The Shadow War

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The Shadow War
The Shadow War poster.png
Date January 18, 2018 - TBD
Location Antarctica
Result TBD
Casus belli S.H.A.R.K. recruits innumerable members and grows stronger each day. After accumulating enough and having already launched several small attacks and raids, S.H.A.R.K.'s leaders decide to begin their secret conquest of Antarctica.
Temporary S.H.A.R.K. occupation of area surrounding the Darktonian Realm and other small, remote territories
EPF, USA, The Venturous Three, Dynamic Trio S.H.A.R.K., Darktan's Army (provided aid)
The Director, Wikipenguino45, William Lagois Wikipenguino X, Negative Wikipenguino, Lieutenant Drone, Darktan II
EPF Agents, members of the Venturous Three and Dynamic Trio backed up by USA military soldiers and numerous local police departments S.H.A.R.K. agents, countless hired mercenaries and soldiers of Darktan's Army
The Shadow War
The Shadow War poster.png
Start January 18, 2018
Prerequisites S.H.A.R.K. recruits innumerable members and grows stronger each day.
Level High
Location Antarctica
Rewards TBD
The Dynamic Trio: An Unknown Enemy, Project Shadow

With S.H.A.R.K. gathering as many members as possible and having already initiated the Project Shadow, it is becoming obvious to the Venturous Three, Dynamic Trio and their allies that their sinister, long time arch-adversaries have something big in mind. What will it be and how will it be dealt with?


Five months earlier...

The group were travelling over to Snow Jose from Newton Town having captured Negative Wikipenguino in an assault on Hackzon Valley not too long ago. The car was now cruising across a highway in the night. Most of the group were now sleepy or tired. William was driving the car while Terry checked for any updates.

William: We should be back on Highway 2 any minute now and on our way to Snow Jose, everyone.

Terry: I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Cheddarbox: *Yawn* oh great...

Terry: Dr. Infinity has just informed me that Negative and Wikipenguino X have both been broken out of jail.

Wikipenguino: Oh well...It was bound to happen, anyway. They'll probably be caught, they're never at large for that long. We shouldn't worry too much just yet.

Falco: Good. Because I could sure use a break from chasing S.H.A.R.K. and their shenanigans...

Wikipenguino X was being carried by Darktan II over numerous hills and forests with his surroundings becoming more eerie and the sky becoming increasingly darker with every few hundred meters despite it being daytime. Finally, they reached the center of the Darktonian Realm where they both landed in front of an open gate. Directly ahead of them was a large, creepy-looking mansion with a gilded letter D on the front.

Darktan Realm image.PNG

Darktan: Inside.

Wikipenguino X waddled into the main room of the Darktonian Mansion to find some members of Darktan's Army and Lieutenant Drone, Sam Rudi X, Bernie892 and the rest of the S.H.A.R.K. commanders.

Sam Rudi X: Supreme leader! You've returned!

Penguin: What do you mean Supreme Leader? I'm your leader!

Sam Rudi X: Oh...Uh...well...

Wikipenguino X turned to see a dark green penguin in a red puffle ball cap, grey face paint and a grey hoodie. He looked very much like Wikipenguino X's own host. Small square patches of different colours were present all over him. Some of the patches frequently flickered from colour to colour as if the penguin was glitching.

Wikipenguino X: And just who is this?

The penguin turned to see him and froze.

Darktan: Negative Wikipenguino. Another clone of your original. From what I've heard, he temporarily took control of your organization while you were away. Not only that but he has some...interesting...powers.

Wikipenguino X: Huh. And why would someone dare to do that?

Negative remained silent.

Wikipenguino X: Actually...

Wikipenguino X waddled towards Negative.

Wikipenguino X: How would you like to help me rebuild S.H.A.R.K.?

Negative considered for a moment, then nodded. Wikipenguino X grinned.

Wikipenguino X: Good...then let's get to work.

Chapter 1: Chasing Shadows[edit]

Five months later...

William and Alayne were waddling the streets of Statavia, Gernomia with Kenny and Cheddar. The streets bustled with excitement with cars twisting and turning through and towards nearby junctions and boats moving both speedily and slowly through the nearby river.

Cheddar: Ah, Gernomia. Well known for it's forests, rivers, resorts, climate...but best of all...

The four stepped into a cafe.

Cheddar: Hot chocolate!

Cheddar rushed to the queue at the cashier to order the drink while the other three sat down at a table. William took out his computer and clicked on an application labelled "Hype". A window popped up with a list of contacts. William selected one and after a few seconds, Falco and Wikipenguino appeared on the screen. The latter's uncle was also visible in the background, standing beside a funny looking machine.

Wikipenguino: Ah, there you all are. How are you all?

Alayne: We're fine. Any updates on Wikipenguino X, Negative or S.H.A.R.K.?

Falco: Nope, I'm afraid not.

In the space of five months, Wikipenguino X, Negative Wikipenguino and the rest of S.H.A.R.K. had nearly caused continent-wide havoc since their escape from prison and wriggled their way out of being captured.

Wikipenguino sighed.

Wikipenguino: Once again, they've completely dropped off the radar ever after that Project Shadow fiasco. S.H.A.R.K. is taking a more silent and secretive approach to things.

William: Well that's a problem...any idea on how we should approach this?

Wikipenguino: Well, we're thinking to target S.H.A.R.K.'s members, especially the ones recruiting people.

Falco: If we can somehow get rid of them, Wikipenguino X won't have an army to sic Antarctica on.

Kenny: I agree. It sounds like the most effective solution.

Alayne: Agreed.

Falco: Well, where should we meet?

Alayne: How about Snow José? The mayor is a friend of my father who could help us. And it's a neighbouring city to Snow Freezecisco where an EPF base is.

Wikipenguino: Rightio then, Snow Jose it is. See ya there!

William: Bye!

The window vanished.

William: We have our location. Let's start making a move before S.H.A.R.K. does.

At that moment, Cheddar returned to their table with a cup of hot chocolate.

Cheddar: What were you all talking about?

A few days later, the four wheeled their luggage out of Terminal A of the busy Snow Jose International Airport.

William: Well we're here. Now we just need to get a taxi.

As soon as the group came out of customs, they went to grab a taxi. After skimming past the nearby soccer stadium and many of the city's high rises and theatres, they arrived at a Snowbucks in Downtown Snow José and pushed open the door. They were immediately greeted by a whisper.

?????: Hey! Over here!

The four of them turned their heads to see Falco beckoning them towards the table he sat at. Also sat around the table were Wikipenguino, Terry and an anxious looking penguin who none of the four knew. William, Alayne, Kenny and Cheddar grabbed a seat and sat around the table.

Wikipenguino: Ah, you're all here. Glad you could make it.

William: Who's your friend here?

Wikipenguino: Our informant here has some valuable information on S.H.A.R.K. that he'd like to tell us. We'll have to keep our voices down, though.

A bespectacled penguin sitting nearby who's coat hid all but his eyes shifted in his seat slightly. He seemed to be fidgeting with something in his flippers.

Informant: S.H.A.R.K. has something secret planned. Something that will affect all of Antarctica. I know where one of their bases are where they're hiding.

The rumble of a truck could be heard outside. Falco seemed unnerved and gazed out the window.

Alayne: Where are they and what are they up to?

Before the penguin could continue, the bespectacled penguin whipped off his glasses and pulled out a deletion pistol. It was Seargant Wolfe, a S.H.A.R.K. agent. The object in his flippers he was fidgeting with was revealed to be a recording device.

Wolfe: Say no more. You're coming with us.

Some penguins noticed and started panicking.

William: Run, get out of here!

Kenny, Cheddar and the Snowbucks staff helped to usher the other customers out through the back exits.

Wolfe pointed his pistol at the escaping penguins.

Wolfe: Oh no you don't-

William punched him in the beak, knocking him over. Suddenly, the doors of the restaurant burst open and S.H.A.R.K. soldiers marched in.

Wolfe: Grab that penguin! And don't let any of the other penguins escape, we can't have any witnesses!

Wikipenguino drew out his keysaber and pistol and guarded the informant.

Falco: I'll take the customers.

Falco leapt towards the back and lit his flippers.

Wolfe: Seize them!

Some of the soldiers opened fire. Wikipenguino deflected the bullets and returned fire. William, Alayne and Terry all pulled out their weapons and attacked. Meanwhile, Kenny fended off any attackers trying to get to the customers, throwing punches, kicks and card-jitsu cards.

Cheddar: Ohhhhh, this'll be fun!

Cheddar threw paint-filled balloons at the incoming S.H.A.R.K. agents, distracting them and throwing them off focus. Wolfe, who was trying to get to the informant, was hit directly in the face, allowing Falco to send a jet of flame his way, blasting him and a few other soldiers out of the entrance and onto the street.

Wolfe: AAAAAAHHH! Fallback! Retreat! RETREAT!

The sound of sirens wailing in the background just as the soldiers attempted their retreat.

Wolfe facepalmed.

Wolfe: Ugh! Too late!

Police cars rounded the corner of the street and stopped just outside the cafe.

Police Officer 1: Freeze! SJPD!

The S.H.A.R.K. agents instantly dropped their weapons and surrendered. Wolfe sighed heavily and lazily raised his flippers in defeat.

Wikipenguino: Oh thank programmer, the police.

One of the officers approached the group. Wikipenguino placed his weapon on the ground and raised his flippers.

Wikipenguino: We were not with the criminals. We were randomly attacked-

Police Officer 2: Ah, yes, don't worry about that. Officer Hank over here saw everything and quickly notified us. Plus, the customers are very grateful for your team's help.

Falco: Ah, it was no problem.

Wolfe, who was looking around as the others were arrested and driven off, seized the opportunity to escape and suddenly darted out of the scene, heading straight for the alleyways.

Police Officer 1: HEY!

Cheddar: No worries, I have him!

Before Wolfe could get anywhere fast, Cheddar threw a handful of marbles onto the floor. Wolfe yelped and to tried and avoid them while running, but tripped over the leg of an outside table and fell flat on his stomach.

Cheddar: Haha! It worked!

Two officers rushed over and handcuffed Wolfe, who sighed again.

After the scene at Snowbucks was cleared up, the group arrived at the Snow Jose City Hall to meet up with the mayor and were escorted into his office by some police officers.

Mayor: Welcome Alayne, pleasure to see you again! These must be your friends?

Alayne: Yes. Everyone, this is Mayor Edric. Mayor, this is my husband, William, these are his relatives Wikipenguino, Cheddar and Kenny, our friend Falco and Wikipenguino's puffle Terry.

Mayor Edric: Pleased to meet you all!

He shook flippers with each of them.

Edric: So tell me, what brings you all here?

Wikipenguino: Well, we've been hunting down S.H.A.R.K. recently, but they've made themselves very hard to catch.

William: We were hoping you could help us.

Edric: Oh yes, the dreaded S.H.A.R.K. have been meddling with a lot of things recently. Especially here, in Snow Jose. Sure, I'll agree to aid you in stopping them. I'll see what I do. In fact...Follow me.

Edric took the group to the police headquarters with the officers helping lead the way. Finally they got to a room filled with boxes of files and documents.

Cheddar: Whoa...

Edric: These are all the records we have of S.H.A.R.K. An entire room full of them. They've become very secretive as of late, which makes things harder for us to find them. I hope you find what you're all looking for. If there's anything I can do, just come see me.

Falco: Thanks!

The group started opening boxes and checking documents and files for anything they could find on S.H.A.R.K. A few minutes passed of reading and rummaging, until Terry drew out a document he was reading.

Terry: I think I might have found something...It's very recent.

Wikipenguino: What is it?

Terry: According to this transcript with a S.H.A.R.K. agent, he said that there's a S.H.A.R.K. base at a house somewhere. And then he gives the address here. Not only that but-

Terry drew out another document.

Terry: It says here that the house at said address is home to quite a few suspects. The police haven't got to it yet, though.

Wikipenguino: Interesting...

Falco: Then how about we go find out?

Accompanied by a squad of armed police officers, the team arrived at their destination.

Falco: This is it. They should be in there...I hope.

Cheddar: Yeah, we don't exactly want to go breaking down some stranger's door accusing them of being a S.H.A.R.K. goon.

Alayne: Well, there's only one way to find out.

One of the officers waddled up to the door and rang the doorbell.

Officer: SJPD!

No answer.

Cheddar: Well that's just great. Nobody home-!

William: Give it time, Cheddar.

The officer tried three more times.

Officer: Doesn't sound like anyone's in.

Wikipenguino: Can we see through the windows?

Officer 2: No, they have the curtains closed.

Officer 1: I think I have something that might be useful...

The officer waddled up to the door and slid something that looked like a screwdriver into the lock. After a few moments of twisting and turning, he pushed the door open.

Wikipenguino: Okay, let's take a look around.

The officers raised their rifles and started surveying the house. Nothing seemed out of place.

Kenny: We should check any storage containers. There has to be something around here-


One of the officers yelped and dropped to the floor. The others looked up and saw a penguin on the balcony with a pistol. He quickly ducked as they returned fire.

William: They're upstairs!

More penguins suddenly charged out from the rooms on the ground floor, opening fire on the team. Wikipenguino drew out his keysaber and deflected a few back.

Falco: We'll take the ones down here, the rest of you head upstairs!

William, Alayne, Kenny and Cheddar quickly rushed upstairs with some of the other officers. Cheddar pulled out his slingshot, pulled back, and as soon as a penguin leaned out of a doorway ahead of them with a gun, let go, striking the penguin on the the forehead with a paintball. Cheddar, Kenny and the police officers checked out the other rooms while William and Alayne entered the room at the end of the corridor.

Alayne: Flippers up!

Two penguins inside of the room, both looking at some papers suddenly stuck their flippers in the air as soon as the two entered the room.

William waddled over to them and examined the documents and photos.

William: "EPF"..."Tropicalis"..."S.H.A.R.K."...So both of you are S.H.A.R.K. agents, huh? In that case, we'll be taking these...

After rounding up all the documents and images and taking the two S.H.A.R.K. agents outside, they returned to the stairwell where the police officers were taking S.H.A.R.K. agents down the stairs.

Kenny: So you found something?

Alayne: We did. Documents, images and maps. Looks like they're planning and attack. Did you guys find anything?

Kenny: Weapons. Mostly deletion rifles and deletion pistols, but also some other more dangerous items.

William: We should head back to the police station. We can examine everything there.

Wikipenguino: Oooookay, so altogether what do we have so far?

The group had spent the rest of the day examining documents and attempting to figure out S.H.A.R.K.'s master plan. They now sat around a table at the police station crowded with files and pictures from the police and from the S.H.A.R.K. house.

Kenny: So from what we've pieced together from these documents, maps and diagrams, it looks like S.H.A.R.K. is planning to come together, around the continent, specifically in major cities.

Terry: We all think it makes the most sense that this is why they've been recruiting so many members.

Cheddar: And from this wall of text right here, it looks like good ol' S.H.A.R.K. has made some friends.

Falco: By "friends" we think it means certain penguins who have...connections. In positions where they're able to influence.

Wikipenguino: You're suggesting corruption?

Falco: Well yeah, maybe. Remember Businessmun? Or the traitor in the EPF? Chances are, S.H.A.R.K. might have a few associates that'll help them properly execute whatever they have in mind. What they'll do, we're not sure.

Wikipenguino: Interesting. From the documents I found, it looks like they're producing as much of the X-Virus as they can. How that ties into the plan, I've no idea either.

Cheddar: Well, uh sorry to interrupt you both there but could we get something to eat? I'm hungry...

William: Good idea. It is quite late, after all.

Alayne: Agreed.

The group shuffled into a restaurant and sat down at a table. After the group picked their choices from the menu, they started tucking in to their food. Terry was viewing a holographic version of one of the S.H.A.R.K. documents.

Terry: So which cities specifically are they targeting?

Wikipenguino: Now see, there's quite a few on the list; too many to name...Well, the ones I can remember are Inland, Shops City, Metido, South Pole City, Margate City, New Club Penguin, Centriepistula and Shiverpool. Yeah, that's all I can remember, I don't have the maps with me.

Cheddar nearly choked on his food.

Cheddar: S-Shiverpool?

Wikipenguino: Yes, Cheddar, I'm afraid so.

Terry: So they're targeting the capital cities...

Falco: Yeah, sadly. Because of the importance of those cities, destroying them will without a doubt cause some major damage. Judging by the wide variety of resources they say they're going to use, I think it's obvious S.H.A.R.K. has something different in mind planned for each city. How exactly we're going to fix this mess, I don't know.

Wikipenguino: Hey, uh, guys? I just got a text message from the police...bad news.

Cheddar: Oh, boy.

Wikipenguino: Wolfe has escaped their custody. He was at Heading Street, where they were holding him.

William: This just doesn't end, does it?

Kenny: I advise you all to stay alert. It's quite late at night and Wolfe is also at large. Also, we should be ready in case we run into an incident with S.H.A.R.K. like at Snowbucks.

It was a quiet, calm night. Only the sound of the team's own voices and footsteps and cars occasionally passing by in the distance could be heard. Lampposts and only a couple of lit up windows were their only source of light.

Falco: Yeah. I think the fact that we raided one of their bases and took some of their stuff won't make them too pleased with us, either...

Two penguins in concealing clothing waddled out of a row of warehouses beside the street, whispering about something. As soon as the group got close, the two went silent and waddled away quickly.

Cheddar: Huh...I wonder what they were so scared about. Maybe they know about me and my pranking business?

Terry: Aren't the workers for those warehouses supposed to be off duty at this time of the night?

Falco: Yeah, probably. What's so interesting about the-? Terry?

Terry was already shuffling quickly across the pavement to the warehouse the two penguins exited from.

Falco: Oh, come on.

The rest of the group followed him. They found him trying to open the door.

Terry: Help me open this door!

William: Okay...but what's so interesting about this place?

Terry: I just need to be sure about something.

The others helped pull the doors apart. The inside of the warehouse was completely dark and nearly impossible to see into. Kenny turned on his torch and aimed it inside.

Alayne: I'm not seeing anything...

Wikipenguino: Me neither. This just seems like an ordinary warehouse-

Kenny: Wait. I think I see something.

Kenny pointed the light in another direction. The light revealed something that gleamed.

Falco: Uh...wait...are those...rifles?

Wikipenguino: I'm going to call the police. If we're going to get to the bottom of this, we might as well get as many flippers on deck as we can.

William: Good idea.

A few minutes later, A few police cars arrived. Officer Hank, one of the officers from the Snowbucks incident stepped out of one of the cars.

Officer Hank: Oh, it's you six again...What's the problem?

Falco: We're pretty sure we saw some dangerous weapons inside this warehouse.

Hank: Let us take a look.

Some of the other officers pulled out flash lights and entered the warehouse with pistols. The group slowly followed after them. The officers spotted the weapons.

Hank: Well, you were right indeed. These are weapons. Particularly dangerous ones. These kinds shouldn't be allowed. And what's this...?

Officer Hank's torchlight unveiled more weapons, what seemed to be an ordinary computer and vials full of dark, purple substances.

Terry gasped.

Terry: The-the X-Virus! Those vials are filled with it...

Cheddar: Whoa. Looks like we hit jackpot! The thing is, do these belong to S.H.A.R.K.?

Falco: Hey, what's that noise?

Outside, they could hear the sound of muffled footsteps and the rustle and clanking of harnesses, belts and metal. Then suddenly, came the sound of bangs and the yells of the officers outside.

Kenny: No...IT'S A TRAP!

Multiple armour-plated penguins with rifles and goggles poured in from the entrance, all armed with rifles. The green glow from their goggles was just enough for the group to see the red crossed swords insignas on their shoulders.

Cheddar: Yep, these definitely do belong to S.H.A.R.K.

Some of the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers opened fire, prompting the officers to return fire, Falco to turn his flippers ablaze and Wikipenguino to draw out his keysaber. Officer Hank pulled out his walkie-talkie as they all retreated to the back of the warehouse.

Falco: This isn't working...

William: There's too many!

Hank: Backup! I repeat, we need backup-!

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Drop it if you don't want us to kill you or these other penguins.

Officer Hank reluctantly obliged, and carefully set the walkie-talkie on the ground and put his flippers in the air. The rest of the group did the same with their weapons and then put their flippers in the air. Silence filled the atmosphere as the group remained clueless on what to do. The S.H.A.R.K. Soldier took out his communicator.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: We have the targets. We'll be transporting them back to base as soon as we-

The commander froze as the wail of police sirens in the distance occupied the silence.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Those of you at the back, guard the entrance while we take the prisoners.

The soldiers at the back rushed to the entrance.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Now, what I'm going to need you all to-


They all turned their heads to see the soldiers on the floor and officers rushing into the warehouse.

Officer: FREEZE! SJPD! Put your weapons down!

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: What!? Fine! Retreat!


One of the soldiers threw an explosive at the wall of the warehouse, leaving a large hole for them to escape. The group ducked and covered their heads as bullets and streaks of purple from both the pistols and deletion rifles streaked pass while a few officers and soldiers collapsed and fell back. After a few moments, the fighting died down. Officer Hank got up and talked with the other officers.

Wikipenguino: What just happened? What's wrong?

Hank: They escaped. The rest of the police are already on to them, don't worry.

Falco: Boy, these S.H.A.R.K. thugs really have some nerve...

The next day the group was in a meeting room in city hall with the mayor and a few policemen.

Edric: What you found yesterday was most concerning. I personally asked the police to look into this some more and it seems S.H.A.R.K. is more prevalent in Snow Jose than we originally thought.

Mayor Edric handed the group a file.

Edric: In there is some more information on S.H.A.R.K. in the area around the Snow Freezecisco Bay alone, courtesy of the other police departments.

Falco: Yes, we discovered yesterday that S.H.A.R.K. has plans to target many of Antarctica's largest cities.

Edric: So I've heard. Now, unless there's anything else to say, I believe this is it. If you need me you all have my personal number. Have a great day all of you.

A few minutes later the group was walking down the main street in downtown Snow Jose.

Cheddar: There's a pizza shop right across the street? Anyone else hungry? I haven't eaten all day...

Kenny: Yeah, I'm hungry too.

Wikipenguino: Uh guys? I got another text. The EPF in Snow Freezecisco has some information they think we'll find useful.

Cheddar: I'll just order the pizza then. It'll be quick.

Another few minutes passed and the group was on Highway 101 towards Snow Freezecisco.

Wikipenguino: Well, we'll be there in about an hour or so.

Falco: So according to Dr. Infinity a couple of EPF agents discovered something a few hours ago about S.H.A.R.K. and quickly contacted the headquarters in Club Penguin, who have passed on the message to the other EPF bases. S.H.A.R.K.'s planning something big.

Wikipenguino: And it doesn't seem to be just the capital cities anymore. S.H.A.R.K. has something planned for any sizable city in the Antarctic.

Alayne: Well if S.H.A.R.K. has something large planned for all the cities we better get ahead of them before they pull it off.

William: We need to take down their main bases of operation. The commanders at those bases report to the high command at S.H.A.R.K., and those bases relay commands down to the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers. Take down the bases and the high command can't control their army anymore.

Kenny: Sounds like a plan.

Cheddar: But we're definitely going to need the EPF's resources and information to carry out our plan.

Terry: Let's hope the EPF is on board with us.

After about an hour of driving the group pulled up to an ordinary looking building in Snow Freezecisco.

Kenny: Are you sure this is the one?

Wikipenguino: The encrypted message the EPF sent said it was here.

Falco walked up to the door and put his eye to a small hole in the door, and a few seconds later the door opened. The group then walked in through the hallway and came to a door. A few seconds later the door opened and they were greeted by an EPF agent.

EPF Agent 1: Ah, you must be the Dynamic Trio and friends. We're waiting for you. Right this way.

The group walked through hallways and down stairs, reaching the basement, where there were offices and meeting rooms. The agent led the group into one of the meeting rooms, where two EPF agents sat at a table.

EPF Agent 2: Welcome. We have some information that might interest you.

The agent pressed a few bottoms and a hologram of files and maps came up.

EPF Agent 3: Yesterday night a few EPF agents stumbled upon an EPF training camp in the interior of the Trans-Antarctic. They were able to sneak in and get pictures of some of their plans.

EPF Agent 1 pressed a button and enlarged the images of the plans.

EPF Agent 2: You might know that S.H.A.R.K. plans to attack every major city in the Antarctic, but as you all discovered last night, they have plans to spread the X-Virus to the population of the Antarctic.

EPF Agent 1: Fortunately, they don't have a plan on how to spread the virus yet, but we do know one thing. S.H.A.R.K. is massively expanding their numbers, probably to make up for all their lost numbers.

EPF Agent 3: And they're on the move. The first attack could come in days. We need to move fast and find out what they're up to.

EPF Agent 2 pulled up another file.

EPF Agent 2: We also believe that they are trying to create a diversion to draw attention elsewhere while they carry out their attacks. Their plans have been very elaborate, with attack routes, escape routes, and Plan B's, C's, etc in case something goes wrong.

EPF Agent 3: Everything we know and have has been sent to you already.

EPF Agent 1: Any questions?

Wikipenguino: Yes, uh, we have a plan to take out their bases of operation and leave the high command without an army. Is that the EPF's plan as well?

EPF Agent 3: Sort of, yes. The EPF will allow you to use any of our resources and information if needed.

William: Thanks for your help.

Just as the group left, another EPF Agent waddled in.

EPF Agent 4: We need you all in the main command room.

EPF Agent 1: What's wrong?

EPF Agent 4: It's one of our transports - A cargo ship. It's carrying weapons and a very valuable item. We've just received an emergency transmission from them, saying they're under attack.

Chapter 2: Operation Capture the X-Virus[edit]

Lachlan Lagois: So we have a hijacked ship on our flippers, eh?

Lachlan Lagois stood beside a window, staring out into the open sea below. Beside Lachlan was Wikipengal45, a William's younger sister Cassandra Lagois, Mayor Edric's high school friend Bella Stahl and Alayne's uncle Rickard Stark who were all seated around a table.

The five of them were standing aboard one of the USA's military battleships. Two other ships could be seen a short distance away outside a window.

Wikipengal45: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Lachlan: Well that's just splendid...How did this happen?

Rickard Stark: Well, according to the satellite scans of the area, it looks like they came directly from underwater.

Cassandra Lagois: Huh. Sneaky.

An EPF Commander waddled up to them.

Commander: Good afternoon agents, glad you could all make it. We've called you here today for a very special mission.

The commander pulled out a hologram and placed it on the table. A map projected out of it. The map suddenly zoomed outwards, revealing three blue dots close together and a red, pulsating dot in the uppermost corner of the map. The red dot appeared to be moving.

Commander: As you may have already heard on the way here, a cargo ship was recently attacked and it's crew taken hostage. That ship is carrying several important items and resources, including something very valuable to us. These three blue dots are the ships we are currently on. The cargo ship is currently located here.

The commander pointed to the pulsing red dot.

Commander: It's currently on it's way Snow Freezecisco. Your mission is to lead a team of agents to intercept the cargo ship before it can get anywhere out of range. From our sources in Crookharbor, we have reason to believe the attackers are most likely S.H.A.R.K. agents who have hired some extra help. You'll be driven onto the ship by motorboat. The military has agreed to help us on this mission, and will attempt to distract any S.H.A.R.K. agents while you board the ship and reinforce you should anything get out of hand. Any questions?

Rickard: I think we're all clear.

Commander: Then good luck out there.

The group were transferred into a smaller vessel, where they climbed down and seated themselves into two nearby motorboats. A group of EPF agents were already seated in three other boats. Bella got inside last.

Bella: Everyone ready?

EPF Agent: Ready.

Lachlan: Yep.

Wikipengal: Ready!

The engines of the boats buzzed into life, before taking off at incredible speeds.

Cassandra: Hey, what's going on over there?

Rickard took out a pair of electronic binoculars to get a closer look. Clouds of smoke and flame were bursting out of thin air ahead of them, accompanied by short and faint rumbling noises. Planes were circling the sky around the tiny explosions.

Rickard: Looks like the attackers are firing at the planes. They should be distracted, which should buy us enough time.

Lachlan: We'd better stay alert, just in case.

Some of the team members drew out weapons while the drivers set the engines to slow to lower the noise. The explosions were much more audible now. Planes flew by before curving around into large arcs, dodging the gunfire. Rickard ordered the other motorboat drivers to cut off the engine. The cargo boat was now only a few dozen meters ahead of them, and was approaching quickly.

Wikipengal: Perfect! They haven't noticed us.

Bella: Okay, we have to time this perfectly. Get out your grappling hooks, everyone. This will be very tricky.

All of the agents lifted up their grappling hooks and took aim as the boat sailed even closer.

Bella: NOW!

Grappling hooks suddenly rained down on the boat, before latching onto the sides. The whole team leapt off the motorboats and quickly jammed buttons on their grappling hooks, reeling them in towards the boat. Each agent successfully landed on the side of the boat, each with a loud clang. As soon as everyone had landed on the boat, they started to climb.

Suddenly, they heard a voice.

Penguin: Hey! What was that noise?

Lachlan: Uh oh...

Wikipengal: It's okay, I've got it!

Wikipengal, who was one of the closest to the ship's deck, grabbed onto the side of the ship, reeled her grappling hook in and fired it again over a large shipping container. When it secured itself firmly onto something on the other side, Wikipengal suddenly pressed the button on her hook once more, speedily hauling her in, and launching her over the side of the ship, just in time for her to punch the penguin in the face. Lachlan, Bella and Rickard finally pulled themselves onto the ship's deck to find several penguins in dark gear shooting at the sky.

Lachlan: Yep, they're definitely S.H.A.R.K. agents.

The three of them pulled out pistols just as Cassandra and the rest of the agents leapt onto the deck from the side and pulled out their weapons.

Rickard: This is the EPF! Stand down!

A few of the S.H.A.R.K. agents threw their flippers in the air and dropped their weapons.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent: No, not this time!

They all turned to see the infamous S.H.A.R.K. Sergeant Wolfe standing above a shipping container.

Wolfe: Attack them!

All the agents opened fire at once, causing the team to split and dive behind containers before returning fire. Wikipengal pulled out a thin, short pole and suddenly, the blade of a blue keysaber projected outwards, allowing her to deflect some of the bullets.

Lachlan: Here! Take this!

Lachlan pulled out a round, shiny metal object and tossed it over at the S.H.A.R.K. agents.


A warm, blue sphere of pure energy swept over the entire ship, knocking over several S.H.A.R.K. agents standing too close to it. Yells of surprise and pain followed the explosion, followed by Wolfe bellowing at some of them.

Wolfe: YOU IDIOTS! Why did you pick that up!?

Bella took the opportunity and fired at Wolfe. A bright glowing orb of lightning projected out of it, pummelling Wolfe in the back, and causing him to collapse as he was electrocuted.

Wikipengal: Nice one!

With that, some of the EPF agents crawled out of their hiding spots and began to beat back the confused S.H.A.R.K. agents.

Lachlan: AAAAAHH!!!

Cassandra: Lachlan!

An ice bullet had streaked past and hit Lachlan in the shoulder. Just then, a blast of flame followed, causing a few EPF agents to yell as they attempted to dodge it. The others looked in the direction of the flame and bullet to see several S.H.A.R.K. agents at the front of the ship. Among them were Pyrofyre, who's flippers were on fire, a red penguin armed with a rifle and donning a black cap, a penguin-esque robot, a maroon penguin in a black cloak, a black penguin in a suit, tie, monocle and top hat as well as a few other penguins armed with varying weapons who didn't appear to be S.H.A.R.K. agents.

Rektster Oneshot: Hah! Ya just got oneshot!

Rickard: I'm guessing those other penguins are the mercenaries.

Meanwhile, an agent with a medical kit rushed over to help Lachlan while two others defended him.

Lachlan: I'll be fine...just give me a moment...

The robot penguin's right arm opened up, revealing a small missile inside. He aimed at Lachlan and the other agents.

BONK-1: Targeting enemies.

Bella: Oh, no you don't.

Bella aimed her weapon at BONK-1. The missile ejected out of BONK-1's flipper while Bella fired an electronic orb at it.


The two objects collided in mid-air just as Pyrofyre promptly absorbed the resulting explosion. Rickard suddenly threw something on the ground. A large, blue barrier sprung out of it, shielding the nearby team members from Pyrofyre's massive bursts of flame. The top hat penguin opened his umbrella and suddenly rose into the air. He then pointed his flipper at a group of agents. The sound of howling wind could be heard as they were suddenly thrown back and slammed into a shipping container.

Cassandra: Let me see if I can distract him!

While the rest of the team continued to take cover behind containers and return fire every few seconds, Cassandra quickly darted across to the other side of the deck, where most of the mercenaries were firing from. She then pulled out her grappling hook and fired at the top hat penguin's umbrella. The hook spun around the umbrella's shaft and the penguin's flipper.

Tophat: What the-!?

Cassandra suddenly yanked the grappling hook back and released it, sending Tophat straight into a team of S.H.A.R.K. agents. Rektster noticed and flew into the air using his jetpack. So did the maroon penguin, who also climbed into the air.

Rektster: I got it! PREPARE TO GET-AAAAAHHHH!!

One of the electronic bullets from Bella's pistol hit his jetpack, causing him to lose control and fly into the maroon penguin before crashing into other mercenaries.


Pyrofyre: Watch where you're going!

Pyrofyre, who was in the middle of trying to burn some of the EPF agents, was knocked aside and set fire to BONK-1.

BONK-1: ERROR. Systems detecting extensive damage. ERROR

Wolfe finally recovered just in time to have BONK-1 land on his foot, making him scream. With that, the EPF agents charged forwards and converged into one big team, firing at any S.H.A.R.K. agents in the way. The mercenaries struggled to get back on their feet and retaliate. Wolfe, who had finally pulled the charred and damaged BONK-1 off his foot was yelling orders to minions who weren't listening.

Wolfe: YOU FOOLS! No, defend that point, don't-NO, STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Lachlan: The bridge should be over there!

Cassandra: Rickard, Bella, see if you can round up the S.H.A.R.K. agents and see if you can call in an extra team of agents. Lachlan, stay with them. Wikipengal and I will take the bridge.

Rickard: Got it!

Cassandra and Wikipengal gathered a team of nearby EPF agents and went the opposite direction, heading straight for the ship's bridge. At the base of the staircase leading up to the bridge were five S.H.A.R.K. agents and two mercenaries. One of the mercenaries, a red penguin, had flippers buzzing with purple electricity. The other, a blue penguin wearing a ninja mask, was holding a short knife and a sword.

Blue Penguin: Get them! Don't let them reach the bridge!

Wikipengal activated her keysaber just as the red penguin fired bolts of purple lightning at them. Wikipengal deflect an incoming bolt back to the penguin, electrocuting him. Cassandra and the other agents dodged and knocked out each of the other S.H.A.R.K. agents. The blue penguin, who had lost his knife, blocked the exit with his sword and attempted to swipe at the other agents.

Blue Penguin: BACK! You're not getting in there!

Wikipengal charged forwards. Both her and the blue penguin swung their weapons at the same time.

Blue Penguin: Wait...what!?

The penguin looked down to see the blade of his sword had been melted clean off by the keysaber. Cassandra punched him out of the way before he could do anything else and ran up the stairs.

Wikipengal: Hey, we can see the Silver Gate Bridge from here...

EPF Agent: That means we must hurry. The ship will have almost reached it's destination.

As soon as they got to the top, another EPF agent attempted to wrench open the door.

EPF Agent 2: It's locked!

Wikipengal: Let me try.

Wikipengal stuck the blade of the keysaber straight through the door, and carved an entrance out of it. The door fell apart, revealing three S.H.A.R.K. agents inside, one of them armed with a rifle. The one with the rifle tried to react quickly, but three of the EPF agents already pointed their weapons at him. The two others, seated at the controls, frantically pressed some buttons and pulled some levers. The boat rocked slightly and almost lurched forwards. It appeared to have changed course. Then, one of them pulled out a pistol and blasted the controls, which exploded into smoke and sparks. Cassandra pointed her gun at him.

Cassandra: What did you do?

One of the S.H.A.R.K. agents grinned.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent: It's too late. Wolfe already made a Plan B if this happened, so by now he'll be able to tell from the speed of the ship that it's time to escape. You can torture us all you want, right after you deal with that.

Cassandra: With what...?

The agent gestured towards the window. The bow of the ship was directed towards one of the Silver Gate Bridge's towers.

Wikipengal: Oh no...

Cassandra: Change it back!

S.H.A.R.K. Agent: Can't do that.

Cassandra pulled out her communicator.

Cassandra: The ship just picked up speed. Its going to crash into the Silver Gate Bridge. The controls are all fried. Any idea how to stop it?

Lachlan (communicator): Yeah, we noticed. We've sent a team down to see if we can stop the engine.

A few moments later, the humming from the engine suddenly vanished.

Wikipengal: That didn't stop it, the ship is still on a collision course!

Cassandra: Wait, I have an idea.

The team of agents at the bridge came sprinting back towards the bow and rejoined with the others. The S.H.A.R.K. agents and mercenaries were all handcuffed and were all seated at the side of the ship. Quite a few of them however, including Wolfe, had vanished.

Wikipengal: What happened? Where did the rest of them go?

Rickard sighed.

Rickard: When we sent a team of agents to disable the engine, they all jumped off the side of the ship with whatever they were looking for. We thought they had given up or something, but as it turns out, there was a speedboat waiting for them down there.

Cassandra: Well that none of that matter right now, we need to stop the ship before it takes countless civilians down with it.

The Silver Gate Bridge could be clearly seen ahead of them.

EPF Agent: We have about 1 minute until impact at the ship's current speed!

Wikipengal: How about them?

Wikipengal pointed to the captive mercenaries.

Bella: What about them?

Wikipengal: What if they could help us?

Cassandra: Help us?

Wikipengal: Yeah. In exchange for being free. Besides, S.H.A.R.K. simply abandoned them and they probably won't get paid this time. Whatever mission they were sent to do obviously failed. And we'll all be at the bottom of the sea if none of us do anything.

EPF Agent: 30 seconds!

Lachlan: I have to agree. It sounds like the best and only option. Look, we don't have much time so we'd better make a choice quick!

The Silver Gate Bridge was now a few dozen feet ahead. Cars could be heard above it. A few penguins above the bridge were watching and were now fleeing in panic.

Rickard: Oh, alright. Let's do that.

Bella waddled up to speak to the crowd of bound mercenaries.

EPF Agent: 10 seconds!

Suddenly, a brilliant red layer of energy engulfed the entire ship, slowing it almost to a complete stop. The whistle of powerful winds soon followed, thrusting the ship sideways and away from the bridge's tower. Several of the EPF agents cheered. In the sky above them was the maroon penguin, Malice and the top hat penguin, Tophat. One of the mercenaries who appeared to have telekinetic powers was creating a strong current in the ocean to push the ship safely away. The S.H.A.R.K. minions onboard looked disgusted.

Lachlan: Well, well, well. It actually worked.

Bella returned to the group.

Bella: As it turns out, the mercenaries more or less agreed straight away, without even asking to be paid. S.H.A.R.K. pretty much double crossed them and none of the mercenaries had any intention to die over freedom.

Rickard: So they won't be arrested?

Bella: Not this time.

Wolfe and the other S.H.A.R.K. agents docked their speedboat at small pier in Snow Freezecisco.

Wolfe: Hurry! If we're fast enough, they won't have had time to catch up to us-

The rapid chopping noises of a helicopter propeller could be heard and the team looked up to see three helicopters, one of them bearing the EPF logo. The EPF helicopter descending onto the dock before lowering a rope. EPF agents slid down and rushed over. A police boat pulled up beside the ship and some penguins climbed onto the harbour. Most of them were EPF agents and police but among them were a group of familiar penguins.

Wolfe: Ah, crud. Not again.

Wikipenguino: You just never learn, do you, Wolfe?

The team from the cargo ship were now hanging around in the lounge area of Snow Freezecisco's EPF base.

Cassandra: For our first mission, I'd say the teamwork wasn't bad.

Wikipengal: Agreed.

Falco: So you all protected an important cargo, apprehended a ton of S.H.A.R.K. minions and stopped a ship from crashing into the Silver Gate Bridge. Impressive...

They all turned to see Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry, the members of the Venturous Three, Cheddarbox, Kenny and William of the Dynamic Trio, and William's wife Alayne.

Lachlan: Ah, it was nothing.

Both teams stood up to greet each other and introduce themselves to each other.

Wikipenguino: I have to agree with Falco, nice work rounding up those S.H.A.R.K. agents.

Wikipengal: Thanks, again. We all thought we might volunteer to help you in this operation, wherever we're needed. S.H.A.R.K. has really stepped up their game in the past few months, so you'll likely need all the help you can get if you're looking to stop them.

Alayne: By the way, what was in that ship that they so badly wanted to steal?

Bella: Oh, that. Vials of a modified version of the X-Virus. According to the other agents, they believed it was an experimental version created by Nightmare using a set of instructions called "File X" or something like that. S.H.A.R.K. probably wanted to reverse engineer it.

Cheddar: Ohhhhh, good ol' WP X will definitely be freaking out about this one when he finds out, heh heh.


Wikipenguino X punched a worried looking S.H.A.R.K. soldier in the face and slammed another one into a nearby table.

Wikipenguino X: Do any of you even know how important those items were to the final plan!? Now it's because of you all that plan is compromised!

Negative Wikipenguino: But, sir...I have another plan...

Wikipenguino X turned to him.

Wikipenguino X: Enlighten me.

The group, combined with new members, stood outside one of the newly built buildings in downtown Snow Jose with Mayor Edric.

Wikipenguino: What did you want to show us?

Edric: Come inside.

The group walked into an empty and unfurnished, but new building.

Edric: It isn't finished, but this will be your base of operations in Snow Jose, should you ever need it.

Falco: Woah, I can picture what it could look like already.

William: How can we repay you, Mayor?

Edric: That wouldn't be necessary. Consider it a gift from the city of Snow Jose for dealing with the S.H.A.R.K. menace for us. Should you need any equipment, the EPF is happy to provide it for you.

A week passed and the group had almost finished setting up their base. With help from the EPF, they installed some of the most technologically advanced equipment and defenses in the base.

Cheddar: Wow, this is amazing. I even have a room for all my pranking supplies!

Wikipenguino seated himself at one of the desks, which had a computer at it.

Kenny: Yeah, these are certainly the best. It would definitely help us in the fight against S.H.A.R.K.

Lachlan: So now that we're all settled down, what's the plan?

William: We haven't heard from S.H.A.R.K. in weeks, but that doesn't mean they're gone yet. They've just taken heavy losses.

Falco: Yes, exactly. The high command at S.H.A.R.K. is probably plotting their next move at this moment.

Alayne: So we'll have to be careful, and keep your eye for any activity of S.H.A.R.K.

Bella: Sounds like a good plan.

EPF Agent 1: How much longer until we arrive at the destination, agent?

EPF Agent 2: ETA about 30 minutes, sir.

EPF Agent 1: Excellent.

A convoy of trucks rolled across a deserted highway road on a large, open area blanketed in a thick layer of snow. A cluster of thick, dark clouds above the convoy gave a deep, slow rumble.

EPF Agent 2: Looks like we're entering a storm.

A few moments later, snow showered over the convoy, making the view ahead unclear and the convoy's headlights flicker on to navigate the blizzard. Every now and then, streaks of lightning would flash across the sky, lighting up the view. Suddenly, a loud crack sounded out and something ahead exploded into flame, followed by a loud thump.

EPF Agent 2: What was that?

The entire convoy came to a halt as the doors of the trucks opened and agents in snow gear rushed out to the bright, orange glow ahead of them. As they got closer, the orange glow was revealed to be one of the convoy trucks. The truck was lying on it's side, on fire while other agents pulled the passengers out.

EPF Agent 1: What happened!?

EPF Agent 3: They must've been hit by a lightning strike...How unlucky...

Another EPF Agent pressed his earpiece.

EPF Agent 4: This is Delta Convoy. One of our transports have been severely damaged. We're calling for-Hello? HQ?

The agent turned to the others.

EPF Agent 4: I can't seem to contact HQ. I'm guessing the storm is causing interference.

EPF Agent 1: Shouldn't be.

EPF Agent 3: I can't seem to contact them, either. It's just static. I think something's blocking our connection...


A large bolt of electricity suddenly struck the agent, leaving him unconscious and with a large burn on his suit.

EPF Agent 1: What-!?

The clicks of rifles soon followed. Then came the sound of firing. Bullets and deletion rays sped past the agents, narrowly missing them as they whipped out pistols and attempted to fire back.

EPF Agent 3: Where are they!? I can't see them!

The agents struggled to fight back while some tried equipping x-ray goggles.

EPF Agent 1: This is Delta Convoy! We need backup! We are in desperate need of help! We-AAAAAAAHH!

A huge bolt of electricity struck the agent, knocking him off his feet before it bounced to electrocute the others all while some other penguins armed with rifles invaded the trucks.

Negative Wikipenguino and several S.H.A.R.K. soldiers waddled across the cold, stormy landscape of the Darktonian Realm until the reached the gates of Darktan's Mansion. A penguin was already waiting for them there.

Wikipenguino X: Well? Did you find the vials?

Negative Wikipenguino held out his flipper. A metal briefcase materialized above it.

Negative: We attacked the convoy and found these in one of the trucks. According to the labels, the EPF believes it's extremely contagious, it'll spread almost instantly upon exposure to the air. Those who don't have the X-Virus will catch it. Those who already have it in their system will have it activated. Those who are already experiencing one of it's phases will have it sped up.

He handed it to Wikipenguino X, who opened it. Inside were vials of a glowing purple liquid concealed within plastic bags.

Wikipenguino X: Ah. Perfect.

Wikipenguino X closed the briefcase.

Wikipenguino X: Bring this to Crash Test and tell him to make as many of these as we can. I think the residents of South Pole City will make good test subjects.


Rickard waddled into the main room of the team's Snow Jose base, all suited up.

Rickard: We have a problem.

Cheddar: Oh boy...

Alayne: What's wrong?

Rickard: The EPF just discovered an abandoned factory with some S.H.A.R.K. agents.

He pulled out a file and placed it on the table for the team to examine.

Rickard: These were found and confiscated.

Each of the team members skimmed through its contents before passing it to the next person.

Falco: They're not doing what I think they're doing, right...?

Rickard: I'm afraid it looks like they are.

S.H.A.R.K. soldiers wheeled carts of wooden crates all stamped with a code and a large black X from a building onto a runway. It was a clear, silent night with the only lights being the moon, stars and from the building. A plane sat motionless on the runway while soldiers loaded crates into its cargo area.

Sam Rudi X: Keep moving! The Supreme Leader wants as many of these as we can get. Don't even leave one of them behind!

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: Excuse me sir, there's something you need to see...

Sam Rudi X: What now?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: Some of our agents, sir. They want to talk to you.

Sam Rudi X: Why are they even-Ugh, fine!

Sam Rudi X followed the S.H.A.R.K. Soldier into the building where S.H.A.R.K. penguins were lifting crates onto carts before wheeling them out. The soldier led Sam Rudi X into a corridor on the side and pointed towards a storeroom.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: There, sir.

Sam Rudi X: Well go on, open it!

The soldier opened the door and and stepped in first. Sam Rudi X followed. The room inside was devoid of any light.

Sam Rudi X: What? Where are the lights? What were they doing and why would they be in here? Where are they!?

The soldier locked the door, pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Sam Rudi X.

Sam Rudi X: Wait, what...?

The soldier flipped the light switch, revealing Wikipengal, Wikipenguino, Alayne, William and Cassandra, all pointing their weapons at Sam Rudi X. The soldier then proceeded to take off his helmet and goggles, revealing himself to be Lachlan Lagois.

Wikipengal: Sam Rudi X? Nice job, Lachlan.

Sam Rudi X: Oh, not this again!

William: I'm afraid we can't let that plane leave.

Wikipenguino: Where's the plane going? Where's Wikipenguino X?

Sam Rudi X: I'm not telling you!

Lachlan: Well then we'll just have to make you tell us.

Sam Rudi X: Not this time!

Sam Rudi X waddled backwards and seemingly disregarding all laws of physics, phased right through the wall.

Wikipengal: Wait, what was that!?

Wikipenguino: He must be on the other side.

Lachlan proceeded to unlock the door before attempting to shove the door open. The door however, only opened a small crack and wouldn't budge.

Cassandra: What's wrong?

Lachlan: He's blocked the door from the outside!

The others crowded around the doorway and even through the tiny gap, could notice drums of oil and other heavy objects.

William: Wikipenguino, Wikipengal, do either of you think you could cut this door down with your keysabers?

Wikipenguino: I don't think it's a good idea to risk setting off those oil drums. One little spark and we'd be nothing but ash.

Wikipengal: We'll cut a hole through this wall, then.

Voices and footsteps could be heard closely.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: Put that there! Now let's run before the plane takes off.

The footsteps then took off and the voices vanished. Now there was only the hum of the keysabers cutting the wall, the faint shuffle of their footsteps and the ticking of something outside.

A circular slab of the wall suddenly fell outwards.

Wikipenguino: There. Let's go!

Each of them crawled through the hole and out onto the runway one at a time.

Cassandra: We'd better hurry.

Wikipengal: With luck, Cheddar, Falco, Rickard and the rest of the EPF team will already be onto the S.H.A.R.K. agents.

They could all see flashes of light a short distance away and the yelling of voices. A penguin was sprinting towards the scene.

William: Hey, there's Sam Rudi X-!


Lachlan, who was crawling out of the hole last, was suddenly thrown outwards followed by a puff of smoke and fire as parts of the building behind them suddenly collapsed. The other members of the team, who barely had any time to react covered their heads and faces as they were all engulfed in a huge cloud of dust and smoke.

William and Cassandra rushed to help Lachlan back onto his feet.

Lachlan: It's okay, I'm alright.

Wikipengal: Aw, crumbs that was close. He tried to blow us up!

Cassandra: We'll worry about that later, now we have to focus our attention on that mess over there.

Cassandra pointed her flipper at the turmoil ensuing in the distance.

Meanwhile, Falco, Terry, Cheddar, Kenny, Bella and Rickard were attacking the heavily guarded S.H.A.R.K. plane while Sam Rudi X yelled out orders.

Sam Rudi X: Hurry, you fools! Get all of the crates onto the plane!

The last few crates were quickly tossed into the cargo hold by S.H.A.R.K. agents. The contents of the crates made clinking sounds.

Sam Rudi X: No, not like that! Whatever, just get in!

The plane was now starting to slowly cruising forwards.

Kenny: Don't let the plane escape!

Meanwhile, Falco knocked aside two S.H.A.R.K. guards and blasted the rest with flames. Several of them dived to the side and safely avoided the fire.

Rickard: Get on the plane! We'll take care of the ones down here!

Kenny and Rickard stayed behind while Bella, Falco, Cheddar and Terry ran after the plane, which was picking up speed. Sam Rudi X hammered a button on the side o the plane. The cargo door started to close.

Terry: Falco! Throw me inside the plane!

Falco: Wait, what? Seriously!

Terry: Yes, just do it!

Falco: Okay, whatever you say.

Falco scooped up Terry and hurled him into the shrinking gap. Terry soared through the entrance and successfully landed inside the cargo hold. He then stuck a device on the button Sam Rudi X was pressing. The device attached itself firmly to the mechanism. The plane started to slow down a little, and the cargo hold door was opening.

Sam Rudi X: WHAT!? Close the door! CLOSE IT!

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: We can't, sir! We don't know how to get this thing off or what its even doing!

Sam Rudi X: Find a way! You guys over there, get that puffle! And don't let any of those agents get into the plane, either! I'm going to try get us moving again.

Sam Rudi rushed opened a door and rushed to the front of the plane while Terry rolled and dodged the S.H.A.R.K. agents' punches, kicks and attempts at grabbing him. Falco, Kenny, Cheddar and Bella leapt onto the plane and shot the S.H.A.R.K. agents trying to capture Terry. The agents attempting to pry the device off the controls thrust their flippers in the air. Wikipenguino and William rushed into the opening and onto the plane, both out of breath.

Terry: Anyone else coming?

William: No, you can close the door.

Terry pressed a button on the device. The cargo door slammed shut.

Falco: There you guys are! You made it just in time.

Wikipenguino: Sam Rudi X tried to blow us up. Fortunately, we escaped just before we became penguin pizza.

Cheddar: Wow...sounds exciting.

William shot Cheddar a look.

The plane suddenly lurched forwards slightly, causing them to lose their balance slightly. It was now slowly slanting upwards. The plane was taking off.

William: Maybe you all should find Sam Rudi X and stop this plane. I'll stand by with Terry and guard these two.

William gestured to the two S.H.A.R.K. soldiers who were still holding their flippers in the air.

Bella: Agreed. We'll have to stop this plane before it can get too far away.

Falco kicked open the door that lead to the rest of the plane.

Cheddar: Alright, flippers up! Or you get the pranks!

Several S.H.A.R.K. soldiers charged forwards. The team blasted and punched the attackers, knocking them all out and leaving Sam Rudi X.

Sam Rudi X: Uh oh.

Sam Rudi X retreated to the plane's cockpit as the team charged after him. Bella blasted the door open with a deletion pistol. The ocean was now visible through the window ahead of them.

Falco: Give up?

Both pilots put their flippers in the air and shook in fear.

Sam Rudi X: What are you doing!? Who's going to pilot the plane!?

The pilots, confused at what to do and who to listen to, looked around helplessly as the plane started to tilt downwards.

Sam Rudi X: Wha-Nevermind!

He grabbed both of their collars and they both phased right through the floor.

Cheddar: Uhhhhh...Wait, what just happened!?

Wikipenguino: Kenny, do you think you could pilot this plane?

Kenny: Not at this height. We won't make it.

Cheddar: Why don't we just jump out the plane?

Bella: And contaminate the entire ocean with X-Virus?

Wikipenguino: Wait...I have a plan. There are some parachutes here.

Wikipenguino pulled out a black box with a timer on it. He twisted a few dials and then pressed a giant red button on it and the timer started.

Falco: What exactly are you planning?

Wikipenguino: You'll see. Kenny, could you do me a favor and throw this into the back of the cargo hold with all the X-Virus crates? Also, be sure to tell William, Terry to come bring the prisoners to the front. Give them a parachute also.

Kenny nodded, and took the parachute and black box before rushing back to the cargo area where he found William, Terry and the prisoners. He tossed a parachute to William.

William: Kenny, this plane is going to crash-

Kenny: Put the parachute on, grab Terry and take the two prisoners to the front of the plane, quick!

William: Okay!

After they had made it into the front of the plane, Kenny tossed the box into the cargo hold which landed inside a cluster of boxes.

All of the team and prisoners converged at the front of the plane. Falco opened the door on the side of the plane.

Falco: You sure this will work?

Wikipenguino: Positive! Well...maybe!

Falco pushed some of the prisoners out before jumping out with a parachute. Next came Bella, who hopped out with rest of the prisoners. Then came Kenny, followed by Wikipenguino.

Wikipenguino: Alright, here goes.

Wikipenguino leapt out with his parachute.

William: Wait, do we really have to-

Cheddar: Don't think, just go!

William: AHHHHH!


Cheddar had quickly shoved William, who was still holding Terry out the door before jumping out himself. William, who was still screaming in fear, could barely open his parachute before splashing into the ocean. The others, who were also floating above the water with the prisoners watched as the plane soared over their heads.


The plane suddenly exploded in a bright flash of purple light which subsequently imploded and vanished in another bright flash. The team swam back to coast where they saw Wikipengal, Cassandra, Rickard, an injured Lachlan and the rest of the EPF agent team who helped them drag the prisoners onto the shore before handcuffing them.

Wikipengal: How did you do that? What happened to the plane?

Wikipenguino: Well, we used a deletion bomb to completely vaporize the plane before it could nosedive into the ocean and pollute it with X-Virus.

Lachlan: Huh. Interesting.

Rickard: Any sign of Sam Rudi X?

Falco: Nah. That coward escaped with the pilots at the last second.

Wikipengal: I'll bet his boss won't be too happy once he returns.

Sam Rudi X: I-i-i-it was a mistake sir, I'm s-s-s-sorry!

Wikipenguino X: Sorry? When did that mean anything? It's because of penguins like you my plans completely fail! Negative, take him to the torture chambers! I've had enough of this!

Sam Rudi X: Wait! NO! Not there! Nooooooooooooo....

Sam Rudi X continued to scream as Negative pulled him out into the corridor. Wikipenguino X soon followed him outside.

Wikipenguino X: HEY! You there!

Wikipenguino X pointed at two guards.

Wikipenguino X: Gather what strength we have. We're going to war.

Chapter 3: A War Begins[edit]

Two months earlier...

It was raining heavily in Delphi, Acadia, and the sky was getting darker. Most people had stayed inside their homes where it was dry, but two penguins wearing hats and trench coats were hurrying down the street. The two penguins stopped in front of a large building and looked up reading large letters that read "Acadian National Security Service, Head Office".

Penguin 1: This must be it.

The two penguins walked inside the building and removed their hats, revealing themselves to be Wikipenguino and William. They continued down the hall, passing through multiple corridors, before arriving at an office. The two opened their door and entered the office, where an NSS agent was seated.

NSS Agent: Ah, you must be Penguin Lagois and William Lagois. I'm Agent Logan Fischer, nice to meet you both.

Wikipenguino: Wikipenguino will do, nice to meet you.

Logan Fischer: Of course. Anyway, in cooperation with our friends at the EPF, I called you here today to deliver some information about S.H.A.R.K.

William: Yes, of course.

Logan handed the two a file and opened it, pointing to the pictures of many penguins in it.

Logan: A few weeks ago, we made a major raid on a S.H.A.R.K. safe house and discovered dozens of files and records. We discovered S.H.A.R.K. has been conducting illegal businesses with many of Antarctica's most wanted illegal businessmen. They've been involved in Doom Weed, weapons, almost anything you can think of. We also discovered hints of money laundering businesses to cover up these illegal deals.

Wikipenguino: Wow, I never knew of this.

Logan: They've been pretty good at covering up their tracks. We believe we've barely uncovered the full extent of their illegal operations.

William began looking through the files, skimming over the papers and photos.

William: Who's "Carlton Anderson"?

Logan: He's a rather notable illegal businessman who conducts arms deals with multiple terrorist groups. The name could be an alias, since he uses multiple aliases to cover up his tracks. None of us have been able to catch him yet.

Wikipenguino: Thank you for this information. Is there anything else?

Logan: Yes, one more thing. There is a highly skilled mercenary group allied with S.H.A.R.K. led by Nolan Edwards, a highly skilled ex EPF agent. He's good friends with Wikipenguino X and he's very dangerous. Be careful.

Wikipenguino and William were walking down a dark street at night. It had stopped raining and some penguins were hanging out in Delphi's many nightclubs. They entered a quieter bar in town and sat down at the counter.

Wikipenguino: We'll just have two cream sodas.

The bartender pulled out two cups and a bottle of cream soda, while William turned to Wikipenguino.

William: What do you plan on doing now?

Wikipenguino: I'm heading to Gernomia to meet with Falco. We're going to see what we can do to stop S.H.A.R.K. and make up a plan.

Two months later...

William: Guys, I think I have a plan.

The group was in an EPF office in Inland, discussing their next move with S.H.A.R.K. It had been a few days since S.H.A.R.K. made their declaration of war official, and made their announcement public. S.H.A.R.K. had the backing of the Darktan Army and numerous terrorist and criminal groups, but the intelligence agencies of most of the countries in the Antarctic were prepared to back the EPF.

Kenny: Let's hear it then.

William: Two months ago, I met with an agent of the Acadian National Security Service with Wikipenguino. It's been a long time, and I almost forgot, but I remembered yesterday. Anyways, when we met with the agent, he told me S.H.A.R.K. was conducting illegal operations with numerous businessmen, and that they also run many money laundering operations. There was a specific businessman, what was his name?

Wikipenguino: I believe the name on the file was "Carlton Anderson".

William: Yes, the agent says he's never been caught, but we should cross reference "Carlton Anderson" and any of his known aliases with any notable S.H.A.R.K. member.

Wikipenguino pulled out his laptop and began typing. After a few moments he set the laptop on the table and showed the group.

Wikipenguino: There's apparently a large party in Hashville tomorrow night between some high ranking S.H.A.R.K. members and some businessmen. It looks like an illegal gambling operation too.

Falco: Instead of barging in and ruining their fun we should infiltrate their party and try to find some information.

Alayne: Sounds like a good idea.

Cheddar: We're going to join their party?

William: Yes, I believe I can hack into their systems and add our names.

William, Alayne, Wikipenguino, and Falco rolled up to a large mansion in the wealthy districts of Hashville in an expensive car. They were greeted by a suited penguin at the gate.

Penguin: Names?

William: Yes, I'm Joe Porter, this is Gabriela Thompson, Michael Smith, and Edward Miller.

Penguin: Welcome to the party.

The group walked through the entrance of the mansion and entered. Inside penguins were playing cards while some were sitting at tables, talking.

Wikipenguino: Wait, I think I found Carlton.

The group looked over to see a penguin sitting at a table, talking to two penguins who looked like S.H.A.R.K. members.

Falco: That is definitely him.

William walked over to the table, where he discreetly put a small voice recorder on Carlton's coat.

Meanwhile, in a van parked close to the mansion, Cheddar, Kenny, and Terry were listening in.

Kenny: Aw, why do they get to have all the fun?

Terry: Shh guys. I think I can hear something.

Carlton: *through recording* I'll get the shipment through to you by Wednesday, don't worry.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent 1: *through recording* Where's it going to be?

Carlton: *through recording* Snow Jose International Airport. I'll send you the rest of the information. Anyways, how's S.H.A.R.K.?

S.H.A.R.K. Agent 2: *through recording* We've faced some difficulties from the EPF and the pesky Dynamic Trio, but otherwise Wikipenguino X has great plans for us.

Carlton: *through recording* That's good to hear. I need to go. Bob here is telling me there are some uninvited guests in here.

Cheddar: Uh oh.


A few moments later, two suited penguins opened the door of the van and pointed pistols at the three.

Penguin 1: Get out of the van.

Meanwhile, on the inside, five penguins surrounded the group and dragged them out into the backyard, where Carlton was waiting.

Carlton: How dare you interrupt my party. I was having fun. Now, we have your friends outside, so let's make this quick. Who else knows you're here?

William: Your puffle.

Carlton slapped William, then pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Alayne.

William: Hey!

Carlton: Answer my question, or she's dead.

Before William could answer, the sound of sirens was heard. One of his men ran up to him.

Penguin: Boss, we gotta go. There's a bunch of cops outside.

Just as Carlton was about to leave, Falco tackled him and seized his gun, pointing it at him.

Falco: Don't move.

Dozens of police began storming the house, with many pouring into the backyard. Two officers handcuffed Carlton.

Police Officer: You four okay?

Wikipenguino: Yeah, how about our friends?

Police Officer: They're alive and well.

One day later...

It was night time in Snow Jose, and a cargo plane was landing at Snow Jose International Airport. Three penguins stepped out of the plane and greeted two S.H.A.R.K. guards who were standing next to a large truck.

S.H.A.R.K. Guard 1: This is all of it?

Penguin: Yes.

S.H.A.R.K. Guard 2: Okay, let's get this truck loaded.

As one of the penguins went into the plane to grab a crate, sirens could be heard in the distance. Around ten Snow Jose police cars and the group's SUV began rushing in on the runway, blocking the plane from taking off and surrounding the truck.

Police Officer 1: SJPD! Hands in the air where I can see them!

Multiple police officers began to handcuff the penguins, while some other officers went into the airplane to find the pilot, Jonathan Clark, a major S.H.A.R.K. affiliated smuggler. A few moments later, a penguin pushed two police officers aside and began running.

Cheddar: Don't worry, I got him!

Cheddar threw a water balloon at the Jonathan, who got temporarily disoriented and instead ran straight into a police car. He crashed into the police car and was quickly arrested by the two officers standing nearby.

After an angry outburst against his men, Wikipenguino X sat down with Negative Wikipenguino and a few S.H.A.R.K. commanders to plan their next move.

Wikipenguino X: If the Dynamic Trio and their EPF friends think they can dismantle my businesses without consequences, they're very wrong. We must hit them back so hard they'll be forced to make peace with us.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander 1: And what do you propose we do?

Wikipenguino X: First, we're going to need to free my smuggler and businessman. After that, we're going to launch attacks at random places in Antarctica, to show them S.H.A.R.K. is not to be messed with.

Wikipenguino unfurled a large map of Antarctica with multiple locations circled.

Wikipenguino X: These are locations we are going to attack, and some we might attack. I'm assigning each of you to an area. As for you, I need the Shadow Squadron on standby should they be needed.

BREAKING NEWS: Members of a terrorist group known as S.H.A.R.K. launched an attack on South Pole City this morning, leaving destruction and many injured in their wake. South Pole City Police are still trying to hunt down the perpetrators of the attack, and any with information are highly encouraged to call the anonymous tip hotline.

The group was eating breakfast at a roadside hotel in Eastshield, after they had left Snow Jose and were traveling to South Pole City.

Wikipenguino: Oh my...

Falco: I guess this is the war Wikipenguino X was talking about.

Wikipenguino's phone rang, and he went outside to answer it. A few seconds later, he came back inside.

Alayne: What's going on?

Wikipenguino: We need to get to South Pole City. Get our stuff, I'll start the car.

A few minutes later, the group was driving down Highway 2 towards South Pole City. Alayne was on her laptop while Terry was checking his phone for updates.

Terry: Guys, there's something else.

Kenny: This can't be good.

Terry: Remember the smuggler and that businessman we caught? Well it says they were broken out of jail a few minutes ago.

William: S.H.A.R.K. is angry, they're trying to strike back at us. We need to be quick, and defeat them before they do something worse.

Wikipenguino, who was driving, noticed two cars following them closely from his rear view mirror.

Wikipenguino: Uh, guys, we have another problem. Someone's following us.

The group glanced through the back window, where the two cars were getting closer. They began grabbing their weapons while Wikipenguino sped up the car.

Alayne: We can't lose them, we need to do something else.

Falco took out a grenade and threw it at one of the cars. The driver swerved to the right to avoid the explosion, crashing into the other car and sending both crashing into a ditch.

Cheddar: Phew.

A few hours later, the group arrived in South Pole City and drove towards the EPF base, which was heavily guarded.

EPF Guard: Identification?

Falco showed the EPF guard his badge, and the guard gestured for the gate to be opened.

The group walked into the base, where they were greeted by Tux, Dr Infinity, and a couple of EPF agents.

Tux: Ah, it's good to have you here. It's important that we take down S.H.A.R.K. before they cause further damage to Antarctica.

The EPF agents led the group to a meeting room.

Tux: We believe that a new approach on S.H.A.R.K. is needed at a time like this. Instead of aiming for their businesses, we believe we need to take them on directly, by attacking their bases.

Falco: Yes, it could work, but we've seen it for ourselves, S.H.A.R.K. has too many bases for us to take down. We believe the best strategy is still to take away their resources, like money and weapons.

Tux: Yes, we will discuss that at a later date. However, I wanted to appoint all of you to head a special task force to take down S.H.A.R.K. Your past experience with the organization makes you suited for the job.

Wikipenguino: Thank you.

Tux: The EPF will provide the necessary resources to take down S.H.A.R.K. That is all.

The group sat in a cafe in South Pole City, discussing the war against S.H.A.R.K.

Alayne: Well, this task force is going to mean a lot more responsibilities.

Kenny: Definitely, but I hope we'll finally be able to take down S.H.A.R.K.

Wikipenguino: Yes, but where should we go now?

Kenny: Maybe we should take a break from chasing S.H.A.R.K. and take them down a different way.

Falco: Hmm, maybe we should visit Acadia. Plus, their National Secret Service might be able to help us.

About an hour later, the group boarded a train that would take them across the continent to Acadia.

Cheddar: Woah, spacious. We have the whole train car to ourselves.

Wikipenguino: Well, we do have a few hours to ourselves where we aren't chasing S.H.A.R.K. or being chased by S.H.A.R.K., so I thought we should make the best of it.

Kenny: Wow, the view is nice too.

Wikipenguino: Enjoy yourselves; I'm going to make a phone call to the Acadian intelligence agencies.

A few hours later, the train crossed the Acadia-US border and entered Acadia, where the group got off.

Acadian Border Guard: Anything to declare?

Wikipenguino: Just this.

Acadian Border Guard: Okay, passports?

The group handed the border guard their passports, who checked them for a moment before handing it back to the group.

Acadian Border Guard: Welcome to Acadia.

After leaving the border checkpoint, the group walked for a few minutes to a parking lot, where they picked up their rental car. They drove down a highway for a few minutes until they reached downtown Delphi, Acadia. After passing many high rises they arrived at their hotel, a Walton, where they checked in to their rooms.

Cheddar: If I remember correctly, our last time in Acadia didn't end so well...

Alayne: Yeah, chased down a highway by the police while chasing Wikipenguino X and nearly crashing? It's hard to forget about it.

William: Let's just hope it's better for us this time.

Terry: What's the plan, Wikipenguino?

Wikipenguino: We're going to have a short meeting with the National Secret Service in a few hours, and from the phone call on the train, the NSS believes they have a lead on S.H.A.R.K. in Acadia, so we're going to be chasing down that lead as well.

Falco: Well if anyone needs me, I'm going to be trying some Acadian cream soda in the bar below, so see you all later.

Cheddar: Kenny and I are going to find something to eat, anyone want to join us?

Terry: Yeah I'll join you.

William: I guess the rest of us are staying back here doing some research then. I'm going to order some room service.

A few hours later, the group was sitting inside an NSS meeting room with the head of the NSS, Director Thomas Andruss.

Wikipenguino: On behalf of the EPF, I would like to propose increased cooperation between the EPF and Acadia's intelligence community. After all, we already cooperate on a lot of things, and we could use extra help on taking down S.H.A.R.K.

Thomas: Yes, but as of late, relations between our countries haven't been the best...

William: We understand, but it wouldn't hurt for our countries to share a common goal wouldn't it?

Thomas: Hmm, yes... I'll have to consult our government on this, but I think this is a good idea.

About an hour later, the group gathered in front of an empty warehouse in the port of Acadia alongside dozens of National Secret Service agents.

NSS Agent 1: We believe there's a S.H.A.R.K. cell located in there, but they know we're here, so we have to be careful.

The group and the agents knocked the door of the warehouse, and the agents poured in, where they were met almost instantly by the gunfire from the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers. The agents then responded with their own gunfire. After a few minutes, the NSS agents began to push the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers back.

Wikipenguino X: Ugh, it's you guys again.

Wikipenguino X jumped out of the shadows, firing on the agents, before jumping out of a window, followed by the group and some agents.

NSS Agent 2: Stop right there!

Wikipenguino X reached the end of the dock, where it looked like he had nowhere to go.

NSS Agent 3: You have nowhere to go! Drop the weapon and walk towards us slowly!

Suddenly, a speedboat with some S.H.A.R.K. soldiers inside drove by and Wikipenguino X jumped in. The speedboat quickly pulled away, with the agents continually firing at it.

NSS Agent 4: Call the coast guard and navy. We need to track down this speedboat. Contact the Antarcticans as well; this speedboat is going to have to cross their waters.

Another NSS agent walked up to the group.

NSS Agent 5: Guys? There's something you should see...

The group walked back to the warehouse, where one of the containers were open. Inside were dozens of bombs and other explosives. The agents began opening the other containers, revealing more explosives but also weapons and vials of X-Virus.

Kenny: Oh my...

Alayne: Looks like they were planning an attack.

Cheddar: Yeah, a big one.

NSS Agent 3: Alert every law enforcement, military, and intelligence agency. Tell them we have a major terror threat on our hands. This may not be their only stash of weapons on the island.

NSS Agent 5: Yes sir.

Wikipenguino's phone suddenly rang and he walked away to answer it.

Wikipenguino: Yes, of course. We'll be there.

Cheddar: Who was it?

Wikipenguino: Dr Infinity. He says he has something he wants to show us in Club Penguin.

A few hours later, the group arrived in Club Penguin by train, and walked towards the EPF headquarters, where Dr Infinity was to meet them. They arrived at the main room in the EPF HQ where they were greeted by Dr Infinity.

Dr Infinity: Ah, there you are. It's good to see you all. Now, I have something to show you.

Dr Infinity led the group down a corridor to a gate. A few seconds later the gate opened and the group walked in, where the Snowdragon was situated.

Kenny: Wow, the Snowdragon looks so much cooler.

Dr Infinity: I've been making repairs and adding some functions to this for the past few months. It now has many more functions, is less susceptible to attack, and looks much more discreet. Plus, it should be more comfortable.

Cheddar: So we can use it?

Dr Infinity: Of course, consider this a gift from the EPF to you guys.

William: Thanks uncle!

Dr Infinity: You're welcome. Just please don't wreck it. It's not cheap, trust me.

Alayne: We won't, don't worry.

After taking turns riding the Snowdragon around Club Penguin, the group was finally on their way back to Snow Jose. Wikipenguino's phone rang, and he answered it for a few moments before coming back.

Wikipenguino: The National Secret Service has agreed to help in the war against S.H.A.R.K.

Terry: That's great!

Alayne: Some extra resources is definitely needed in this fight.

Kenny: So what's the plan when we get back to Snow Jose?

Falco: Maybe it's time we finally strike back at S.H.A.R.K. directly.

William: Yeah, we could hit one of their isolated outposts, the ones far from where the rest of them are, to show them we mean business.

Cheddar: We could also take down a couple of their bases in the cities in one operation.

Wikipenguino: Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I'll call the EPF when we land.

Alayne: We haven't checked on them in a long time, but how're our friends doing?

William: I don't know honestly. Maybe it's time to bring them back into the fold for this upcoming battle.

Wikipenguino: I'll call them too then.

Somewhere near Tropicalis, a S.H.A.R.K. vessel was preparing to attack an unsuspecting cargo ship.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: You all know the plan. We strike quickly, take out any security or other resistance on the ship, then we take control of the ship. Got it?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldiers: Yes sir!

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Then let's go.

Before the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers prepared to get on a smaller boat to attack the cargo ship, one of the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers was quickly knocked off the ship, and two other S.H.A.R.K. soldiers were quickly tackled. The remaining S.H.A.R.K. soldiers attempted to open fire, but were all shot.

Penguin: Take that S.H.A.R.K.!

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: What?! How dare you?

As the last of the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers were shot or surrendered, the penguins removed their masks, revealing themselves to be Lachlan and Cassandra Lagois, Bella Stahl, and Rickard Stark. A few seconds later, multiple Tropicalian coast guard vessels began to sail up to the S.H.A.R.K. vessel. Lachlan's phone rang and he left to answer it.

Lachlan: Yes? Oh it's you! Ok, we'll see you there.

Cassandra: What's going on?

Lachlan: It's Wikipenguino. He wants to meet all of us in Snow Jose for something.

A few hours later, the Snowdragon landed at Snow Jose International Airport, and William steered the aircraft towards a hangar. The group then walked towards the long term parking structure where they found their car and pulled out of the parking structure. Cheddar turned on the radio.

Radio Host: This is 90.9, with the Snow Freezecisco Bay Area's top hits of the week. You're in for a commercial free hour.

"I'm always ready for a war again

Go down that road again

It's all the same

I'm always ready to take a life again"

William: 'I'm always ready for a war again'. Ironic...

Kenny: So where are we heading?

Wikipenguino: Well, I got us a decent house in Almapen Valley, so we'll be heading down there where we get to relax for a little bit before we have to meet Lachlan, Cassandra, Bella, and Rickard at a Snowbucks in Almapen Valley later this evening.

A few hours later, the group entered the Snowbucks in Almapen Valley where Lachlan and Cassandra Lagois, Bella Stahl, and Rickard Stark were already seated.

Rickard: Ah, it's good to see you all again.

Cassandra: So what did you want to discuss?

Wikipenguino: We believe we may have a plan on S.H.A.R.K.

William: Yes, we were planning for a single operation that would take down many of S.H.A.R.K.'s crucial bases at once and cripple them long enough for us to take the rest of their organization down.

Bella: And I believe the Acadians have agreed to help us?

Alayne: Yes, that is right.

Lachlan: Well that should be better for us.

Kenny: Yes, we could definitely use extra manpower and resources in this fight.

Cheddar: Well, if that is all, I'm going to order some coffee.

A speedboat with five masked and armored penguins was rushing through the Sub-Antarctic waters, pursued by three other speedboats. One of the penguins removed his mask, revealing himself to be Wikipenguino X.

Wikipenguino X: COME ON! Can this thing go any faster?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: We're going as fast as we can, but we should reach Mojave any time soon.

Wikipenguino X: Aren't there going to be people or cops around?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 2: It's four in the morning sir, there isn't going to be anybody.

Wikipenguino X: You better be right.

After a few more minutes, the speedboat sped into the Mojave docks, and the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers began rapidly embarking.

Wikipenguino X: GO GO GO GO GO!

In the background, sirens could be heard, and multiple police cars appeared on the docks, just as the other three speedboats landed.

Police Officer 1: Mojave PD! Flippers in the air! Drop your weapons!

The S.H.A.R.K. soldiers quickly surrendered.

Police Officer 2: Wikipenguino X, you're under arrest!

All: WHAT?!

Falco: Yeah, that's what they told me, Mojave PD picked up him in the early hours of this morning.

Cheddar: So Wikipenguino X is in jail now?

Falco: Yes, they're moving him to a secret EPF site somewhere.

Kenny: Well, that should be a devastating blow to S.H.A.R.K.

Alayne: Yes, but don't forget they still have another leader. And remember the havoc we wreaked on Antarctica last time?

Terry: How could I forget?

Wikipenguino: Despite this news, we're still carrying on with our operation.

Negative Wikipenguino: So I'm the leader now? Again?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: Yes sir, Wikipenguino X was arrested in Mojave this morning.

Negative Wikipenguino: Excellent. Now that I'm leader, those Dynamic Trio aren't getting away this time. Call the commanders in. I have a plan.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: Of course sir.

Chapter 4: Negative's Wrath[edit]

William: You're sure Wikipenguino X will be safe from any S.H.A.R.K. agents trying to break him out?

Falco: Should be. He's locked up in solitary confinement in some top secret isolated prison somewhere.

Wikipenguino: Yeah, but this is Wikipenguino X we're talking about. He's been put in custody as many times as we can count and escaped every single time.

Kenny: Well, we shouldn't worry too much about him right now, especially when he's in the EPF's flippers. Negative Wikipenguino will have by now assumed control of S.H.A.R.K.'s forces, meaning we should focus on our plan before he makes a move.

The group waddled out of the Snowbucks and back to their car. Cheddar looked around suspiciously.

Cheddar: What in the mouldy cheese...?

Alayne: What's wrong?

Cheddar: Is it just my imagination or does anyone else hear that sound?

Kenny: No. I hear it too.

A muffled ticking noise could be heard.

Falco: Maybe it's a watch? Wikipenguino, is that yours-?


William: Ow...what...where am I?

Wikipenguino: Ah, William's awake.

William quickly noticed he was in a hospital bed and had part of his arm bandaged up. He looked around and saw Wikipenguino, who had a couple of cuts and bandages on his face, Cheddar, who had a few on his feet and flippers, Kenny and Terry, who were both being patched up by doctors and Alayne and Falco, who seemed to have suffered minor injuries and were sitting close to William.

William: What happened?

Kenny: There was a bomb explosion. The bomb detonated not too far away from us. Some vehicles, including our car, were destroyed and you were knocked out. We were all caught in the explosion, but none of us suffered too badly. Falco managed to clear up some of the damage while Alayne called an ambulance.

William: Did anyone else get hurt?

Alayne: As far as we know, we're the only ones.

William: Phew...

Wikipenguino: But it all just seems to us like too much of a coincidence. Whoever put that bomb there clearly knew who we were and what they were doing.

William: It was S.H.A.R.K., wasn't it?

Falco: Yeah, that's what we were thinking.

Terry: The police haven't found that much evidence though.

Cheddar: Oh, come on! It was obviously them. I mean, who else would want to blow us up like that?

William: True...

The door of the hospital room suddenly swung open and several penguins waddled inside. It was Rickard, Lachlan, Wikipengal, Bella, Cassandra and Officer Hank.

Wikipengal: There you all are! And thank programmer you're all okay...

Wikipenguino: Hey there, everyone. Hello, officer. We're all incredibly lucky to have survived.

Bella: What happened back there? A bomb exploded?

Falco: Yeah. We think it might've been S.H.A.R.K.

Lachlan: Of course...

Hank: Back at the police station we were able to take a look at the security footage. We found this.

Hank pulled out a photo and showed it to them all. In it was a photo of a hooded penguin with a red X on his forehead carrying a bag. A gap in the bag's zipper revealed bombs.

Hank: Apparently, this penguin was hanging around the alleyway. He must have seen you were starting to leave the cafe and left a few Powerbombs nearby, set to explode just in time.

Alayne: That red X on his he an X-Antibody?

Wikipenguino: Wait! That's Xeng Guin! He's an agent of S.H.A.R.K., I've seen him before.

Rickard: So it was S.H.A.R.K.

Cassandra: So they were trying to kill you?

Kenny: While that would make sense, I don't think that's the case.

Cheddar: How come? S.H.A.R.K. would do anything to get us out of their feathers, wouldn't they?

Kenny: Officer Hank said that the bombs were Powerbombs. Powerbombs only hurt victims, they never kill.

Terry: Interesting...

Alayne: So they weren't trying to kill us after all?

Wikipenguino: I'm thinking it must've been to scare us or something. Could be a warning symbol that meant "watch your back or we'll send more" or "stay away from us" or something like that...

Cheddar: Pfft. Or else what? They honestly can't just nuke the continent and not expect us to intervene.

Falco: Cheddar's right. It doesn't mean we're gonna give up on them. I say bring it on!

Back at S.H.A.R.K.'s hidden headquarters, Negative Wikipenguino sat in a chair, looking at several news channels, cameras and maps, all displayed across several windows within a large holographic screen. Suddenly, an empty window started glowing red and emitting a beeping noise while displaying a telephone icon. Negative made a waving motion with his flipper, enlarging the window. The window suddenly showed the face a of distressed looking S.H.A.R.K. commander.

Commander: Ah! Supreme Leader!

Negative: What is the problem, commander?

Several explosions rumbled in the background followed by the sound of lasers, rifles firing and voices yelling.

Commander: We have a problem! We're under attack!

Negative: Who's attacking?

Commander: It's the USA's military, sir! They've stormed our base, they're trying to take-AAAAHHH!

The video call suddenly cut to static as the camera flipped over. Negative Wikipenguino ended the call before angrily standing up, and storming out of the room.

William: I thought we were still tracking S.H.A.R.K.?

The group hopped off a bus and entered the busy atmosphere of Valleysnow Mall, back in Snow Jose.

Kenny: The EPF has agreed to give us a break for a little bit.

Wikipenguino: Yep. Especially to let our wounds heal a little more before going back out on the hunt.

Cheddar: Aw, sweet!

An hour or two later, the group started looking around the mall for a place to eat.

Wikipenguino: Where do you guys think we should eat?

Cheddar: I think I remember seeing a Fisch and Chips nearby...

Terry twisted around to look behind them.

Wikipenguino: What is it Terry?

Terry: That penguin...He's been following us for the past hour.

Wikipenguino looked in the reflection of a store's window and noticed a dark blue penguin who seemed to be trying hard not to look in their direction.

Falco: Someone's following us?

Wikipenguino: Seems like it.

Wikipenguino turned to the others and spoke in a whisper.

Wikipenguino: Guys! Follow me this way.

Cheddar: Why are you whisper-

Wikipenguino: We're being tailed. Just follow me down this corridor and hide.

Wikipenguino led them down a mostly deserted corridor. The others did as instructed and quickly found hiding places. Sure enough, the penguin came through the corridor. Terry acted quickly and tripped him. The penguin lost his balance and collapsed. The other members of the group came out of their hiding spots and reached for their weapons. As soon as the penguin noticed them, he froze, kicked Terry aside and took off.

William: Hey! Stop right there!

The rest of the group darted after him. The penguin shoved and jostled past passers-by who glared after him as the rest of the team followed him. The penguin then opened an emergency exit and rushed down a staircase. He then continued to the bottom of the staircase before entering a corridor that led to a large, ware-house like room that looked like the back of the mall.

Inside were shelves of crates, boxes and other products. A large garage door in the back was opened and a group of several penguins could be seen loading large bags into a truck.

Alayne: Are those S.H.A.R.K. agents?

Sure enough, as they got closer, the crossed red sword insignia of S.H.A.R.K.'s logo was visible on their arms. One of the penguins loading the bags into the truck looked up and first looked at the dark blue penguin before freezing in horror upon seeing his pursuers.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent: NO! What have you done!? You were supposed to be discreet!

William and Alayne both took their pistols out and fired at the agents who returned fire with their rifles. Falco threw a fireball at the agents, who ducked and dived out of the flames it burst into. As soon as one of the group took out one agent, two to four more took their place.

Cheddar: Uh oh...I think we're outnumbered...

William: Oh, I don't think so.

Several police cars pulled up next to the truck.

?????: Freeze! SJPD!

The S.H.A.R.K. agents, confused as what to do, simply fled as the police fired after them.

William: It's like the whole continent is just crawling with these guys. Is there any place that is still safe?

The team were now at a nearby police station.

Wikipenguino: Until we actually find out how to get rid of them, I don't really know.

A police officer waddled up to the team.

Officer: I hate to interrupt, but there's something I think you should all see.

The officer led them to a computer with a few open windows.

Officer: This file got into our computer. We don't know how, but...

He pressed on a video file. There was nothing but static until the face of a dark green penguin appeared on the screen, somewhat distorted.

Falco: Negative!?

Negative (in video): Listen carefully. You're going to play this video to those meddling busybodies who call themselves the Venturous Three and Dynamic Trio.

The video continued to act strangely, skipping between frames and distorting itself.

Negative: I'm sure you received a surprise gift earlier on. That was only a small taste of what could be headed your way. I've sent you a list of names along with this video. They are all penguins which you have captured. You're going to release those penguins from custody. Fail to do so, and there will be further consequences. You have 24 hours.

William: He's insane.

Cheddar: What a chump...and to think a silly little stunt like that is going to keep us away. We're not actually releasing those guys, are we?

Wikipenguino: I honestly don't know.

23 hours left

Cheddar: Guys, if we can't release those guys, we need to know where they're going to strike next and stop them.

Alayne: Anyone got any ideas?

Kenny: What about an EPF base or a police station?

Falco: Usually you'd expect that to be one of their targets, but knowing Negative Wikipenguino, he's probably going to attack where we're most vulnerable.

Terry: William, you picked up any chatter on S.H.A.R.K. about their next attack?

William: No, actually. Surprisingly S.H.A.R.K.'s been pretty silent about us?

Wikipenguino: What if it's not a single attack, but a series of attacks planned to cripple us?

Kenny: Officer Hank, did the suspects you guys caught say anything?

Hank: No, we investigated them thoroughly and they don't seem to know anything about an attack. It seems they had the job of loading money and weapons for S.H.A.R.K.

Falco: It seems S.H.A.R.K. is being very secretive about this.

William: Guys I think I have a lead. A weeks ago the EPF noticed some penguins with S.H.A.R.K. affiliations talking about a base to launch an attack from. One of those penguins just rented out a house in Snow Freezecisco a few days ago.

Alayne: Maybe that's where they're launching the attack from.

21 hours left

A few hours later the group and multiple Snow Freezecisco police officers gathered outside a house in Snow Freezecisco. An officer walked up and knocked on the door.

SFPD Officer: Hello? Anyone there?

There was no response.

SFPD Officer: Carry on.

Another SFPD officer came up to the door with a battering ram and knocked it down, and the police poured through. Upstairs, a S.H.A.R.K. soldier loaded his gun.

Falco: Watch out!

Before the S.H.A.R.K. penguin could fire, he was shot by William. Another S.H.A.R.K. soldier came running down the stairs but was shot as well. The police officers searched the whole house and apprehended four other S.H.A.R.K. soldiers before they could load their rifles.

20 hours left

The group was sitting in the interrogation room of the EPF office in Snow Freezecisco, questioning one of the captured S.H.A.R.K. soldiers.

Falco: Where were you guys going to attack?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: What attack?

Wikipenguino: Don't lie to us. We know that Negative Wikipenguino ordered you to carry out a series of massive attacks in less than two days. Now, are there any others with you besides the ones we caught?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier: What? I don't know anything about an attack, I swear. We were conducting reconnaissance, not preparing for an attack.

Suddenly the interrogation room door opened and an EPF agent walked in.

EPF Agent: Come, there's something I need to tell you.

The group walked outside the room to talk to the EPF agent.

EPF Agent: I hate to say this, but he's right. The police searched the whole house and didn't find any materials for any kind of attack, besides a few guns, but all S.H.A.R.K. soldiers carry guns.

Kenny: But what about them talking about an attack?

EPF Agent: We looked into that just now and didn't find the threat credible.

Wikipenguino: Oh okay. We thank you for your time, but we need to get back as soon as possible.

19 hours left

The group was now back at the police station in Snow Jose, looking for leads.

Cheddar: You know, guys, if we're going to stay up all night we need coffee. And a lot of it.

William: Well I think I know of a coffee place. It's a chain called Pete's Coffee.

Kenny: Let's go then.

2 hours left

Wikipenguino: You're saying S.H.A.R.K. may be doing something to do with hostages?

The group was in a fancy restaurant meeting with an informant believed to have an idea on what S.H.A.R.K.'s latest plans would be. The group had spent several hours looking for leads with little to no success. The sky had grown dim, and a few stars were already visible.

Informant: Maybe. But I have no idea of the exact details or where and when it will be. I'm afraid that's all I know.

Kenny: Thank you for informing us. We'll see what we can do.

The group left the building and began their return to the police station.

Terry: 2 hours remaining.

Wikipenguino: Crumbs...

William: We're not doing very well...S.H.A.R.K. will begin their attack soon. And we don't have much of an idea how to stop them.

Alayne: We'd better tell the police to protect the city.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the police station. Officer Hank was the first to greet their entrance.

Hank: There you all are. Did the informant tell you anything?

Cheddar: Well, he did say something about S.H.A.R.K. possibly taking hostages...But otherwise, nah, he didn't know anything else em'.

Hank: Well, that's unfortunate.

Falco: Oh, and by the way officer, you'd better tell the rest of the police department to keep the city under protection. We don't know what S.H.A.R.K. will do in an hour's time.

Hank: Ah yes, we've already begun securing the place. I'm going to see if we can get some helicopters to monitor the city. We're trying not to cause panic right now, because if S.H.A.R.K. knows what's going on, they might do something worse.

William: Ok, great.

Wikipenguino: Looks like now all we can do is try and decipher Negative's plan...Kenny, any ideas?

Kenny: None so far, I'm afraid.

Alayne: Terry, how much time left?

Terry: 42 minutes.

Cheddar: Welp, we'd better start making the most of it, then...

A helicopter flew over the heads of the group, its massive searchlight skimming over the rooftops and streets. Several policemen were positioned around ever street corner, while some stood on the rooftops of buildings. Aside from that most of the city continued its nightlife, with many penguins walking around.

Cheddar: Whoa...its not so empty tonight, eh?

Terry: Everyone. It's time.

The whole group froze and looked around for a few moments.

Cheddar: Hey, look at that! S.H.A.R.K. wasn't gonna nuke us after all-

Falco: Shush, Cheddar, you might jinx it! Something could happen, you know...

Cheddar: Oh-Yeah, right, sorry...

Wikipenguino: You'd all better prepare your weapons. I'll be a slab of smoked salmon if S.H.A.R.K. is looking to pounce on us when we least expect it.

Kenny: Agreed. We'll stay alert.

William: Good idea.

The group walked closer together and remained vigilant as possible as they crossed a street.

Falco: Hey, there's Pete's Coffee. And its not closed just yet...maybe we could get some?

Alayne: I suppose we could. We should probably be quick about it, though.

William: Alright then, let's go.

After quickly crossing the street, they hastily entered Pete's Coffee.

Wikipenguino: I think me, Alayne and William should get into the queue. The rest of you can keep watch.

Cheddar: Yeah, good idea. Wouldn't want anyone sneaking up on us.

After a few minutes, a truck drove up next to the store outside.

Kenny: That's unusual...

Falco: What's up?

Kenny: All of the vehicles in this areas should have returned or parked somewhere by now.

Cheddar: Maybe they're late-? Hey, what was that!?

Terry: What was what?

Cheddar: I'm willing to bet my prank store I just saw a rifle outside-



Every person in the store dropped to the ground as a gun sounded out and a ice bullet shattered the window of the storefront and hit a coffee machine at the counter. A series of shots then followed, and more bullets came whizzing through the broken window, demolishing the walls of the shop and heavily damaging everything else in their path.

Wikipenguino: Quick! Everyone hide!

A few more minutes passed of uninterrupted shooting until it suddenly ceased. Wikipenguino signaled to everyone in the store to remain quiet.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 1: Well? Did we get them?

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 2: I dunno.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 3: Then let's go in a have a look. You guys at the back, stay where you are. We don't want any policemen getting in our way.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 4: Ok then.

The thumping of several boots could be heard and the penguins entered the shop through the destroyed window frame.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 3: Hey, what's this thing?

Some of the S.H.A.R.K. members had gotten trapped in a sticky layer of a sticky substance on the floor.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 1: What the...? What is that? And what do you mean you're stuck?

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 3: We literally can't move!

Suddenly something flew out from underneath a table and landed in between the trapped penguins.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 2: that...a waffle?

Cheddar: Actually, its a ROFL Waffle, heh heh.

A cloud of gas suddenly exploded from the waffle, making the trapped penguins laugh uncontrollably. None of the penguins seemed to have any control over their laughter and now seemed to be struggling to try and breathe. The other S.H.A.R.K. members whirled back instantly.

Cheddar: HAH! Pranked!

Falco suddenly rolled out from a booth and blasted several of the members with orange flames. Just when one of them were about to fire at Falco, Wikipenguino jumped out of his hiding spot. Grabbing the end of the penguin's rifle with one flipper and holding his keysaber in the other, Wikipenguino suddenly activated the blade, sliced the rifle in half and kicked the penguin in the stomach, slamming him into a nearby wall. The other S.H.A.R.K. penguins began to attack once again until William, Alayne and Terry emerged from their spots and fired back at the penguins. Kenny leapt his way across broken tables, chairs and destroyed furniture towards the front of the shop and tackled the reinforcements.

The rest of the group slowly pushed their way back to the front, beating back the incoming S.H.A.R.K. agents. Suddenly, as Wikipenguino finished dueling a S.H.A.R.K. agent holding a baton, he felt the cold metal end of a rifle on his back.

S.H.A.R.K. Penguin 1: Game over...for you.

Wikipenguino: Oh, really? Is that so?


The penguin suddenly slumped onto the floor, unconscious. Wikipenguino turned around to see a police officer with his ditto pistol and several handcuffed agents.

At a high school in south Snow Jose, the school was hosting a dance when suddenly five masked penguins in body armor walked in.

Student 1: Isn't that a little weird? Why are they wearing body armor?

Student 2: Yeah I know...

Student 3: It's probably part of the event or something.

One of the penguins fired his gun in the air.

Student 4: AHHHHH!!!!

Student 5: Everyone out!

Penguin 1: Shut up!

The penguins quickly moved to bar the entrances, preventing anyone from getting out.

Student 6: Who are you guys?

Penguin 2: We are from S.H.A.R.K., and everything will be fine if you all cooperate. Cell phones in the bag, right now.

The students hurried to put their cellphones in the bag as the S.H.A.R.K. agents gestured them to sit down in the back of the room.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Now we have our leverage. Make the call.

The group arrived at the police station a few minutes later to see officers running around frantically and much commotion going on.

Wikipenguino: What's wrong?

Hank: There's been a problem. S.H.A.R.K. just called in saying they took some hostages at a high school and demanded the EPF release soon of their prisoners. We're calling the EPF right now.

Falco: My goodness...

Kenny: We need to be down there. It's our responsibility as part of the EPF task force.

Multiple SJPD police cars rushed down the street towards the school and began to set up a perimeter around it. A few minutes later the group's SUV arrived as well, followed by more police cars. A police officer approached the group.

SJPD Officer 1: I'm Officer Robert, Hank's partner, and I'm commanding this situation right now. We don't know how many S.H.A.R.K. terrorists are in that building right now, but there's about 150 students in there. There's no way we can go in there without endangering many lives right now. Oh, and SWAT's five minutes out.

A black sedan accompanied by a police car rushed up to the school and Mayor Edric got out of the car.

Edric: Sorry to cause more problems for you guys but, the children of some of the most prominent people in this city, and probably country, are in there right now. It's imperative we get them out of there safely as fast as possible before we face even worse repercussions.

A police officer got out of the police car and approached the group.

Edric: This is Kevin Couillard, the police chief. His daughter's in there. But I'll leave you to yourselves. Good luck.

Alayne: So right now we're dealing with a terrorist group that has shown it has no problem with taking hostages.

Cheddar: Officer Robert, do we have an identity on any of the S.H.A.R.K. agents yet?

Robert: No, I'm afraid not, sorry. We can't get any visual in there so far.

Terry: Maybe we should get back to the police station, and see what we can find.

The group was looking through files and searching through multiple databases on the computer.

Kenny: Found anything?

William: Not yet...

Falco: I think I found something. Two days ago a penguin with S.H.A.R.K. connections purchased five plane tickets from Aquarius under an alias. Now, I checked with Customs and Immigration at the Snow Jose airport and they never saw him come through.

Wikipenguino: So he bought it for someone else?

Falco: Yes. Five penguins were spotted coming through the domestic terminal this morning. And their leader is this guy.

Falco enlarged a picture and clicked on a file.

Falco: His name is Cedric Douglas. He's a high ranking commander in S.H.A.R.K. that was caught in a raid by the Acadian Gendarmerie last March, but he escaped prison in November the same year and is still currently at least.

Alayne: Well at least we know what we're dealing with.

Wikipenguino: Okay, Falco, Cheddar, Terry, and I will stay here, Alayne, William, and Kenny will go back down there.

A few minutes later, the group was back at the high school in Snow Jose.

William: Any progress? Are they saying anything?

Robert: No, they've been pretty quiet.

Suddenly a phone sitting on top of a police car rang, and a SWAT officer picked it up.

SWAT Officer: Hello?

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: I've sent a list of the penguins I want released to the SJPD. Release those penguins, get us a helicopter, and wire $5 million dollars to my Dragonstonian back account in an hour or there will be consequences.

SWAT Officer: But we don't have that much time. Two hours.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: One hour. Goodbye.

SWAT Officer: How are we supposed to find $5 million in an hour?

Kenny: Don't worry, we are going to get those kids out safely without anyone getting released or any money being wasted.

Robert: Do any of you have a plan?

William: I think so, but it's dangerous.

Robert: Well, we don't really have any plans right now, so let's hear it then.

William: Okay, so we're going to create a distraction to lure some of them out, which will create a small opportunity for us to move in, but we have to be fast. I'll let you discuss it with the other officers, I need to make a phone call.

William took out his phone and dialed Wikipenguino's number.

William: Hey Wikipenguino, got anything?

Wikipenguino: No, not really, we're just looking up information on this Cedric Douglas and his associates.

William: Oh okay, well we're going to need you down here soon.

Wikipenguino: I'll tell the others. See you there.

William hung up, and Officer Robert gestured him over to where he and other officers were discussing.

SWAT Commander: Your plan's risky, because if they know what we're doing they'll be drastic consequences, but it's the best we've got so we'll try our best. We're going in in about ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, the rest of the members of the group, including Bella, Cassandra, Lachlan, and Rickard arrived.

Kenny: I see you brought some backup. Well the more the better so.

Alayne: You came just in time. We're going in soon.

After a few moments, an officer opened the door of the school, and the SWAT team poured into the darkened hallways of the school.

Officer 1: This way!

The officers and group soon arrived near the front of the gym, where the event was being held.

Officer 2: Okay, what do we do?

Cheddar grabbed a basketball that was sitting on the floor and threw it at the wall, where it bounced off and made a loud sound, which was heard by the S.H.A.R.K. soldiers inside.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent 1: What was that sound?

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: I don't know, you two go check.

Two S.H.A.R.K. agents headed out the door, where they were quickly grabbed by Wikipenguino and Falco as soon as the door closed and they were out of sight of the S.H.A.R.K. agents inside.

Wikipenguino: Tie them up.

Wikipenguino and Falco grabbed the S.H.A.R.K. agents' masks, helmets, and guns, and then walked back in.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Any problems?

Wikipenguino: Hands in the air! All of you!

The other two S.H.A.R.K. agents quickly obeyed and put down their weapons, while the S.H.A.R.K. commander tried to run out the back door, which was quickly caught by the SJPD officers coming in the back door. More and more police officers poured into the gym.

Officer Robert: Everyone okay?

Many of the students in the room quietly nodded.

Two days later...

Edric: In the past few days, with much cooperation from the EPF, our police departments in the Snow Freezecisco Bay Area have been able to take down every single S.H.A.R.K. base and safe house in this region. On behalf of the mayors of the Snow Freezecisco Bay Area, I am happy to announce that our region is the first major metropolis to be completely cleared of the terrorist group S.H.A.R.K. Though S.H.A.R.K. thought that they could strike fear into our hearts, they were wrong, and these recent raids have proved that they are not as strong as they believe. I would like to thank the Snow Jose Police Department, the Snow Freezecisco Police Department, the EPF, and many more law enforcement organizations for the aid in keeping the people of the Bay Area safe. Thank you.

The group stood in a room with multiple press and reporters who were listening to Mayor Edric's speech. After his speech finished, he was questioned by many of the reporters there.

Wikipenguino: Well guys, I guess our job here is done.

Cheddar: So where are we going next?

Terry: We've taken down a major S.H.A.R.K. branch. Maybe it's time to enjoy something for once.

Kenny: We'll talk about it later. Who's hungry?

Cheddar: Me!

Falco: Same.

William: Yep, me too.

Cheddar: Well, I just discovered this pizza shop in Valleysnow Mall. Why don't we go there.

William: Here we are! We should be safe here.

The group, who were all seated in a car, pulled up beside the gates of William and Alayne's residence in Dragonstone. A security guard welcomed them in and helped with their luggage.

William: Everyone, this is me and Alayne's house. We'll be staying here for the next few days.

Cheddar: Aw, sweet!

Cheddar rushed in first.

Falco: S.H.A.R.K. won't find us here?

Alayne: They won't. Even if they do, they'll have a very hard time getting here.

William: In the meantime, we should be able to relax and take a break from S.H.A.R.K.

Wikipenguino: Ah, fantabulous. I'm quite tired...

Falco: Agreed. I'd give anything for a break right now.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Supreme Leader?

A commander waddled up to Negative.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: That other plan that you had. It worked.

Negative thought for a moment, then turned to him, grinning.

Negative: Excellent.

Two prison guards stood in a descending elevator. Once they reached the lowest level, the doors slid open, and they were met by two armored guards armed with rifles who promptly escorted them down a corridor. At the end of the corridor were two cameras and a large metal entrance protected by a crisscrossed grid of buzzing red lasers. One of the soldiers waddled to a keypad and scanner, entered a code and pressed his flipper to the scanner. The buzzing stopped as the lasers deactivated. The entrance behind it opened, revealing several layers of metal and doors before the last one whirred slowly open. The two guards stepped into the room inside.

A red penguin in a prison suit sat behind a glowing, transparent wall with his back turned to the guards.

Wikipenguino X: I've already told you what I know. Continuing to interrogate me will not give you anything more.

Prison Guard: You're coming with us. You're going to be moved to another prison.

Wikipenguino X: Hm. Odd. I thought I was being moved next week?

Prison Guard: EPF's orders. Now turn around and put your flippers in the air. Do not try to resist.

A large truck guarded by several motorcycles and cars raced along the Trans-Antarctic terrain in the afternoon the next day. As the convoy was approaching the Trans-Antarctic mountains, a group of dark-suited penguins armed with rifles and donning jetpacks stood on a cliff not too far ahead, watching the convoy's progress. One of them, an aqua penguin wearing a large robotic suit and a fully-transparent dome on his head, pointed at the convoy.

?????: Attack them. Now.

A large number of the other penguins nodded before rushing down a nearby slope and activating their jetpacks, launching into the air. As soon as they were above the convoy, they opened fire, taking out a few of the motorcycles and smaller vehicles. The other vehicles immediately halted as EPF agents rushed out to fight back.

Aqua Penguin: Now's our chance.

The aqua penguin's suit suddenly sprouted a pair of rocket boosters out its back, blasting out flames and shooting him into the sky. The remaining penguins did the same and followed him to the convoy where the agents were desperately trying to push back at the unexpected assault. The aqua penguin and the others landed in the middle, just next to the large truck.

Aqua Penguin: Excellent. They're distracted.

The penguin's robotic arm then transformed into some sort of arm canon before he directed it at the truck. A bright flash of green light shot out of the canon and hit the truck's side.


The truck skidded sideways before falling onto its side. Massive clouds of bright orange, yellow and green fire erupted into life where the aqua penguin had targeted and had left a signed and gaping hole. A red penguin climbed out of the truck, confused. He spotted the aqua penguin and smiled.

Wikipenguino X: I knew it. Nice work, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Drone: Good to see you too, Supreme Leader.

Some other EPF agents who noticed Wikipenguino X's escape tried to act quickly, but the lieutenant had already ordered his troops to take care of them.

Lieutenant Drone: Time to leave, I think. Agents, get back here and hold onto my suit.

By now, most of the EPF agents had been defeated, leaving the lieutenant's troops free to do as instructed. As soon as they were all holding onto his suit, Drone pressed a few buttons on his keypad. They all glowed bright green before vanishing into thin air.

Wikipenguino: Hello?

Agent (on phone): Wikipenguino, this Agent Chase. It's urgent.

Wikipenguino was in the living room with William, Falco and Alayne when his phone rang.

Wikipenguino: Hey, Chase. What seems to be the problem?

Chase: Wikipenguino X has escaped.

Wikipenguino: Wait--what?

Wikipenguino put the phone on loudspeaker.

Chase: Wikipenguino X was being transported when his convoy was attacked. We have reason to believe it was S.H.A.R.K. Lieutenant Drone and Shadow Squad.

Everyone else in the room had expressions of shock. Falco sighed.

Falco: Well, there goes our break...again.

Chase: The EPF has called for an emergency meeting back in the Club Penguin HQ. They expect you and your team to be there too. That's about it for now.

Wikipenguino: We'll be there ASAP. See you soon.

Chase: Oh, and one more thing. Whoever tipped off S.H.A.R.K. about Wikipenguino X being transported would mostly likely have to have been an EPF agent. You might want to be wary for traitors.

Unbeknownst to the group as they waddled hurriedly though the Club Penguin City International Airport a few hours later, a penguin was surveying the crowd of penguins down below from the second floor. Upon noticing them, he pulled out a communicator.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent: They're here, sir. They've arrived at the airport.

Chapter 5: S.H.A.R.K. Strikes Back[edit]

Three months later...

William and Alayne were waddling down the streets of Dragonport, Dragonstone, escorted by two bodyguards. Since Wikipenguino X had escaped from captivity, things had been relatively quiet for the team, as all operations and attempts to find him and the rest of S.H.A.R.K. went nowhere. No S.H.A.R.K.-related attacks or raids had occurred in the last three months, leaving things mostly peaceful for the team and safe for them to return to their lives. As the two waddled through the streets admiring the weather. William, meanwhile, seemed to be distracted from the nice weather which Alayne noticed.

Alayne: What's wrong?

William: I can't help but feel like S.H.A.R.K. is up to something. The only time they're this quiet is when some huge plot to takeover Antarctica follows.

Alayne: Well we don't know that they're even operational anymore. For all we know, they could have disbanded.

William: Maybe. I'm not sure why, it just feels like something's telling me they're still around...

Alayne: You just need to calm down, that's all. How about let's find someplace to eat?

William: Yeah, I guess that will do.

They looked around for a place to eat and stopped outside a nearby restaurant. A penguin in a hood, sunglasses and a large beard waddled up behind them.

Alayne: This place seems nice. How about here?


William turned around at the clicking noise to see the bearded penguin standing behind them with a pistol. The moment he turned around, the penguin pulled the trigger, ejecting a shard of sharp ice from the barrel which struck William in the arm.

Alayne: William!

William toppled over while Alayne tried to help him back up. The bearded penguin pointed his pistol at Alayne, but before he could fire, one of the two body guards shielded Alayne while the other forcefully attacked the bearded penguin, knocking the gun out of his flipper and pinning him to the ground. The penguin suddenly ripped off the beard, revealing it to be fake, and attempted to wriggle free and snatch the pistol back. Before he could close his flipper around it, the bodyguard snatched it and shot the now beardless penguin with it, instantly making him collapse.

Terry: He's a S.H.A.R.K. agent?

Wikipenguino, Falco, Terry, Kenny and Cheddar had joined back up with William and Alayne a few days later. They were all standing on the lobby of a hospital waiting for Alayne, who was talking to a penguin at the counter.

William: I'm sure of it. He's currently in this hospital. We thought the bodyguard killed him, but it turns out he survived.

Falco: Knew it. It was only a matter of time. And I don't miss them either.

Cheddar: Ditto, pal. They just aren't fans of giving breaks.

Wikipenguino: Well, we'll just have to wait and see for sure. The only way to for sure-

Wikipenguino was interrupted by the sound of sudden, sharp banging noises a floor up. Screams and the sound of shattering glass followed. Most of the other penguins in the lobby looked upwards, confused.

Cheddar: Uh oh. That didn't sound good...

Terry: We should probably investigate.

The group rushed up the staircase to the second floor with Kenny in the lead. By the time the reached the second floor, the noises had subsided. Kenny pushed open the door to reveal terrified doctors and nurses who were all hiding behind medical equipment. The group looked around the corridor, carefully looking around. Terry and Falco went up to some of the doctors and nurses who were huddled together behind a cart full of medicine, all shaking with fright.

Falco: What happened here?

Doctor: Some penguins...they were armed with guns...they went around the place scaring people off and threatening to shoot them...

Terry: Was anyone hurt?

Nurse: No...but everyone's terrified...they took one of the patients and escaped out the window...

Falco: Let me guess...they took a patient who recently tried to attack someone.

Doctor: ...Yes.

Falco: I thought so. That's the S.H.A.R.K. we all know and hate.

A few hours after the incident at the hospital, the group gathered for a meeting at William and Alayne's residence in Dragonstone to discuss the latest developments from S.H.A.R.K.

Kenny: Well S.H.A.R.K. was quiet for a few months and now they're back again. It wasn't too unexpected or anything; I mean it was doomed to happen since Wikipenguino X escaped.

Wikipenguino: Agreed, every time S.H.A.R.K. goes really quiet it usually means they're plotting something, and I doubt this time will be any better than the last.

Falco: So what do you propose we do?

Alayne: We need to change our tactics, because S.H.A.R.K. is used to our old tactics, and they will try to use that against us.

William: Anyone have any ideas?

Cheddar: Hmm, you know how we usually go on the offensive against S.H.A.R.K.? How about we give them a taste of their own medicine and make them go after us this time, except it'll be a trap for them.

Terry: Yes, that sounds like a great idea! Where should it be?

Alayne: Well, there's this old empty warehouse in Arthedain that was used by the military once that we could use. We could pretend to set up our headquarters there and make sure S.H.A.R.K. hears about it.

William: Great idea, let's go guys. We'll start setting up and luring S.H.A.R.K. there.

A few days later, a S.H.A.R.K. base somewhere in the Antarctic Peninsula was keeping track of the team, with many of the penguins inside the base scrolling through photos on the computer screens, typing in coordinates, or listening to their radios for anything. A high ranking S.H.A.R.K. member walked into the room?

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Any of you got anything? I have orders from Wikipenguino X and he wants us to keep track of the whereabouts.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: Sir, I think I got something.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: What is it?

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 1: I've been listening to some radio chatter and looking through recent photos and it turns out that they departed from Dragonstone a few days ago on a plane. They landed in Arthedain a few days ago and the latest intelligence says they're holed up in a warehouse right now. Our spies believe they're setting up headquarters there because we've seen some equipment being moved in.

S.H.A.R.K. Commander: Perfect, you over there, call Wikipenguino X and tell him we've found that time.

S.H.A.R.K. Soldier 2: Yes, sir.

A few days later two trucks pulled up some distance away from a warehouse close to a military base in Arthedain and two dozen highly elite S.H.A.R.K. agents walked out, led by a high ranking S.H.A.R.K. lieutenant, Bernie892.

Bernie892: Okay, orders from Wikipenguino X, take those penguins alive, the leader wants to question them. But shoot them if you must, though try not to make it lethal. And be quiet as well, there's a military base a short distance away and we don't want to alert them.

S.H.A.R.K. Agents: Yes sir!

Bernie892: Let's go then, time to end this once and for all.

The S.H.A.R.K. agents walked up to the gate to the warehouse and opened the gate.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent 1: Hmm, the gate is unlocked, suspicious...

Bernie892: Shut up and keep moving!

After the gate opened the S.H.A.R.K. agents poured into the warehouse but didn't find anyone or anything except for a few containers and crates lying around. A few S.H.A.R.K. agents advanced forward to try to search behind the containers while some went upstairs in the hopes of finding anyone above.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent 2: Sir, I don't see anyone here...

Bernie892: Don't be silly, they're hiding somewhere in here.

A few moments later the sound of a can dropped on the ground and Bernie892 looked behind him.

Bernie892: What the heck is this... Oh no, watch out!

The S.H.A.R.K. agents tried to kick the smoke grenade out but it exploded and the immediate area and vicinity was soon covered in smoke. After some of the smoke cleared some of the S.H.A.R.K. began to look around to find the source of the smoke grenade.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent 3: Who threw that? Find them!

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The S.H.A.R.K. agents looked behind them to find a squad of Arthedainian soldiers pointing rifles at them, while above more soldiers appeared, with some of them holding some S.H.A.R.K. agents in handcuffs.

Arthedainian Soldier 1: Freeze.

Bernie892 looked in front of him to see Wikipenguino, Falco, William, Kenny, Cheddar, and Alayne approaching them with rifles pointed as well.

Wikipenguino: Well, looks like you fell for a trick from your own playbook, eh S.H.A.R.K.?

Alayne: Take them away, captain.

Arthedainian Commander: Yes, my lady.

Wikipenguino X: Darn, darn, darn!

Wikipenguino X was throwing papers, files, and chairs around his office, angry that the Dynamic Trio had once again outsmarted S.H.A.R.K. and captured some of their most elite soldiers. Negative Wikipenguino walked into the room.

Wikipenguino X: What do you want?

Negative Wikipenguino: Sir, I have a new, better plan.

Wikipenguino X: NO! Your plans never work. The Dynamic Trio has messed with us for too long, no it's time to take the fight to them. Negative Wikipenguino, gather as many elite S.H.A.R.K. agents as you can, we're going to attack the Dynamic Trio so hard they can't recover.

Negative Wikipenguino: Yes sir.

The citizens were of Snow Town, Eastshield were enjoying their mostly peaceful day. Due to the very small size of their community (mostly due to their close proximity to the Darktonian Realm]]), Snow Town was often quiet and tranquil, with the relaxing ambience of the calm breeze and rustling of leaves being the only major source of noise.

A penguin was sitting on a bench reading a newspaper when a hooded penguin approached him. The latter stopped right beside the former. The newspaper penguin looked up and at the hooded penguin.

Penguin: Can I help you, sir...?

Hooded Penguin: No....

Loud bangs could be heard in the distance followed by screams. The newspaper penguin gasped and looked around frantically. The hooded penguin took off his hood, revealing himself.

Pyrofyre: No, you can't.

It was Pyrofyre, a S.H.A.R.K. agent. Suddenly, more agents rounded a corner on the street ahead of them, pointing their rifles around at any civilians they found. The civilians either took the opportunity to run or surrender.

As the penguin holding the newspaper attempted to back out, a penguin inside a jet-black metal suit with claws for flippers and a dome on his head blocked his way behind, flanked by two more S.H.A.R.K. agents.

Lieutenant Drone: Excellent. Take what you can from this town! Gather as much resources as possible! We will begin our journey to rendezvous with the rest of the teams and complete the final phase of the plan.

S.H.A.R.K. Agent: And if anyone opposes us...?

Lieutenant Drone: Delete them.

William held up his EPF spy phone. A window was open containing details about an event.

William: Guys, this has been going on for almost a week now...It was just confirmed that S.H.A.R.K.'s Shadow Squad has been on a spree of sorts all around Antarctica. They've attacked towns, villages, small ports threatening to delete anyone who crosses their path.

Cheddar: Oh, gee...

Cheddar took another bite out of a pizza slice he was eating.

Wikipenguino: Aw, crumbs.

Alayne: Was anyone killed?

William: Some people did get hurt, a few almost killed by deletion but no one so far has died. However, some of the towns have, well...suffered very badly. Beyond repair, I fear. Snow Town, Eastshield, for example.

Falco: Hey, isn't that the town we stayed back when we all took on Darktan and his minions?

Wikipenguino: That's right.

Cheddar: Oh no...I'm disliking this already...

Kenny: So did they take the towns as territory?

William: No...they just raided, vandalized and devastated a place before taking off and doing the same thing to the next. The EPF's been trying to track these guys, but they always seem to just disappear.

Terry: Who is behind all this?

William: According to the eyewitnesses and evidence in the reports, it appears to be Lieutenant Drone, Negative and this one other puffle commander among some other S.H.A.R.K. leaders.

Terry: A puffle...?

Falco: Well, this is bad. Well, at least it's not Wikipenguino X this time.

Alayne: They must have been looking for something.

William: This report also said they're moving northwest towards the Ninja Archipelago.

Kenny: They must be coming for us.

Cheddar: Yeah, I'm really starting to not like this.

Wikipenguino: This must explain what they've been doing all this time. Preparing for their final plan while at the same time planning out how to get to us...

Kenny: Unless this is all part of their final plan and we're right in the middle of it?

Terry: We're probably going to want to keep an eye out.

Kenny: Indeed we will.

Meanwhile, A penguin in full, dark soldier gear watched the group's residence from afar with a pair of electronic binoculars. He turned to someone behind him.

Penguin: They're inside, sir.

?????: Excellent. We begin the attack soon.

?????: Falco, wake up!

Falco: Huh? What?

Falco opened his eyes and as his vision adjusted, found Wikipenguino and Terry beside his bed, both looking rather alert. The clock beside his bed read 2:48 AM.

Falco: What happened? Why'd you wake me?

Terry: It's S.H.A.R.K. A guard found one of their soldiers not too far away from here.

Wikipenguino: And as you know, where there's one, there's bound to be more.

Falco stretched his flippers and made what sounded like a half-yawn-half-sigh.

Falco: At this time of the morning? Some nerve they must have...

Falco got up and grabbed his ninja mask, which was lying on a nearby table.

Falco: How can I help?


The shattering of glass could be heard. The three of them all turned their heads to the hallway.

Wikipenguino: I think over there is a good place to start.

Falco: Right...

They each darted out the room headed straight for the living room. The room was mostly devoid of any light with the main source of light coming from outside the building. Glass was scattered around one of the windows, as well as bits of the frame.

Wikipenguino waddled over to the window and peered outside. Save for the broken window, everything appeared completely normal, both inside and outside. Voices and approaching footsteps could be heard outside, and a few seconds later, some guards walked in front of the broken window with flashlights.

Guard: What happened? Are you all alright?

Wikipenguino: Yeah, we're fine. Just a little startled by the breaking glass, that's all.

Guard 2: Do any of you know what or who broke the glass?

Terry: We don't know yet. Whatever happened, we weren't around to see it.

Another guard turned to the others.

Guard 3: Keep up the search. If you find any intruders, alert everyone else immediately. I'll join the patrol around the house.

The team of guards then waddled off to their positions. Wikipenguino turned around and waddled right into the barrel of a S.H.A.R.K. agent's rifle. As he looked around the room, more S.H.A.R.K. agents emerged, all donning the unique gear of S.H.A.R.K.'s elite combat team, Shadow Squad.

Wikipenguino: Uhhhhhh....guys!?

Falco and Terry whirled around and froze.

Falco: Why, you sneaky-

?????: Before you even think of doing anything else, you should know that you're surrounded and outnumbered from all sides.

The three of them slowly turned around and were met with a penguin inside a bulky black robot suit.

Falco: Good to see you too, Lieutenant. I see you still haven't managed to pull that fishbowl off your head.

Lieutenant Drone: You'll have a reason not to laugh when we move to our plan's next step.

Wikipenguino: And why is that?

Drone: I believe you in particular, Lagois, will find out soon enough.

Something blue, very thin and rectangular fluttered down from above and landed on the beak of Drone's suit - a Card-Jitsu Card.

A thick coat of ice suddenly materialized into existence around Drone, covering him and his nearby agents (most of who attempted to leap away in time but got trapped at their feet by ice) in ice up to their torsos. Turning their heads around, everyone else spotted two penguins - one lemon yellow and the other lime green.

Cheddar: Hey now, you can't just party without letting us in on the fun! Am I right, Ken?

Kenny: Right you are.

Drone broke his arm and his body free of the ice shell before pointing at the two newcomers.

Drone: Get them!

Wikipenguino whipped out his keysaber from his hoodie pocket and activated it, pointing it at Drone. Drone's right flipper opened up and pushed out a short black staff that crackled with purple electricity. Drone swung at Wikipenguino a few times before the latter blocked it with his blade.

Terry quickly shuffled over to Cheddar and Kenny, the latter of which tossed him a snow pistol while the former defended the two with his slingshot.

Terry: Where are the guards!?

Kenny: They must be occupied outside. William and Alayne went outside through the back to help them.

Terry: You mean there's more agents!?

Cheddar: Yeah I thought it was bogus, too. But it looks like we're actually boxed in this time, heh.

Terry: I'll go see if I can help them.

Terry rushed outside just as the atmosphere inside the house started to gradually transformed into a more lively one. More Shadow Squad soldiers began to march through the broken window just behind Drone to assist as a fight started to break out.

Kenny: Falco! Use this!

Kenny whipped out and flung another card in Falco's direction. It landed in front of Falco and summoned a temporary wall of fire that charged forwards into some agents, knocking them back before bursting into flame. Using his powers, Falco then retracted the flames, making them glide towards his flippers before coalescing them into a shapeless mass before moulding them into a ball with both his flippers.

Falco: Wikipenguino! DUCK!

Doing as he was told, Wikipenguino ducked as Falco spun once and hurled the ball of fire towards Drone and the reinforcements. It soared over and blasted Drone in the stomach, exploding into bright sparks and clouds of smoke. When the clouds disappeared, the reinforcements lay on the ground, dizzy and unconscious. Drone, however, was still standing. Despite seeming somewhat disoriented with some burn marks on his suit where the ball impacted, he merely shrugged it off and retreated outside.

Wikipenguino: HEY! Where's he going!?

Wikipenguino looked back at Kenny, Cheddar and Falco, who were still trying to fend off the attackers.

Cheddar: It's alright, cousin! Go on without us, we'll handle these dummies!

Wikipenguino: Alright, then!

Without further ado, he charged outside after Drone.

Terry arrived outside to find William, Alayne and the guards fighting off another team of Shadow Squad agents.

?????: Well, well, well, we meet for the first time!!

Terry: Huh?

Terry looked behind to see a grinning red puffle with black glasses. A darker red X was visible above the puffle's left eye. Terry could only assume it was Xerry Van Xurry, his newly discovered X-Antibody who even Terry himself didn't even know existed until recently being told. According to Wikipenguino, who was the first to know about him, Xerry been created sometime before Project Shadow and had disappeared ever since the end of it.

Terry: So...You're Xerry Van Xurry...

Xerry: Indeed I am.

Terry: How did you even come in to existence without me knowing?

Xerry: It matters not. At least not now. Not when we're already winning without you even noticing.

Terry: So you are evil?

Xerry: I'm only willing to do what I must. If it benefits me in some way, that is.

Both host and antibody lunged at each other; Terry with his pistol in hand, ready to fire and Xerry seemingly unarmed. The former felt suddenly felt himself slow down in mid-air and realized it was the latter's telekinesis. Terry was then tossed backwards where he hit a wall, dropped his weapon and rolled onto the floor. He merely shook it off.

Terry: So you possess enhanced telekinesis?

Xerry: Oh believe me, there's more to it than that.

This time, Terry aimed carefully and fired a single compact icicle bullet. Just then, as Terry expected to hit right on target, the bullet, seemingly in slower motion, obliterated itself into fragments. The fragments continued to split until they were nothing but a fine, white powder.

Terry: How...

Using his unnatural telekinetic abilities, Xerry then shaped the powder into a sharp dagger-like short sword made entirely of ice with its blade pointed at Terry. Already knowing what was next, Terry narrowly dodged the dagger, which shattered into pieces after hitting the wall next to him. Seeing the gun as ineffective, Terry grabbed a nearby shovel and swiped at Xerry with it. Xerry concentrated hard to block the incoming metal blade as Terry forced as much strength and weight onto the shovel as he could. Both the blade and the handle began to contort and splinter under as Xerry tried to tirelessly restrain it from hitting him. After almost a minute of pushing from both sides, Xerry's telekinesis seemingly backfired, throwing both him and Terry backwards. Terry, who was out of breath, glanced at his X-Antibody who was also out of breath and appeared to be suffering from a very intense headache.

The guards, William and Alayne meanwhile, seemed to be finally beating back the Shadow Squad agents after what felt like the longest few minutes with neither side winning or losing. The agents began to retreat to the front of the house, while one of them grabbed Xerry by the fur and carried him with them. William attempted to chase them, but fell behind when several of them targeted him and returned fire at his shots. The guards attempted to keep up the chase in his place.

Alayne: They're retreating...

The back door of the house where Terry had entered the scene suddenly burst open as several agents sprinted out before u-turning back around the house to the front. The last few stragglers stumbled out the doorway with Cheddar bringing up the rear, waving one of his flippers angrily at them while yelling something.

Cheddar: ...and STAY OUT! That'll teach 'em!

Kenny appeared behind him a few moments later before running outside for a closer look.

Kenny: Why are they going back?

Alayne: We don't know. They appear to have accepted defeat.

Moments later, Falco came limping around from the front of the house.

Cheddar: Ah, there you are. Hey, what's wrong with you're foot? Did you step in one of my pranks?

Falco: No, it's not that...It's about Wikipenguino.

Kenny: What?

Falco: He's gone.

Chapter 6[edit]