss woke up, and dodged the incoming blade. He looked at Feey, and then the dead clones. He panicked, and ran out of the cockpit.

Feey- "Think twice about threatening my friends, Swiss Ninja!"

Swiss- "You will pay for that, Feey1!"

Swiss Ninja called for Feey2 and Java, and they quickly raced over to him.

Feey2- "Yes, sir?"

Swiss- "New plan: you two are coming with me."

Swiss Ninja called for his LATTU, and when it came near the plane he opened the door. Java and Feey2 quickly followed him into the LATTU, but left the door opened. Powerful winds blasted through the cabin, and everyone panicked. Kaylin quickly went down the stairs, and closed the door. She raced into the cockpit to see Feey1 still driving.

Kaylin- "Why did they leave?"

Feey- "Whatever reason, it's not good. Buckle up in the co-pilots' seat, Kaylin."

Kaylin obeyed, and got in the seat. She look at Feey1, who had several bruises and cuts.

Kaylin- "What happened to you?"

Feey- "Swiss Ninja dueled me, somehow I won."

Kaylin- "O_O How did you beat Swiss? He's a ninja, with lot's of training."

Feey- "Ordinarily I'd loose, but something came over me. Like a power of some sort, a need to defeat him."

Kaylin- "Well we better land soon."




Bullets whizzed passed the airplane, the Snoss fighter jets were shooting them! Feey1 quickly turned on the seat belt light, sharply turned the plane to the left. He flew it down near the ocean, having the Snoss chase after him.

Feey- "We're in a dogfight with NO weapons!"

Kaylin- "I think this plane, has one of those missile misguides."

Feey- "I can't use it against bullets! I can only use it against missiles! Hang on!"

Feey1 pushed on the throttle, and the airplane blasted through the air. He pushed down on the handle, and the plane soared upward. He leveled it out, and check the radar. The Snowzerland fighter jets were still shooting, Feey needed a place to land.

Kaylin- "Feey1, do something!"

Feey- "Kaylin, contact the nearest control tower. We need to land anywhere where there is an airport!"

Kaylin- "Got it."

Kaylin took a mic, and spoke into it.

Kaylin- "Hello, is anyone there? We're in a middle of a dogfight, and we need to land now!"

Feey- "You forgot to say 'Over'."

Feey1 sharply turned to the right, and the mic slipped out of Kaylin's flippers. It crashed against the wall, and broke.

Feey- "AUGH! What now!?"

Kaylin- "There, I see land! It's about sixty miles away."

Feey- "Puffle Island? That's a great place, let's go!"

Kaylin- "Better hurry, those fighter jets are catching up!

Swiss Ninja stood in the LATTU, starring at Feey2. He waddled up to him, and started a conversation.

"So, they're heading for Puffle Island I believe. Sadly we are low on fuel, and most go back to Snowzerland."

Feey2- "What?! Can't you refuel at Puffle Island, Swiss?"

Swiss- "I'm afraid not, you will be on your own now. The Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland, all them are needed."

Feey2- "YES! Finally things can be done right, thank-you Swiss Ninja."

Swiss- "Ummm...your welcome? Anyways the LATTU will land soon, to drop you off on Puffle Island. Stop Feey1 and Kaylin before they reach West Pengolia."

Feey2- "Roger that, sir."

Soon the LATTU landed on Puffle Island, and it attracted a bunch of puffles. The side doors opened, and the Feey2 waddled out. The puffles ran out up to, and greeted him. They rubbed against his cloak, and said "Hello, and welcome to Puffle Island!"

Feey2 looked back towards Swiss Ninja, who kindly waved good-bye. Feey2 turned back, and waddled through the crowd of puffles. They started to annoy him, which made him very angry.

Feey2- "Don't you guys have jobs? Get away from me, you pests."

Pink Puffle- "Oh no he didn't."

Feey2- "Oh yes I did it."

Red Puffle- "So we're just vermin to you?"

Feey2- "You're just a bunch of nuisances, now leave me alone."

Black Puffle- "Alright, you're dead. ATTACK!!!!"

Feey2- "AUGH!"

The puffles jumped on Feey2, and bit his cloak. They jumped on him, chewed his cloak, and yelled at him. Feey2 pushed all the puffles off, and pulled out his Keysaber. He turned it on, and showed it to the puffles.

Feey2- "Touch me again, and you will die!"

Pink Puffle- "Apologize first, mister."

Feey2- "I'm sorry, that you're all a bunch of nuisances. Hahahaha!"

Feey2 blasted off in his jetpack, and flew away before the puffles could get him.

Feey2- "Hahaha! Suckers! You puffles are such....Oh-no."


A red puffle blasted out of a cannon, and hit Feey2 in the face. He hopped onto Feey2, and unstrapped his jetpack. Feey2 quickly grabbed the jetpack, and hung on to it. The red puffle then started to bite Feey2's flippers, as an attempt to make him let go. Feey2 only laughed at the puffle.

Feey2- "Hahaha! I have super strength, I can do this all day."

Red Puffle- "Oh really? What if I did this?"

The Red Puffle pulled out a snowball from his hammerspace, and threw it at Feey2. The snowball hit him in the face, and he couldn't see. He scrambled to get it off, which meant let going the jetpack. Feey2 suddenly plummeted to the ground, and quickly pulled out his parachute. As he was about to pull the string, he landed on a concrete pathway.


The puffles saw this, and started to laugh.

Puffles- "Hahahahahahahah! Serves you right! Hahahahahahaha!"

Feey2- "I'll get you for this, you rodents!"

Feey1, and Kaylin helped everyone get out of the plane. Several minutes later rescue vehicles were sent, and an officer came up to Feey.

Officer- "Sir, I'm going to need to ask you some questions."

Feey- "Okay, what are they?"

Officer- "Well first of all: Why did you take control of the plane?"

Feey- "Our pilot, and co-pilot were killed. Being the owner of a Penguin Super Suit, I knew how to fly a plane."

Officer- "Who was the murderer, Feey1?"

Feey- "It was my evil clone: Feey2. He was created by the RDA, to destroy me."

Officer- "Okay, that will be enough. We'll gather more information from other passengers

Feey- "For what?"

Officer- "An investigation to find your clone, we need to find him quick."

Feey- "Well just follow me, he's after me anyways! Wherever I go, he'll be there."

Officer- "Hmmmm...I hadn't thought of that. I'll contact our chief and...."

Kaylin- "Woah...wait, wait! There's no way a small police force can take down Feey2, you did the EPF or a whole military. I've seen what he is capable of, you officers cannot beat him."

Officer- "Miss, are you suggesting we get the EPF into this mess?"

Kaylin- "Why not? This is plain madness, and we need some agency to handle it. Plus I'm a retired agent, here's my EPF badge."

Kaylin went through her Inventory, then pulled out her EPF Badge. She showed it to the officer, and he carefully examined it.

Officer- "Looks like a real badge, but I'm not sure the EPF should be in this."

Kaylin- "Officer, you have too. There's no way you under-trained, worthless officers can do!"

Officer- ">:O How dare you call use worthless!"

Kaylin- "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, really."

The officer pulled out a notepad, and scribbled on it with a pen. He handed it to Kaylin, who took it. She looked at it, and saw that it was a ticket for insulting a cop.

Kaylin- "What is it with these weird laws?"

Officer- "I don't make them, just get out of here. You can call the EPF into this mess, if you want."

Feey- "I'm sorry for that, sir. She sometimes gets a little carried away."

Officer- "Ya, ya. Get off of Puffle Island."

Feey1 ran up to Kaylin, and scolded at her.

Feey- "What were you doing back there!?! That was rude, and crazy, Kaylin! Learn some respect for our officers. They do a lot to protect us!"

Kaylin- "I'm just somewhat angry. We've been traveling for a week now, and we haven't made it to West Pengolia yet! We should have been there a long time ago, now this time let's just take a boat."

Feey- "You want to sail to West Pengolia? Hmmm...that does seem faster, and safer. We just need to sneak onto it, Feey2 cannot know were on a crowded boat. We could put hundreds of lives at stake."

Kaylin- "Understood, now let's hurray up. We don't want to miss that boat."

Feey2 waddled into the small town, which to his despair was full of puffles. Feey2 sneaked through nearby ally ways, and finally found the airport. He ran towards the door, and went in. He thought Kaylin, and Feey1 were going to go on another plane, but he didn't see them anywhere.

Feey2(thinking)- "Where the heck are they? I mean, there's no other way for them to get to West Pengolia."

Feey2 kept looking around, but didn't see them at all. He finally decided to go to the flight watch screens, to see if there was a flight to West Pengolia. As he did he was shocked, there was no flight to West Pengolia! Feey2 freaked out, and ran out of the airport.

Feey2(thinking)- "Where could have they possibly gone? The only transportation they could take is....a boat!"

Feey2 looked ahead towards the ocean, where he saw a huge cruise ship leaving. He panicked, and ran towards the harbor. He quickly found a worker, and asked him where the cruise was going.

"Where is that cruise going?"

Worker- "To West Pengolia, sir. Is there something..."

Feey2 quickly pulled out his jetpack, and flew into the air. He headed towards the cruise ship, which was going quite fast. Feey2 looked for a place to land. Then he spotted a lower deck, where they weren't any passengers. So he quickly flew over to it, and land.

He put his jetpack back in his inventory, and pulled out some clothing for a disguise. He put on a large wig, that covered his third eye. Then he put on some sunglasses, and a swimsuit. Soon he was totally unrecognizably by anyone who knew him. He waddled down the deck, and kept an eye out for Feey1. He turned a corner, and came upon the pool. He looked around, and yet did not see Feey1.

Feey2(thinking)- "I'll look for him at dinner."

Chapter Eleven: Cruise, Cruise, Cruise, Cruise![edit]

Feey1 looked over the railing, and into the rushing water below. He spotted a walrus, and he yelled at it.

"Curse you, you walruses!"

Walrus- "Hahaha!"

The walrus swam away, and Feey1 calmed down. He looked at the large beautiful ocean, and mumbled. If the world was so big, why hadn't we explored it? Ever since it was proven that there was more to the Earth, Feey wanted to explorer the rest.

Feey- "Where is the North Pole? Where is Africa? Where are the Humans? There's so much to know, and no one wants to know it!"

Kaylin- "Hi Feey1, what are you talking about?"

Feey1 turned around to see Kaylin Peirce waddling up to him.

Feey- "Oh hi Kaylin, I was just thinking about the world. You know, I really want to see what else is out there."

Kaylin- "Yes, I heard you mumbling to yourself. You just said something about a place called Africa, what is that?"

Feey- "It's a large continent, discovered by Fisch Hochstadt. Of course, they never returned to it. I hear that it is very warm."

Kaylin- "It is kind of sad, that we're not allowed to explore the world for some reason. I don't understand that."

Feey- "Me either."


The sun started to set, and orange colors exploded in the sky. Kaylin and Feey1 were amazed by the colors, and starred at the sunset.

Feey- "That is a beautiful sunset."

Kaylin- "I'd say. Hey, tonight is Castilla and Caltexico night. There will be tacos, paella, chips 'n dip, a conga line, and Castellano and Caltejicano music like merengue, salsa, and the Castillan Flamenco. Want to come?"

Feey- "Well after what has been going on, I'd love to go with you."

Kaylin- "Great, it's at 7:00pm tonight. See you there, Feey."

Kaylin gave Feey1 a hug, then waddled away. Feey smiled, and cherished the moment. He looked back the sunset, and something came to mind.

Feey- "Did she just ask me out on a date?"

Feey1 looked into the mirror, and messed with his hair a little. He took off his generals' coat, and put on his famed black sweater. He looked at it then smiled, and put on his 3D Glasses. Soon he slung his satchel over his shoulder, and put on blue tennis shoes. He looked exactly like he did as a chick, and liked it.

Feey- "Aaahhhh...that brings back memories. Hmmm...I wonder how Jake Slang would react, if I told him I have a 'date' tonight."

Feey1 pulled out his cell phone, and dialed his friend Jake's number. The phone ringed, then Jake answered.

Jake(telephone)- "This isn't the EPF is it, cause I am not living on the lam!"

Feey- "Uhhh...Jake?"

Jake(telephone)- "Oh thank goodness, it's you Feey1! You know, you haven't called me in a while. What's up?"

Feey- "I'm a cruise ship, helping someone get to West Pengolia. Oh, and that someone is a girl."

Jake(telephone)- "You lucky rich penguins, you get everything! Meanwhile I'm living in a cave with Sockhopper. And I'm constantly having to keep an eye out for Elite Agents!"

Feey- "WHAT!?! You haven't confessed to littering the Everyday Phoning Facility, and punching that agent? Jake, we've talked about this."

Jake(telephone)- "You know what? I don't need to go to jail, I'm happy enough in this damp cave! Good day, Feey1"


Jake hung up, and Feey1 grumbled. He had talked to Jake every Christmas, trying to get him to confess. Jake never did, and is now living in a cave.

Feey- "*sigh...Jake, what's wrong with you? Oh, hey almost time for the party!"

Feey1 took a good look at himself, and smiled.

Feey- "I look good."

He waddled out the bathroom, and left the hotel room. He went down the hallway, and went onto the deck. Suddenly the noise of music filled his ears, the party had started! The music was very fun, and somewhat catchy.

-The music playing.

Feey1 hurried up the stairs, and onto the party deck. There he saw Kaylin over by the food, and gasped. She was wearing a beautiful dress, and did something with her hair. She looked beautiful, and Feey starred at her. He finally waddled over to her, and said hi.

"Hi, Kaylin. Nice party isn't it?"

Kaylin- "Oh hi, Feey. Yes, this party is pretty fun."

Feey- "Nice dress, I didn't know you had something that good."

Kaylin- "Ummm...thanks. Well, it's my mother's dress. She gave it to me when I moved out."

Feey- "It's, well very nice."

Kaylin- "Hey, they're playing 'How Low Can You Go?' over there. Want to give it a try?"

Feey- "Oh, over...."

Cadence- "Hey! Is that Feey1, the slave owner?"

The music suddenly stopped, and everyone starred at Feey1. He nervously smiled, and waved to the passengers. They all gave him dirty looks, and started to boo him.

Cadence- "What is a slave owner doing, in the USA?!"

Crowd- "Boo! Boo! Get lost, you slave owner! Boo! Boo!"

Feey- "Hey, knock it off. We all came here just to party, right? Cadence, put that music back on please."

Cadence- "Alright, alright! Enough people, let's get this party started!"

The music started up again, but the passengers still gave Feey1 a dirty look. Feey felt somewhat uncomfortable, and started to leave the deck.

Kaylin- "Where are you going, Feey?"

Feey- "I'm not welcomed here, I don't want to ruin your party."

Kaylin- "Feey, you're not ruining it. You're actually making it, well fun."

Feey- "How? I'm going back to my cabin, goodnight."

Kaylin- "Feey1, we can still have a good time. There's really nothing wrong, with owning slaves."

Feey- "Well evidently, it is in the United States of Antarctica. Kaylin, I don't want to ruin your night."

Kaylin- "Then I'm coming with you, I really want to spend the night with you. Get to know each other."

Feey- "Hmmmm...sounds good to me."

Feey2 waddled past the pool, and headed towards the side of the boat. He was on the top deck, which was actually right below the party deck. He looked to his right, and smiled. Feey1 and Kaylin were waddling up to him, but because he was in disguise they didn't know it was him.

Feey2(thinking)- "Hehehehe! As soon as they come past me, Feey1 will be dead."

Feey2 looked back at them, hoping they would continue waddling forward. Suddenly they turned to their left, and waddled by the pool. Feey2 grumbled, and turned around. He looked over the water, and started to think.

Feey2(thinking)- "I'd need to follow them, to their cabin. Or maybe just Feey1's, because they may be staying in separate cabins."

Feey2 turned around, and started to follow them but at a distance. He stayed about ten feet behind them, and whenever they turned around he would hide. Soon they came up to the lobby, and went inside it. Feey2 followed them into the lobby.

Concierge- "Hello sir, are you having a good evening?"

Feey2 stopped, and turned around. A concierge was standing behind the front desk, and smiling at Feey2.

Feey2- "Yes, I am having a great day."

Concierge- "Sir, I recognize you. Today we had someone stole away on our ship, here check this video. Maybe you can help us?"

Feey2- "Listen, I am kind of busy. I have to go."

Concierge- "Alright, enjoy your cruise."

Feey2 ran out of the lobby, and the concierge frowned. He looked at his computre monitor, and watched a security clip.

<Begin Video>

A penguin wearing a brown cloak flew onto the deck, and put his jetpack away. He quickly took out his Player Card, and put on a disguise. The penguin smiled, and waddled away.

<End Video>

The concierge took a closer at the penguin, then gasped. It was the same penguin he just talked to: Feey2!

Concierge- "Not on my watch. Where is security?!"

Feey1, and Kaylin sat on the bench together. They looked across the ocean, and saw the moon's reflection in the water. Kaylin smiled, and laid her head across Feey's shoulder. He was confused at first, then got the idea. He put his flipper around Kaylin's back, and hugged her.

Kaylin- "What a nice ocean."

Feey- "Yes, it is pretty beautiful. We should arrive at West Pengolia within two days, then you can see your chicks again.

Kaylin- "Thanks for helping me, Feey1. I don't even know what I'd do without you, you've been a great help."

Feey- "So you said, you wanted to get to know each other?"

Kaylin- "Oh yes, well let me start. I was born in the Aer Kingdom, and my family was poor. My dad was a black marketer, and had been in jail a long time. I was kidnapped by a Viking, but escaped. Then my parents divorced, and I ended up living with my uncle. That's it in a nut shell, want to know the whole thing?

Feey- "No, thanks. Now here is my story: I was born in Shiverpool, to a somewhat rich family. I loved adventures, and went on many quests. I grew up with my friend Jake Slang, who is now in prison. I moved to the Yow Kingdom, when I saw some great opportunity there. And now, I'm here!"

Kaylin- "Wait, your friend is in prison?"

Feey- "Yes, he littered on the Everyday Phoning Facility, and attacked an EPF agent."

Kaylin- "Oh my. So tell me, do you have any friends at all?"

Feey- "my puffles, King Alexander, Lane Ants, Ish2, So I have six friends, which means I do have friends."

Kaylin- "Oh, okay. Hey, do you want to go swimming?"

Feey- "I think the pool is closed, maybe tomorrow?"

Kaylin- "Oh ya, the pool is closed. Yes, tomorrow after breakfast. Like twenty minutes later, I'll see you then."

Feey- "Yes, goodnight."

Kaylin- "Goodnight, Feey1!"

Kaylin got up out of the bench, and started to waddled away. Then she stopped, and turned back to Feey1.

Kaylin- "Wait, I forgot something."

Feey- "What?"

Kaylin- "This."

Kaylin gave Feey1 a small kiss on the cheek, then left. Feey's mouth dropped opened, and his heart stopped. He finally came to, and patted his cheek. He shook his head, and smiled.

Feey- "She...she kissed me! Woohoo!"

Feey2 punched the wall, he had lost Feey1! He was getting very mad, and thought about punching it again. He quickly restrained himself from punching it, and calmed down.

Feey2(thinking)- "I just need to calm down, and focus on finding my original. He's somewhere nearby."

Feey2 left the hallway, and waddled over to the pool. Then he finally realized he needed a place to sleep! He quickly went down a flight of stairs, and headed for lower decks. He looked for an empty cabin, and sure enough he found it.

Feey2(thinking)- "I'll stay in there tonight. Good thing I have super strength."

Feey2 turned his flipper into a fist, and pulled it back. Then he punched the door really heard, and busted in. The door stayed on the hinges, luckily. But now small pieces of dry wall were all over the place.

Feey2(thinking)- "Meh, it'd good enough."

Feey2 waddled over to one of the beds, and got in it. He closed his eyes, then fell asleep.

Feey2 woke up to the sound of penguins mumbling. He saw two security guards standing above him, and mumbling at each other. Feey2 looked at them, and unwisely said:

"Who are you two chumps?"

Guard 1- "AUGH! He's a awake, do something."

Guard 2- "Why? He is handcuffed, he can't do anything to us."

Feey2- "What!?"

Feey2 looked at his flippers, which were handcuffed. Feey2 only laughed at the guards.

Guard 1 and 2- "What?"

Feey2- "Handcuffs can't hold me, watch."

Feey2 broke through the handcuffs, with little work. The guards panicked, and ran away. Quickly Feey2 got out of his disguise, and put on his brown cloak. He quickly jumped off the bed, and ran out of the cabin.

Feey2- "Where are you, Feey1?"

Feey2 ran down the deck, in search for his original.

Feey1 waddled up the stairs, and saw the large pool. Several chicks were playing in it, and their parents were sunbathing in the chairs. Feey looked around for Kaylin, then suddenly saw her. She was on the other side of the pool, talking to Cadence.

Feey(thinking)- "That's weird."

Feey1 waddled by the pool, and up to Kaylin.

Feey- "Hey Kaylin, what's up?"

Kaylin- "Oh, hi Feey. I was just chatting with Cadence. Hold on just a minute."

Cadence- "Oh, that's okay. Have an ice day, Kaylin!"

Kaylin- "Bye, Cadence!"

Feey- "What was that about?"

Kaylin- "Oh, I saw Cadence so we just decided to hang out a bit."

Feey- "Oh, alright. I don't know about you, but I'm getting in that pool."

Suddenly Feey1 started running towards the pool, and jumped into it.


Feey1 resurfaced, and looked at Kaylin.

Feey- "Come on in! It feels great, Kaylin."

Kaylin- "Alright, here I come!"


Kaylin jumped into the pool, and blinded Feey1 with water.

Feey- "WOAH! That was a big splash, Kaylin."

Kaylin- "Hahaha! Thanks."

Kaylin splashed some water at Feey1's face, and quickly swam away. Feey swam after her, and splashed some water at her. The two got in a little water fight, and splashed at each other a lot.

Kaylin threw a huge splash at Feey1, and it covered his whole face.

Kaylin- "Hahahaha!"

Feey- "Come here you!"

Kaylin swam away, and Feey1 swam after her. Kaylin stopped, and Feey1 splashed in her face.

Kaylin- "Oh. Hahahahaha!"

Feey- "Watch out!"

Feey1 splashed in Kaylin's face.

Feey2 waddle by the pool, and looked around. There, in the middle of the pool was Feey1! Feey2 reacted quickly, and reached into his cloak.

Feey2(thinking)- "Say goodbye, Feey1."

Feey2 pulled a bomb out of his pocket, and threw it into the pool. He quickly ran away, and covered his head.


Feey2 hurried back up the deck, to see what he had done. The end of the pool had a large hole in it, and the water was draining into the cabin below it. Everybody ran, and scream. Swimmers tried to swim away from the whirlpool, but some got sucked in.

Feey2(thinking)- "Where's Feey1?"

Suddenly Feey2 saw his original getting out of the pool, with only some minor bruises. Feey2 grumbled, and pulled out his lazer gun. He aimed for his original, then pulled the.... A mob of penguins stampeded over Feey2, and stepped on him. After the stampede passed he accidentally pulled on the trigger, and shot the bullet into the air. The bullet came soaring down, and hit Feey2 in the chest.

Feey2- "OUCH! Ow, ow, ow."

Feey2 got up, and rubbed his belly. He slowly waddled over, to see the pool. No one was there, not even Feey1.

Feey2- "Well if I can't catch him, may as well blow the whole darn thing up."

Feey2 slowly turned around, and waddled down the stairs. He was heading to the engine room, where he would place a bunch of bombs. The ship will blow up from the middle, and sink.

Feey1, and Kaylin ran to the life boats. They quickly got on, and lowered the boat. The boat quickly dropped into the water, and Feey grabbed the oars. He started to row the boat away from the ship, as fast as he could.

Kaylin- "You really think your clone cause that explosion, Feey? We didn't see him on board."

Feey- "Well just because we didn't see him, doesn't mean he wasn't on board. We just need to get to the mainland quick. If anything, I think he'll blow up the whole cruise ship!"

Kaylin- "Than heck, row faster! When you get tired, I'll row for you."

Feey- "Thanks."

Feey1 started to row faster, then turned the boat to the left. They were trying to get to the mainland. Feey started to breathe heavily, and started to row slower. He glanced at Kaylin, who gladly waddled over and started to row. Feey sat on another bench, and took a break.

Kaylin- "This almost doesn't feel right, leaving all those people without helping. They may die."

Feey- "You couldn't have told me that, on the boat!? Anyways, I may as well call 911. That boat needs to be evacuated."

Feey1 pulled out his cellphone, and dialed 911. An operator answered it.

"911, what is your emergency?"

Feey- "Yes, there's been an explosion on a cruise ship. About two-hundred miles from Trans-Antarctica. The ship isn't sinking, but everyone needs to get off now."

Operator(phone)- "Are you still on the ship, sir?"

Feey- "No, me and my friend got on a life boat. We're paddling away from the ship."

Operator(phone)- "The Antarctic Coast Guard will be there soon, head for the mainland."

Feey- "Thank you."

Feey1 hung up, and took the oars from Kaylin. He started to row to the mainland, and rowed fast.

The cruise ship had changed course after the explosion, needing to make an emergency docking. Security guards were all over the place, looking for the causer. Feey2 had made it to the engine room, but couldn't get in.

Feey2(thinking)- "The door is lock, oh well."

Feey2 kicked the door opened, and frightened all the workers. Feey2 pulled out his gun, and ordered all the workers out. They obeyed, and ran out of the room. Feey2 quickly pulled out the bombs, and placed them all over the room. A couple minutes later he raced out of the room. He ran up the stairs, and hurried to the life boats.

He got in one, and quickly pressed a red button. The life boat was then lowered into the ocean. The straps broke off, and Feey2 grabbed the oars. He paddled the boat as fast, and far away from the ship as he could. He was half a mile away, then pulled out a detonator.

Feey2- "Goodbye, Feey1."



The cruise ship exploded, and shards of metal flew into the air. What was left of the boat caught on fire.

Feey2- "Hahaha! Feey1 is dead! Swiss Ninja will be so proud! Hurray for Snowzerland!"

Then Feey2 saw coast guard rescue boats, sailing to the cruise ship. Fire hoses turned on, and water was shot at the fire. Several minutes later however, the cruise sunk into the ocean. Several rescue boats sailed away, and headed in Feey2's direction.

One of the rescue boats stopped right by Feey2's life boat, and a sailor looked down from the deck at Feey2.

Sailor- "Are you okay, down there?"

Feey2- "Yes, help me up there."

Sailor- "Don't worry, we'll hoist the whole boat up."

The sailor ran away, and the rescue boat moved forward. Feey2's life boat ended up at the end of the ship, and a large crane extended over the water. Two sailors got onto Feey2's life boat, and took two ropes connected to the crane. They tied the ropes in between two holes on the boat, one in the front and one in the back. Soon the boat was lifted out of the water, and put onto the rescue boat.

Sailor 2- "Are you alright, sir?"

Feey2- "Yes, I'm fine. I'm just a little hungry, that's all."

Sailor 2- "We'll check you anyways, you can never be too careful."

Feey2- "Actually you can."

Chapter Twelve: A World Of PWNAGE Not So Much[edit]

Feey1, and Kaylin looked ahead to see Newton Town, Trans-Antarctica. The urban city put a smile on the two.

Feey- "We're almost there!"

Kaylin- "Yes, and Newton Town is a border town so we should make it to West Pengolia very soon. You want me to take a turn paddling?"

Feey- "Sure, my flippers are getting very tired. I hope Feey2 doesn't come after us, 'cause he could be tricked that we died in the explosion."

Kaylin- "Ya, and then we can get to West Pengolia with no harm. Hey! We're about hundred feet from shore."

Feey- "Paddle faster, the sooner we get to shore the better!"

Several minutes later the life boat came to a small dock, and tied down to it. Kaylin and Feey1 got out of the boat, and waddled down the dock. They went into town, and went to a cafe. Kaylin ordered a fruit salad, and Feey1 got a cup of coffee. They were now sitting at a small table, eating and drinking their snacks.

Kaylin- "These past two weeks have been very crazy."

Feey- "I'd say. Hopefully the 'life and death' parts are over. We got ten days to get to West Pengolia now."

Kaylin- "Your clone better go back to Snowzerland, I'm tired of him! Anyways after this, let's take a bus across the border."

Feey- "Good idea. Well we may as well go now, we can eat on the bus."

Kaylin- "Right behind you."

Antarctic Cost Guard Ship.jpg

Feey2 took out his communicator watch, and contacted Swiss Ninja. The screen lit up, and Swiss Ninja came onto the screen. Feey2 smiled.

Feey2- "Swiss, I did it! I KILLED Feey1, my life's goal is complete!"

Swiss(communicator)- "Great work, Feey2! Return to Geneva at once, we shall make Antarctica proud."

Feey2- "Sir, after this what will I do? Will I go after the Hochstadt Gang?"

Swiss(communicator)- "You've done a good job, so you may when I give you orders."

Feey2- "Swiss, you will not be disappointed. I'm coming to Geneva right now."

Feey2 hung up on Swiss, and pulled out his Player Card. He put on his jetpack, and flew off the boat. Several sailors saw him, and starred at him. Feey2 looked down at them, and shouted.

"Show the Snoss pride!"

Feey2 flew away, and the sailors stood there confused.

When Feey2 hung up, Swiss Ninja turned to Java Ghent who was standing by him.

Swiss- "Java, go to Trans-Antarctica. Feey2 says that he finally murdered Feey1, but I find that hard to believe."

Java- "Understood."

Java started up his jetpack, and flew away. Swiss Ninja waddled down the pathway, until Django ran up to him.

Django- "What was that all about, sir?"

Swiss Ninja stopped waddling, and turned around to Django.

Swiss- "Feey2 says he murdered Feey1, but I find that hard to believe. I sent Java to Trans-Antarctica, to investigate."

Django- "But our mission sir, we can't do it without Java."

Swiss- "You, and the rest of the Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland will do fine. Now leave me."

Django- "Yes, sir."

Django left Swiss Ninja, who continued to waddled down the path. He saw large trees, and fields as he waddled by.

Swiss(thinking)- "World domination will be mine! Starting with the Yow Kingdom. Hahahaha!"

Feey1 and Kaylin sat, and waited at the bus stop. Feey had checked the schedule, and the bus was to arrive at 3:00pm. It was 2:50 now, and they had waited for twenty minutes.

Feey- "Well, we are almost there, Kaylin. Soon you'll be with your chicks."

Kaylin- "Yes, and speaking of which I've been thinking of F Island."

Feey- "F Island? You want to live, on my island?"

Kaylin- "Yes, a nice small house that looks out onto the ocean. To a see a beautiful sunset every night."

Feey- "Yes, but it is very hard to get a job on F Island. There are not a lot of business, besides being a fisher or a park ranger."

Kaylin- "Yes, I guess.

Suddenly the bus pulled up early, and the doors swung open. Several citizens got off, then the bus driver hollered.

"All aboard for Patric Town, West Pengolia!"

Kaylin- "That's us, come on."

Feey1 and Kaylin got on the bus, and paid the driver hundred twenty coins. They went down the aisle, and found a seat in the back. Kaylin sat by the window, and Feey sat by the aisle. The seat was oddly small, and Kaylin and Feey found themselves sitting very close to each other.

Feey- "This isn't exactly, comfortable."

Kaylin- " kind of is to me."

Feey- "Okay."

The bus drove down the road, then made a u-turn. It drove out of Newton Town, and to West Pengolia. They crossed the border without going through a check, because West Pengolia is a state in the USA just as Trans-Antarctica. Once they crossed the border sharp, and rough mountains were the new scenery. The road started to get a little bumpy, then the road turned into a dirt road. A VERY bumpy dirt road. The whole bus was shaking, and everyone was bouncing up out of their seats.

Feey- "WHOA! This is a very bumpy ride."

Kaylin- "Meh, you get used to it."

Then to make matters worse, the bus sped up. It started to jump off the bumps, and the passengers didn't have seat belts. Everyone was jumping out of their seats, and various items were bouncing all over. A beach ball flew up, and hit Feey1 in the face,

Feey- "This is crazy!"

Bus driver- "Welcome to Patric Town, the border town of West Pengolia."

The turned pavement again, and the bus drove into the small town. The town itself was very old, and crumbling buildings were all over. There wasn't much to the town, except for poor penguins and ruined buildings. Then the bus drove into a much nicer area, more modern too.

Feey- "West Pengolia changes quickly."

Kaylin- "Yes, now we should rent a car to drive to Ulaansnowtar. I live there."

Feey- "Alright no problem, unless Feey2 catches up with us."

Kaylin- "Yes, but if we don't go out in public we'll be safe. We'll have to hide better."

Feey- "Understood. We have to always watch our backs."

Suddenly the bus stopped,and the doors opened. The two looked out the window, and saw a car renting place. The got up, and waddle out of the bus. They went inside the building, and saw an employee standing behind a desk. He had headphones on, and was dancing to some rock music.

Feey- "Excuse me, sir, we'd like a car."

Employee- "Oh, yeah! Dance till we drop, never, never going to stop! Yeah, yeah, yeah!"


Employee- "We are the dancing warriors, warriors! Dance till we drop, never, never going to stop!"


Employee- "Huh? Oh.."

The employee quickly turned off his Icepod, and took off his headphones.

Employee- "How may I help you?"

Feey- "I WANT A CAR THAT CAN TAKE US TO Ulaansnowtar!!!!"

Employee- "You could have just said it nicely, anyways we have some good cars here. Follow me out back."

Feey- "Finally!"

Feey1 and Kaylin followed the worker out back, where they was a large parking lot full of cars.

Employee- "Now just pay me nine hundred gold coins, and you may take any car."

Feey- "Doesn't sound bad. Here's the money."

Feey1 handed him nine hundred coins, and the employee waddled away. Kaylin waddled up front, and looked at the cars. She took the first one she saw.

Kaylin- "This one, let's go!"

Feey- "Meh, I guess it doesn't really matter how we get there. I'll go tell the employee."

Feey1 waddled into the building, and left Kaylin out by the car. She starred at the car, and took a closer look at. It was a nice, 90's sports cars. It was painted red, and had blue flames on both sides. Feey soon came back out, with the keys.

Feey- "Alright, we're ready to go. Let's get in."

Feey1 unlocked the car, and the two got in.

Kaylin- "I can't wait to see my chicks, after these past weeks I miss them so much! Thanks Feey, for helping me."

Feey- "Well, I do that for others that I love."

Kaylin- "What?"

Feey- "AUGH! I that I...ummm..shove?"

Kaylin- "Feey, I know what you meant. It's, it's okay...because well...I care about you too."

Feey- "You, you really do?"

Kaylin- "Why did you think I invited you to that party, or gave you that kiss."

Feey1 took the keys, and started the car's engine. Feey drove out of the lot, and onto the road. He glanced at Kaylin, then looked back at the road.

Feey- "So...we love each other?"

Kaylin- "Yeah, I guess. We've only known each other for two weeks..."

Feey- "Well....we do right? ARGH! This is just so awkward."

Kaylin- "It kind of is. If this is disturbing, we can not see each other after this."

Feey- "No,'s, well I do care about you. Love is such a hard word, that...okay I LOVE you Kaylin. I can't stop thinking about you, I love you with all my heart."

Kaylin- "You, you do? I've never had someone love me so much, not even my own parents. Feey1, I love you too."

Feey- "So, we're all on the same page I guess."

Kaylin- "Ummmm....yes."

Feey1 glanced at Kaylin again, then turned to the right. He drove the car into a a parking lot, which was next to a park. He turned off the engine, and starred out the windshield.

Kaylin- "What is it, Feey? Is something wrong?"

Feey- "No, I just think we should settle this off the road. In a nice, and calm area."

Kaylin- "The park? are we going out there?"

Feey- "Yes, we are. We could take a nice waddle, and get to know each other?"

Kaylin- "I'd be happy too, let's go."

The two got out of the car, and waddled into the park. They down a brick pathway, and started to talk.

Feey- "So Kaylin, do you think this could be a relationship? You know..girlfriend and boyfriend?"

Kaylin- "Do you, because I don't really know?"

Feey- "Well, put it like this: do we really LOVE, or do we just care?"

Kaylin- "Love...."

Feey- "Same here, but do you think this could work? I mean we've been attacked several times, in just two weeks. Is this possible?"

Kaylin- "Feey, the last time I gave my heart to someone he broke it. I don't know if I could ever love again...."

Feey- "Kaylin, I do love you...not for what you have, but for you. I risked my life, to save you."

Kaylin- "My ex-husband would never do that."

Feey- "I would! If you were kidnapped, I'd look till the ends of the earth for you."

Kaylin- "No one has told me that, Feey1. It's very touching."

Feey- "Kaylin, I will help you in anything. Let's get you home, and get you to your chicks!"

Kaylin- "Feey, I love you."

Feey- "I love you, too."

The two hugged each other, then looked at each others faced. Kaylin kissed Feey1, and hugged him. Feey stood in shock, and smiled.

Kaylin- "Let's go now."

Feey- "Alright."

Feey1 and Kaylin waddled back to the car, and got in. They drove out onto the road, and headed to Ulaansnowtar.

Java Ghent's LATTU landed in a field, about two miles outside of Patric Town. Java Ghent, and four RDA Troopers got off the LATTU. The pilot then drove the LATTU into the sky, and flew away. The troop ran through the field, heading for Patric Town. When they got there they sneaked through some ally ways, and I kept a look out for Feey1.

An RDA Trooper looked out of an alley way, and went back to the troop.

Clone 1- "No sign of Feey1, sir. I'm starting to think that he has left."

Java- "We checked Newton Town already, he is here. Keep looking."

Clones- "Yes, sir."

Clone 2- "Sir, with all do respect, I think we'll make better time if we split up."

Java- "Okay. Meet here in ten minutes, contact each other if he spot Feey1."

Clones- "Yes, sir."

The clones ran in different directions, and moved out through the city. Java flew up in his jetpack, and got a bird's eye view of the city. He flew around the place, searching for Feey1.

He landed on the roof of a skyscraper, and waddled over to the edge. He looked over the edge, and saw the whole city.

Java(thinking)- "ARGH! Where is he? Maybe Feey2 did kill his original."

Java contacted the RDA Troopers, to report no Feey1.

Soon they all met in the alley way, and decided to go back to Terninia. One of the troopers called in their LATTU.

Clone 1- "Well at least we know Feey1 is dead."

Clone 4- "Yes, Swiss Ninja would kill Feey2 if he was lying."

Clone 3- "Meh, let's go home."

The troop boarded the LATTU, then took off. Feey2 had 'killed' Feey1, and was now going to get a metal.

Feey1 drove into Ulaansnowtar, and saw Penghis Khan's castle on the hill Kaylin joyfully screamed.


Feey- "No problem."

Kaylin hugged Feey1 tightly, and kissed him on the cheek.

Kaylin- "Feey, you are possibly the best thing that has happened to me."

Feey- "You are too, now let's go get your chicks."

Kaylin- "YAY!"

The car drove up to Kaylin's house, and she started to cry. She ran out of the car, and opened the door. She barged in, and saw her chicks playing a board game.

Kaylin- "Joe, Lexi, Manny, Mia I missed you all!"

Joe, Lexi, Manny, and Mia- "MOM!?! Mom's home!"

Kaylin- "My babies."

They all group hugged, and Kaylin kissed them all.

Family reunion.png

Feey1 waddled into the house, and saw the Peirces re-uniting. He almost started to cry, but held back the tears.

Lexi- "Mom, what took you so long?"

Kaylin- "Let's just say, someone tried to stop us. Hey, where's Manny?"

Mia- "The government took him, but they said they'll give him back when you got here."

Joe- "You can pick him up at the 'Funny Buddy Day Care'."

Kaylin- "Let's go now!"

Lexi, Mia, and Joe- "YA!!"

The two waddled towards the door, and standing there was Feey1.

Joe- "Who are you?"

Feey- "I'm Feey1, nice to meet you little guy. I help your mom get here."

Lexi- "What? Not some muscly, hansom guy?"

Kaylin- "Lexi, please we're getting to know each other."

Feey- "So are we leaving?"

Mia- "Yes, we're going to Funny Buddy Day Care to pick up my little brother."

Feey- "I'll drive you guys there, and then we can get to know each other."

Joe- "Okay."

Chapter Thirteen: The Ninja Is Mad[edit]

Feey2 looked across the water, and saw Geneva. The boat pulled up, and docked there. Awaiting Feey2 were six Snoss soldiers. Three were on each side of the dock, and they were all holding trumpets. Suddenly they lifted the trumpets up, and started to play the anthem. Then Swiss Ninja's limo pulled up at the end of dock, and the door opened. Swiss Ninja waddled out of his limo, and coming up behind him was penguin holding a pillow. On the small pillow there was a medal, a gold medal! The trumpets stopped, and Swiss was standing in front of Feey2.

Swiss- "Good work, Feey2! For your excellent job, you have won this medal.

Swiss Ninja grabbed the medal from the pillow, and put it around Feey2's neck.

Swiss- "Behold the hero of Snowzerland!"

Feey2- "Thank you, Swiss Ninja."

The trumpets started to play again, and Swiss Ninja started to waddled away. He turned around to Feey2, then motioned him to follow. Feey2 came up behind Swiss, and together they got into the limo. The limo's engine started, and drove away.

Swiss- "Good work, Feey2. Now you will move onto other enemies, like that Hochstadt Gang."

Feey2- "Sir, I've been thinking. What could I do after this? I was created to destroy Feey1, what now?"

Swiss- "Like I just said. You can join the Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland, or the Royal Army of Snowzerland since you have a history there."

Feey2- "I'd think I'd want to join the military, since I'm already high ranking there. I'm hoping to become a general."

Swiss- "We shall have a party tonight, my friend! We'll invite all the Snoss to come, and celebrate!"

Feey2- "No offensive, but celebrating a death is really bad. Why do you want to celebrate someone's death?"

Swiss- "Hello, we're talking about Feey1 here! He is the successor to the Yowien throne, we can't have that."

Feey2- "So, you've decided to take down the Yowien Sea first, and launch the whole assault onto Antarctica from there?"

Swiss- "Yes, no one gives that place any attention. The military is weak there too, so it should be easy to take over."

Feey2- "Yes, but Yow has good relations with Frankterre now. Because Frankterre sold Hontana to them."

Swiss- "I plan to attack Hontana first, that Hontanan Elite Penguin Force doesn't stand a chance."

Feey2- "Yes, sir you are right."

The limo pulled up to the Snowzerland Capital Building. The chauffeur got out of the limo, and opened the door for Swiss and Feey2. Several penguin gathered around, and cheered for Swiss.

Swiss- "Thank you, thank you. Thanks you guys."

Several Snoss soldiers came to Swiss Ninja, and blocked the citizens from him and Feey2. They waddled up the steps to the building, then entered the large doors.

Swiss- "Feey2, I'd like you to come to my board room. We've got planning to do."

Feey2- "Okay, sir."

Feey2 followed Swiss Ninja down a hallway, and then to a large metal door. Oddly enough there was no handle, but rather a key pad on the door. Swiss Ninja tapped a couple of buttons, and the door swung open. Swiss Ninja waddled inside, and Feey2 followed him in. Inside there was a large table, with several Snoss generals sitting down. A projector was pointed at a wall, and the screen showed maps.

Swiss- "Welcome to Operation: Yowien Sea To Snoss Sea, this is your next mission."

Feey2- " what is it?"

Swiss- "We are planning our attack on the Yowien Sea, because it does have a lot of potential."

Feey2- "What do you have so far, Swiss Ninja?"

Swiss- "First, we will bomb the ruler of the sea: Yow Kingdom. Then we will take the other islands, and soon we will control the sea."

Feey2- "Okay, so bomb the heart of the sea. Then conquer the other islands, that sounds like a bad plan."


Feey2- "Yes, but Rockhopper Island and King George's Island are in there. They are USA territory, and if you attack them the USA will get you."

General 1- "He does have a point, Swiss, sir."

Swiss- "Well, I don't care! The USA can't withstand Snowzerland."

General 2- "Swiss, your plan is good in all, but why Yow? They're puny!"

Swiss- "No one pays attention to them, no one knows what happens there! It has hidden potential."

General 1- "You're right Swiss, King Alexander does seem to be making the military stronger. If we're not careful, they could attack at any moment. Those sneaky little..."

Feey2- "Calm down! Swiss, Alexander wants to rule all of Antarctica like you. Though I don't see why we have bad relations with them, we could be great allies!"

Everyone stared at Feey2, and gave him an ugly look.

Feey2- "Just saying...."

Swiss- "Watch it, Feey2. You know I was thinking, about making you head of this operation."

Feey2- "What!? I'd love to, I know a lot about Yow. I can take them down, I know everything!"

Swiss- "Well after you said that, you can be head."

Feey2- "Thank you Swiss, you won't be disappointed."

Snowzerland Capitol Buidling.png

Later that night news crews, and citizens gathered outside The Snowzerland Capitol Building. There were hundreds of citizens, dozens of news crews, and much more. A podium was placed at the top of the steps, and microphones were placed all over it. A line of soldiers blocked the spectators from the steps, and they all had rifles slung over their soldiers.

Then exactly at 6:00pm, the doors swung open. The crowd cheered, as Swiss Ninja waddled up to the podium. He waved to the crowd, and smiled. The crowd started to chant.

"Show the Snoss pride! Show the Snoss pride! Show the Snoss pride!"

Swiss- "Yes, yes! Silent please, silent. Alright, do you guys want to know why you are here?"

Crowd- "Yes!"

Swiss- "Well then, our enemy: Feey1, has been murdered at last! Yow Kingdom no longer has a successor, they are finished. Soon they will be ours."

Crowd- "HURRAY!!!!!"

Swiss- "THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!!!"

Swiss- "Now...did I mention that Feey1 was a slave owner!? Slave owners like him deserve to die!"


Swiss- "Feey2, come out here."

The doors opened again, and out came Feey2. Swiss Ninja stepped away from the podium, and let Feey2 on it. He tapped one of the microphones, then spoke.

"Fellow Snoss, world domination is getting ever closer. Soon we shall rule the Antarctic, starting with Yow. They do have lots of potential, and no one pays attention to them. With no allies, we can actually take them down! Soon everyone will be saying, 'Show the Snoss pride'."


The crowd reluctantly cheered, and clapped. Feey2 started to give a big speech, which he was obviously winging.

Feey2- "My fellow Snoss friends, it is my pleasure to be your hero. Soon the world will know that Snowzerland is not to be messed with, we are superior to all! All hail Swiss Ninja the great!"

An Hour Later..

The crowd cleared out after the speech, and Feey2 was shaking flippers with Swiss Ninja.

Swiss- "World domination is ever closer. Feey2 you've definitely earned..."

Suddenly Django came out of nowhere, and ran up to Swiss Ninja and Feey2.

Django- "Sir, Snoss spies in West Pengolia have spotted Feey1, alive!"

Swiss- "WHAT!?! FEEY2, YOU LIED TO ME!?!"

Feey2- "No, I thought..."

Django- "He was with Kaylin, and her whole family. Feey1 is alive."

Feey2- "How is this possible? Swiss, I swear that Feey1 was dead. He must have gotten off the boat, before I set the bombs."

Swiss- "Feey2, you are a disgrace to Snowzerland! Kill Feey1, then return to Terninia immediately! Do I make myself clear?"

Feey2- "Yes, sir."

Swiss- "And to make sure things go right Django, go with Feey2."

Django- "Yes, sir."

Swiss- "Oh, and Feey2."

Feey2- "Yes, sir?"

Swiss- "Give me that!"

Swiss Ninja ripped the medal off of Feey2's neck, and signaled for them to leave. Feey2, and Django flew away in their jetpacks. Swiss Ninja's face turned purple again, then he punched the podium. He flew through the air, and crashed on the steps.

Chapter Fourteen: The Ring[edit]

Feey1 got under the covers, and laid there. The moonlight shined through the window, and into the room.

Feey(thinking)- "I helped Kaylin get home, protected her from danger, and told her how I feel. All is good."

Feey1 closed his eyes, and quickly fell asleep.

The Next Morning

Feey1 woke up at 8:00am, and got out of bed. He waddled out of the room, and went down the hallway. In the kitchen he saw Kaylin eating breakfast, and dirty plates in the sink.

Feey- "So...the chicks went to school?"

Kaylin- "Yes,, Feey1 what now? We both love each other, but now we're here. What now?"

Feey- "Kaylin, I've put a lot of thought into it. Today I'm going home, to F Island."

Kaylin- "You're leaving, but why?"

Feey- "I've put you, and your chicks in danger. If you love something let it go."

Kaylin- "...And if it comes back, it was meant to be. I don't want to leave you, Feey."

Feey- "I'm not sure you can support yourself on F Island, there aren't many jobs there."

Kaylin- "Feey1, I want to do whats best. I never want to leave you."

Feey- "Kaylin, I'm leaving. End of discussion."

Feey1 pulled out his Player Card, and got dressed. He put it in his pocket, and headed for the door.

Kaylin- "Wait, you forgot something."

Feey- "What?"

Kaylin ran up to Feey1, and kissed him. Feey kissed back, and a couple seconds later left. Kaylin stood in her doorway, and watched Feey get in the rented car. He started up the engine, and drove out of the drive way. He waved goodbye to Kaylin, and she waved back.

Feey2 and Django landed in Ulaansnowtar, ten miles from Kaylin's house. Django pulled a map out of his pocket, and unfolded it. He held it so Feey2 could look at it.

Django- "Now, we need to find Feey1. We have Snoss spies all over the city, helping us search."

Feey2- "Alright, let's split up. I'll into town, while you go into the suburbs. If we spot Feey1, we contact each other immediately."

Django- "Alright, let's do this."

Django pulled out his jetpack, and flew to the suburbs; Feey2 simply just started waddling into town. When he got there he hid in alley ways, and sneaked behind buildings. He waddled into a plaza, and checked out the buildings there. In the plaza there was a McDoodles, a movie rental place, and a jewelry store. Feey2 looked at a strange car, that had blue flames painted on it.

Feey2- "That owner must be out of whack."

Feey2 looked through the windows, of each store. Finally he came up to the jewelry store, and looked inside. Feey2 gasped, and quickly pulled out his walkies-talkie.

Feey2- "Django, I found Feey1! He's at 600 Border Street, in the jewelry store. Get over here now!"

Django(radio)- "Really, that quick? I'm on my way!"

Feey2 put the walkies-talkie away, and stared at Feey1. Feey2 pulled a bomb out of his cloak, and set it by the window. He quickly ran away, and pulled a detonator out. He covered his ears, then pressed it.


The bomb exploded, and left the front of the store in ruins. Feey2 laughed in glee, then suddenly stopped. Feey1 ran out of the wreckage, and pulled out his cell phone. Feey2 almost screamed, then pulled out his pistol.

Feey2- "Goodbye, my original."


Feey2 shot his gun, but missed Feey1. Feey quickly turned, and faced Feey2. He reacted by pulling out his gun, and firing back.


Feey2 ducked behind a car, and Feey1 did the same. The two got into a match, until suddenly Feey got in a his Penguin Super Suit. He ran up to Feey2, and picked him up. Feey1 threw Feey2 into the air, then shot at him.


Feey2 fell from the sky, and landed on a moving car. The car swerved off the road, and into an alley way. Feey2 got off the car, and broke into it. He shot the driver, and threw the body out. He quickly got into it, and drove it towards Feey1.

Feey- "Oh, please."

The Super Suit's arm transformed into a giant bazooka, and blasted the car.


The car exploded in a ball of flames, and yet somehow Feey2 managed to escape from it. He quickly ran into a alley way, and Feey1 chased after him. Feey left Feey2, and hurried over to the jewelry store. He got all the penguins and puffles out, and laid them down on the parking lot. Soon after paramedics drove up, and cared for the injured.

Paramedic- "What happened?"

Feey- "An RDA soldier blew up the place, he ran away."

Paramedic- "These people need medical attention now, let's move."

Several paramedics got the injured onto carts, and pushed them inside the ambulance.

Django looked down the sky, and saw the insane scene. He quickly flew down, and landed in an alley way.

Feey2- "Django, it's me: Feey2. I failed."

Django- "ARGH! I can't work with you. I don't care what SN says, I'm done working with you."

Feey2- "What!? Everyone knows I'm the most dangerous clone alive. I could destroy entire nations."

Django slapped Feey2 across the cheek, then flew away on his jetpack. Feey2 almost screamed, but instead pulled out his communicator watch. He quickly contacted Swiss Ninja, and the screen lit up quick.

Swiss(communicator)- "Yes, Feey2?"

Feey2- "Swiss Ninja, Django ruined the mission. He quit!!!"

Swiss(communicator)- "That's not ruining the mission, Feey2. Plus I can't really deal with it at the moment, so just go kill Feey1."

Feey2- "Sir, I have no idea where he is. Permission to return to Terninia, sir?"

Swiss(communicator)- "No, now go find Feey1! Don't come back until he is dead, got that?"

Feey2- "Whatever, Swiss Ninja."

Feey2 hung up, and punched a wall. He kicked some garbage cans, and started to grumble. He waddled out of the alley way, and headed towards the suburbs.

Mean while, Feey1 went to a different jewelry store. It was a much nicer one, and a little bit more fancy. When Feey went in a employee welcomed him.

"Good day, sir. What can I do for you today?"

Feey- "I need a proposal ring, for my friend."

Employee- "'re proposing, heh? Well that is a very special day, let me show you our greatest diamonds."

Feey- "Alright, show me."

The employee led Feey1 over to a large glass case, that had several rings in it. Each ring was about five karats, and cost 10,500 coins.

Feey- "Wow, that's a little spendy."

Employee- "They are five karats, but if you want you can have ten karats!"

Feey- "Wait, what? I though you said these were your best rings."

Employee- "Well, best one for sale. Follow me, sir!"

Feey- "Okay...."

The employee led Feey1 into a back room, which was a storage closet. The employee waddled down to the very end, where there was a large safe. The employee turned the lock several times, then opened it.

Employee- "Behold the ten karat rings, that our boss keeps to herself. She never puts them on the market."

Feey- "Wait, if they're her's why are you selling me them? That almost sounds like stealing!"

Employee- "So? Heh, they only cost 60,500 coins."

Feey- "O_O"

Employee- "Well, you wanted to see them."

Feey- "If you don't mind, I'd rather those ones you showed me earlier."

Employee- "Oh crud! Fine, come with me."

The employee and Feey1 left the closet, and went back into the store. Feey looked at the available rings, and thought witch one he should get.

Employee- "This one is red, and shaped like a rose."

Feey- "Meh, too cheesy."

Employee- "This one shows a yellow puffle, and it's yellow too."

Feey- "Meh, too pricey."

Employee- "Hey buddy, I'm working on commission! I still live with my parents, which by the way are dead!!!"

Feey- "Just give me the one with a diamond in it."

Employee- "THAT one!?"

Feey- "Yes, the third least expensive."

Employee- "Alright fine!"

Chapter Fifteen: Feey2 Actually Has a Heart!?[edit]

Feey2 quickly ran up to Feey1's car, which survived the explosion. He put a tracking device under it, then quickly ran away. He watched as his original got in the car, and drove away. Feey2 quickly pulled out his Hover Board, and flew off. He flew in some alley ways, hoping Feey wouldn't see him.

Feey2- "Hahahaha! Die my original!"

Feey2 pulled out a small device, and turned it on. A map of West Pengolia showed on the screen, and a small red dot moved across it. Then a blue dot appeared not from the red dot.

Feey2(thinking)- "Let's see I'm the blue one, and Feey1 is the red one. I'll just follow him then."

The Hover Board was going at a slow speed, due to the fact that they don't fly fast. Feey2 put it a away, and pulled out a Motor Scooter. He drove down the alley way, very quick. He caught up with Feey1 real quick, then slowed down so he went further.

Feey2- "I got to do this right, and once."

Feey1 happily drove down the road, then looked at the passenger seat. There was a small bag laying there, and he smiled.

Feey- "Today is a happy day."

The signal light turned red, and Feey1 stopped the car. He reached for the bag, and pulled out a small box. He smiled, and opened it. The ring inside was very beautiful. The light turned green, and Feey drove forward.

Soon he ended up at Kaylin's house, and quickly got in his general's coat. He grabbed the small box, and put it in his pocket. He got out of the car, and waddled up to the house.


The door opened, and Kaylin was standing there.

Kaylin- "Feey1, you came back?"

Feey- "Yes, Kaylin, I've been thinking a lot. I was wondering if...."


Bullets hit the garage door, and a flower pot near Feey1. Feey, and Kaylin quickly got inside. Kaylin locked the door, and Feey1 pulled out his Keysaber.

Kaylin- "What's happening?"

Feey- "Kaylin, grab the phone and hide somewhere. Call 911, and say there's a Snoss soldier attacking us."

Kaylin- "No, I can't leave you."

Feey- "Your chicks can't loose you again, now go!"

Kaylin quickly ran down the hallway, and Feey1 turned on his Keysaber. Suddenly the front window exploded, and shards of glass flew towards Feey. He jumped into the kitchen, to avoid being cut. Feey looked over the counter, and saw his evil clone standing in the front lawn. Feey2 slowly waddled into the house, and smiled.

Feey- "Feey2, how did you find us?"

Feey2- "It was quite easy, if you ask me. It ends here, original."

Feey- "I don't think so! Go back to Snowzerland, and be whacks with Swiss Ninja!"

Feey2- "I will, after I kill you!"

Feey2 quickly pulled out a machine gun, and fired at Feey1. Feey reacted by ducking behind the counter, and pulling out his Snowball Gun. He jumped up from behind the counter, and shot Feey2 in the face. Feey2 fell to the ground unconsciousness.

Feey- "I got you now!"

Feey2- "No you don't."

Suddenly Feey2 jumped up, now consciousness. He pulled out his Keysaber too, and got in a duel with Feey1. Feey2 kicked Feey in the stomach, and reacting Feey swung his Keysaber at Feey2's face. Feey pulled out his lazer gun, and shot at Feey2. Feey2 hit the lazers with his Keysaber, and didn't get hit.

Feey2- "It ends here, original!"

Feey- "I don't think so, Feey2."

Feey1 kicked Feey2 in the stomach, then punched him in the face. Feey2 reacted by running past Feey, and down the hallway. Feey chased after him, then stopped in his tracks. Feey2 was holding Kaylin, and held a unactivated Keysaber by her neck. Kaylin was sweating, and crying.

Feey2- "Come with me to Snowzerland, or Kaylin dies!"

Kaylin- "Feey1, do something."

Feey- "Let me get this straight, Feey2; if I come with you I die, if I don't come with you she dies?"

Kaylin- "...And you'll die!"

Feey2- "Make your choice, you have thirty seconds."

Feey- "I'll go with you."

Kaylin- "WHAT!?! No, he'll kill you."

Feey- "I can't let you die, not right after you got back home. Your chicks need you Kaylin, I got nothing to live for. Everyone hates me for being a slave owner, my dad doesn't love me, and I'm lonely. I got nothing to live for."

Kaylin- "Feey1, you do have something to live for. You have me, your family, and those fans at the MAI."

Feey2- "Time up, what's your choice?"

Feey- "I'll come with you, Feey2. Just leave Kaylin, and her family alone."

Feey2- "Deal, now hand me your Player Card."

Feey2 let go of Kaylin, and waddled up to Feey1. Feey patted at his pockets, and frowned.

Feey(lying)- "I left it in the rental car, just a minute."

Feey2- "You're not leaving my sight, I'm coming with you."

Feey1 waddled ahead of Feey2, and went out into the living room. Feey waddled outside, and went towards the car. He unlocked it, and got inside. He rummaged around, then quickly pulled the keys out. Suddenly he put them in the ignition, and turned on the car. He drove backwards, and because he was leaning on the car Feey2 fell onto the ground. He got back up, then starred at Feey.

Feey- "Sucker!"

Feey1 then floored the gas pedal, and drove up to Feey2. He crashed the car into Feey2, and into the garage door. Feey2 flew into the garage, and hit the wall.

Feey2- "You will pay for that!"

Feey- "Oh really?"

Feey1 got out of the car, and quickly pulled out his Keysaber. He turned it on, then ran up to Feey2. He lifted it up, and swung at Feey2. Suddenly Feey2's flipper flew up, and turned on his Keysaber. The two Keysabers collided, and the two got in a duel again. The two slowly dueled out of the garage, and onto the front lawn. Feey2 suddenly kicked Feey's foot.


Feey2 then punched Feey1 in the face, then in the gut. Feey collapsed in pain, and Feey2 started to cackle(evil laughing).

Feey2- "Hahahaha! Swiss Ninja will be proud, right after this."

Kaylin- "STOP!"

Feey2 looked up, and saw Kaylin. She was holding a frying pan, then suddenly threw it at Feey2's face.


He lumbered a little bit, then fell into some bushes. Kaylin ran over to Feey1, who was bleeding all over.

Kaylin- "Feey, are you okay?"

Feey- " 911."

At that moment two police cars stopped in front of the house, and out came four officers. One ran up to Feey1, and the other three went over to Feey2.

Officer- "What happened?"

Kaylin- "He was mauled, and he's badly injured. Call an ambulance now, please."

Officer- "Not enough time, he's bleeding badly. We need to bandage him, hurry."

Kaylin raced inside the house, then came out with large bandages. The officer and her put them on Feey1, when suddenly..


Feey2- "Die!"

Feey2 got up, and shot the officers. The one attending Feey1 quickly reached for his gun, but got shot by Feey2.

Feey2- "It ends now!"

Kaylin- "No!"

Feey2 waddled up to Feey1's body, and pushed Kaylin aside. He looked down at Feey, and started to cackle again.

Feey2- "Any last words?"

Feey- "Feey2, I'm...I'm not dying vain. I...I'm proud o...of helpi...helping Kaylin."

Feey2- "Oh please. I'm going to just kill you right here!"

Feey- "I...I'm proud of...of what I did. Kaylin, I...I'll miss you."

Kaylin- "Feey1, I will too. I love you."

Feey2- "Wait, so you fought me to protect her? Not to protect yourself, or to gain fame?"

Feey1 nodded, and Feey2 frowned.

Feey2- "What am I doing?! My life is all messed up, I don't know where I belong! Why should I kill you?"


Feey2 looked up, and saw an LATTU flying above him. The side doors opened, and standing there was Swiss Ninja. He had come to see the whole show, and now Feey2 was about to cry. He glanced at Feey1, then at SN.

Feey2(thinking)- "I can't kill someone, who risked their life for someone else."

Feey2 stabbed his Keysaber, into the grass next to Feey1. SN grinned, thinking Feey had been killed. The LATTU landed on the road, and Feey2 ran up to it. He quickly boarded it, and was greeted by SN.

Swiss- "Feey2, you've done a good job."

Feey2- "Thank you, sir. Now let's go back to Snowzerland."

Swiss- "I want a picture of this. RDA Trooper 908, take a picture of this."

The RDA Trooper obeyed, and pulled out a camera. He took several pictures of Feey1 'dead', then gave the camera to Swiss Ninja.

Swiss- "Pilot, we're going back to Snowzerland."

Pilot- "Roger that."

The side doors closed, and the LATTU flew away. Feey2 stood in the corner, with a big frown on his face. Swiss Ninja saw this, and waddled up to him.

Swiss- "What is it?"

Feey2- "Oh, nothing. I'm all good."

Swiss- "Okay?"

Chapter Sixteen: Is This The End?[edit]

Kaylin sat by Feey1, and cried. She pulled out her cell phone, and called in an ambulance. Five minutes later an ambulance drove up, and a group of paramedics put Feey in the ambulance. Kaylin got in the back too, and lookedat Feey. She placed her flipper on his, and almost lost it.

Kaylin(thinking)- "Everything, is going to be alright."

The doors in the back closed, and the ambulance drove off.


Sue Pie looked up from her newspaper, and saw the phone ringing. She got up out of her chair, and waddled over to it. She picked up the phone, and answered it.

"The Pie Family residence, who's this?"

Kaylin(phone)- "Sue, *sniff* you have to *sniff* come to West Pengolia, right *sniff* now!"

Sue- "Kaylin, is that you? Why are you crying?"

Kaylin(phone)- "It's *sniff* Feey1, we're going to *sniff* the hospital *sniff* now. He got injured."

Sue- "What? We're on our way, see you soon!"

Sue hung up the phone, and dropped it. She ran out of the house, and got in her car.

Several Minutes Later..

Sue parked the car in front of Garmield Pie's work, and rushed inside. At the front desk she saw her husband working, and she raced over to him.

Sue- "Garmield, Feey1 is in the ER. We're going to West Pengolia right now!"

Garmield- "What Feey1 is hurt? Let's go."

Sue- "Come one!"

The couple rushed out to the car, and Garmield got in the driver's seat. He started the car, and drove off. He made a sharp turn to the right, and saw Cody Maverick Regional Airport. They drove into the parking lot, and got out quick.

Sue(thinking)- "My little chick is in danger!"

Zayne Pie grabbed the TV remote, and slowly sat down in his chair.

Zayne- "I hate Wednesdays."


Zayne reached for the side table, and picked up the phone.

Zayne- "Zayne Pie here, who's this?"

Garmield(phone)- "Dad, Feey1 is in the ER. We're flying to West Pengolia to check on him now, we heard he's badly injured."

Zayne- "Feey1, oh crud. I'll call everyone else, and we'll meet up in West Pengolia. See you soon."

Garmield(phone)- "Our flight is three hours long, your flight might be even longer."

Zayne- "Bah! It doesn't matter, defiantly when a relative is hurt. Bye, son!"

Zayne hung up, then quickly called the others.

Zayne(thinking)- "I'll call Fredrick Pie first, since he lives in the Darktan Realm."

Zayne dialed the phone, and it started to ring. He looked up at a large painting of The Pie Family, over his fireplace. Zayne felt a tear drop go down his cheek.

Kaylin sat outside the ER, crying. Feey1 had been seriously hurt, and could be in a body cast for a month. Or be nowhere but in the ground for eternity.

Kaylin(thinking)- "He loved me, and I loved him. I miss him."

Doctor- "Miss, if I could have a word with you?"

Kaylin looked up, and saw a doctor standing above her.

Kaylin- "Yes, what is it?"

Doctor- "First of all, what is your relation with Feey1?"

Kaylin- "What? Oh...close friend."

Doctor- "Does any of his family live in West Pengolia?"

Kaylin- "No, but I think his younger brother lives...."

Suddenly the doors barged open, and Metal Knight waddled in. He ran up to the desk, which was protected by a glass window.

MK- "My older brother is in the ER, how is he?"

Nurse- "The doctor over there knows."

MK turned around, and looked at Kaylin and the doctor. He waddled over to the doctor quickly.

MK- "How is Feey1, doctor?"

Doctor- "Not good, he has bad cuts on his right foot and shoulder. Looks like he will need five months of bone surgery too."

MK- "Does anyone know what happened? All I know is that he was in the ER."

Kaylin- "Feey2."

MK- "Ummm...who's Feey2? Is he Feey's son, or..."

Kaylin- "Nope, evil clone. He works for Swiss Ninja, and he is bad."

Doctor- "I better go now, Feey1 needs emergency surgery."

The doctor ran off, and Kaylin bowed her head. She started to cry again, then folded her flippers together. She then started to whisper.

"Please save Feey1, amen."

MK- "So, are you Kaylin?"

Kaylin- "Umm..yes. Who are you?"

MK- "I'm Fredrick, but you can call me Bow or Metal Knight."

Kaylin- "Nice to meet you, Bow."

The Next Day...

Feey1 woke up in a bed, a hospital bed. His left flipper, chest, and right foot were casts. There were also 'Get Better Soon' balloons, and a tray full of chocolate near a side table. He looked around, and saw his parents sitting near the bed.

Feey- "Mom..."

Sue- "Feey1, how do you feel?"

Feey- "A little whoozy, and my feet hurt."

Garmield- "You lost a lot of blood son, you'll feel like that for awhile."

Feey- "Where's Kaylin? I need to tell her something."

Sue- "Okay, she's outside waiting. Garmield will you go get her, please?"

Garmield- "Alright."

Garmield left the hospital room. Sue grabbed Feey1's flipper, and kissed him on the forehead.

Sue- "Everything will be alright, Feey."

Feey- "I'm kind of hungry, and you call the nurse."

Sue- "Okay."

Suddenly the door opened up, and in came Kaylin. She was smiling to know Feey1 was still alive. She waddled up to the side of the bed, and looked down at Feey.

Kaylin- "How are you feeling?"

Feey- "Meh, I've been better. Dad, where's my general's coat?"

Garmield- "It was sent to the wash, but that box you had in it is right here."

Garmield pointed to a small black box on a table. Feey1 motioned his father to come up to him. Feey whispered in Garmield's ear, then his dad waddled back to the box.

Feey- "Kaylin, will you come here for a minute?"

Kaylin- "Alright."

Kaylin waddled over to Feey1's side, and looked at him puzzled.

Feey- "Kaylin, you've given me something I have never had. On that airplane, while battling Swiss Ninja, I gained strength to beat him. That strength saved me, you, and the whole flight. If it wasn't for you, we'd be dead right now. You're the heron of this quest, therefore..."

Garmield opened the little black box, and handed it to Kaylin.

Feey- "...will you marry me?"

Kaylin grabbed the box, and starred at the ring. Were mouth hung open, and were eyes stayed wide. She looked up at Feey1, and started to cry.

Kaylin- "YES!"

Feey- "Thank you, for making me a better penguin."

Kaylin hugged Feey1, and kissed him on the cheek.


Six months had passed, and a lot had happened. Feey1 had surgery on his left flipper, but was still in crutches. Over the winter Yow got involved in a war, and made their debt worst. Overtime Feey1 just fell more in love with Kaylin, and the two saw each other everyday. Now Feey1 stood on a stage, wearing a tuxedo. He looked at the crowd, and saw his family and friends. After three months in jail, Jake Slang was Feey's best man. Suddenly the pianist started to play, and a figure in a white dress waddled onto the aisle. She was wearing a large white dress, and was waddling down the aisle alone. She went up onto the stage, and looked Feey in the eye. Feey looked at her, and smiled. The priest looked at the happy couple, then cleared his throat.

Priest- "We are gathered here today, to celebrate the marriage of Feey1 Pie and Kaylin Peirce."

The priest a bunch of other stuff, than finished off.

Priest- "I now pronounce you: husband, and wife."

Kaylin and Feey1 kissed each other, and the crowd clapped. Feey and Kaylin waddled down the aisle, and went into another large room. There was a large disco ball hanging, and some snack bars. Everyone partied in the room, and had a blast. When it was over a limo pulled up in front of the church, just as Feey and Kaylin waddled out of the door. The family stood on each side of them, and were throwing rice into the air. The chauffeur opened the door to the limo, and Feey tried to get in. Since Feey had crutches, it was kind of hard to get in. Was he got in, Kaylin followed behind him. The limo started up, and drove away. On the back window was written 'Just Married', and Cream Soda cans were tied on a string to the back. Jake Slang leaned over to Garmield Pie.

"I drunk all that Cream Soda"

Garmield- "0_0"

Feey2 sat in the chair, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Swiss Ninja had finally find out that Feey2 did not kill Feey1, and had called him to a meeting. The door suddenly opened up, and Swiss waddled in. He sat in a chair behind a desk, and starred at Feey2.

Swiss- "So, you didn't kill Feey1?"

Feey2- "Ummm...yes, sir."

Swiss- "We had him! We could have easily killed him, and you give up!?"

Feey2- "Sir, he just looked so innocent. He needed help, and he was in love."

Swiss- "I don't care! I don't care at all what happens in The Pie Family, Yow Kingdom, or anyone! Now you will do as I say, and I say go back to Terninia."

Feey2- "A grounding, but how long?"

Swiss- "A month, and don't leave Terninia at all!"

Feey2- "Yes, sir."

Swiss- "Get out of my face!"

Feey2 got up, and waddled out the door. When the door closed, Swiss Ninja reached into the YSSS file. He pulled out a picture of...Emperor Coldless, emperor of the Barbearer Islands. Swiss took a red marker, and circled Coldess in the picture.

Swiss- "If you need help, get some allies."