The Shops Industrial Development Policy

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The Shops Industrial Development Policy
Author President Lavender and Vice President Chill57181
Country Shops Island
Language English
Publisher Shops Island Government
Published May 2013
Media type Economic Growth

The Shops Industrial Development Policy, or also known as the May Policy, was an act put together by president Lavender and vice president Chill57181 to boost Shops' economic status, and to improve working conditions for its citizens.

Act I: Military Cutbacks[edit]

Both Lavender and Chill thought that the government was spending far too much money on the military, and too little on domestic affairs. Chill gave this speech at a press conference about Shops' overzealous spending:

"Shops Island has spent far too much of your hard-earned money on the military, and fighting in wars we didn't even have to. The SIA Drones pumped out tons of pollution, and those drones were made to kill penguins by the millions. President Lavender and I have both made it quite evident that we wish to lower military involvement, so we can improve the daily lives of you, the people. So, in this following act, military spending will be cut to prevent the further construction of any more equipment. We will use the allocated money to build more mines, factories, and more social facilities to improve the lives of the people. Thank you for listening."

In context, the government will slash military spending and put it towards the construction of factories and mining operations, which will produce money to improve the quality of life for Shops' citizens.

Act II: More Factories[edit]

With the military cutbacks, the money would be redirected to the manufacturing business. This means that even more factories would be located in Western Shops. Lavender gave this speech concerning the subject:

"With these military cutbacks, we will redirect a good amount of the funds to building more factories, which can improve our economy, and create jobs at the same time. I predict that Shops will become an Antarctic superpower within a year. We will also increase exports while reducing imports. Our newly conquered territory of Northern Shops has boosted our economy greatly. Look to the future; our nation is destined for greater things."

Lavender predicted that Shops Island would quickly become an Antarctic superpower, as the level of exports rise and the level of imports lowers. The new factories will create jobs which will cause immigration, and therefore more money for Shops' economy.

Act II.I: Recommissioning of SIA Drones[edit]

President Lavender also agreed to slash the number of SIA drones in military action. He planned to use them for more productive uses. This letter was written to the director of the SIA, LMGT, concerning the recommissioning of the drones:

"Hello, LMGT.

You've probably heard about the new legislations we're passing to improve the quality of life, and economic status of Shops. I'd like to inform you that I've ordered the decommissioning of 500,000 of the SIA Drones, and recommissioning of them into factory work and potentially dangerous work for penguins. Please acknowledge that these drones will go under reconstruction to be turned into different manufacturing robots for many fields of industry. Thank you."


Lavender ordered the recommission of 500,000 SIA drones into the workforce, and to do jobs dangerous, harmful, and undesirable to penguins.

Act III: Exploitation of Natural Resources[edit]

Along with the adding of factories, and more industrial improvements, Lavender gave another speech in Bro Town concerning the amount of natural resources Shops has. He addressed how it could be used to benefit Shops, and how it could boost Shops' economy.

"Following the addition of these factories, and the recommissioning of SIA Drones, I'd like to announce that we will put more military money forward with tapping into our natural resources off the shores of the island. Geologists predict that there are many iron ore deposits north of Seashells, and we could mine that iron ore, turn it into steel, and export it. Mining our resources like oil and iron ore will allow us to make lots of money, which will be put toward further industrial development, and even higher citizen salaries and even higher quality of life for us."

Lavender said that tapping into the natural resources the Shops Sea has to offer will cause industrial growth, and produce great income for the island, and boost it into a superpower status. This money will be put toward more factories and improving the quality of life of the citizens, which will produce even more money. It's designed as an endless cycle.

Act IV: Re-centralization of Western Shops[edit]

Following the industrial developments of Western Shops, ex-president Bro made a speech in front of the Shops Island Council concerning the current position of Western Shops and its internal government.

"The current political situation of Western Shops is precarious. The capital (Brookelas Town) has its own decentralized government. Western Shops is the absolute epitome of our economy, and we shall not stand for a corrupted and decentralized government from looming over it! I request that we designate a proper, centralized capital for the west, so we can keep it pure and prosperous. Thank you."

Bro's speech was the ultimate result of Brookelas Town no longer being the capital of Western Shops. It caused the construction of a new city, which wouldn't be decentralized from the rest of Shops' government. This speech would, in hindsight, it would carry heavy consequences for Bro.


Many of the military-related statements made in the Industrial Development Policy were soon retracted and counteracted on, as seen during the Great Space Race of 2013, and again in the aftermath of the Fall of Nexon war. Ever since, Shops has even assisted some of its closest allies with expanding their militaries. Some also state that these accords were contradicted with Shops' signing of the Manifest Destiny Treaty.

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