The Return of Nebulent

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The Return of Nebulent
The Return of Nebulent cover.PNG
Studio album by Nebulent
Released July 6, 2011
Recorded March 2007—April 2011
Genre Hip hop
Length 75:27
Label Music Industry
Producer Nebulent (exec.), DJ Crow, Dr. Ray, DJ Crab, Randy Rulon, Ripe Pineapple, TrillBron, Yusei
Nebulent chronology
Dark, Dim and Dreary
The Return of Nebulent
Singles from The Return of Nebulent
  1. "Welcome Back"
    Released: January 17, 2011
  2. "Life Without You"
    Released: March 14, 2011
  3. "Eliminated"
    Released: May 2, 2011
  4. "So Cold"
    Released: July 11, 2011
  5. "Crowded"
    Released: August 8, 2011
  6. "The Way I Finish"
    Released: November 14, 2011

The Return of Nebulent is the fourth studio album by Terrain hip hop rapper, Nebulent. It is his official solo comeback release since Nebulent's classic & widely-acclaimed third studio album, Dark, Dim and Dreary (2005), released six years prior to his musical return.

Six singles were released from the album throughout 2011. The album features grime collective G Hood Crew, Terrain rapper DJ Crow, Antarctican singer Cadence, rappers Joe-Q, Nyninyne, Dr. Ray and Ravage. Nebulent was recording portions of the album from March 2007 onwards, but major production took place in the year of the album release - with Nebulent estimating that 60% of the writing side of the album was complete even before stepping into the studio. Recording sessions were completed in April 2011 - lasting over 4 years and a month. Nebulent contributed towards the production, along with DJ Crow, mentor Dr. Ray, Ripe Pineapple, music mogul Randy Rulon, DJ Crab, TrillBron and Yusei. Lyrically the album discusses lyricism skill, transition, his return to rapping, political-related topics and fictional stories.

With 18 songs on the album, The Return of Nebulent set several records in the music industry; including the highest album sales in an opening week worldwide - which was 2,048,761 in UnitedTerra and 916,295 in the USA. In Club Penguin, the album was immediately certified Diamond (the highest certification for the island) - meaning almost the whole population of the album bought it (which is around about 100,000 sales). By the end of 2011 the album had sold five million copies in UnitedTerra - becoming one of the most best-selling albums in the nation, along with the album entering the best-selling albums worldwide list.


Featured artists[edit]

Writing and recording[edit]

After noticing DJ Crow's prominence in the hip hop scene, Nebulent contacted him to work in the album, as they had met previously but never collaborated together. The track "Immaculate" was originally intended to be recorded for Crow's third album Disc-Jockey's Nyt (which was released a month after The Return of Nebulent), but Nebulent heard the beat and liked it so much that Crow decided to give it away, and ended up providing backing vocals for the final version of the song. In the process, Crow ended up producing several other songs such as "Crowded", "Grime Spree" and "Still the Same", whilst co-producing more.

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Welcome Back" (featuring Dr. Ray)Marlon AndersonDr. Ray 4:10
2. "Get 2 Business"  Marlon AndersonTrillBron, DJ Crow (co.) 4:02
3. "Marlon Anderson"  Marlon Anderson, YuseiDJ Crab, TrillBron 3:54
4. "Life Without You" (featuring Cadence)Marlon Anderson, Yusei, Lebron FosterTrillBron 4:29
5. "Immaculate"  Marlon AndersonDJ Crow 4:34
6. "My Next Victim"  Crow Smith, Marlon Anderson, Lebron FosterRipe Pineapple 3:25
7. "Back to Life"  Amphibious Dude, Crow Smith, Yusei, Marlon AndersonRandy Rulon 4:03
8. "Eliminated" (featuring DJ Crow & Joe-Q)Marlon Anderson, Crow Smith, Eric CooperRandy Rulon, DJ Crow (co.) 5:19
9. "Fire from the Top"  Marlon AndersonRay Kodo 4:42
10. "Grime Spree"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, DJ Crow 3:55
11. "Liberated Nebulent"  Marlon AndersonYusei 4:16
12. "So Cold" (featuring Nyninyne)Marlon Anderson, Harrison Harolds, Lebron FosterDJ Crow, TrillBron 5:24
13. "Still the Same"  Marlon AndersonYusei, DJ Crow 4:13
14. "You're Nearly There"  Marlon AndersonDJ Crab 3:21
15. "Crowded" (featuring G Hood Crew)Marlon Anderson, Adam Clarke, Greg Wright, Lester Kegan, Sean Travers, Amphibious Dude, Maxwell Austin, Crow SmithDJ Crow 4:14
16. "Time to Shine"  Marlon AndersonDr. Ray, DJ Crow 4:50
17. "The Way I Finish" (featuring Ravage)Marlon Anderson, Nathan Jaramogi, Crow SmithDr. Ray, DJ Crow 4:39
18. "End Scene"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, DJ Crow (co.) 1:57
Total length:


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