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The Ilúvat (pronounced EEE-LOO-VUT), also called the Jewels of Valnor are seven gems from the land of Valnor, and in them is contained the power of the seven elements. Each gem contains the power for a specific element, and it powers that Elemental Amulet and all magic of that element is drawn from that Ilúvat. Based on that Ilúvat's colour, it would contain the power for that element (e.g Dark blue contains Water, Red contains Fire, etc). In them contains power over all elements and the powers to balance them out.

They are currently kept in Triskelle's crown. The general public thinks these are just fine jewels, though they are mistaken. They Ilúvat have been passed down since Númen and Imladra created them out of the sheer power of the elemements. The Ilúvat are the most coveted artefacts in the world, along with the Elemental Amulets. The full secrets of these gems are not yet known; even by the wisest of penguins.


Since they are the among oldest artefacts in history, they have a long and extensive (but interesting) history.

So, after 49 years (7x7=49) of living in the valley, they both mastered the powers over all seven Elements. From two tribes which had fought against each other, one who fought on the side of the Valn'rii, the other who fought on the side of the Syd Fhon (Take in mind that these weren't the Valn'rii and the Syd Fhon, they were tribes who allied with them), two penguins fell into a forbidden romance. They met in secret, and if anyone was to find out they were in love, they would both be killed. Ilù and Vat were their names. And so, Ilù and Vat ran away, saddened by the continual warring between the two tribes. They went to a valley in the bang centre of the main island. In that valley was a Volcano, a river, a mountain, and many other landforms that each represented an element. Ilù was trained in Earth magic, while Vat was trained in Ice magic. After years of drawing strength in the other elements, they became the masters of all seven.

Vat was killed by a band of rag-tag Syd Fhon mercenaries, enraging Ilù. Ilù told a lie to the leaders of every tribe, saying that another tribe challeneged them to a battle at Arvernien Fields, on their honour no less (A challenge that was irresistable to the primitive Valnorians, who always obsessed about their honour). When most of the armies showed up and circled the field, Ilù stood in the centre. She beseeched the leaders to unify, but when they denied, she unleashed a display of magic that could have possibly destroyed all the armies there, but Ilù used her powers to end the tribes wars and build peace between them. Ilù created the Ilùvat, seven gems into which she poured out her powers. The city of Arvernien was built in Arvernien fields, and Ilù was crowned as High Queen over the new country - Valnor.

Around the year 0, Antarctica was discovered. The son of Aravis, Malcur was jealous, even though he was promised the land of Valnor. He dissapeared for 300 years, and in 350 AD he finally reappeared. Since he was gone all that time, he missed out on his own coronation. Finwë was now king over both Valnor and the new colonies. Malcur was extrmely angry, though he didn't show it. In 555, after years of his anger balling up inside of him, he turned evil. He waged war on Valnor and turned thousands of penguins against Finwë.

Malcur had an idea. He knew the Ilúvat were in Finwë's crown, and that they contained in them a lot of power. He tried to steal them. This resulted in a large war, that destroyed Valnor in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears in 742. The only place that wasn't destroyed was Arda. Luckily, the Ilúvat were brought to Antarctica and most penguins escaped Valnor before it's destruction.

The Ilúvat remained in Finwë's possession. With them, he created a void where he trapped Malcur and his servant Opacus. There was peace for the most part for many years.

Opacus escaped again in 1900. He stired up evil thoughts in Whoot Smackler Whoot's head, and caused the Khanzem. Malcur escaped for the second time, and they slew Finwë. They were defeated by Theangol Anator and sucked back into the void.

Theangol saw no good in these gems, for they only stirred up envy and evil. He cast them into the ocean. They remained there for most of the 1900s. In the mid 90s, Triskelle sensed something wrong. He knew they were at risk, for something dark was going to happen soon. He, having power over water, searched for weeks until he found them. This evil turned out to be Darktan, 15 years later.

Triskelle kept these jewels. When he was coronated in 1998, he had these set into his crown. Darktan wanted to acquire these during the Pie War, because he knew he would win if he got them. He knew he could use their powers for evil. Even during the Freezelandian Civil War, he kept them safe. Malcur was defeated by Triskelle unlocking the sheer power of these, that Númen and Imladra used to create them, on February 24, 2011, 4000 years after they were made. Ever since then, they were split up. Each keeper of an Elemental Amulet kept their own Ilúvat for that element.


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