The Society Against the Stupidity of Penghis Khan

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The Society Against The Stupidity of Penghis Khan
Logo of the group
Name The Society Against The Stupidity of Penghis Khan
Type Rebels Group
Location West Pengolia
Head Unknown
Job Tries to overthrow Penghis Khan
Members Unknown
Headquarters Inside Penghis Khan's palace.

The Society Against the Stupidity of Penghis Khan or SASPK is a group of Penghis Khan's servants that will do anything to overthrow him. The group masterminded many coups including The Failed Penghis Khan COUP, The Dawn of the Pengolian Shoe and the The Stealing of the Fish, all of which failed miserably. They supposedly set up Burger Khan and possibly rigged the Khan Die for Koobly Khan to win.

Rumors that several notable individuals partake in the group's activities. As of now, Penghis Khan has no knowledge whatsoever of the group.


The SASPK was founded by an unknown servant who practically hated him. They tried countless times to overthrow Penghis Khan and the most notable Epic Fails were The Failed Penghis Khan COUP, The Dawn of the Pengolian Shoe and The Stealing of the Fish.

Rumors say that the Society could have created Burger Khan and gave Health Inspectors Ditto A so they do not close the resturaunt down.

One fateful day, just as sunset was approaching, a neatly-attired blue-coated servant was heading up the long palace stairs to serve Emperor Penghis Khan his royal lunch (Penghis Khan demands he skips dinner because it's "yucky").

Sitting on the throne like a spoilt brat, Penghis looked at his food suspiciously, immediately pushing it aside and gave the reply,

"Penghis Khan does not want this baby food."

The servant decided to return to the kitchen and bring another batch of food. This time, the plate contained a large mullet, some Sherbian peas and fresh juicy grapes. The mullet was topped with marinated butter and sprinkled with lots of pepper. This could have been the average Pengolian's next seven days' worth of food.

Unpleased with the selection once more, Penghis shoved it into the conveniently-positioned trash can and exclaimed,

"Penghis Khan orders you to GET HIM GOOD FOOD, or he will SMACK YOU WITH HIS FISH!!!"

Alarmed, the servant returned once more to the kitchen and requested for the most delicious meal ever to be served on the surface of Antarctica. For the next seven minutes, the cooks diligently worked in the kitchen as they brought about a humongous mullet.

Before they could even start cooking it, Penghis Khan came into the kitchen and demanded,


"We're preparing it. It will take some time," replied the now-frustrated servant.

Angered at the "rebellious behaviour" of his servant, he slapped the servant with his gigantic mullet.


He proceeded to slap each of the cooks who prepared him the horrid dish and also the janitor for leaving a spot of his kitchen uncleaned.

Something snapped in the servant. He felt his rage build up as smoke, literally, billowed out of his ears. From that day on, his hatred of Khan began and The Society Against the Stupidity of Penghis Khan was formed.

It has long been rumored this penguin was the same penguin who attempted to hit Khan with a shoe.


  • For some reason, the group has a miniscule following.