Sapie Brothers

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The Sapie Brothers
Huma and Stamm.png
The two "penguin" siblings.
Title Doctor Huma Sapie and Doctor Stamm Sapie, from left to right.
Gender Male
Race Penguin?
Faction Faction
Health Poor (they are really skinny penguins)
Level 414
Status Wandering
Location Humana Cathedral (of all places for a penguin to be!)

The Sapie Brothers are two "penguin" siblings, named Huma and Stamm, respectively. Both wander around Antarctica with video equipment in hand flipper, almost like they are making a movie.

Both of these "penguins" have a PHD in biology, despite the fact they were never enrolled in Penguin Academy or Penguin State University.

A few penguins are convinced that Huma and Stamm are in fact humans, but this has not been proven, and is normally laughed off by most.


No one knows much about the Sapie Brothers, all the Snell-Libros know is that they reside in Humana Cathedral and wander across Antarctica with video cameras and film equipment. They also have valid, authentic doctorate certificates they often carry around with them. Strangely, the school they graduated from is not on any map. Has anyone heard of "Harvard University"?


They are always traveling, asking questions to any talking creature they pass, then getting it all on tape. When asked why, the say that it's for a "documentary" for "Portugal". The creature being interviewed almost always responds with "Don't you mean Dorkugal?"

Furthermore, they are always very curious about 90-150 and consistently ask everyone about The Humana Cathedral Papers. Unfortunately, few penguins have ever read the papers, but for everyone they ask, it adds another creature to the list of HCP hunters.


See Adventures of the Sapie Brothers.


  • While Doctor Huma is very irritable and grumpy (not at all like any other penguin), Doctor Stamm is extremely hyper and always in others' business. It is very clear that Huma is the leader of the two, as well as the older brother. The two brothers work together on their "film", but Huma often gets mad at Stamm.
  • Both brothers seem to be scared of Explorer 767 and Fred 676, as well as Dooley. They may also be terrified of Darktan.
  • Most creatures, including G, F, and most other prominent creatures believe these are just funny looking penguins making a film. However, a small hand flipperful of creatures doubt this.
  • Stamm constantly refers to Dorkugal as "Portugal", and the Dorkugese as the "Portugese". Many creatures find that weird.
  • Some creatures don't. Humans, for example.
  • The brothers claim they graduated in "Harvard University". The only-ever mention of this "Harvard University" is in the Furry Flats' rendition of "The Elements Song" by "Tom Lehrer". The last lines go:
These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard
And there may be many others but they haven't been discovered.
Of course, the Furry Flats have no clue about Harvard University, they say they "were hunting through a couple of records and found the song."
  • The South Pole Council started a so-called "Project Tracker" to track the Sapie Brothers around Antarctica. After the project was abruptly ended after two months when the brothers discovered the hidden cameras used to record videos of the activities in the Cathedral, the South Pole Council then started a new project called "Project Triple Scanner".
  • The Sapie Brothers both have a weird black mark around their cheeks. Most penguins think they are Chinstrap Penguins due to this, but the doubters argue that the brothers are way too tall to be Chinstraps. Or any other kind of penguin (except for High Penguins), for that matter.
  • They maybe are humans, but are masked due to the law of the Humana Cathedral Papers, saying: "May Antarctica's frozen beauty remain eternally preserved in its glory away from mankind. Any and all who set foot shall be punished by the fullest extent of the law". Also, they possibly don't know that the law was removed.

Stamm's Vase[edit]

The vase on a table.

Stamm's Vase is a vase owned by Stamm. It is a polka-dotted vase and has been destroyed twice. The vase is a light blue vase with purple and red polka dots. After its first destruction it looked like a pot held up by staples. After the second destruction it looked like a messed up painting. A picture of it is shown on the right. Stamm loves to polish the vase, he does it three times every week.

"Conspiracy" Scandal[edit]

The drawing photo. Click to enlarge.

Suddenly, one day in October 2015, a drawing photograph was leaked on Chitter. It showed a small penguin holding a camera running towards Huma and Stamm, whilst the foreground showed a kind of weird dog puffle laughing on top of a bush, and a few green chicks jumping up and down on what looks like a trampoline. The drawing photograph caused a huge scandal, and many conspiracy-theories were formed about them, for example, that Huma and Stamm were actualy humans(!) - can one believe that? - spying for their human government(!), allied with some penguin turncoats(!!). A few days later, a suspiciously tall penguin in a trench coat and hat came and denounced the drawing photograph as a "fake". Luckily for Huma and Stamm, they never knew about the scandal, and are still ignorant about it to this day.


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