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Brook in 2025, upon arriving in the newly-established USSI.
Born Brook Edward LasVegas
August 25, 1998 (1998-08-25) (age 21)
Vancooler, Puffish Vascania, Calada
Residence Club Penguin Island, USA
Club Penguin Weekee, Eastshield
Gender Male
Nationality Caladian
Other names Brook, Brookelas
Ethnicity Puffish, and possibly part-Ligurian
Citizenship Thought to be USA
Notable works Contributing to the Club Penguin Weekee
Known for Shops Civil War revolutionary
Relatives Lucas Chick LasVegas (younger brother)
Since Brook was mugged in 2011, he has taken on a new identity because nobody believed that he was the real Brook (since he had no identity or way to prove it).
This page is about the real Brookelas, who had his identity stolen by a penguin in 2011. To see the fake Brookelas, look here.

Brook Edward LasVegas (More commonly known as Brook or Brookelas) is a penguin who contributed frequently to the Clubb Phengin Weekee in 2009 and 2010. He was going to move to Shops Island in 2011, but a penguin mugged him and stole his identity at the airport before he boarded his flight. Nobody knew about this until the Shops Civil War, at which time he redeemed himself by defeating the imposter and re-claiming his identity.


Early Life[edit]

Brook was born in Vancooler, Calada on August 25, 1998. He was raised by a good family, and had many friends. He excelled in academics, and his acquaintances had nothing but good things to say about him.

Early Adulthood[edit]

In 2008, he and many of his Caladian friends moved to Club Penguin Island, a town that was rumored to be a utopia for all things. In 2009, he got bored on the small island and decided to move to Eastshield, where he found out about the Club Penguin Weekee and decided to check it out. Once he arrived, he saw that, much like Calada, not much was known about Club Penguin in that area, so he decided to move close to the Weekee and contribute.

In 2011, he heard about Shops Island from many contributors of the Weekee who were going to move there, and he decided to move there himself due to the now crowded environment of the Weekee. When he arrived at the airport, he was attacked by a psychopath, who ended up stealing his identity (his entire wallet and his plane tickets). Due to him having no identification, money, or plane tickets, he didn't get on the flight to Shops Island. It is not positive, but some eyewitness accounts say that he is currently back on Club Penguin.


Sometime in the future, Brook moves to Puffish Vascania, Calada. In 2026 while Brook was watching the news one day, a story came up about the now world-power Shops Island getting into a Civil War with the newly created United States of Shops Island. While listening, he found out that the Vice President of Shops was a Brook Edward LasVegas, the penguin that had mugged him and stolen his identity all those years before. Wanting to defeat the imposter, Brook got on a plane and landed in the Vonkouver International Airport the next day. After he met Penquino and Chill (President and Vice President of the USSI) while they were having a rally, he became a pivotal member of the revolutionary side of the war. During the war he received keysaber training from Penquino, a revealed Jedi Master, and used that training to defeat his imposter in a Saber duel on the Frosian Islands. After the war ended and Shops Island was lost to a nuclear bomb, Brook re-claimed his identity.