The Three Pieteers

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The Three Pieteers
The Three Pieteers.png
The official insignia after the fourth generation's first mission.
Name The Three Pieteers
Type Hero group
Location Shiverpool, Yowien Sea
Head Bonny1 Pie currently
Job Saving the day
Members The Pie Family
Headquarters Old building in Yow Kingdom.

The Three Pieteers are three penguins that battle crime, and are government spies. They are the warriors of The Pie Family, and each generation of male penguins must join it. They have been hired by many different countries in the past, the current one being Yow Kingdom.


1st Generation/The Great Years[edit]

The Three Pieteers were founded by Feey1's great grandpa: Great Grandpa Hendricks Pie. However Hendricks did not have any brothers, and therefore made the Pieteers with his two best friends. The Pieteers were spies during the Khanzem period, and even met Whoot Smackler Whoot in person. They were considered the very reason that the Khanzem was destroyed, and many believed this to be fact. The Pieteers, in fact, were one of the best heroes in Antarctica, then when the Pieteers got old it was time for another generation to take over. So Hendrick handed the Pieteers to Zayne Pie

2nd Generation/The Horrible Years[edit]

This is known as the worst generation, for Zayne did absolutely did nothing. He did not have brothers, but had plenty of friends. Even though he was cut out for it, he did nothing for the Pieteers. Instead he became a bounty hunter, and worked for whoever paid him. He had completely forgot about the Pieteers, until one day he was moving. He was looking through his stuff, and came upon a box of pictures. The pictures were of his father, in the Pieteers. Zayne was too old, so he gave the position to Garmield Pie.

3rd Generation/Some Assembly Required[edit]

Like his father, Garmield did absolutely nothing. He didn't like fighting, and put pride in sewing. So Garmield gave the position to his brothers, which already had the position. There were only three brothers, so they had a pet puffle join. The Pieteers were much better, and were almost as good as the 1st generation. They worked for the Waeter(Water) Kingdom, and did a great job. However, most of their work was done undercover. The public hardly knew the Pieteers, and that was going to change fast.

4th Generation/The Awesome Years[edit]

The Pieteers were put on hold for awhile, after a generation mix up. Garmield's brothers had died, and his chicks were too young. So he decided to put the Pieteers on hold, until 2005. On 2005 Garmield called his sons over to Shiverpool, and told them about the Pieteers. He commanded them to take this place of authority, and decide what nation to serve. Feey1 and Bonny1 wanted to serve Yow, while Fredrick Pie wanted the USA. After a vote The Three Pieteers went to King Alexander, and applied to serve Yow as a hero group. The Three Pieteers became better than ever before, and were considered 'The Awesome Years'.






Sponsors help The Three Pieteers by paying for their airline tickets, and other fees. In return, the Pieteers mention the sponsors every chance they get. Which has led to some odd statements from the current generation.

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Transportation is used a lot in The Three Pieteers, because most of their missions are done over seas. The only warrior who really doesn't need transportation is Metal Knight, since his cape can turn into a pair of wings. However, thanks to King Alexander's support the Pieteers have been given the best transportation.


Air flight is a common way of transportation, it's very easy and fast. It's also used the most because Fredrick can fly, Feey1 owns a Penguin Super Suit, and Bonny1 has a jetpack.


Railroads are a horrible way of transportation. Bonny1 hates riding on trains, after a major crash in 2000. Whenever he's on a train, he starts to sweat and shake.


Water transportation is really common in The Three Pieteers, because each one owns a boat. They find water travel very easy, and use it just as much as air flight. They sometimes store weapons aboard, in case they get in a fight with an enemy.


The Three Pieteers HQ.jpg

The current generation of The Three Pieteers is an old church, in Nilo at Yow Kingdom Island. The church was chosen for its architecture, and large space. Construction was done on the inside of the church, to add electricity and computer systems. The basement was redone into a control room, with monitor screens, a holographic map displacer, a bathroom, and emergency exit. Secret cameras were hung around the exterior, and interior of the building. The building has three levels, counting the basement. The first floor is the basement, and is the most protected area. It is also the most electronically advanced. The second floor is the church, and is not taken care of. There's rotting wood, and vermin living in the level. The third level is the balcony, which slightly hangs over the second level. It's the only access to the roof, and steeple.


This is a list of missions done by The Three Pieteers.

1st Generation[edit]

# Length Summary Notes
Mission 1 A month The first generation of The Three Pieteers train to join the army. Along the way they learn more about each other, and become tougher. Along the way they also find a Khanzem spy in the training camp. As a reward they are giving the 'Medal of Honor'. First mission ever.
Mission 2 Two weeks The Three Pieteers go out on their first mission, to spy on a Khanz base nearby. When they spot it they are, however captured and locked away. Hendricks has to get the three out, and does it by using a hair clip he found in his hair. When they escape they steal some maps, and battle strategies. This mission helped beat the Khanz in some battles.
Mission 3 Forty-two hours The Three Pieteers must deliver a secret message, without being caught by Khanz. While driving in a tank, they are attacked. They kill all the Khanz, but have to escape really quick. So they use a new device, which speeds up any vehicle. Doing so they accidentally crash into a building. It turns out the secret message was a recipe for chocolate pie.
Mission 4 Two days The Three Pieteers are ordered to spy on Whoot Smackler Whoot, in his secret base. Upon doing so, they gain much needed info. But after tripping an alarm by accident, the Pieteers meet Whoot! in person. All three of them battle him, and taught him a lesson.
Mission 5 Nine days The Three Pieteers are ordered by the Good Guys to attack Whoot Smackler Whoot, and attempt to kill him. They are given new weapons, and a small troop of soldiers. When they found Whoot's base, they break in and try to kill him. However all the soldiers in the troop are killed, and the Pieteers must escape. The Three Pieteer's first failed mission.

2nd Generation[edit]

# Length Summary Notes
Mission 1 A Week The next generation trains to become The Three Pieneers. They soon learn that they must train a lot, and become tougher. They soon become stronger, and better. First mission of the 2nd generation.

3rd Generation[edit]

# Length Summary Notes
Mission 1 A month The first mission of the 3rd generation. They must train to become The Three Pieteers. Along the way they fall in love with their future wives, and get distracted. First mission of the third generation.
Mission 2 2 weeks The Pieteers must stop a mafia from selling weapons to a terrorist group in Castilla. Along the way, they get interrupted by Castillan soldiers who think they're bad. The Pieteers, fortunately, escape and stop the mafia from delivering the weapons.
Mission 3 1 week After the 2nd mission, the mafia escaped before getting arrested. The Pieteers are hired to hunt down the fleeing mafia leader, Zack Gut, and arrest him. The mission failed, but Zack was captured the month after. First failed mission of the 3rd generation.

4th Generation[edit]

# Length Summary Notes
Mission 1 Two months The first mission of the 4th generation. They must train to join The Three Pieteers, and along the way they find a Snoss base in Shiverpool. It's disguised as a pie factory, so they go and destroy it. First mission of the 4Th generation; and new insignia is created.
Mission 2 Ten days The Three Pieteers go to South Pole City, where they are meeting the CNIC. The CNIC wants to buy The Three Pieteers, for 90,000 pebbles. Along the way the Pieteers discover a spy in the Heptagon, and capture him. CNIC is even more interested in the Pieteers, but they deny the CNIC's request. First time an organization attempted to purchase the Pieteers.


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