The Robbers

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The Robbers

From left to right: Hydra (the leader), Wolfpack and Mantis.
Born March 23, 1987 (age 24)
October 10, 1988 (age 22)
June 5, 1988 (age 22)
Club Penguin/UnitedTerra
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican/Terrain
Other names HWM, Hydra's Gang
Occupation Robbers, waiters
Years active 2007-present
Home town Club Penguin
Salary 1,000 coins per hour
Height 29 inches (Hydra)
26 inches (Wolfpack)
31 inches (Mantis)
Weight 21kg, 20kg, 26kg
Known for Attempting to rob the Pizza Parlour, involved in Mission Tran$action, robberies

The Robbers are three High Penguins who are notoriously known for robbing stores throughout Antarctica. They first came to attention in 2008 when they attempted to rob the Pizza Parlour in Club Penguin. Now they are working at the Parlour as waiters, but are just using it as a disguise to fool the public. The group consists of Hydra (the leader), Wolfpack who is known for his strength and Mantis who is very intelligent. Nobody knows their real names. As well as robbing they have associated themselves in crime groups such as the UPM and Painful Bears. The three were allies of Darktan for a short period. And most recently they took part in Mission Tran$action.


Unlike most famous High Penguins who are sometimes hundreds of years old, The Robbers were born soon before the Khanzem Era. They weren't robbers back then, and in fact they planned to be successful business Penguins one day. However one night their home town was attacked by Whoot as his army. They were forced to run from their hometown and later believed that non-High Penguins were cruel and treated them as nothing.

Then almost 100 years later when the Underground PWN Mafia was formed, the three penguins decided to join. After getting permission from GANGSTA G, they soon held minor spots in the group. From that day on they spend their time Robbing the Pizza Parlour, and have once even been employed at it.

Robbing career[edit]


The Robbers are currently working at the Pizza Parlour as waiters, though most Penguins question their outfits. At the moment they are being investigated by the P.S.A.

Mission Tran$action[edit]


  • Flippers up!
  • Give us all your coins!


  • They made aN appearance in the Club Penguin comic "Flippers Up".
  • The Robbers played an important role in the 2011 Club Penguin raid during Mission Tran$action.

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