The Sensei and the Engineer

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The Sensei and the Engineer
The Sensei and the Engineer.png
Amigopen battling against Sensei.
Start November 24, 2011
End December 6, 2011
Location Amataria, Club Penguin
Rewards coming soon.

The Sensei and the Engineer is a fiction by Amigopen about how he invaded club penguin with a brilliant idea. The rest will tell you more.


One day in Amataria Amigopen was thinking of a way to destroy Club Penguin once and for all.

Amigopen: "Hmm... is using the Aqua Grabber on Mechagopen a good idea? Nuh-uh.

Amigopen crossed out his plan on using the Aqua Grabber on Mechagopen.

Amigopen: "Err, maybe getting Herbert to help me? Naw, he would just spank me 50 times like last time I asked..."

He then had a flashback of how Herbert spanked Amigopen 50 times. An Amatarian Messenger from the Amatarian Newz Place got a message for Amigopen and zipped into his house.

Amatarian Messenger: "Sir, a message from... uhh..."

Amigopen snatched the message from the messenger and pointed out that it was Gary the Gadget Guy.

Gary Message.png

Amigopen was extremely angry that he ripped it all up.

Amigopen: "THAT'S IT! I can use one of Gary's inventions, modify it with rockets and TA DA! Club Penguin will SURELY be destroyed!

Amigopen then went into a portal and was off to Club Penguin.

Chapter I: CARD-JITSU PARTY!?[edit]

Amigopen finally arrived at Club Penguin but he saw something he never saw, it was the Card-Jitsu Party.

Amigopen: "Wait, WHAT!? ITS THE CARD-JITSU PARTY!? WHY HAVEN'T THEY THOUGHT THIS UP AGES AGO!? Now it's time for my revenge!"

Penguin: "You can even play Card-Jitsu Fire AND Water for FREE!"

Amigopen: "Look kid, I.DON'T.CARE"

As soon as he said that, the young Penguin was crying and ran home.

At night, where no penguin was seen, Amigopen sneaked into the EPF room with no one watching except stale cameras. He was lucky that he hacked the cameras to turn off so that he could get in there without getting caught. He saw all of the inventions that Gary had. He also saw Rookie who caught Amigopen in his sight.

Rookie: "Ah Ha! I have found a thief in the EPF Command Room! Now, where is the emergency alarm button?"

Amigopen: "Seriously, why the heck did they hire you?"

Rookie: "Who hired me?"

Amigopen sighed due to Rookie's stupidness.

Amigopen: "I guess Gary was wrong, you DON'T have a brain!"

Rookie: "Hmm, ok. Well, then... There's the button!"

Rookie finally found the button and pressed it. Amigopen was then trapped in a cage.


G: "*Walks in scene* oh for pete's sake, it's Amigopen again? But CAPTURED!? YES!!"

Amigopen wasn't impressed...

G: "Oh Director~!"

The Director appeared on the main screen.

Director: "*Yawns* ugh, why did you wake me in my sleep??"

G: "We caught the infamous villain: AMIGOPEN!!"

Director: "...Amigopen?"

G: "Yes, and he is trapped in an INDESTRUCTIBLE cage!"

Director: "Oh good, lets ban Amigopen for 24 hours and we can have some happy fun awesome time."

G: "Yes sir!"

After that long conversation, Amigopen was banned from Club Penguin and was kicked onto Rockhopper Island. He was unconsious until it was morning.

Rockhopper Island Amigopen.png

Amigopen: "Ugh, what time is it?"

10 seconds after he said that, he said something in an epic way.

Amigopen: "Rockhopper Island."

Chapter II: Amigopen Stole the Precious Ship[edit]

Amigopen was exploring the island and saw a red puffle. All he did was kick it like if it was a soccer ball. He continued until he saw a cave. He saw different kinds of minerals like iron and gold. He might be able to make something!

Amigopen: "Iron + Gold = Engine!"

Amigopen got to work on some things in the cave.

He was building something very shiny, it looked like a tiny rocket that can fly all the way from the south pole to the north pole. Amigopen then heard a pirate and a puffle speaking.

Rockhopper: "Aye, that were sure a lot of people de're, my lad! Lets hope more will get ye' and I more excited."

His puffle, Yarr squeaked excitedly.

Rockhopper: "Arr', I hear some loud banging inside of dat cave, it looks like someone who ain't a lad is here!"

Yarr became scared and gave a cold squeak.

Rockhopper: "We shall investigate, shall we? ARR!"

Rockhopper looked angry. He stomped into the sand but before he saw the inside of the cave no one was there.

Rockhopper: "Aye, no one in here? This is a mystery..."

Yarr felt worried and directly saw the Migrator floating away from Rockhopper Island. Amigopen was in the boat but he was unknowningly dancing to an epic song.

Listen to audio.
Marisa stole the precious thing (link)
The song Amigopen was dancing to.

Amigopen: "♪壱弐参 壱弐参 one two three one two three 1 2 3 壱弐参 壱弐参 one two three one two three 1 2 3 壱弐参 壱弐参 one two three one two three 1 2 3♪"

While Amigopen was dancing, Amigopen2687 appeared out of nowhere.

Amigopen2687: "Ohai, Mark!" (Mark is NOT Amigopen's real name, User:Amigopen is just following a meme.)

Amigopen: "GAH! what are you doing here!?"

Amigopen2687: "Oh, I was somehow stuck in a barrel full of cream soda. I almost DROWNED in there!"

Amigopen: "Crappypants, why did I ever release this pointless penguin who LOVES club penguin!?"

Amigopen2687: "I'M NOT POINTLESS!! Or am I?"

Amigopen: "Hmm, what is my next plan? AHA! Sabotaging the Card-Jitsu Party!"

Amigopen2687: "Why would you!?"

Amigopen: "Because I can! Now, after I land at Club Penguin Island, would you throw a pebble into the fire gate for me?"

Amigopen2687: "Yes, Amigopen."

Amigopen: "Good."

Amigopen was looking around in the ship and found the same things Rockhopper wears, even a fake beard.

Amigopen: "Hmm, this shall do, but what about my goggles?"

The ship landed at Club Penguin, there were billions of penguins cheering.

Amigopen: "Crappypants...penguins."

Amigopen came out of the ship without his goggles and was bumping into things as if he were blind. Oh wait, he is blind.

Penguin: "Rockhopper, can I have your autograph?"

Amigopen: "A-aye sure, my mate!"

He couldn't see where the pen was and he was somehow holding the penguin's flipper and kissing it.

Penguin: "Ahh, ok...?"

Penguin 2: "I want a kiss too!"

Amigopen did the same thing to the other penguin

Penguin 2: "Thanks, Rockhopper!"

3 hours later there was no one around and Amigopen turned himself back to orange and put on his goggles and shirt.

Amigopen: "Man, I sure HATE being a pirate! And blind..."

Chapter III: Sensei can't draw ninjas?[edit]

In the dojo, Sensei was trying to draw a ninja but he ends up drawing himself.

Sensei: "Grr, why can't I draw a ninja? All I do is draw myself... WITH EYES!! D:"

Then Amigopen2687 opened the door to warn sensei.

Sensei: "Yes, grasshopp-"


Sensei was confused.

Sensei: "Who is?"

Amigopen2687: "Amigopen!"

Sensei: "I don't know who he is but we must stop him."