The Spitfire

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The Spitfire
Start 4988
End 5000
Prerequisites Everything.
Level Infinity.
Location All of Antarctica
Rewards Flywish XX conquers all of Antarctica, Hochstadt Remnant banned from Antarctica forever
One Last Hope, The Last Stand None. Seriously. Nothing. This is it.

The Spitfire is the story of Flywish XX bringing Liguria to its greatest and most powerful position as he becomes successful at conquering Antarctica and establishing himself as supreme ruler. The Hochstadt Remnant, now just King Clovis, Jock Hochstadt, Gottfried, Piper J. Cub, and Leonardo di Tremezzo as they are defeated and ousted by Flywish XX out of Antarctica for good. However, as soon as they leave, the Hochstadt Gang receive a gift that they had always be with the rest of their loved ones.


In the previous story that occurred two millennia before, One Last Hope, the Antarctic was in a very futuristic world that was home to hovercars and high tech weaponry. However, times had drastically changed after 4190. Due to nasty and bloody wars, nations and food supplies ran low, and penguins began to live on the edge of life again. When both the intergalactic and land conflicts were over, many cities, towns, and factories on the Antarctic Mainland, and only the Antarctic Mainland, were destroyed. Penguins and Puffles had to start their lives over again, and it seemed like everyone began to regress in technology back to what it was two millenniums ago. Cars looked as they did in the 1920's, skyscrapers were rare, the fashion was like what it was in the 20's, there was a lot of mafia, food was made organically, and penguins and puffles where a lot more sociable with each other. Nevertheless, futuristic weaponry such as the blaster rifle, keysabers, the vaporizer gun, the deletion bomb, color television, radios, cars ran on electricity rather than gas, and high speed aircraft were still around.

The Hochstadt Remnant kept their promise about staying in contact with the Wish family, and they did for many generations. The two families became close once more and trusted one another and were in good relations. The Hochstadt Remnant also gained some of their old character back; Jock Hochstadt regained his confidence, and King Clovis became more lighthearted and funny again.

Everything started on a beautiful afternoon in Liguria, where King Clovis, Jock Hochstadt, Gottfried, Piper J. Cub, and Leonardo di Tremezzo were having a tea and Ligurian biscotti with Flywish XIX. Flywish XIX knew the Hochstadt remnant very well ever since birth, and he was one of the closest Flywish members to the Hochstadt Remnant since Flywish XI almost two millennia before.

That was the year 4988.

Back then, Flywish XX was only thirteen years old. To him, the Hochstadt Remnant was nothing but a bother. His father always seemed to be busy, going to one part of the country to the next, and when he was home, the Hochstadt Remnant always seemed to be there to chat with him about life, politics, and other adult stuff. Sometimes, King Clovis was there, other times he was not. When he was, the group would laugh a lot, through.

As usual, Flywish XX went into the Ligurian dining room after Clovis cracked a joke, and his father looked at him as if he was an intruder inside the palace.

Flywish XIX:"Figlio, you know this is adult time! Go back to your room or something and do whatever you do in there."

Flywish XX:"But dad! I want to spend time..."

Flywish XIX:"Enough of this, before I get angry! Leave!"

King Clovis and the rest of the Hochstadt Remnant stopped smiling and laughing.

King Clovis:"Flywish XIX, don't worry about it. Let the kid stay! We surely wish to get to know him too, after all he will be just like you when he grows up..and we're he's next in line."

The long millenium had made the Hochstadt Remnant completely forget about Fuut Ga's prophecies about Flywish XX.

Flywish XIX impulsively replied:"Yes, but he's just too young."

Jock:"Not really...he seems..."

Flywish XIX:"Don't contradict me, please."

Jock was silent but gave Flywish XIX a stern look.

Flywish XX seemed to have tears fill up in his eyes and he sadly walked out of the room.

The Hochstadt Remnant stared annoyingly at Flywish XIX.

Flywish XIX:"What is the matter with you all?"

Clovis:"This is NOT how you are supposed to treat your children, Flywish XIX."

Gottfried:"You discouraged the poor boy. He will be just like you one day, don't you know?"

Flywish XIX:"Yes, but..."

Leonardo:"I know the reason. I think I finally figured it out. You were always an introverted kid. You never really talked to the other kids that attended the balls and parties of your father, Flywish XVIII."

Flywish XIX blushed in embarrassment, but burst out in anger, yelling:"That's because they were nothing but SNOTTY BRATS who were immature and always picked on me! I was always the weak one."

Piper:"Heh, now you're putting your hate on children on your own son. I am sorry to say that you don't even know him very well. Neither do we, because you never really introduce your son...nor your wife into our conversations..."

Leonardo:"Yeah. Exactly."

Flywish XIX:"Well you know what? I really never wanted to be married! I never wanted children! I only wanted to be single and rich like crazy! Throw mature parties every day! I hate my life now...I wish I could start over...without with my wife, and my stupid son!"

Flywish XX gasped. He was listening the whole time to the conversation from behind the wall near the door that led into the room. He tried his best to muffle his childish sobs, but his father's offensive comment had turned him mad, and he ran off silently into the shadows of his palace, into his own room.

For days, he sobbed in his bed, and his father did not notice. His mother came in several times to comfort him, but she too eventually began to cry herself.

King Clovis also felt pity for the child, but he was not allowed to enter the room since Flywish XX cursed him a storm and threw an old book in his face. Nevertheless, King Clovis didn't seem to be bothered, but still sad. From this point on, the meets with Flywish XIX decreased a bit, but not terribly. Things seemed to return to normalcy again...for the time being.

Never forgetting that terrible day, Flywish XX's heart grew colder and colder towards his father and the Hochstadt Remnant, despite their compassion and their empathy for him. At 15 years old, Flywish XX stood beside his very ailing mother who contracted a terrible illness. The doctor said the she didn't have very long to live. Flywish XIX only visited her once and said some words of love (seemingly half-heartedly), and never returned to see her.

When Flywish XX arrived, he grasped the flipper of his mother as she looked at her son with complete love. Her heart was broken, and so was his. Then, Vanessa Wish began to cough hoarsely.

Vanessa:" love...your father has broken my heart! He has neglected me, he has neglected you...I am so sorry I could not spend as much time as I should have...I was always working so hard in the kitchen...your father never really loved me..he never loved me..."

Flywish XX:"But I love you, mom!"

Vanessa:"I know, sweetheart...and now I must sadly...leave you behind..."

Flywish XX:"But you can't leave, mom! I can't stay here with my father by myself! I'll be forgotten!"

Vanessa:"You won't be once your father will become ruler of Liguria eventually, my son! Don't lose hope... *cough* *cough* *wheese* You will become famous one day..."

Flywish XX:"I will be better than all the other Flywish's of Liguria! I promise you!"

Vanessa:"You shall...."

Vanessa soon gave Flywish XX a strong grip and then let go of his flipper. She became limp and closed her eyes. She was no more.

Flywish XX screamed in anger and wailed loudly. Immediately two soldiers ran in and dragged her body away, pushing Flywish XX aside. She was buried later that day, with only Flywish XX and the two soldiers at her "funeral", which was only the lowering of her casket into the ground.

Flywish XX wept over the grave for several hours, since she was truly the only penguin he loved, until he was dragged back to the palace by two of the palace soldiers.

He knew what must be done.

Chapter 1:Seizure of Power

The Hochstadt Remnant and Flywish XIX were in the small but famous village of Cortona now, tucked in the countryside of Tuskany. They were at a small cafe, sitting inside since it was raining.

Clovis:"You know, I won't ever forget that day."

Flywish XIX:"Oh gosh, when will you forget it?"

Clovis:"I have something to tell you. Your son heard the whole thing that day."

Flywish XIX:"Man, lighten up! It's not like he took it to heart!"

Clovis:"HE DID! You are the one with no heart! You disregarded your wife when she died, you disregard your son when he needed your love! In fact, I know you don't love that child. You just wish he was off your sleeves."

Flywish XIX:"Well excuse me for having my opinions!"

Clovis shook his head, and replied:"Flywish I's father was very loving towards his children, that is why the War of Vengeance took place. I am sure you have learned about it history class, yes?"

Flywish XIX:"Ah, who cares about some ancient guy who shares the same name as me who fought a stupid war? That was 2000 years ago. I hate history, and I don't really care."

Clovis:"Well you know what? If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be in power today!"

Flywish XIX looked down at his empty plate. There was only a string of pasta left. He timidly took it up with his fork and shoved it into his mouth.

Clovis:"That boy is all you have left. Just like that piece of spaghetti you ate. Enjoy things as they last...because that boy will succeed you once you die."

Flywish XIX nodded. He understood, and now felt terribly bad for what he had done. Little did he know that it was too late.

It was three days later. Flywish XIX was alone in his own study chamber, which was once filled with cobwebs and dust since he rarely used it. However, he had ordered his servants to clean up the mess, and he was once again able to sit down in the comfortable chair that was an exact replica of what Flywish I had once sat in. (The original had already broke a long time ago due to extreme old age)

Right next to him was a delicately designed brown coffee table, which only had a black colored reading lamp. He had finally opened the dusty book that was a gift from Leonardo di Tremezzo. The book was made with a black leather binding. There was no title, but when he opened it, he saw that it read The Epic of Pufficus.

Inside was a loose piece of lined paper, seemingly torn out of a journal, that had a letter from Leonardo himself. It read:

Dear Flywish XIX,

I would like to wish you a happy birthday. Man, time has really gone fast. I still remember when you were a young boy who was always very mature, and polite, but also very shy. Now that you are an adult, you still have some time to go before you must ascend the throne after your father passes on. This book is about my distant ancestor, who gained to fame by leading a small army of Snowpriots into defeating the Babbelonian Empire, which was, back then, a very powerful nation, probably the most powerful in that time in history. However, I think that the most important part of the story that you should look into was what happened after Pufficus defeated and sacked Babbelon. Basically, Pufficus and his son became in charge of the land they conquered, but they got so caught up in their riches that they did not notice that the Penguin Empire was eroding their nation away. Please do learn from this moral that you will not get caught up in your wealth and leisure, and remember to think of what is truly important- your country, and those you love and care for, like your future wife and the children that you could have with her. Remember also, that if you neglect your children, they will become discouraged, and it will only ruin Liguria and your namesake forever as they will turn that neglect into hate, and hate into pain.

Yours truely,

-Leonardo di Tremezzo

Flywish XIX threw the white letter onto the ground as if it was a snake. He shuddered. He knew that he definitely did not take Leonardo's advice from long ago. He didn't even recall reading it when he got the book.

Then, Flywish XX came in. There were dark bags under his eyes, seemingly because of deprivation of sleep, but his hair was also messy and his clothes slightly tattered. Several leaves from garden plants were stuck in his hair and in his tattered clothes.

Flywish XIX:"My son, are you OK?"

Flywish XX:"Yes, father, I am! I just went into town to buy some things!"

Flywish XIX:"Son, you know you're not supposed to be leaving the palace premises alone. You could have been killed."

Flywish XX:"Oh, I'm sorry about that."

Flywish XX had an evil grin on his face and almost chuckled. It was now that Flywish XIX noticed that he was holding a bleach white teacup made with the finest china in the Antarctic. In it appeared to be black tea, with a teabag and a little bit of steam.

Flywish XX:"I made this for you, father!"

Flywish XIX:"Oh, thank you my son! I must say I am quite thirsty at the moment."

Flywish XX set the teacup down onto the coffee table. Flywish XIX grabbed the cup and began to blow gently into the cup since the tea was still hot.

Flywish XX nervously put his flippers behind his back and pretended to wait.

Flywish XX:"Please do tell me what you think of it. It is the finest Black Tea in all of Liguria."

Flywish XIX:"Oh, I shall. It smells delightful."

Flywish XIX opened his beak and took a good gulp from the tea.

Flywish XIX:"Oh boy...this is wonderful!"

Flywish XX:"I'm glad you're satisfied!"

Flywish XIX took a couple more sips, and then finally gobbled up the whole drink.

However, Flywish XIX's face began to turn green. Flywish XX took a step back into the shadows of the room.

Flywish XIX:"Ugh...son...I don't feel too good..."

Flywish XIX began to cough hoarsely, twice as worse as his wife had before she had died. He grasped his throat, begging for air, and then flopped onto the floor like a fish.

With all his might, Flywish XIX screamed:"Son! Help me!"

Flywish XX grinned even more. He then turned serious as he opened the door and ran out.

Flywish XIX then took his last breath and died. His eyes rolled up and then was still. Minutes later, the apparently fearful Flywish XX brought the Hochstadt Remnant, several soldiers, and a doctor to the scene. One of the soldiers fainted at the sight of the cadaver of his beloved leader.

Great mourning filled up every square centimeter of Liguria as the white casket of Flywish XIX was carried out from the cathedral and to the burial site. The Hochstadt Remnant placed flowers on his casket before they lowered it down and buried him. Flywish XX, still distraught, resolved to stay in the Palace. Everyone knew that in two weeks from today, Flywish XX would have his coronation to Papa.

It was coronation day. Flywish XX looked out his window of his bedroom, which was previously his father's. He was glad he didn't have to sleep in that juvenile bed that he still had as a toddler. As he looked out of the window, he saw the stage already in it's way to completion. The chairs were set up, and decorations were in the process of being hung up. Everyone was wearing warm coats since it was already Autumn.

Flywish XX then turned and looked at the mirror to his side. He was still wearing his casual clothing. He walked into his walk-in closet and browsed it's contents to see if there was anything fancy he could wear. Since he moved into the room recently, his father's closet was still stuffed with his outfits.

Flywish XX became enraged at the sight of his fathers clothes. He tore them off from their hangers and tossed them on the floor. They all were fancy suits that his father had worn at least once to a party he had attended or hosted.

Nevertheless, Flywish XX hated every one of those tuxedos.

He then stopped for a moment. A military suit.

Flywish XX knew clearly that his father never wore it, since it was originally his grandfather's. Flywish XVIII received the grey Snosstrooper military suit as a gift from the Snoss Army.

Flywish XX took the uniform off of it's hangar delicately, and saw also that it's hat was stored at the bottom of a drawer nearby. Flywish XX quickly dressed into it, ignoring the mess he had made with the black fancy tuxedos.

He then walked out of the closet and left for the ceremony.

Flywish XX was soon strolling down the red carpet towards the stage as the national anthem of Liguria played. He climbed up the stairs, and saw that everyone, including the Papa's cabinet and the Hochstadt Gang, were attending, as well as swarms of paparazzi.

He stood up next to the Telenacle Priest, who asked:

"Do you swear on all your might to serve Liguria as Papa with generosity, fairness, and kindness towards her people?"

Flywish XX:"I do."

"Then now, you are crowned Papa of Liguria!"

The Priest knighted the kneeling Flywish XX with a sword three times, two taps on his shoulders and one tap on his head.

Flywish XX then stood up and waved. Everyone began to cheer wildly.

The rest of the day was celebrated with a large party, to Flywish XX's annoyance. Nevertheless, he did not wish to change his outfit, and he remained in the elegant Snoss military uniform.

He tried his best to dance, although he got sick of it since it brought back painful memories, and he eventually stayed at the snack area, resolving never again to go back. This would be the last time a party would be held in the Royal Ligurian Palace.

Afterwards, a feast was also held, and Flywish XX still had a grave expression on his face, even after he had proposed a toast.

The Hochstadt Gang slightly took notice of it, but although their relations with the new Papa was rough, they were still as determined as ever to befriend him.

Once the guests began to leave, the Hochstadt Remnant stayed at the palace, and they loitered into the living room and the other hallways. They eventually found themselves in the old chat room where they used to enjoy tea with Flywish XIX. Gottfried brought a teabag and cooked up some tea from a nearby stove.

They all drank chamomile tea since it was already dark. Then, a bright orange light caught Leonardo's eye out the window. It seemed to have come from the Garden.

Everyone rushed to the window and pulled away the curtains. For some reason, the shutters were not closed, but the window was. They looked out, and they saw Flywish XI. He was lighting a bonfire, and he was tossing all of his father's tuxedos into it.

Moments later, they were on the lawn themselves, gazing into the flames.

Flywish XX:"What are you doing here??"

Clovis:"We wanted to see what the commotion was about."

Flywish XX:"No, I mean what are you still doing here at the palace? Why haven't you left like the rest of the guests?"

Jock:"Um...because we have rooms in the Palace? Flywish XI gave us rooms to live in while we visited him...and so on."

Flywish XX was not happy with the alarming news. Nevertheless, he dismissed his opinions in his mind and said:"Very well then. Let's go to bed, shall we?"

Piper:"But what about that bonfire you made? Why did you burn all of your father's..."

Flywish XX ignored Piper and walked briskly away to his bedroom. Two Ligurian Soldiers arrived with fire extinguishers and put out the fire. Darkness resumed.

Clovis looked at one of the soldiers and asked:"Don't you find this a bit suspicious?"

Ligurian Soldier:"No sir. I don't. I do what the Papa wants me to do since I am for Liguria, my country."

Clovis:"Well...didn't you see what he was burning?"

Ligurian Soldier:"No, I did not, sir. I do not interfere with the Papa's business."

Clovis:"He was burning the tuxedos and fancy dress suits that Flywish XIX wore to his parties. Don't you find that disrespectful?"

Ligurian Soldier:"I can not say, sir. The Papa always has his reasons."

King Clovis ignored the Ligurian Soldier, remembering that he was not in Castilla.

It was a cloudy morning. Flywish XX was escorted to the Ligurian Capitol Building, and was met by his cabinet. He was surprised to see Leonardo in the room, since he only thought he was a Hochstadt Remnant member.

Flywish XX:"Hello."

The cabinet member named Alfredo Gucchi was the first to greet him. Gucchi was once Flywish XIX's right hand man, and he was hoping to stay that way with Flywish XX. He was technically the head of the cabinet, below the Papa himself.

Gucchi:"Welcome to your first day as Papa, Flywish XX!"

Flywish XX grumples:"It's second."

Gucchi:"Oh, my apologies, sir."

Then, Francisco Perani, the practical Cabinet member who ran the National Treasury of Liguria, rose his voice.

Perani:"Signore Flywish, we need to get to business. First off, a bill has been proposed by the provincial government of Appulio that they would like to reduce the sales tax on food...I think we should give them their chance since..."

Flywish XX:"Silence, fool! How dare you put your opinion into my decision making!"

Perani:"But Signore, it has always been like this! As the cabinet we have the right to-"

Flywish XX:"Shut up, before I have you executed!"

Perani withdrew from the conversation and sat back. Fear spread across the faces of all the cabinet members.

Flywish XX's eyes then flew to Leonardo di Tremezzo, who was sitting back into the large swivel chair. The other cabinet members looked away.

Flywish XX:"And YOU! What are you doing here in my cabinet?! You are a member of the Hochstadt Remnant!"

Leonardo:"As you may like to know, I happen to be both a member of the Ligurian Cabinet as well as a Hochstadt Remnant Member. I was always part of the Ligurian Cabinet ever since my father died a little less than 2000 years ago."

Flywish XX:"Why do I even have a cabinet! Am I a child?? Must I be told what do to all the time?"

Perani:"Sir, we are not here to tell you what to do, but to guide you in the right path and to suggest things to you. As well as ask for permission."

Flywish XX:"Shut up, you fool! I don't want to be guided! I can guide myself! I can do whatever I want, I am going to be 18 in two years, and I am the Papa! I don't need a stupid group of old men telling me what to do!"


The other cabinet members gasped.

Flywish XX:"What did you say, yellow puffle?"

Leonardo:"I said, how dare you defy democracy! This cabinet is the only thing in the country that represents the views of Liguria's proud people, and eliminating us will eliminate the peoples' voices in our nation's government!"

Flywish XX:"Did you not hear me?!? I said that I don't need any help! I don't need a stupid cabinet to tell me what to do! You know what? I can represent the people of Liguria myself!"

The cabinet members looked each other again. The infuriated Leonardo jumped onto the table.

Leonardo:"This is an outrage! Fellow cabinet members, I formally propose to impeach and oust...."

Flywish XX threw his shoe at Leonardo. It hit him square in the head and knocked him off the table and back into his seat.

Flywish XX:"That's it! I have had enough! YOU ARE ALL FIRED!"

The cabinet stood up, and slammed their chairs into the table. Leonardo got up and jumped onto the table and screamed:"YOU ARE A DICTATOR! HOW DARE YOU BETRAY YOUR COUNTRY!"

Flywish XX:"And you know what? I don't want your Hochstadt Remnant to boss me around either!"

Leonardo:"You tyrant! We're not going to boss you around; we're going to put you in chains!"

The Autocrat's eyes flared like a fire, for he had enough of the disagreements.


The Soldiers chanted in unison, not questioning his orders.


In a matter of seconds, Leonardo found himself jumping under the desk as he saw Gucchi, Perani, and the other Cabinet members fall to the floor, dead.

Flywish XX:"You missed the puffle! Get him!"

Leonardo dashed across the room and smashed through the nearest window. Bullets were flying everywhere, but Leonardo was quick enough to take out a parachute from hammerspace and was able to safely land before there were more bullets and blaster lasers puncturing the fabric. Leonardo abandoned his parachute and ran into the streets, immediately heading for the Royal Palace in hopes to save his friends in time.

Luckily enough, the Hochstadt Remnant were out shopping at a nearby market, which was on the way to the Palace and the Capitol building. Leonardo reached them unharmed and unaware of the situation. He was out of breath when he arrived.

Clovis:"Leonardo! What happened?"

Leonardo:"Flywish XX...he...he's...a time to explain...we need to leave..."

Jock and Gottfried drew their swords.

Jock:"Leonardo..what did he do?"

Leonardo:"I got fired! He fired the whole cabinet... he's a dictator... everyone in the cabinet...dead...killed...we're all next..."

Suddenly, Jock spotted two Ligurian soldiers with their rifles ready from a far distance. Jock grabbed Clovis and threw him to the ground as the sounds of gunfire were made.

Clovis:"Let's get out of here!"

Leonardo:"Did we forget anything at the palace?"

Jock:"No...we didn't..."

Clovis took out his radio, and said:"Code red! Code red! Get a chopper and get us out of here! We're at the market nearest to the Capitol building... Prepare for resistance from the Ligurian army!"

Jock, Piper, and Clovis took out their rifles and began firing back, using the Market stands as barricades. Meanwhile, the citizens fled for their lives in fear. More and more Ligurian soldiers were arriving.

Then, minutes later, a Castillan helicopter arrived. The three did not stop firing their weapons and continued to fire their weapons until they took off.

They soon were leaving Liguria and heading for Penguifornia, the closest Castillan territory in the area. Luckily enough, the helicopter was full on gas, so it could barely make it to the nearest military base on Penguifornia.

Leonardo:"It looks like we're going to have very hard challenge."

Clovis:"We sure are."

Chapter 2:An Army Never to Forget

Flywish XX's murderous actions and establishment of an autocracy made big news across the Antarctic, and it basically snapped the Castillan-Ligurian Alliance in two. The nations were now enemies; they even had their embassies destroyed in each other's countries.

Meanwhile, Flywish XX was still upset about losing the Hochstadt Remnant, but he was relieved that they were gone.

One day, Flywish XX stumbled across one of the most off limit rooms that his Father never allowed him, nor did his father ever dare go to there himself- the War planing room. Once a popular room that was well visited by Flywish I himself, now a room filled with cobwebs.

Flywish XX found the room extremely interesting, and he had his servants clean up the room immediately. Discovering that several of the maps in the room were outdated, the servants quickly replaced them with the most modern ones they could find.

Servant:"All right, Papa Flywish XX. Here are the new maps for the room. This one we'll keep on the table since that's where it belongs..."

Flywish XX looked down upon the map with awe and tried to savor each piece of information on each region and their owners.

Antarctica 4000.png

Flywish XX:"This is it?"

Servant:"Yes. It is."

Flywish XX:"Oh my. I never knew Liguria had very few mainland colonies."

Servant:"We didn't conquer much in the wars...we once held the Peninsula before we had to hand it over to the forming Republic. There were a lot of resistance wars, I heard."

Flywish XX:"Hmm. You know a lot about history?"

Servant:"Yes. I am a retired history professor. I was hired by your father as an adviser..although he wasn't that interested in history at all, so I was demoted to a Servant."

Flywish XX:"Ok. That's too bad....and don't look at me asking for any re promotion! I already had my cabinet..."

Servant:"Murdered. Yes, yes. I know."

Flywish XX:"So then...Castilla seems to have a lot of land."

Servant:"Yes. It does. It was a powerful ally to us....until just recently, when you tried killing their King..."

Flywish XX:"Wait, who in the Hochstadt Remnant is a King?"

Servant:"King Clovis Hochstadt. The jester fellow."

Flywish XX:"HIM? Oh gosh! You MUST be kidding."

Servant:"No, I am not. In fact, he has ruled Castilla for 2000 years...He was coronated in 2029."

Flywish XX:"Hasn't the people gotten tired of the guy?"

Servant:"Apparently not...well...not openly at least. Except the citizens of the Basque region...but they hate to be part of Castilla anyways."

Flywish XX:"I don't like this guy. I don't care if he knew Flywish the first. It is time he leaves office. So tell me about some of these other Puffle'and and Rusca...they seem very powerful as well..."

Servant:"Puffle'and was the most influential country in Antarctica about 2000 years ago. It's official language, English, dominated across the Antarctic. Even is still widely used. English was also supported and made even more popular during Colonial Antarctica, and later the late USA, and is still carried by partially Freezeland (since they also speak Penguinian there), the Federal Republic of Polaris, and, of course, the motherland Puffle'and."

Flywish XX:"..and Rusca?"

Servant:"It is the largest island in the Ninja Archipelago. It has the second strongest military to both Puffle'and and Castilla, who are both equally the same strength. Frankterre came in third, and a loooong time ago, Snowzerland was the actual #2, although once Queen Litz's nephew died, Alemania took over and Snowzerland's army was near ruin. It was their first ruler, Swiss Ninja Hochstadt, who brought his army to it's best, and eventually to it's worst."

Flywish XX:"Swiss Ninja Hochstadt? Is he related to King Clovis, by chance?"

Servant:"Of course! He is Swiss Ninja's younger brother!"

Flywish XX said nothing and sat down in one of the brown leather chairs. He began rubbing his beak while deep in thought.

Servant:"May I sit down, sir?"

Flywish XX:"Go ahead."

The Servant brushed himself with his flippers lightly and sat down in another brown leather chair carefully.

Flywish XX:"As a kid, I was confined to my room a lot since my father never really wished to see me."

Servant:"As I have heard."

Flywish XX:"I spent most of my childhood reading books. Most of them were Ligurian, some of them were Italian Translations of books written in Puffle'and..."

Servant:"So I am guessing that you've been exposed to a lot of literature?"

Flywish XX:"Yes. But they were all mostly kids and teenager books. Some were classics. Well, I've also read the dictionary once. And an encyclopedia on Antarctic wildlife."


Flywish XX:"Anyways...despite the grandeur of the literature and arts Liguria can create, we lack our place of respect in the Antarctic! It is about time we start conquering more and making Liguria a feared name, and so I can become the most respected and most famous political leaders of Antarctica."

Servant:"Very well then. Perhaps you should call up a meeting with your generals and begin building a larger and stronger army and also begin to plan the invasion plan?"

Flywish XX:"Yes! Yes of course! Great, I forgot to ask you... what is your name?"

Servant:"My name is Harold. Harold McFlynn."

Flywish XX:"That's not a Ligurian name!"

Servant:"It is not, sire. It is Puffish. I am a natural born penguin from Puffle'and. To be specific, I was born and grew up in Maizewall. My parents were actually from Scotzeh, but they moved over to Maizewall because of it's much happier climate."

Flywish XX:"You don't have any accent or anything. Your Italian is perfect!"

Servant:"Heh, I do have my errors once in a while. I attended a prestigious university in the Puffish colony of New Yank on Puffica island. From there, I was a professor on Ligurian History. I later moved to Dellaroma and taught at their university, and that's how I am here."

Flywish XX:"Splendid, Harold. Thank you for the information. You have helped me plan out my ideas for conquering the whole Antarctic!"

It was a clear day in Waffleland. By the fortieth century, (the 3900's) Waffleland was definitely a more civilized place. The Island's landscape looked different, ever since the USA and the AU had sent tons of deletion bombs on the island after several TaliBEANs began hijacking foreign airplanes and taking the passengers as Wafflelandian slaves. Eventually, the bombing devastated and deleted all life and buildings on the island, all except for the giant warehouse that once housed The Humongous Insane Superweapon. Frankterre was the first to grab the nation...since no one wanted it...and ever since, the island had stayed under their control.

Until Today.


A squadron of high speed jets began to fly across the sky. The Frankish citizens opened their windows and looked out from their whitewashed homes. Several minutes later, they returned, this time, dropping bombs.


The blue roof of one of the city buildings blew up into scraps, and a large fire started. Penguins and Puffles were screaming. Gunshots were heard. Ligurian ships immediately arrived, and clumps of strong Ligurian soldiers arrived, gunning down every armed Frankterran police officer or Soldier that they came across.

Flywish XX eventually stepped off the metal Ligurian cruiser and onto the broken docks of Waffleland's ruined harbor. This was the first time he was outside Liguria. It invigorated him now, at this moment, that this land was now his...but he still wasn't satisfied. No, this was the beginning of his craving for more.

Two Ligurian Soldiers with grim expressions carried a silent figure that was none other than a sad penguin in a fancy suit. The penguin had a thick mustache.

Flywish XX:"What have you brought me?"

Ligurian Soldier:"This is the governor of the island, sir!"

Flywish XX yanked the Frankterran by his moustache and pulled him close to his own face.

Flywish XX:"Surrender your island to us, or die!"

Governor:"S'il vous plaît, do not kill me monsieur! Nous nous rendons! We surrendeur!"

Flywish XX:"Good. We Ligurians like easy battles."

Flywish XX unexpectedly slammed his knicicle into the Frankterran Governor. The Governor gasped in pain, and Flywish XX threw him off himself.

Flywish XX:"Cremate that body. Kill off anyone else who dares rebel against our presence."

It was now cloudy. Ligurian soldiers were repainting and rebuilding every city and village on the island to make it Ligurian, and everyone on the island was forced to attend Italian classes. Meanwhile, Flywish XX was escorted to see the empty warehouse that survived the deletion bombings of long ago. Harold accompanied him, since he was the most knowledgeable.

Harold:"This warehouse once held the world's most dangerous superweapon ever....the 'T.H.I.S.'"

Flywish XX:"How bad was it?"

Harold:"It could wipe all life off the Antarctic continent, including the Ninja Archipelago. It was soon activated by Leonardo di Tremezzo himself, and it blew up the Darth Cube...a giant space station..."

Flywish XX:"A giant superweapon, you say? This is perfect! Men, I decree now that we shall reconstruct a similar superweapon that will be just as bad as T.H.I.S. was, only instead of a deletion missle, make it a nuke made of uranium!"

The commanders saluted, chanting:"Yes, sir!"

Harold cringed.

Now, Flywish XX and Harold stood at the northern beaches of Waffleland, overlooking a large glacier that sat half a mile away from the shoreline.

Flywish XX raised his flipper, and then briskly threw it down. That moment, a couple red flaring missle blasted from a nearby cannon and blew up the glacier. The new missle type test was a success. The white glacier exploded violently, and it's pieces began to float to shore.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers began screaming.

Soldier:"UFO! UFO! There's something frozen in part of the broken glacier! It's glowing!"

A cordon of Ligurian Soldiers arrived along the beaches, holding their rifles in preparation for the red form that was frozen in the glacier piece to float to shore.

As it came closer, they could see that the form was a red penguin that seemed to have a rifle as one of it's flippers...

Soldier:"Uh, sir, this thing doesn't look too safe to be near..."

Harold:"What a strange creature. I think it's a cyborg....any real living organism would have died while being frozen in that glacier for so many years..."

The soldiers and Flywish XX backed up as the chunk of ice slid onto the beach. The soldiers slowly inched towards it.

One of the soldiers cried out:"Papa Flywish, what shall we do?"

Flywish XX:"Break it open...and load your guns...just in case..."

Another soldier ran in with a pickaxe, and swung at the chunk of ice. The ice cracked easily, and everyone began to back up even more. Then, the figure inside the chunk of ice began to move, finally breaking free of the bondage of frozen water.


Then, he looked around. The Ligurian Soldiers had their rifles pointed directly at his forehead. The red penguin did not try to fight; he was too dazed, so he raised up his flippers in surrender.

Flywish XX:"He's a Pertish spy no doubt! He speaks the accursed language of English!"

Harold:"No, wait! He doesn't have that Pertish language...he speaks the old English that was once spoken in the old USA and formerly in Calada. Let me converse with him, please sire!"

Flywish XX:"Go ahead."

Harold boldly stepped forward to the red penguin.

Harold:"How do you do, sir?"

The red penguin looked at him with hostility.

Red Penguin:"I do not intend to be arrested by Ligurians. I will fight if I must...even if I am fatigued! Swiss Ninja may be dead...and I'm guessing Bellina is too....but I shall take over Snowzerland, and under MY reigns, I shall destroy the USA!!!!"

Harold:"What are you talking about? You must have been in that iceberg for....two milleniums at the most! What is your name?"

"I am XTUX, the bounty hunter of Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt of Snowzerland until he died."

Harold looked back at Flywish XX. He said to him:"Can you believe that, sir? This guy is as old as the Hochstadt Remnant itself..."

Flywish XX:"What?"

Harold turned to XTUX and stated:"Much has changed, XTUX. Much has changed. The USA does not exist. It has not for a very long time."

XTUX was dismayed at Harold's words.

XTUX:"What? PLEASE do not tell me the confounded Castillans did not conquer them?"

Harold:"Partially. The whole AU, Freezeland, and Polaris scrambled for the fallen nation to extend their lands. It involved many bloody battles."

XTUX:"Oh no...I missed all the action..."

Harold:"Oh well, you can make up for that, my friend. Snowzerland may have fallen...since the empire's capital was shifted to Boorlin...making it the Alemanian Empire...Ironically, Alemania's only mainland colony is Pengolia."

XTUX:"Austin would have been proud..."

Harold:"Anyways, I would like you to meet my boss. Flywish the twentieth."

XTUX:"The twentieth? They just couldn't come up with any better names! I don't like Flywish because he was an ally with the Hochstadt Gang..."

Harold:"Not this Flywish. He nearly had them killed."

XTUX:"Some of them are still alive?"

Harold:"Yes. And I suppose it's up to you to help this new Flywish take over Antarctica for Liguria...and to kill off the Hochstadt Remnant."

XTUX:"The Remnant?"

Harold:"Yes. Only Gottfried Hochstadt, Clovis, Jock Hochstadt, Piper J. Cub, and Leonardo di Tremezzo are the last ones alive."


Eventually, XTUX was taken to Liguria, where some scientists inserted an Italian language chip that went into his cyborg brain. Eventually, he was able to speak to Flywish XX, and he became his right hand man, also learning about everything that had happened recently.

XTUX:"I remember everything that Swiss did. They were always failures. I bet you...if I were to have planned one of his assaults, we might have been successful...Snowzerland would have won..."

Flywish XX:"Are you willing to help me take over Antarctica with your wisdom?"

XTUX:"Well, I will need some sort of payment for my service..."

Flywish XX:"I will make you rich. You will become the Antarctic's second most powerful penguin and richest, below me, that is."

XTUX:"Fine then. I like that plan...but we must also destroy one thing that may hinder our progress as well."

Flywish XX:"Which is?"

XTUX:"The Bureau of Fiction."

Flywish XX:"We shall destroy them as well."

XTUX:"Hmm...I am surprised the BoF did not censor us right now! Perhaps they have finally become weak..."

Flywish XX:"Ok...what is our first line of business?"

XTUX:"Before we invade anymore...we will have to do one thing."

Flywish XX:"That is?"


Chapter 3:Downfall

Flywish XX, XTUX, and Harold were in the war room, planning their attacks. They did not mind the maid who was scrubbing the marble floor nearby.

Flywish XX:"Let's begin the plans."

XTUX:"All right...first off..."

Flywish XX:"Wait...should we shoo the maid away?"

Harold:"No need. She's just a Castillan. Your father hired her some time ago. She couldn't speak Italian."

Flywish XX:"Well, just to make sure...let's just conduct this in English. I think I know enough of it to understand everything today."

Harold:"Sure thing."

XTUX:"Ok....well...the main thing we need to defeat is Castilla if we have any strong chance of successful invasion. The Castillan Empire is, in fact, the most powerful empire around now....right above Puffle'and and Rusca...and then Liguria..."

The maid seemed to have some sort of faint interest in the conversation. Nevertheless, they still strongly believed that she was a sole Spanish speaker.

Flywish XX:"So how are we going to destroy Castilla?"

XTUX:"Waging war on Castilla is risky and totally unreasonable. I have a different tactic that I would like to propose."

Flywish XX:"Proceed."

XTUX:"Do you remember their King, Clovis Hochstadt?"

The maid stopped what she was doing and became engaged with the conversation. This time, they did not notice her standing at the edge of the doorway.

Flywish XX:"Of course I do."

XTUX:"Just think. He's been reigning Castilla for two two millenniums! Don't you think that some people are going to get sick of him?"

Flywish XX:"Yes, I'm sure some may think that but most consider him a just ruler."

XTUX:"Well, it wasn't that they consider him a just ruler. It's because they never thought of overthrowing him. We need to support those minority groups like the Vascos and the Nationalistic Catalans to campaign to overthrow him for good; this will cause conflict. The nation will split into two camps.....peace will finally be disturbed...and then, we can invade Castilla, and claim it as our own. After all, Castilla and Liguria are sister nations."

The maid's heart fluttered in great fear. She tore off her green work bonnet to reveal her silky blond hair. XTUX looked back. He recognized that face, even though it was rather dirty.


Flywish XX:"GUARDS!"

King Clovis's Daughter dashed down the hall and crashed through a window. She landed roughly but safely into a bush in the garden. She made no haste and jumped over the iron fence that surrounded the royal palace and disappeared into the thick city life of Dellaroma.

XTUX:"Impossible. Aravis Hochstadt lives. I thought she was killed by Austin not long after she ran away from home..."

Flywish XX:"What now?"

XTUX:"She may tell her father our plans, but he can't stop us. No matter what."

King Clovis was in his dining room, reading the newspaper. The rest of the Hochstadt Gang went on a holiday vacation to the southern region of Castilla for some more sun. A soldier approached him.

Soldier:"Mi rey, hay una chica a la puerta." (My king, there's a girl at the door.)

Clovis:"¿Qué quiere?" (What does she want?)

Soldier:"Ella dijo que vivía aquí en el pasado." (She said that she used to live here in the past.)

Clovis:"Cómo es?" (How is she?)

Soldier:"Parece que es una chica pobre...ella está llevando ropa vieja..." (It seems that she's a poor girl....she is wearing old clothing.)

Clovis:"Extraño. Pero todavia...¿Qué quiere?" (Strange. But still....What does she want?)

Soldier:"No sé...¿Quieres preguntarle?" (I don't know. Do you want to ask her?)

Clovis:"Vale. Tengo tiempo." (Ok. I have time.)

Clovis got up and was escorted by the guard to the palace entrance. Clovis ushered the soldiers to open the doors. The golden sunlight flew into the large main room. There was the maid, standing timidly between two guards. Once again, she took off her green bonnet to expose her blond hair.

She said:"Lo siento, mi padre." (I'm sorry, my father.)

Tears filled Clovis's eyes. He uncontrollably ran up to her and hugged her.

Clovis:"¡Aravis, mi hija! ¡Tú vives! ¡Tú vives!" (Aravis, my daughter! You live! You live!)

Clovis and Aravis wept aloud for many minutes. The soldiers acted uninterested and stood like statues.

Aravis:"But father, I thought you were angry at me."

Clovis:"No...I was for only that day....but I was so heartbroken the moment we discovered that you ran away...your mother and I missed you so much. If only she was here now. It doesn't matter though...I'm overjoyed to have you back here with me."

Aravis:"Same here. I am so sorry that I left you. I was but a stupid teenager. I don't know what I was thinking. After I heard of mother's death, I didn't want to return since I thought I would become a disgrace..."

Clovis:"No...not at all...I'd be joyous more than anything to have you back again...."

Aravis:"I have terrible news. We must not waste time..."

Aravis told her father everything she had heard from Flywish XX. Clovis slumped in his chair. In his eyes, Aravis could tell that he looked completely defeated. Aravis looked down at the floor in disappointment. She really didn't want to bring bad news to her father. Not after everything they had been through.

Clovis:"Aravis, I am glad you told me. It doesn't really matter if I lose my crown. I could care less. All I really care for is you, the Hochstadt Gang, and the fate of our people..."

Aravis:"But can't anything be done about it?"

Clovis shook his head.

Clovis:"We will need an escape plan. We'll find a new life somewhere else."

Aravis:"Where do you want to go?"

Clovis:"I'm not sure. Perhaps we just can live as regular Castillan citizens again?"

Aravis:"No. We can't. They'll murder us if we stay here. We really can't stay in the Castillan Empire anymore."

Clovis:"Well...I don't know then. I'll ask the Hochstadt Gang once they return from vacation. They'll be very happy to see you."

Aravis smiled.

By the time the rest of the Hochstadt Remnant returned, there were numerous amounts of Basque and Democratic Castillans protesting in front of the Royal Palace. It wouldn't be long before that number would double. Luckily enough, King Clovis's soldiers were still loyal, and they did their best to keep the protesters at bay.

Aravis had told them everything, from XTUX's return to their plans to overthrow King Clovis.

Jock rubbed his beak.

Jock:"Terrible. I really thought XTUX was dead. Then again, Leonardo technically already killed him some time ago."

Leonardo:"He's a cyborg. He can't die."

King Clovis:"Well, here's this. There won't be much time before the protesters double, and large portions of the army decide to betray us. We'll be outnumbered. We will need a new place to live. Any suggestions?"

Gottfried raised his flipper, but Jock blurted out his request first.


The room was quiet for a minute.

King Clovis:"That's actually a good pick. I always liked Puffle'and."

Leonardo:"So do I."

Gottfried:"I was going to say Alemania."

King Clovis:"That too...but then again..."

Aravis:"That will be too obvious. That's an easy spot for eager assasins. Especially those Socialists."

King Clovis:"Fine. We'll move to Puffle'and, then. Maybe to Snowdon. In like a town home or something."

Jock:"Good, then. We should rally up a plan with our remaining supporters then, and make our hasty retreat fast."

That next day, the Hochstadt Gang and Aravis woke up very early in the morning. Their suitcases were already packed, and as they were waiting for their secret escorts, they aimlessly wandered the emptied palace. Through every window, they could see large hordes of protesters and soldiers camping outside. It wouldn't be too long before they would be unstoppable and that they would break through the gates and the palace doors.

Moments later, two Penguins dressed in Puffish army uniforms arrived. A third one arrived as well, but he had several badges on his uniform, while the others did not.

"I am Commander Daniels of Puffle'and. We were deployed here by the Puffish Parliament and by the request of the Embassy of Castilla in Snowdon. We will safely transport you all to Snowdon, where you all will become naturalized citizens and be given safe homes."

King Clovis bowed in respect, and replied:"Thank you Commander Daniels for your lovely service. Please show us the way. We don't want to waste another minute here."

Aravis looked bleakly at the beauty of the palace. Easy come, easy go, she thought.

The Pertish soldiers escorted them into the grey colored underground tunnels. They eventually reached a black jeep with tinted windows. Everyone hopped in, and the jeep drove down the secret underground tunnel for a long time. Eventually, after a fifteen minute drive, the tunnel rose to the surface again, and the Hochstadt Gang found themselves in the Castillan countryside. From there, they took a dirt road until they reached a real road that lead to the city airport.

A shiny white jet awaited them. The Hochstadt Gang rushed into the aircraft hastily, while Clovis and Aravis stayed back for a little bit to take a good look at the scenery of the airport and the nearby Castillan countryside before they left.

Commander Daniels:"Mr. Clovis, get in the jet with your daughter! It's dangerous and we're leaving immediately!"

Clovis:"I know. I'm just trying to take a mental picture of my homeland before I leave for good."

Aravis:"Same here."

Clovis and Aravis then grabbed their suitcases and went into the jet. A few minutes later, the jet taxied to the runway and took off, heading straight for Snowdon.

That same morning, XTUX walked into Flywish XX's dining room. He found Flywish XX and Harold eating pancakes imported from Batavia.

XTUX:"I've got the morning paper for you, boss."

Flywish XX:"Bring it over, XTUX."

XTUX:"It's good news, too."

XTUX handed Flyiwsh XX the Ligurian newspaper. Flywish immediately read the headline that boldly stated: King Clovis of Castilla Steps Down From Throne

Flywish XX:"Wonderful! This is just wonderful!"

Harold:"So now what?"

XTUX:"They say that now Castilla is splitting up into groups now. One group wants a new monarch in place. Another group wants a pure republic...and one group is pushing for communism."

Flywish XX:"Who's the strongest so far?"

XTUX:"None. But they're killing each other over it now that King Clovis is gone. No one even made a cheer when it was announced that he resigned. It's like as if they only cared for themselves."

Flywish XX:"Excellent! Now that Castilla is in complete political turmoil, it's time we invade it and completely annex it. This will mean we have the upper hand on the playing field, and world domination will be one step closer. And don't worry, I already have plans to convince the Castillans to beocme Ligurian...."

As predicted, the Castillans became more violent among each other, and the nation practically split into three factions: the Democratic-Republicans, the Monarchists, and the Communists. Wars broke out between the three political factions daily in the large cities of Metido and Varcelono in the forms of angry mobs with signs, pitch forks, swords, knives, brooms, clubs, and torches.

After a week of complete chaos, the Ligurians silently invaded the Castillan mainland. The Ligurian Army eventually slaughtered their way through the giant mob fights and immediately claimed the whole Castillan Empire as it's own. There was no opposition. The whole Castillan Empire was in turmoil and in a complete mess. Instead of rebelling, they happily recieved the Ligurians in as their new rulers, and Ligurian propaganda and military immediately won the hearts and minds of all Castillan citizens. Eventually, the remnants of the broken Castillan army tossed out their old Castillan uniforms and joined the Ligurian Army, quadrupling it's size.

Flywish XX immediately made use out of Clovis's abandoned palace. It became a gift to XTUX for his help, who was immediately grateful for the ironic gift.

The two wandered the empty palace and occasionally looked out the windows to view the now depressed city of Metido.

Flywish XX:"Imagine. My empire. Ten times bigger now. I am now the most powerful ruler in the world."

XTUX:"That's not enough. You still have Puffle'and and Rusca to compete with. They are still powerful. And Lisboagal, although not having a strong army, has still a lot of land."

Flywish XX:"Yes. Exactly. We must destroy our enemies, and Lisboagal is my first primary target."

XTUX:"Yes. You shouldn't let go of that dream of conquering in all of Antarctica. I still believe in you. We are now an unstoppable force!"

It was a foggy day in Clovis's apartment in Snowdon, Puffle'and. He read the headline of the grey newspaper that read: Castillan Empire Finally At Peace Under the Ligurian Flag. Clovis yelled in fury, crumpled up the newspaper, and threw it at the window. It bounced into the trash can.

Aravis ran in.

Aravis:"Clovis? Are you OK?"

Clovis:"Yes. I am. I have news. Liguria has invaded Castilla. Our country is no more."

Aravis frowned and embraced her father in his darkest hour. The rest of the Hochstadt members came from their nearby bedrooms to also receive the news.

Jock:"Hey, Clovis. Don't worry about it. We're all here together in one apartment as a team. We'll find a way to defeat Flywish XX and XTUX."

Clovis's expression became dark again. He looked down.

Jock:"What, Clovis? Don't be down about it; we'll defeat him! Have some faith!"

Clovis:"No. We won't. Jock....don't you remember?"

Jock's smirk went away.

"What do you mean? No, I don't remember."

Clovis:"Fuut Ga. It's been a millennium now. I just barely remember that last part Fuut Ga once said...that we would be defeated by Flywish XX."

The room was silent.

Chapter 4:The Conquests

It was a week later. It was a beautiful evening in the beautiful coastal town of Samo in the Lisboagese Region of Antarctica. A young couple was walking along the road at the edge of the cliff on which the village rested. With the lively village behind them, the couple leaned against the metal black railing on the edge of the cliff, and embraced each other. They kissed as the sun touched the blue waters.

Then, a rumble was heard. The couple stopped kissing and looked into the water. For a moment, it looked hostile as it made a violent splash against the rock walls of the natural coastal cliffs. Then they looked at each other and smiled, seeing that everything was all right.

However, they were wrong. Suddenly, a dark grey metal machine climbed out of the waters and up the rocky cliff. The girl screamed at the sight of the Ligurian All-Terrain tank, and both of them ran away in fear. Moments later, several other Ligurian all-terrain tanks submerged from the water and found their way on land. Immediately, several soldiers climbed out of it, and they attacked the city. In a matter of hours, almost all Lisboagese Antarctica's villages and towns had been either ransacked, burnt down, or both. The Ligurians had caught the Lisboagese by surprise, and the Lisboagese Army stood no chance.

In three days, Lisboagese Antarctca was under complete Ligurian control. Half of it's towns and villages were in flames.

In no time, Lisboagal itself was invaded, although it was not as badly attacked.

Again, more soldiers were enlisted and transferred into the Ligurian army.

The Fall of the Magnus

Flywish XX soon had his eyes on the small but mystical nation of Magonia. This time, he would make sure that he would see his army in action. He anticipated on invading this nation in particular for a while.

He walked out onto the deck of the large Ligurian Battleship. XTUX and Harold greeted him as they bowed in respect. The three slowly walked to the bow of the ship.

XTUX:"As you can see, Flywish XX, our ground troops have already invaded Magonia."

Flywish XX looked over the bow and saw several explosions coming from the land. Small flickers of orange seemed to burst from some of the tiny distant houses from the city afar.

Flywish XX:"Now, I don't want that place totally destroyed. General?"

One of the Ligurian Ground Generals approached and saluted the Papa.

General:"Yes, Papa Flywish XX?"

Flywish XX:"Tell your soldiers to minimalize destruction. One of those thatch-roofed homes can catch the whole capital on fire! I don't want that palace destroyed either!"

General:"Why not, sir?"

Flywish XX slapped the general.

Flywish XX:"You idiot! Don't you know? The Palace of the Magnus Empire is home to one of the greatest libraries in the world! It's not terribly big, but it contains books and scrolls about every kind of magic, country, and war strategies..."

XTUX:"I went there once with Swiss Ninja for a diplomatic meeting. It is slightly bigger than Swiss Ninja's personal library that was in his castle..."

Flywish XX:"Ok. Do as I say, General."

The General saluted.

Flywish XX:"Also, once it is safe, prepare to dock this ship into port."

The large brown doors of the Magonian Palace shattered the moment a clump of Ligurian soldiers slammed the ancient pieces of wood like American Football players.

Flywish XX blindly walked into the darkness of the palace. One of the soldiers then rushed inside and turned on the lights.

Flywish XX gasped. The palace was completely strip empty.


The soldiers, Flywish XX, Harold, and XTUX immediately rushed to the library. Like the rest of the palace, they found it empty, to Flywish XX's great disappointment.

Flywish XX:"It's gone! All gone! They must have packed everything up and hid it right before we invaded!"

Harold:"Wait, sire! I see one book lying on the floor right there!"

Harold pointed to an opened black book that was lying face down on the floor as if it was forgotten in the process of rushing all the books and scrolls out of the room. Flywish XX approached it with caution, and picked it up.

Strangely enough, the book was written in Italian, Flywish XX's native and only language. It read: "Socialism in a Nutshell"

Flywish XX:"Socialism? Being a social penguin is how one can become very powerful?"

Harold:"Well I suppose so but Socialism isn't..."


XTUX facepalmed.

It was a late Saturday night. Flywish XX was back in Liguria, returning only three days after his arrival in Magonia. His eye lids were dark and baggy from tiredness, but he was very glad to have finished the book. Although he aspired to be a dictator, Flywish XX liked the idea of Socialism as a way to fool the citizens that there would be more democracy. He had a chat with XTUX and Harold on his idea.

XTUX:"Socialism? Isn't that where the state controls the general economy?"

Flywish XX:"Yes. Yes it is. However, Socialism is where the public also control it, but I'll tweak that system."

Harold:"How so?"

Flywish XX:"This democratic 'council' that will represent the people will be useless! ONLY I SHALL HAVE POWER OVER OUR ECONOMY!"

Harold:"That sounds more like a Totalitarian Communism..."

Flywish XX:"Exactly! We WILL make this a secret Communist nation that will control the whole Economy!"

Harold:"I suppose we should control much more than just the economy. We- I mean- YOU need to control the citizens THEMSELVES..."

Flywish XX:"Don't I already?"

Harold:"Not to a certain extent you do not, sadly. When I was a young man and frequenting my visits to cafes in Snowdon, I created an idea that I now remember. Do you wish to hear it?"

Flywish XX:"Go ahead."

Harold:"I thought that there could be a government that could brainwash and control the minds of penguins and puffles. Perhaps we have a strong secret police that spies on everyone so we will make sure no one thinks of betraying us!"

XTUX:"Like some sort of Thought Police? Somewhat like the SSS was in Snowzerland?"

Harold:"Yes, but even worse and more powerful. We...we could have a television in every household that can be two-way!"

Flywish XX:"What do you mean?"

Harold:"If we used a television that could look in both directions. The regular citizens could watch the Government-run television show, since there will only be one, while the Secret Through Police could be watching THEM. Constantly!"

Flywish XX:"Yes, but what if they'll turn off the TV?"

Harold:"They won't. They can't. We will create a new kind of television that doesn't have an off switch. It will have a good view of the whole house..."

XTUX:"I about we make it a screen? Like one of those colossal flat screen televisions from the early Twenty-First century?"


Flywish XX:"Yes, both those ideas are genius...but it will be such a hassle to force everyone to do this!"

Harold:"Oh no, it won't be. Not everyone will be this way. As I see it, we'll have three classes. There will be the Inner Party, our most brainwashed/trusted officials that dedicate their lives to You, the Outer Party, who are the forced and loyal workers for the Government who will ensure our control over everyone...they are the middle class citizens....they're bigger in number than the luxurious Inner Party, but not as much as the last class...the Proletarians."

Flywish XX:"Who?"

Harold:"Also just shortened as the 'proles'. They are basically everyone else who aren't working for the government. They're worthless pieces of dirt that don't even matter if they live or die. They won't be much harm, so they won't need telescreens. They will be too occupied with getting enough food to eat and their next glass of Cream Soda. They're the uncultured people who will not have a lot of smarts."

Flywish XX:"Brilliant. Now, we must bring this into practice..."

The thick grey fog seemed to separate the Hochstadt apartment from the rest of Snowdon. Nevertheless, the smell of sautéing Paella filled the whole apartment, attracting everyone to the kitchen. Leonardo was hoping up and down frantically from one cooking counter from the next. Clovis sat at the dining table with an old 20's radio tuned on the local news station. The rest of the Hochstadt Remnant, including Aravis, arrived into the dining room and sat down to hear the news.

Jock:"Delicious food, you're making, Leonardo!"

Leonardo:"Thanks! I'm cooking up some Paella and some Gazpacho for tonight. I feel just as homesick as everyone else...."

Clovis:"Shhh! The news is coming on!"

The Broadcast

The Puffish newscaster's elegant voice filled the silent dining room as he spoke.

"Welcome to Radio News Snowdon! Today is Wednesday at Nineteen hundred hours, and this is your host, Percival Hemingsworth."

"...and this is your hostess, Astrid Cunningham."

Hemingsworth:"Today in Dellaroma, Liguria, the supreme dictator Flywish the twentieth declared the expansive Ligurian Empire to become a Socialist state. At this moment, thousands of stores and family shoppes are being siezed by the Ligurian Government and the Military in every city, town, and village throughout all of Ligurian Antarctica."

Cunningham:"An elected council has been created to represent the citizens in this new Socialist regime, but rumours from the Puffish embassy indicate that this new government is an illusion for Liguria's citizens that it is now democratic, while in reality, Flywish the twentieth still has supreme power as a totalitarian dictator.There are no documents signed that prove that this new elected council has any power at all..."

Hemingsworth:"In addition, several Colonial Ligurian Cities are being bombed and occupied by their own country after revolt attempts. Families have been stripped apart to begin a new social class system that is expected to be in effect in one week. In it, Liguria will have Government Workers as it's wealthiest citizens, while everyone else is to be classified as dirt poor individuals. Change and loss of privacy is coming to all the Inner and Outer Government Party members with the establishment of the 'Flywish XX Thought Police'."

Cunningham:"Tensions between our country and Liguria are expected to increase dramatically as the Queen and the Prime Minister have released statements on their strong disapproval on this new 'Socialist' State."

Hemingsworth:"In other news relating Liguria, the nations of Freezeland, Archet, Batavia, Polaris, and the Republic of CP have created a coalition and an alliance. Talk is among them about a war against Liguria, saying that it is time for Flywish XX's dictatorship to end...."

The Hochstadt Remnant, including Leonardo, cheered in jubilee.

Hemingsworth:"However, the Prime Minister and her majesty the Queen are hesitant in this coalition for the moment as it is still in decision in Parliament. Meanwhile, the other nations of Snowprus, Pengolia, Frankterre, the Alemanian Empire, UnitedTerra, and Rusca have not decided whether or not to join the Anti-Flywish Alliance or not."

Cunningham:"More information on the great Ligurian crisis will be aired on television at twenty two hours."

Hemingsworth:"And for our next top story, a thief was caught stealing precious rings from a family-owned jewelry shoppe near the city centre...."

Clovis turned off the radio in disgust of Flywish XX. He carried the radio back into his room. Meanwhile, Jock went outside into the fog to retrieve the mail. He returned and gave Clovis his monthly pension bill that was mailed to him by one of the former national banks of Castilla. Once the Ligurian invasion occurred, the bank continued to run and sent the Hochstadt Remnant their pension money while also being a resistance group at the same time.

However, this grey, soaked letter felt lighter than usual. Clovis opened it to find a letter of apology that read:

Dear Mr. Hochstadt and Colleagues,

This is a letter from the Ligurian Government. Your bank has recently been closed down and you will no longer be receiving pensions from the defunct Castillan government.

-Flywish XX

Clovis crumpled the letter up in fear and threw it against the wall. Jock opened it up and read the haunting note. He too crumpled up the letter and tossed it into the flaming hearth of the living room.

Clovis:"What a lunatic."

Jock:"Tell me about it!

Flywish XX Responds

Flywish XX stood on his balcony alone, overlooking the new empire he had created. Now, social order was in place, and anyone...who was anyone....would be killed if they dared to defy the government. Even if the "proles" did dare to betray their homeland Liguria, which most of them would care less, they couldn't be able to do much since all guns were confiscated from all citizens across the land. All weaponry belonged to the government. The Government owned everything, even the clothes penguins wore.

Flywish XX:"Servant?"

Servant:"Yes, sir?"

Flywish XX:"Turn on the filming cameras. I'm going to send a message to the world regarding my opinions on their decision for war."

Servant:"Yes, sir!"

Flywish XX walked back inside the palace and went into the filming studio room.

The red "On Air" sign flashed on. Flywish XX cleared his throat to speak.

Flywish XX:"Greetings, Non-Ligurian Antarctica. You all know me. I am Flywish XX. That guy you hate. That guy you want to get rid of. But let me tell you something. I don't care what you guys think of me. I seriously don't care. And you know what? I don't care that some of you all are going to ally against me. Liguria will be ready. Liguria and her colonies will be ready. And WE WILL PREVAIL. WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU, COALITION!"

With that said, the cameras were turned off and the "On Air" sign turned off.

Flywish XX stormed out of the room in a fury. The video that was just caught was imediately translated into the languages of the nations of the coalition and were immediately sent to their embassies.

It was the next day. A thick cordon of the Coalition Armies surrounded the very borders of the Ligurian Empire while still standing on their own lands, ready to attack. Still, Puffle'and and Rusca had decided to stay out of the battles, despite the pleas for them to join.

This first attack was going to be overseen and controlled by General Gerald O'Conventry, a High Penguin from Freezeland.

General O'Coventry blew the whistle, and immediately, hordes of tanks and jets crossed the borders and entered the Ligurian Empire.

At first, the land seemed desolate and abandoned; the Ligurian Army seemed to have left, and the allies slightly kept their guard down.

However, they were completely wrong. Hiding in the forests and mountains, Ligurian Soldiers and tanks immediately surprised the allies and struck back harshly, killing every allied soldier in sight, giving no mercy. In the afternoon, the Ligurians had already pushed hardly into the Allied forces land.

By the late night, at around 1:56 in the morning, Flywish XX strolled the quiet streets of Frostborough. A large bonfire was lit in front of the Parliament Building of Freezeland.

Two Ligurian Soldiers held the clumps of folded flags of all the nations that participated in the Anti-Flywish Alliance, all of which, were now under Ligurian Controlled, including the Batavian mainland itself.

The flags were then handed to Flywish XX respectively. The dictator walked towards the large bonfire and tossed all the flags into it. The fire jumped and momentarily grew as the flags of the honorable nations turned into ashes.

Another week passed. The Ligurian Army had now tripled, and Flywish XX was now a household name in every home in the Antarctic World. Frankterre, the Alemanian Empire, the UTR, the MAI, and several others were now conquered. The Last three nations standing were Pengolia, Puffle'and, and Rusca.

The Queen of Puffle'and, the Khan of Pengolia, and the President of Rusca eventually met in the still neutrally AU controlled South Pole City. They met in a dark room that was guarded by large layers of soldiers from the three nations. They were in a random conference room in a random building.

Queen:"I don't know what to do anymore. We are all what is left. Only three nations are left in Antarctica. Do we still have a chance?"

Khan:"We will not give up. The Khanz never get conquered. We conquer our conquerors."

Queen:"I don't know about that could have said that maybe a year ago...but now....I am doubtful."

President:"We have three of the most powerful armies in the Antarctic, besides the fallen Castillans."

Queen:"That's the problem. The Castillan Army is now part of the Ligurian Army. Same with the Lisboagese. And the Batavians and Freezelandians."

President:"Then, I suppose we should make a treaty with Flywish XX. Perhaps we can reason with him."

Queen:"And what if that doesn't work?"

President:"We will fight to the end and die bloody deaths for our countries. We have no other option."

Queen:"Or how about we surrender?"

Khan:"I have a better idea. We have one last place that we have not tried. Contacting the Senseis."

The Queen of Puffle'and and the President of Rusca were silent.

Queen:"Please, explain what you mean."

Khan:"Perhaps we should bring a force of soldiers to Club Penguin island. To the Dojo...I remember as a boy reading about the Hochstadt Sanctuary that is basically the basement of the Dojo. In it hold the ancient tombstones of Sensei Fuut Ga, Sensei Chin Yang, The Five Senseis, and a few others that I don't recall anymore."

Queen:"But what is significant about an ancient mausoleum?"

Khan:"They say that the ghosts of these awesome masters can be reawakened for a short period of time."

Queen:"Oh, what a fairy tale that is! I don't believe in that rubbish! When has that ever happened?"

Khan:"Only when a Hochstadt Family member enters the room with the intent of meeting these masters."

Queen:"Well, we have the old King of Castilla and his relatives living in Snowdon! Why don't we use him? Isn't he the closest in lineage to these Senseis?"

Khan:"Not old King Clovis. His uncle is the closest."

President:"Who is his uncle?"

Khan:"Jock Hochstadt. He is the brother of the late Sensei Fuut Ga. The Last Sensei before other scattered Senseis attempted to seize the title. Sadly they eventually made a robot ninja maker that almost looks like Sensei Ling."

Queen:"Oh yes, the Viking? How wizard! Who knew he would be the Sensei's brother, but I could have sworn that King Clovis was the close relative of someone else important in history?"

President:"Clovis is the brother of the Kaiser Swiss Ninja, yes?"

Queen:"Oh yes, that's right. Thank you, Dmitri."

President Dmitri:"You're welcome."

Khan:"We must send this Jock Hochstadt to Club Penguin alone, that way he doesn't get tracked. I believe he has been to the sanctuary before."

Queen:"Very well. I'll have the Scotzeh Yard send him a notice."

Chapter 5:The Rise of Flywish XX

The arrival in Club Penguin was gloomy. Jock stepped out of the Puffish Escort Ship and shivered alone. There were flurries of snow dancing everywhere, and it seemed like everyone was inside, including the Ligurian Soldiers. Jock Hochstadt wrapped a warm scarf around his neck as he headed up the cold grey stones of the Dojo.

He entered to find several depressed Ninjas huddled in the corners of the room, shivering and sipping cups of hot tea. They didn't even notice the Viking enter the room. Jock took his scarf off and put it away and walked into the center of the Dojo. It seemed much more depressing of what it used to be. It's ancient walls displayed wear and tear all over from countless battles.

Jock then walked to the secret wall that was the secret entrance to the old EPF Puffle Training room. A lazy ninja lay in front of it, moaning.

Jock:"Hey, can you please move over?"

The Ninja moaned louder and looked at Jock timidly. His body revealed scratched and scrapes from sharp bayonet knives. Jock kneeled toward him, and gently touched his shoulder.

Jock:"Tell me, what happened here?"

Ninja:"We were attacked...massacred...Flywish XX had a whole bunch of us exterminated...the few of us that did survive were able to hide or were badly me."

Jock:"I'm surprised they didn't burn the Dojo down!"

Ninja:"I feel that Flywish XX was too afraid to do so. Probably because he's afraid the Senseis will haunt him and wreak havoc on him. A terrible soul that Flywish is."

Jock:"Not all Flywishs were like this one."

Ninja:"I know."

Jock:"I still need you to move, though."

Jock shoved the Ninja away from the secret door. He unsheathed his sword and smashed through the bamboo and made his way to the old EPF Puffle Training room. The room also looked beaten like the Dojo as well, but not as bad. The EPF Television was still there, but there was a crack in it.

Jock had memorized where the other secret door, and stripped off the fake bamboo wall to unveil the vaguely familiar stone door that was the entrance to the Hochstadt Sanctuary.

Jock placed his flipper on the letter engravings of the stone. The letters then seemed to flash, and Jock entered the sanctuary. The stone closed on it's own.

Jock looked on in the Sanctuary to view the magnificent statues of all the past Senseis before him. Jock sat in the center of the room, which was a fancy design made in the shape in the circle that was engraved on the floor. Jock crossed his feet and began to take deep breaths and closed his eyes.

Meeting the Senseis

Jock's scenery flashed, and he was on top of a high mountain again. This time, he was greeted by all the Hochstadt Senseis, including his brother Fuut Ga.

In unison, all the Sensei's spoke.

"Welcome, Jock Hochstadt."

Jock:"Greetings, Forefathers and Brother."

Fuut Ga stepped forward.

Fuut Ga:"Welcome, Brother."

Jock:"I have come to address a problem that is sweeping across the Antarctic. Flywish XX has turned evil and is conquering Antarctica madly. He is winning, much more than Swiss Ninja has ever done."

Fuut Ga:"That is true. But do you remember what I told you a millenium ago?"

Jock:"I have forgotten. Please forgive me."

Fuut Ga:"Apology accepted. It's been a millennium since I told you, of course you will forget since you are mortal. I said that Flywish XX will be successful in conquering all of Antarctica and that you all will be banished from the land forever. But not yet. That time will come soon, though. For now, prepare and get ready for your plight."

Jock bowed.

Jock:"Yes sir. But can't we fight? Can't we stop this madness? We have the Sensei State!"

Fuut Ga:"And so does Flywish XX. He still has Hochstadt Blood deeeep within him since Flywish I was the son of a Hochstadt."

Jock:"Then he must not learn of this power."

Fuut Ga:"He will. And you can not stop destiny. Listen Jock, the end is near, and it's almost time for you to reunite with all of us! Don't you understand?"

Jock reflected back into the deep past and nodded his head.

Jock:"Yes. Yes I do. I will savor that glorious day."

Fuut Ga smiled and said:"That's the spirit."

Jock:"But still, Fuut Ga....why must we all suffer? Why must evil win?"

Fuut Ga:"Evil will never win in the end, Jock. Good will always triumph and will finally bring balance to the world."

Jock:"But how? If Flywish XX will take over Antarctica, how will he be defeated?"

Fuut Ga:"You will soon find out. Don't worry, it will be before you are reunited with us. The greatest of heroes can sometimes come from unexpected origins."

Jock nodded and bowed.

Jock's great grandfather, Hung, stepped forward.

Hung:"Jock, remember to stay strong and to keep going through the tough times, no matter what. Remember, you still have the Sensei State, as well as the rest of the remnant and Aravis."

Jock:"Yes, great-grandfather."

Hung:"And now, we must part, my great-grandson."

Jock:"Good bye, masters."

Then, a flash occurred again and Jock found himself in the dark stone room.

Jock sat up from where he was sitting and took a good last look at the room and the lifeless statues of the Senseis inside it. He knew that he would never see it again. A flood of memories re-entered his head, and he began to remember the good times that he had with his brother, and even with his great-grandfather, Hung.

Jock stepped into the Dojo once more, with a different attitude. This time, he saw that the wounded Ninja and several of his other comrades now were bandaged with white cloth. Another unharmed Ninja with a first aid kit sat with them, also silent. Jock approached him.

Jock:"Ninja, where is your Sensei?"

The Ninja looked up at him as if he was a nutcase.

Jock:"I asked, where is your Sensei?"

Ninja:"We don't have one. We haven't really had one for almost a thousand years. I don't know where you came from, but a living Penguin Sensei has only been legend."

Jock:"No. You are lying. There is still a Sensei."

Ninja:"Is that so? Who is it, then?"

Jock stood firmly, looking at the Ninja, and screamed:"FUS RO DA!"

Immediately, the wall of the Dojo broke open and all the Ninjas in the Dojo flew into the wintery night. Then, Jock's eyes glowed white, for he was once again in the Sensei State. That moment, a storm of Ligurian Soldiers stormed the Dojo from the normal entrance, and Jock immediately blasted them senselessly with fire. Then, with the Sensei State, Jock began to bend air and flew out of the Dojo from the hole in the wall he had made. From there, it was noticed that the whole mountains were surrounded by tons of soldiers. Jock was clearly outnumbered, which was why he was sent into the Sensei State involuntarily by the Senseis themselves.

Then, Jock began to make a fighting stance and began to make circular motions with both his arms, and he began to create pure bright lighting. Then, as the Ligurians advanced towards him, Jock made a full horse stance and with one flipper, he struck the closest Ligurian Soldier with the lightning, and with the other flipper, Jock struck the top of a nearby mountain.

The Soldier was immediately killed and stumbled back onto some of the other soldiers. Meanwhile, Jock jumped onto the top of the Dojo, and immediately, the mountain began to have an avalanche.

In a matter of seconds, a tsunami of snow stumbled down the mountain and began to sweep away the numerous Ligurian Soldiers away like grains of sand at the beach.

Not one soldier survived.

Jock then jumped back down onto the Dojo courtyard, which was back to what it used to be. The side of the Dojo was also fixed as well. As the Sensei State began to wear off, Jock felt a flipper on his shoulder. He turned back and saw his great-grandfather, Hung, whom he enjoyed seeing as a young child during the summer, in the flesh, alive.

Jock:"You're still alive! All these years? Where were you?"

Hung:"Jock, I told you I would return, remember?"

Jock:"But you could have helped us defeat Flywish XX! You were there at the mountain with the Senseis! You must be dead!"

Hung:"I too can go to the Sensei State, which I do a lot when meditating. I never died. I am immortal, just like the Hochstadt Remnant. And no, none of the other Five Senseis were immortal. Only me."

Jock:"So then, what now?"

Hung:"You must return to Puffle'and. Our destiny is upon us."

Jock:"Will you leave us again?"

Hung:"I might from time to time, but I'll make it up to you. I will stay with you all, with the exception of me doing some small things here and there in the future."

Jock:"So are you coming with us as well when we're banished?"

Hung:"Of course. I'll be one of them."

Jock:"It's good to have you back, Great-Grandfather."

Hung:"It's good to be with family. I'm proud of you all."

Pengolia's Fall

The return of Sensei Hung was a shock to all of Antarctica, but it gave hope to the Three Remaining Nations and to the citizens of the former conquered nations, in hopes that the Sensei would come and defeat Flywish XX for good. This hope immediately brought great faith to the Pengolians, and the Khan openly spoke against Flywish XX on the telephone.

Flywish XX:"Hello, Mr. Khan of Pengolia. What is it? I'm busy at the moment!"

Khan:"I am here to tell you of a little something!"

Flywish XX:"What? Make it quick!"

Khan:"We aren't afraid of you, Flywish XX! Sensei Hung, the Sensei from two milleniums ago still lives, and he will stop you! We are not afraid to fight you, Flywish XX! We the Pengolians delcare war on the Ligurian Empire, and we shall invade you! Where it will be, you will not know, but we will prevail in the end! NO ONE defeats the Khanz!"

Flywish XX:"I don't care if that old fart is dead or alive. Pengolia will die in flames."

Khan:"The Allies will stop you! This isn't over yet!"

However, Puffle'and and Rusca were very reluctant about attacking Pengolia, and Sensei Hung's return did not heighten their spirits too much, especially after his statement of his return:"The end of Antarctica is upon us. We must prepare for the worst as our soldiers must die for freedom and country. Nevertheless, the Senseis have predicted a Victorious Flywish XX"

Instead of war, Puffle'and and Rusca have prepared a peace treaty for Papa Flywish XX to sign, but they were not ready to send it quite yet.

Meanwhile, Flywish XX unleashed his best fighters to Pengolia immediately, thus starting the bloody battle between the helpless Ligurian slave soldiers and the noble Khanz combatants.

A Khanz poet, who watched the first Ligurian Soldiers arrive on the Pengolian shore, described everything he saw from his home in his village. Here was his poem:

The Ligurian menace came like a fiery chariot in the night,

Our men, our soon to be martyred soldiers, doomed to fight,

The two groups met like two giant waves crashing into each other,

O our Khanz mothers and brothers,

How they would react to see their kin die?

Valiantly our men fought for the Khan and country

But alas, those who die now are free

For the enslaved Ligurian scum take our land easily

They march past our village down the road

To bring destruction to our capital city.

This surely is the end of Pengolia as we had know'd

In the field nearby many Pengolian Corspes showed

Their blood stain the dead shrubs that no longer grow

It is sure to say that Pengolia has truly lost

Our army and our spirits turned to frost.

In the end, the Pengolians were completely outnumbered and badly losing. Parts of the capital city caught on flames as homes filled with Khanz soldiers and resistance fighters were bombed up. Flywish XX had no mercy. Like Flywish I from milleniums before, the dictator was also a High Penguin, and he was still well aware of the High Penguin Genocides of the Khanzem Era. Thus, it appeared that Flywish XX was sadly getting his revenge as hundreds of Khanz fled for their lives into the Pengolian wilderness as the Ligurians attacked and destroyed everything in their path.

The Treaty

The next day, the Pengolian Government had surrendered and the Khan had gone into hiding in disguise with several other Khanz refugees. Flywish XX was sitting comfortably in the same room that the Hochstadt Remnant and his father chat and drank tea. This time, Flywish XX was also drinking Tea, along with Harold and XTUX. A servant in his clean black suit entered the room.

Servant:"Papa Flywish?"

Flywish XX:"Yes, servant?"

Servant:"We have a treaty that was sent today by both the Ruscan and Puffish embassies. They wish for you to read it and sign it."

Flywish XX:"Eh, I don't know. I will need to read it first."

The Servant slightly bowed and returned with the large white envelope. Flywish XX read the treaty letter.

Dear His Excellency Papa Flywish XX, leader of the Ligurian Empire,

In order to prevent further conflict in the continent, we, the United Kingdom of Puffle'and and the Ruscoe Federation would like to have an alliance with you and your prosperous nation. We do not wish to fight you, but we ask that if we ally with you that you may not invade us. In return, we shall eliminate international trade tariffs and we will donate over 1,000,000 Club Penguin Gold coins to your cause. Together, we can have a strong and happy alliance with happy citizens.

Please accept,

Queen of Puffle'and

President of Rusca

Once Flywish XX read the letter, he laughed, and showed it to XTUX and Harold. They began to laugh as well. then, Flywish XX ripped up the letter, crumpled the halves up, and threw them on the floor. A servant quickly rushed over to pick up the mess and took the trash to a nearby room, where there was a furnace. The servant opened the black furnace hatch and tossed the treaty in the fire without question.

Flywish XX:"Liguria works alone! We don't need their money, we'll just take it from them ourselves!"

Later that day, the grey Ligurian tanks began to cross through the borders of the Ruscan and Puffish territories. The final phase of the Flywish XX's Master Plan had begun. The Puffish and the Ruscans fought back fiercely to the Ligurian attacks, and they tried their best to hold them off. However, the Ligurians were pressing very hard, and from all angles. It wouldn't be very long until the Puffish would run out of supplies and ammo, making them have to retreat.

The Surrender

The Queen of Puffle'and looked outside her window from her palace. The clouds were dark and grey, yet it did not snow or rain. The inhospitable windows rattled the trees outside, shaking off the red and brown leaves. The elderly monarch shakily picked up her white china cup of Earl Grey tea to her mouth, sipping delicately. Meanwhile, several of the royal ministers and war generals were frantically across the room, receiving news on how much the Ligurians have advanced into the Puffish Provinces in Antarctica.

Then, one of the lieutenants assigned to guard the Queen arrived.

Lieutenant:"Your magesty, the Sensei has arrived and wishes to have a jaw with you."

Queen:"I fancy that you're talking about Sensei Hung, I presume?"

Lieutenant:"Of course, my lady."

Queen:"Let him in. We shan't not let him linger any longer."

The lieutenant bowed respectfully and exited the Queen's lounging room. Moments later, Sensei Hung appeared with his uniform freshly washed.

The Queen stood up and bowed to him, saying:"It is an honour to meet a legendary Sensei, please sit down in the chair next to me, if you may."

Sensei Hung also bowed in respect to the Queen, responding:"It is a pleasure to be here, my Queen."

Sensei Hung sat down in the chair next to the Queen. A servant approached the Sensei and asked:"Would you like to have tea, please?"

Hung:"Yes, I'd like some light Jasmine tea, please."


The servant left momentarily and returned with the Jasmine Tea, served in a white porcelain Oriental drinking up.

Hung:"Thank you, good sir."

The Servant bowed and left.

The queen was hesitant to speak, but she eventually got her voice together:"Sensei, do you know that our continent is in a crisis?"

Sensei Hung:"Yes. I do. That is why I am here."

Queen:"Good, because we need your help. Flywish XX has beaten every nation in Antarctica- all, except Rusca and us. That is about to change very soon."

Sensei Hung:"I am fully aware of that..."

Queen:"But please, Sensei, we, all who are left, beg you to help us! We believe that you are the only penguin left who can save Antarctica from it's fate- oh before it's too late! With your capital skills and knowledge, you can help our country and Rusca and defeat the Ligurian Dictator! Then, all the nations shall be restored and you will become Antarctica's Greatest Hero!"

Sensei Hung:"Personally, I do not care for glory and honor. But there is nothing we can do, your majesty. Puffle'and and Rusca are doomed to be in Ligurian flippers."

Queen:"Don't be so doubtful!"

Sensei Hung:"I am not doubtful, this is from the prophecies! Sensei Fuut Ga predicted Flywish XX because it's the end of everything, your Majesty!"

Queen:"I...I don't know what to say! What can we do now? We can't all die up in flames!"

Sensei Hung:"There is only one option left. Surrender."

The Queen swallowed hard and turned pale. Sweat began to appear in her curly grey locks of hair.

Queen:"What will become of us if we do?"

Sensei Hung:"Puffle'and will not be destroyed in flames like the other nations, and perhaps Flywish XX will have mercy on you and not kill you."

Queen:"Then we must. We are badly losing, and I can not afford no longer to see my citizens suffer and our Soldiers die."

Sensei Hung:"I completely understand."

Queen:"Servant? Please bring me a piece of document paper and the telephone."

The Ligurian Servant brought Flywish XX the telephone and asked:"The Queen of Puffle'and would like to converse with you."

Flywish XX:"Tell her forget it. I don't need her pleas. I will invade."

Servant:"Actually, she says that she surrenders, and she wishes that your forces stop attacking her citizens, that Puffle'and and her territories be invaded peacefully and without conflict."

Flywish XX's angry expression became somber and motioned for the servant to hand him the phone.

Flywish XX:"Hello?"

Queen:"Hello, Flywish the twentieth."

Flywish XX:"So you surrender?"

Queen:"Yes. Please spare my citizens, armies, towns, villages, and cities from harm, death, and strife."

Flywish XX:"Fine. But now you've ruined the fun in conquering!"

Queen:"It isn't fun the way you play your way of conquering. And yes, I am stepping down from my position."

Flywish XX:"Wonderful."

Queen:"Puffle'and is now yours. Arrivederci."

Hung returned to the apartment right before it began to rain.

Jock inquired:"How was the meet with the Queen?"

Hung:"Bad. We had no choice. We surrendered. The Queen didn't want any of her citizens hurt, which is understandable."

Clovis:"So what....we are Liguria now?"

Hung:"Officially, yes. However, their army has yet to come in and occupy."

Piper:"We shouldn't stay here, then."

Hung:"No, we'll be fine for now. But first, I have a trip to go to."

Jock:"Again? Where are you going now in the midst of an occupation?"

Hung:"I'm going to Asgard....or now...the Ligurian Asgard."

Jock's heart sank. He forgot about Asgard.

Jock:"I will come with you. We must save Sigurd!"

Hung:"No. I must go alone."

Jock:"But Great-grandfather, I always wanted to go on a large scale mission with you like this before. It's been two milleniums!"

Hung sighed, and knew that it was no point arguing.


As Jock and Hung began to waddle down the abnormally quiet streets of Snowdon, Jock asked:"How are we going to get to Asgard so quickly?"

Hung:"There's an old, extremely modified Spitfire aircraft that we can use to fly to Asgard in time. It can go five times the speed of sound."

The Fall of Asgard

The Spitfire dashed across the sky, and as it edged closer to the rocky mountains and the prickly green pine trees, Sensei Hung found an open meadow to land the aircraft. The two got out of the plane and immediately ran into the woods until they reached a clearing, where they discovered the stone black walls of Asgard City.

Again, the amazing carvings that spread across the stone black wall amazed Jock and Hung, even though they have been to the city before.

Several Viking Warriors popped out of the walls and began shooting arrows at them, but Jock and Hung swiftly dashed back into the forest like deer, and they began to circle around the city, looking for the city gates. Eventually, they found the gates, which were guarded by several Viking Warriors in dark armor. Jock and Hung made their presence known.

Jock:"Hello, good sirs! We have urgent news for Sigurd!"

The tallest of the viking warriors, who was also wearing thicker armor, examined Jock and Hung and said:"Foreigners aren't welcome in this city! Leave immediately or be enslaved...or killed!"

Jock:"You do not understand! Asgard is in danger of being invaded!"

Viking:"Leave Asgard, foreign Viking! And take your friend with you!"

Jock became angry, and unleashed his Sensei State on the penguin. The minute Jock entered the Sensei State, so did Sensei Hung.

Jock blasted the Viking into the stone walls with what seemed to be pure energy, for as he struck him, the area around his flippers flashed brightly.

Hung blasted fire at the archers on the wall. Immediately, the Vikings ceased to intimidate and they opened the gate to let Jock and Hung inside without question. The Sensei State faded as they walked into the city. They walked down the large, ancient road of cobblestone to Sigurd's seemingly time-resistant palace.

They entered Sigurd's palace and walked down Sigurd's velvet red carpet that led to his throne. The whole throne room was rather dark and shady, yet they could still see Sigurd sitting firmly in his elaborate chair.

Sigurd:"Who goes there?"

Sigurd stood up and lit a torch as he stepped closer to see his visitors.

Sigurd's eyes grew wide and flinched back as he yelled:"GUARDS!"

Immediately, a ton of spears surrounded the heads of Jock and Hung.

Sigurd:"Well, well, well! If it isn't Jock Hochstadt, the Viking! I thought I BANISHED you from this city long ago!"

Jock:"Yeah, you did. But we need to warn you..."

Sigurd:"You don't need to tell me anything. I have you now, and now you and your friend shall die!"

Jock:"But you are in grave danger!"

Sigurd ignored his comment as he said:"Spearmen! Ready your spears!"

Jock's face grew red as he screamed for a second time: "FUS RO DAH!"

The viking spearmen flew across the room and slammed into the columns and walls, while Sigurd slammed hardly into his throne. Jock drew his sword and pointed it at Sigurd's throat.


Sigurd had nothing to say. He was too shocked....from Jock's yell.

Sigurd:"That's...that's....impossible! That chant is MY chant! How could YOU do it?"

Jock:"Oh, I figured it out, eventually. But none of that now, man! Get ahold of yourself!"

Sigurd:"Oh, right. So you're saying this Flywish guy is going to kill me? Why, the Power of Asgard and her army shall defeat him!"

Jock:"No, he has conquered all of the Antarctic! His army shall destroy Asgard! It's prophecy! We must save you!"

Sigurd:"No. We shall stand and fight."

Hung:"And for Pete's sake, Jock, stop pointing your sword at the poor Viking King. That's exactly what Flywish XX would do."

Jock drew his sword into his scabbard again and said:"Oh, sorry about that."

Suddenly, the sound of jet planes could be heard. Sigurd, who had never been exposed to modern technology, was very intimidated and intrigued from the noise.

Jock:"Oh no. We're too late..."

Jock and Hung ran out of Sigurd's palace and looked into the skies. They could see a swarm of Ligurian helicopters and jet aircraft soaring towards them.

Jock:"What now, Great-Grandfather? Should we get out of here?"

Hung:"No. We shall stay here 'till the very end. We will guard Sigurd at all costs."

Jock nodded.

The walked back inside the palace and closed the large doors of gold.

Jock:"Archers! Protect the palace at all costs! We must not let any Ligurian in!"

The archers saluted and went to their posts.

Jock:"Other Vikings, protect your king at all cost! He shall not be killed!"

The other Vikings did as they were told and stood nearby Sigurd, who blankly sat in his throne, rubbing his head. Jock and Hung looked out the windows of the palace from the floor above.

The Ligurians stormed right through the city in a couple explosions, and numerous loud blasts of rifles could be heard. Jock knew that at this moment, several outmatched Vikings were meeting their death.

Moments later, Jock and Hung saw nearby Vikings who were charging down the streets with their swords and axes, but in a matter of seconds, they screamed in pain and fell to the floor, dead, as numerous bullets blasted through their innocent bodies. The many Ligurian soldiers rushed down the streets and began to surround the palace.

Jock:"The moment of truth has come! ARCHERS, FIRE YOUR ARROWS!"

Immediately, the archers drew their bows and shot at the Ligurian Soldiers. Several of them were hit and collapsed onto the ground, but then, thousands of bullets were soon flew at the palace, which punctured many holes and made the sound of a heavy rainfall. Jock and Hung peeked out of their hiding spot behind a column.

Hung then became tense and shoved Jock and himself off the second-story loft, when all of a sudden, the front walls of the Palace exploded from numerous grenades.

Sigurd stood up and drew his sword and ran across the palace, and swung at Flywish XX, who also had a sword.

Forgetting the safety of Sigurd, Jock and Hung drew their guns and began blasting the soldiers along with the remaining archers and Viking footsoldiers. Then, Jock and Hung dropped their weapons and entered the Sensei State again. Together, the two blasted fire at the Ligurian Soldiers, which burnt many of them and caught several on fire.

Meanwhile, Flywish XX and Sigurd swung at each other violently with their swords, ignoring the outside world.

Sigurd:"How dare you invade the city of Asgard! How did you know if it's legendary existance?"

Flywish XX:"I was a bookworm as a boy. I read the Hochstadt Gang's travels to this place. I know who you are."

Sigurd and Flywish XX got into a close sword lock and were near each other.

Sigurd:"But why? Why would you...want to destroy ME? I am your partial ancestor, the father of half the Normal Penguin race!"

Sigurd then broke the sword lock as he used the last of his strength to redirect Flywish XX's sword out of his flippers and onto the ground. Sigurd pointed his sword at Flywish XX's neck.

Flywish XX:"Because you're also the ancestor of the Khanz wretches who murdered thousands of High Penguins two thousand years ago."

Sigurd:"But it's not MY doing, for I am a High Penguin myself!"

Flywish XX:"Well, there's also another reason."

Sigurd:"And that is?"

Flywish XX:"I want power. And fame."

That moment, Flywish XX took out a concealed black pistol that was pre-loaded and shot Sigurd straight in the heart. The poor Viking King, who had never seen a pistol in his life, died instantly and without a clue.

At this moment, the sky turned blood red, and Jock and Hung were dropped out of the Sensei State. Everyone just stopped and looked at Sigurd's cadaver on the palace floor.

Jock:"Oh no...we have failed..."

Hung gravely stated:"Perhaps this too was part of the Prophecy. Now that the legendary Sigurd is dead, there will be imbalance in the Antarctic. The glory of Sigurd has now been lost to Flywish XX...."

Flywish XX laughed evilly.

Flywish XX:"I feel...stronger....more powerful than before! You're right, old man!"

Jock whispered to Hung:"What now???"

Hung:"I....I don't know..."

Flywish XX:"Now, nothing can stop me!"

Jock:"Why bother ranting about how good you are? You have already won."

Flywish XX:"No. Not yet."

Then, to everyone's surprise, Flywish XX's eyes flashed a bright white. He was in the Sensei State.


Hung:"Don't just stand there! RUN!"

Jock and Hung dashed out of the palace before Flywish XX blasted a large amount of fire at them. As they ran down the streets heading for the city walls and the woods, the Ligurian soldiers that they passed by did not care to stop them. Instead, the enraged Flywish XX in the Sensei State began running and jumping on the city rooftops like a wild gorilla, showing no mercy. At the same time, Flywish XX was also blasting unforgiving bolts of lightning, which began to catch some of the ancient Viking buildings on fire.

As the black stone city wall was in sight, Hung impulsively shoved Jock and himself behind a building, right before a massive surge of deadly blue lightning dashed down the road as it struck the large black wall. A large chunk of the black wall was blasted into large chunks of pieces; some of them landed in front of Jock and Hung.

Jock picked up and looked at the shard of the wall that was chipped. It was a scene from the wall, and it was a stone engraving of Jock and Hung themselves running away from a burning Asgard city.

Jock:"This must be a prophecy stone..."

Hung:"Well, let's fulfill it, then!"

Jock and Hung then dashed down the street, through the giant gap between the destroyed walls, and disappeared into the thickness of the forest. Flywish XX exited the Sensei State. He wasn't going to bother to get them anymore. What else could they do?

Bacchus Realizing his Brother's Death

The blood red sky appeared in all parts of Antarctica, including the island of Snowprus. Bacchus, who was forced to hide in the Snowpriot wilderness in fear of getting murdered by Flywish XX, immediately took notice of the strange colored sky. Only he knew what it meant. His daughter, Aphrodite, and her son, Eros, were baffled.

Aphrodite:"What has happened to the sky? What does it mean?"

Bacchus:"It is the end. My brother is dead, slayed by the flippers of Flywish XX, who is now his successor."

There was utter silence as everyone looked into the sky.

Bacchus:"Now, the Antarctic will fall out of balance. Nevertheless, the sky will return to normal a month or so."

Eros:"So all that we know is coming to an end?"

Bacchus:"Yes. Just as the Sensei Fuut Ga had predicted."

The Separation

Hung and Jock returned to Snowdon in due time.

Clovis:"I'm guessing the mission didn't go so well?"

Hung:"No. It did not."

Jock:"Sigurd is dead."

Leonardo:"What now?"

Hung:"Well, now that Asgard is out of the way, the Ligurian Army is going to officially reach Puffle'and and start organizing everything. We will soon be put into those nasty class systems."

Jock:"Surely we won't be separated?"

Hung:"There may be a possibility."

Piper:"Uh, I think they're probably going to capture us and put us to death. That's what XTUX would want."

Hung:"Perhaps, but we are weak. We can not do anything anymore to stop Flywish XX. We will be forgotten, don't worry."

It was a few days later. the Ligurian Soldiers briskly walked down every silent street and alley in Snowdon.

It was a decent afternoon when Clovis was in the living room, reading a novel. Feeling bored, Jock decided to juggle Leonardo and Piper like juggling balls, to their amusement. Gottfried and Aravis took a nap. Hung was sitting in one of the chairs, looking out the window that viewed the sad rooftops of Snowdon. It was a cloudy day, and everything outside seemed grey. Small stacks of smoke piped out from the town homes nearby.

Then, a shrill whistle was heard. Hung knew what this meant.

Immediately bullets shattered their windows, and in a flash of a second, Hung grabbed the two puffles and put them on his shoulders while he grabbed Jock's flipper and ran up into the basement before anyone had time to think. A series of grapple hooks locked onto the broken windowsills, and a crowd of Ligurian Soldiers bombarded the apartment buildings, taking Clovis, Aravis, and Gottfried as hostages. As quickly as they had arrived, the soldiers took Clovis and Aravis away, taking them away. Meanwhile, Gottfried was also taken away, although going a different direction than Clovis and Aravis.

Nevertheless, several of the soldiers stayed in the house, and they began stabbing their bayonets into anywhere that they believed that more penguins or puffles were hiding. They also began to search every drawer in the house for any useful goods. Then, they marched into the basement as they slammed open the hatch.

It was no use hiding. Hung and Jock stood up, raising their flippers into the air. Leonardo and Piper stayed on Hung's shoulders.

Hung:"We surrender."

The two Ligurians looked at each other, seemingly debating with each other in Italian about what they should do with them. One of them looked at Jock's Viking outfit and Hung's Sensei outfit and snickered.

Ligurian Soldier 1:"No, signore. These should obviously be proles."

Ligurian Soldier 2:"Sí. You all are coming with us."

Jock and Hung continued to keep their flippers in the air as they walked out of the house with the soldier's bayonets behind their necks. They were then hauled into a truck filled with other poorer penguins and puffles of low status such as them.

The BoF

Now, the only barrier left was the Bureau of Fiction. Luckily enough, XTUX was an expert about it, and Flywish XX had him accompany him on their final battle. The two triumphantly rode in an open limousine that was surrounded by hundreds of soldiers and police escorts. Penguins and puffles from around the city gathered around to watch them pass down the streets of South Pole City in style.

Flywish XX waved cheerfully in front of his subjects pridefully.

Flywish XX:"Where do we need to go?"

XTUX:"To the borough of Metro."

Flywish called the driver, saying:"Take us to the Metro Borough."

Driver:"What street?"

XTUX:"The Intersection of West and 4th street."

Driver:"Got it."

The Driver then drove them over to intersection, and dropped them off at the curb of West Road. Soldiers and Police began to fence off and barricade the streets from onlookers and traffic.

Flywish XX looked around.

"Where is it?"

XTUX:"That sign right there that has instructions on when to cross and when not to cross the street."

Flywish XX:"Clever. I don't see any secret button or anything."

XTUX took out his ID card and swiped it across the sign. A faint beep occurred.

Flywish XX:"Soldiers! It's working! Arm your weapons and get ready to invade!"

Grey tanks began to roll down the streets towards the intersection.

XTUX then pressed the crosswalk button four times. Another faint beep was heard.

Then, a nearby manhole melted away into thin air.

XTUX:"That's it."


Immediately, a bunch of Ligurian Soldiers jumped into the manhole with their rifles loaded. XTUX jumped, then Flywish XX, and finally more Ligurian Soldiers with various rifles and machine guns.

Director Omega, the distant ancestor of Director Benny, was sleeping in his chair in his office desk. His laptop was still on and running. Then, he suddenly woke up when his locked door was broken open by the grenades of the Ligurian Soldiers. Before he could react, Director Omega was blown out of his chair by a multitude of bullets.

Flywish XX then walked up and took the laptop, and he changed the password immediately. The whole Fanon Universe and the BoF was under his command.

Flywish XX:"Finally. It is done."

Flywish then folded the laptop and put it in his satchel, along with the two buttons that were attached to the USB chords.

Flywish XX:"Thanks, XTUX. The rest of the place is yours. You could make it your palace, for all I care."

XTUX:"Thank you, Papa Flywish XX."

Flywish XX left the room with the soldiers, carrying away Director Omega's body.

XTUX was alone in the room that once was home to Director Benny two milleniums ago. He then noticed that one of the desk drawers were open.

It was empty, except for a single remote that had only one red button.

XTUX was not hesitant to push it.

Immediately, a hidden portion of the wall opened up to reveal a large rack of old DVDs.

XTUX cautiously looked at it. He could tell it was Director Omega's collection of some vintage show, probably.

He picked the first DVD holder out of the rack and read the title.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic- Season One (Includes Pilot)"

XTUX knew that Omega must have stole all these DVDs from beyond the 4th Wall.

XTUX:"Wow. It's not until now that I realize that I have finally fulfilled my whole purpose. I'm the second most powerful penguin in Antarctica....I guess I've got time to watch this...even though it's kind of girly....JUST TO KNOW WHY DIRECTOR OMEGA HAS SO MANY VIDEOS OF THIS PONY SHOW."

Thus, XTUX placed the DVD into the nearest TV and began watching the first episode.

All this conquering and events happened in the year of 3990.

Chapter 6:The Escape

It was a somewhat warm day in January, the year 4000. It was the beginning of the Forty-first century. It had been over 9 years since families in Snowdon and other cities had been separated. Things seemed happier back then.

These days, Clovis had nearly forgotten about his past as a King. He was nothing but a simple janitor for one of the Government buildings. He didn't make much money. No one really did. Aravis was lucky enough to work in the offices as a newspaper editor. Clovis was grateful that his daughter still lived with him and cooked for him with the rationed food that the Government provided. Living the life of an Outer-Party Member was not fun.

As he finished another day of work, Clovis walked down the streets until he reached his apartment complex, Victoria's Mansions. He walked into the complex. He could already smell the smell of old boiled cabbages. He hated the Ligurian food rationing in Puffle'and that has lasted not long after he was separated from the Hochstadt Gang years ago.

That day, he weakly climbed up the stairs of the apartment building, and he eventually reached his apartment, where he already found his daughter, Aravis, cooking his dinner for him. As usual, Flywish XX's ingenious Telescreen was blaring Pro-Government propaganda. Clovis really wished that the two way television had an off button.

By now, Clovis and Aravis, as well as the rest of the Hochstadt Gang respectively, had developed Puffish Accents.

Clovis:"Hullo, dear. I'm back from work. Boy, I'm knackered."

Aravis:"Well, try to pull through. You don't want the telescreen yelling at you not to dose off."

Clovis:"I guess so. I'll just watch some of the telescreen."

Clovis sat down on the beat up couch. Aravis gave Clovis his cup of diluted rationed coffee and a bowl of cabbage and fish stew. She then sat down next to him with her food, also watching the telescreen's news announcements.

Clovis:"Eh. I feel like going on a stroll after dinner. Want to come?"

Aravis:"It's still light outside. I suppose so."

Thus, the two finished their bowls quickly and left their apartment immediately. They were refreshed to feel the cold breeze in the air.

Clovis:" about we go somewhere new for a change?"

Aravis:"What do you mean?"

Clovis:"When was the last time we went onto the Prole side of town?"

Aravis:"Father, that's not..."

Clovis:"Oh, forget those bums. There are that part of Town. We won't be there long. Perhaps get a feel for what it's like for them?"


The two then walked deeper into Snowdon, where the streets became narrower and of cobblestone. Some raggedy clothed proles watched them as they passed through the neighborhood.

Aravis then felt the liberty to finally mask her face with her scarf as the wind grew colder. The Proles eventually grew bored again and Clovis and Aravis were left to themselves. They noticed several of the Prole men waddling down the street to a nearby Pub in the distance.

They walked over to see several of the Proles inside, heartily drinking cream soda. Real Cream Soda.... not the fake diluted chemicals that were rationed for the Outer Party Members. The Proles were the main access to agriculture, and they were lucky enough to occasionally receive some higher quality Inner Party food from the Black Market. Nevertheless, the Proletarians were in poverty. Clovis was sure that they'd have the Cream Soda at a cheap price.

Clovis and Aravis walked into the pub, and to their surprise, they saw a drunk Jock dancing on the table to someone's accordion. The majority of the penguins in the room were clapping him on as he danced on top of the wooden table with a half full glass of pink coloured Cream Soda. Piper, Leonardo, and Sensei Fut were not to far away, cheering him on as if they were at a bar fight.

Jock was reenacting a multitude of dances from around the Antarctic, much to the amusement of the crowd of Proles.

Clovis:"By Jove!"

Aravis:"Goodness! Looks like we've got hope after all!"

Jock stopped dancing the moment he saw Clovis and Aravis standing at the door post, watching him. Everyone also stopped clapping and looked at Clovis and Aravis.

Jock:"Clovis??? Aravis???"

Clovis:"Jock! By Jove it really is you! You're a prole?"

Jock:"Yeah. Those soldiers thought we weren't much. We've lived in this building with a couple other inmates. We basically fixed up this rusty old pub once we moved in. Look how popular it has become."

Clovis:"Jock. We need to talk."

Jock:"Yeah. Sure. All right you blokes, git of the pub and hit the sack!"

The proles waved good bye to Jock, some patting his back, and left the pub in their cheery fashion.

Jock:"So what's up, Clovis? I haven't seen you in years!"

Clovis:"I'm an Outer Party Member. So is Aravis. We live together."

Jock:"At least you weren't rounded up alone."


Clovis:"Yes, great-great-grandfather?"

Hung:"I apologize for me not helping Aravis and you when we were ambushed. I impulsively grabbed whoever was close to me."

Clovis:"That's ok. I am fine with that. But we need to focus on now. I think we really need an escape plan...we really need to get out of here. Escape."

Jock:"Agreed. Say, perhaps we can meet in the Countryside? Here, I've got a plan."

Clovis:"Tell me."

Jock:"Here's what: Take the normal train westbound. Wait past 5 train stations. At the sixth, leave the train. You should be on the countryside."

Clovis:"What'll be the name of the place?"

Jock:"Overton station. Once you get off, go north until you reach the old abandoned mill that's about a mile up north. There will be a dirty brown road that will lead you there from the tracks. The mill will be tucked in the woods."

Clovis:"How capital. It's a splendid plan."

Jock:"By the you know where Gottfried is, by any chance?"

Clovis:"I don't know. I haven't seen him anywhere."

Jock:"We need to find him first."

Clovis:"Yes, sir."

Jock:"From the mill, we'll hatch our overall escape plan. But first, we need to find Gottfried, then; that should be our main priority."

Clovis:"I shall find him out soon. I'll meet you again."

Jock:"See ya, Clovis and Aravis. Stay safe."

Aravis:"Good night."

Clovis and Aravis left the pub into the darkness of the cold night. The street lamps in the prole section did not seem to work. The flurries of winter snow caused Aravis to visage her face with her scarf once more.

The Knight

It was the next day. Clovis was in the Ligurian Government building, and as usual, he was cleaning the building as it's Janitor. However, today would double his task load....the other janitor of the building, who cleaned the rooms of the Inner Party Members, was imprisoned for theft. Thus, Clovis was given the strenuous job of cleaning the whole building himself. Today would be the first day he would ever step into the legendary offices of the Inner Party Members, the High Class of society.

It was a rarity for any Outer Party member to visit any of the Inner Party offices, but when they did, it was often for discreet meetings. Soon enough, Clovis was given a special key pass that allowed him to access the Inner Party's part of the building. When he first entered, Clovis could see that the two top stories of the building were much more high end. Each office was it's own room that were separated by walls as if they were apartment rooms, and the hallways were fancily decorated with antique hall lamps and expensive red carpets.

Clovis then arrived to the first office room, which had the office holder's name on it. Clovis jumped in fright when he read the name, and he stumbled onto the floor next to his vacuum cleaner.

Clovis murmured:"Gottfried!"

Clovis calmly knocked on the door.

At first, no one answered. Clovis knocked again. This time, the door unlocked and opened up a crack. Gottfried did not peek out the door to see who it was.

Gottfried:"Who is it? Don't you Outer Party Members know that Inner Party Members have their rest hour at this time?"

Clovis:"I'm sorry sir, but I'm the Janitor. May I have permission to clean your room?"

Gottfried:"You don't sound like the usual Janitor. Although I heard he's been executed since he confessed to his transgressions, the other day."

Clovis:"Yes. I was given the responsibility the clean the Inner Party floors now, as I usually clean the Outer Party office rooms."

Gottfried:"Good for you. I'm sure you find this a great honour."

Clovis:"Most certainly! I am...anyways..."

Gottfried:"No. You should have known that the Janitor doesn't come until AFTER hours. It's strict policy. Good day to you, sir!"

With that, Gottfried slammed the door.

Clovis's face turned red as he went into a fit. He banged on Gottfried's door and yelled:"GOTTFRIED! IT'S ME! CLOVIS! LET ME IN!"

Gottfried unlocked his door again and swung it open. Clovis, who was leaning and banging on the door, fell down onto the floor.

Gottfried:"CLOVIS! You're ALIVE!"

Clovis stood up and slapped Gottfried.

Clovis:"I'm also the Janitor, you..."

Nevertheless, Gottfried recovered and embraced his cousin as they reunited.

Gottfried:"Oh wait, what am I doing...Clovis, get inside immediately."

Gottfried seized Clovis and tossed him into his office, along with his typical janitorial cleaning supplies.

Clovis sat up and took a good view around him. Gottfried's office was one large suite, that contained a colossal desk, a luxury leather chair, a high tech computer, a small conference table for four people (one chair for Gottfried himself, which was distinguished with it's higher end appearance), and a comfortable red sofa and brown coffee table that was at the other side of the room that gave a spectacular view of the whole city of Snowdon through the spotless windows that replaced the whole wall.

Most importantly, there was a giant telescreen that had two knobs on it....

Gottfried locked his front door, and dashed to the blaring telescreen. Gottfried crouched down and turned one of the knobs. The eternal telescreen, with it's never-ending dialogue of Government Propaganda, was shut off as it turned pitch black.

Clovis:"YOU....YOU....You turned it off!"

Gottfried:"Inner Party Members have that luxury, but only for a couple hours or so. Otherwise, I'll get in trouble."


Gottfried:"Now we can have a jaw without any onlookers, yes?"

Clovis:"Yes. Anyways, I have urgent news to tell you."


Clovis:"I met with Jock and the others yesterday. They're proles."

Gottfried's face turned grave.

Gottfried:"Oh my. It must be horrible."

Clovis:"Well, they run a successful Prole Pub. They're somewhat impoverished, but they're free from any government interference."

Gottfried:"Yes. The Papa does not care much for the Proletarians. The Government does not find them a threat, as they are the low class in our society."

Clovis:"Yes...anyways, Gottfried, Jock and I have devised a plan to escape this nightmare."

Gottfried:"You have?"

Clovis:"Yes. Jock wants us to meet at this place called the 'Overton Mill'."

Gottfried:"Ok. How do I get there?"

Clovis:"Jock said that you need to take the westbound train and pass 5 stations. The sixth station should be Overton Station. Afterwards, leave the train, and nearby the train station, there should be some sort of dirt path that leads from the railroad tracks into the forest. Jock said to walk that path up north for about a mile. He said the mill is tucked into the woods."

Gottfried:"That sounds like a good time. However, we must all leave the train station at a different time. I strongly advise not to go together as a group, just in case if we get followed."


Gottfried:"Meanwhile, I'll schedule a day very soon. Perhaps in 3 days or so? I can have you pardoned that day along with myself..."

Clovis:"And my daughter as well?"

Gottfried:"Oh, she works here too?"


Gottfried:"Yes. Then Aravis shall be pardoned that day with you and I as well. Don't worry."


Overton Railroad.png

Clovis, sat patiently on the train while looking out the window to admire the green forest and pastures of Puffle'and. He never left Snowdon ever since the fateful day when the Ligurians invaded. Aravis, who was tired out from the day before from working extra hours, was sleeping peacefully on Clovis's shoulders. Clovis put his arm around his daughter. He tried his best to ignore the somewhat rowdy proles who bickered and laughed loudly now and then.

Then, the conductor turned on the train's intercom and announced: "Overton Station, next stop! Overton Station!"

Clovis nudged Aravis awake.

Clovis:"Aravis. We're almost here."

Aravis yawned and said:"Finally."

The Train slowed down and pulled to a stop. Clovis and Aravis got up and stepped out of the train quickly, for they had no belongings to bring with them. After all, everything in their apartment was owned by the government.

They watched as their train left.

Aravis:"Where now?"

Clovis surveyed the empty tracks. The other proles that were moving about the station did not bother to notice them standing in the middle of the platform like statues. A little ways down the road, Clovis noticed the small pathway that led to the tracks not far off from the station.

Clovis:"Follow me, Aravis."

Clovis and Aravis left the station and onto the parking lot. They went through a few trees and brush to the railroad tracks. Clovis looked both ways before crossing, and so did Aravis. They then made their way down the small dirt path while looking behind themselves frequently, checking to make sure no one was following them.

They soon walked into the lush green forest. After a couple minutes, they found the partially destroyed mill, which was a run down building made of brick. It seemed like it was abandoned for a couple centuries at the most.

Everyone had already arrived, and they embraced and hugged Clovis and Aravis when they arrived. Gottfried had brought higher end food for everyone to savor while sitting at an old table inside the mill.

Gottfried:"Good. We're all here, and safe from any dangerous eyes. Now we can discuss freely."

Clovis:"We need to escape."

Jock:"I agree. I don't think we can stay here anymore. Perhaps we should find a secret, uninhabited island we should go to where we can hide away..."

Aravis:"I don't know why we're still alive. It's a curse, really. I wish we were with our loved ones."

Hung:"Don't we all? But we must focus on the time being."

Clovis:"Exactly. So..first escape plan. How should we get out of here?"

Hung:"I have one. Although we will need to escape as soon as possible."

Jock:"Sure. Why would we want to stay here anymore, anyways?"

Hung:"So here's the plan. Jock, do you remember that Spitfire we flew with to Asgard?"

Jock:"Yes, of course."

Hung:"In the hangar next to it, I saw a double-sized version of that same Spitfire model, which should carry all of us out of here. It looks really high tech and extra modified."

Jock:"I guess that Spitfire may be our only way out of here, then."

Gottfried:"Good. Let's put our plan into action. From here, we'll have to separate again, but this time, we will have to take the train to the Snowdon Hearth Airport. We'll all meet at the passenger bus stop. We shouldn't go too close to the airport, since only permitted individuals are allowed inside."

Clovis:"And from there we walk to the hangar, I suppose?"




Clovis:"Can I fly the Spitfire?"


Clovis:"And Piper?"


Clovis:"Want to be the co-pilot of the aircraft?"

Piper:"Yes please."

Absolute Power

While the Hochstadt Gang planned their escape, Flywish XX continued to enjoy his endless amount of wealth and prosperity. By now, Flywish XX had a round belly, and he usually had his servant carry him around in whatever he sat. He only walked when going to the bathroom to brush his teeth, only to have another servant to do all the brushing for him. Seemingly every day, a clerk would report the numerous penguins and puffles who were caught and excecuted for treason. Eventually Flywish XX didn't even care.

As Flywish XX was enjoying a foot massage with his female masseuse, whom he knew very well and had many conversations with.

Flywish XX:"You know, It's been many years since I finally took over the whole Antarctic. I haven't heard anything of that treacherous Hochstadt Gang. I wonder if they're dead."

Masseuse:"What about that other friend of yours...the red cyborg?"

Flywish XX:"XTUX? I..I don't know. I haven't seen him in years. I don't know what he is up to."

Friendship is Magic

In the former Royal Palacio of Castilla, XTUX sat in his comfortable sofa, re-watching another My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Movie over again. He had gotten addicted the minute he started watching the movies, and through the years, he tried to rid himself of the addiction. It worked for a long time, until just recently, when XTUX was back to watching and re-watching the cartoons. Not only did XTUX get attracted by the show, but also his servants, who would only leave the room when XTUX sent them to do tasks.

It was a cloudy day, and XTUX finished re-watching another episode. His cyborg eyes were redder than usual and he felt fatigued. All he had on his mind was that show. Nothing else. The servants got up from the floor, yawning from watching a lot of the television, and resumed their normal duties.

XTUX:"Oh, I wish they made more...oh why..."

XTUX fell asleep and took a nap. Day turned into night.

A chill breeze alerted his cyborg mind and woke him up.

The room and the rest of the palace were completely dark except for a few lights that were scattered around.

XTUX sat up and looked around.

A cold voice then said:"XTUX."

XTUX looked around.

XTUX:"Who...who is there?"

Out of the shadows appeared a giant white horse with a flowing rainbow colored mane, a unicorn horn, Pegasus wings, and a crown.


Celestia:"You are correct."

XTUX:"BUT YOU DONT EXIST! Equestria doesn't exist!"

Celestia:"Yes, I do, XTUX. I am from a different dimention. Don't you know that?"

XTUX pondered for a moment and then nodded his head.

XTUX:"Well, how did you get here?"

Celestia:"That's not important right now...."

XTUX:"Ok, Well, Why are you here?"

Celestia:"I am dissappointed in you. You have fallen in love with the show; you even listened to the morals they offered...but you never took the advice. Young XTUX, it was I who put those DVDs in Director Omega's office that fateful day."

XTUX:"But...but WHY?"

Celestia:"So you can fulfill your destiny."

XTUX:"What destiny? My destiny has come true! I'm rich, powerful, and the dreaded Hochstadt Gang is defeated in scorn!"

Celestia:"Why can you not see your transgressions? You have lived under the illusion of Evil for two milleniums! Why can you not change and have good heart? XTUX, it breaks your friends hearts to see you this way."

XTUX:"My friends???"

Celestia:"Austin and Swiss Ninja. Both of them had a change of heart before they tasted death. They hope you do the same. They regret all they did."

XTUX:"What do I have to regret now? All I did was try to hunt the Hochstadt Gang many times...and I did help Flywish XX conquer Antarctica....but that wasn't bad..."

Celestia:"You don't know what happened after that?"

XTUX:"No. I got busy with the television to notice."

Celestia:"The penguin you helped promote has become a ruthless dictator. His intended 'Socialist' ideas have overturned the economy and all citizens are his forever slaves. Others are poor as dirt. XTUX, hundreds of Penguins and Puffles die every day from starvation! This is what you helped to create!"

XTUX looked down. He then realized the accumulated wrongdoings of his whole lifespan until now. True, watching the television show had softened him, but it made his past actions clear to him.

XTUX:"I am of fault! What am I to do now? How am I going to defeat Flywish XX now? He is too powerful!"

Celestia:"There is only one option."


Celestia:"You will have to activate the clone missle of The Humongously Insane Super Weapon in Waffleland and target it at Flywish's Palace at South Pole City."


Celestia:"As it has been foretold."

XTUX cringed.

XTUX:"So my destiny is basically to end the world?!?"

Celestia:"It is."

XTUX:"But why?"

Celestia:"That will be the only way to stop Flywish XX, Dictator of Antarctica and self-appointed Master of the Universe."


Celestia:"And so we can end all the sufferings of the helpless citizens."

XTUX sighed deeply.

XTUX:"Very well. I shall do it. But how will I get there without suspicion?"

Celestia:"Simple. I will take you there. Hop onto my back. I have enough wingpower to last the flight to Waffleland. Quick, the dawn approaches soon! That is when I am stronger."

XTUX:"Ok. I have never ridden a pony...or a horse...before..."

XTUX climbed upon Princess Celestia's back. Celestia dashed through the quiet halls of the palace and broke into King Clovis's old bedroom. From there, she opened the doors to the balcony, spread her wings, and flew off into the sky. XTUX tensely gripped Celestia's mane when they were in the air, but he began to relax as he saw the morning sunlight dance across the Castillan countryside and towns.

Take The Spitfire

The Snowdon Hearth Airport was quietly bustling the normal military aircraft and the well patrolled Buisness jets. Gottfried and Clovis were the first to stick their heads out of the bushes nearby the airport fence to see if they could find the hangar of where the giant Spitfire could be found.

Clovis:"Where's Jock?"

Gottfried:"Right behind us."

Jock's head popped his head out of the bush.

Jock:"God ye good-den."

Gottfried:"Hey, that's my greeting phrase.'

Clovis:" Jock, where's the hangar located?"

Jock:"Do you have any binoculars?"

Clovis:"Yeah. Here."

Clovis handed Jock the Binoculars. Jock peered into them and began to scour the airport scenery.

Jock:"I see it. It's on the other side."

Gottfried:"Good. Let's still keep a low profile. We can still reach that hangar without getting caught. I still see some forest next to it."

Jock:"There is."

The rusty grey doors of the aircraft hanger swung open as two of the Hochstadt Gang members pulled on both doors. Jock rushed into the hangar and turned the lights on. The giant modified Spitfire aircraft stood shiny and somewhat dusty, although seemingly untouched.

Clovis:"Check to make sure that thing still has fuel."

Jock:"Got it."

Hung approached the Spitfire and unlocked it's pedestrian doors. Clovis and Piper went inside and sat at the Pilot and Co-Pilot seats. They began testing the controls.

Clovis:"All right. The aircraft is ready to fly. Jock, open the large Hangar Doors for the aircraft so we can take off!"

Jock ran to the control panel on the other side of the hangar and pressed a red button that opened the hangar main doors.

Clovis started the engine, and the propellars began to spin.

Gottfried looked out the Hangar in the distance to see a squad of Ligurian Soldiers running right towards them.


Gottfried, Aravis, Hung, and Leonardo jumped into the plane.

Jock still sood at the doorway of the Hangar, talking a look around the Puffish scenery before going.


Jock turned around and ran for the plane. Gottfried grabbed his flipper and pulled him into the airplane. Hung closed and locked the door. Clovis began to taxi the airplane out of the hangar. The Soldiers were only a few meters away.

The Soldiers took out their rifles and started loading them.

Leonardo:"They're blocking our way!"

Clovis:"No they're not."

Clovis accelerated the aircraft right towards the soldiers. Many of them immediately moved out of the way, others were subject to the giant wheels of the aircraft.


Aravis covered her face. Clovis taxied onto the runway and took off immediately.

Gottfried:"Don't look back, Jock. Look ahead."

Clovis:"Well...where are we flying to?"

Piper:"You guys don't know yet?"

Gottfried:"We can not stay in Antarctica any longer. We will be murdered if we do. We must leave."

Jock:"So Fuut Ga was right. The prophecy of us being banished from Antarctica forever has come."

Hung:"I have dreaded this day. It is now that our world shall end."

Jock:"I will miss you, Antarctica, and your splendorous islands, cities, and nature. Adieu."

Clovis:"Well...If we can't be in the North?"


As they continued to fly north, the sight of any of the Ninja Archipelago islands disappeared.

Jock:"We are entering uncharted waters."

Clovis:"In a few moments, we will be leaving the known explored areas of the Antarctic."

Piper:"So we're basically leaving the continent boundaries?"

Clovis:"Pretty much."



That second, there was a flash, and the aircraft shook as if it flew out of a bubble.

Gottfried:"Woah...what just happened?"

Clovis:"It felt like...."

Jock:"We left some sort of Temporal pocket...that seems to be surrounding our whole continent..."

Hung:"What is that land I see ahead?"

Clovis:"It is the land beyond our familiar Tierra del Fuego. Some say it is a dangerous place, although it is the true homeland of the Puffle race."

Leonardo:"They call it Argentina, I hear. Although this is not it. The Puffles originated from the Pampas, which were beautiful grasslands. Because of a great famine, Puffles do not exist in the Pampas no longer."

Clovis:"I have a gut feeling...that we are going the wrong direction."

Gottfried:"Me too..."

Jock:"Then where should we go?"

Clovis:"I think we need to go to the east more...."


Clovis:"I hear a whispering voice..."

Gottfried:"I hear it too."

Jock:"I think we all do..."


Jock:" sounds like Fuut Ga's voice!"

Hung:"His ghost must be guiding us."

Leonardo:"What is Meggido?"

Jock:"Clovis, try the GPS system...."

Clovis typed the word into the GPS.

Only one result came up.

Clovis:"Mount Meggido. It's...a mountain...."


Clovis:"It's far off. We should stop in that place called Africa for refueling. This aircraft runs on natural gas and solar I think we should be fine. We will just land in a remote area so we don't find any trouble."

Chapter 7:Moment of Truth

In the depths of Waffleland, two guards carelessly stood in front of the main entrance of an ancient green hangar. One of them seemed half asleep.

Then, out of nowhere, the giant winged horse and XTUX landed in front of them.

XTUX:"Part ways and let us through, gentlemen! For it is I, XTUX!"

The two soldiers just stared at the large whit horse as they stepped aside from the entrance doors.

XTUX ran into the control room.

XTUX:"I can't do this....I can't end everything...this is ludicrous...."

The words of Celestia echoed through his mind.

"It is destiny. It will end the forever suffering of the citizens."

XTUX didn't want to waste another minute. He turned on the controls. With the GPS, XTUX targeted the Supermissle straight for the center of South Pole City....Flywish XX's palace.

XTUX slammed the green button. the roof of the warehouse opened up, the superweapon was raised at an angle, and fired immediately with enough strong force to blow XTUX to the other side of the control room.

XTUX got up and ran outside. The two soldiers were also thrown to the ground, and Celestia was nowhere to be seen.

As usual, Flywish XX was in his palace, strolling around at the new gallery of art that he had bought for himself.

Servant:"Which one should go in your bedroom, Papa Flywish XX?"

Flywish XX:"That large portrait of myself."

Servant:"How about the dining room?"

Flywish:"That medium sized portait of myself."

Servant:"And in the bathroom?"

Flywish XX:"That smaller portrait of myself."

Servant:"Sir, you have a superb taste in art."

Flywish XX:"Thank you."

Suddenly, there was a harsh beeping sound coming from Flywish XX's bedroom.


Servant:"I'm not sure!"

The servant and two soldiers ran into Flywish's bedroom.

The Servant dashed out of the bedroom and hollered:"That stupid BoF laptop!"

Flywish XX:"What?"

Flywish XX rushed into his bedroom and took hold of the stolen laptop that had once belonged to Director Benny two milleniums ago.

Servant:"What's the matter with it?"


Flywish XX:"Uh...what is it talking about? Stupid machine..."

Flywish XX impatiently walked out onto the balcony with the laptop still in his hand. Surely enough, Flywish XX clearly saw the T.H.I.S. missle replica heading straight for his palace.


Flywish XX flipped open his laptop, intending to click "Disapprove", until all of a sudden, the swift white mass that was Princess Celestia dashed across the balcony and slapped the laptop out of Flywish XX's flippers. The laptop flew out onto the garden, where it crashed with a thud and smashed into many metal pieces.

Flywish XX:"AAAAH! WE'RE....SO...."

At that moment, the giant green nuke flew right at Flywish XX, and crashed through the whole palace. The second it touched the ground, it detonated.


In a matter of seconds, the impact of the super weapon swept across the whole South Pole City, immediately disintegrating everything and turning it into a hostile field of ice and snow. In a matter of minutes, it began to reach the coasts of Antarctica, wiping out and burning every single living creature and building on the continent.

As XTUX viewed the billowing smoke ahead, he looked to the blue sky and smiled. The two soldiers trembled in fear and jumped for cover. A few seconds later, the impact reached them, and XTUX and the two soldiers were also subject to becoming dust like the rest of the life on Antarctica.

The impact of the Nuclear explosion was so big that the Hochstadt Gang saw the whole thing unravel minutes after leaving the Temporal Pocket. Hopefully enough, the Temporal Pocket prevented the explosion from going any further.

Little did the Hochstadt Gang know of the outcome of the continent. Now, the Continent and all it's islands were bare; there was not a single spec of life on it. Everything was covered in either snow and ice, including the islands that were not snow covered before. The Ninja Archipelago and neighboring Waffleland suffered a worse fate than the mainland; the explosion was so bad on the Ninja Archipelago islands that it caused the ocean to swallow up the islands, eliminating them from existence.

The Hochstadt Gang soon were approaching their destination, Mount Megiddo.

Hung:"I can sense that the end is near. I have had a revelation that the Antarctic has been completely destroyed not long after we left."

Clovis:"Then there's no going back, right?"


As they looked around, they could see billows of smoke ahead.

Clovis:"That doesn't look good."

Jock:"Then let's go around it..."

Piper:"But that's directly where we need to be going...."

Clovis:"I'll start descending."

As they got closer, they could see hordes of tanks and soldiers charging at each other. Other aircraft began flying around everywhere, blasting each other.

Then, in what seemed like a split second, one of the foreign aircraft blew up the Spitfire's left wing.

Leonardo:"AHHH! We're hit!"

Clovis:"Get into crash positions!"

Piper:"Oh, who cares about that? Just say that we should prepare to crash..."

Clovis:"I'm going to prepare to land the best I can..."

Piper:"The destination is in sight!"

Clovis descended the plane, trying his best trying to keep it level while continuing to descend. Clovis released the wheels and landed. The plane began to go out of control, and it violently spun around not too far from Mount Megiddo before it stopped.

Everyone sighed in relief. They were amazed that they were still alive.

Jock:"What now?"

Gottfried:"I guess we are to climb to the top of the mountain."

Clovis:"Let's make it quick. I don't want to get involved in this...action..."

The gang opened the aircraft and began to dash up the small mountain. When they reached the top, they were able to see all the action that was going on through the whole valley.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a fog began to form, and it shrouded the Hochstadt Gang's view from seeing the valley. Clovis grabbed Aravis's flipper in fear. Everyone decided to stay close. The fog became so thick that they could only see a few feet around them.

Gottfried:"Peculiar! This is fog...not even smells damp and moist...yet somehow...appealing..."

Jock:"Something strange is happening."

The Hochstadt Gang could see the sun's rays beam through the fog, producing a soft light. A pleasurable feeling overtook the whole group, and they all began to hold flippers in a circle. They could no longer feel the ground on their feet.

Clovis:"Is this really happening? Are we...finally going home?"

Hung looked up and smiled.

Hung:"Yes, Clovis. We're going home."

The sound of sweet music danced through the air with melodies so ambrosial that excitement filled through the whole group. Something that sounded like this, only better:

Soon, they started seeing the lights of candles.

And faces.

Familiar Faces.

Clovis smiled as he saw his adopted son, Flywish XI, and the original Flywish I, together and happy. There was Austin and XTUX, who were celebrating the Hochstadt Gang's arrival, and there was Swiss Ninja....who was in his Water Ninja uniform, the symbol of his transformation from evil to good that happened so long ago.

At last, Clovis, Jock, Gottfried, Piper, Leonardo, Aravis, and Hung were reunited with their loved ones.

And now, they could never be separated.