The Venturous Three

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The Venturous Three
Venturous Three logo.png
The emblem of the trio.
Name The Venturous Three
Type Adventurers, Explorers
Location BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin
Head Wikipenguino45
Job Exploring
Members Wikipenguino45
Falco Hochstadt
Terry Van Furry
Headquarters Club Penguin

The Venturous Three are a trio of two penguins and one puffle known for their many adventures and misadventures fighting villains, discovering previously undiscovered locations or venturing into dangerous waters throughout the Antarctican continent.


It is unclear when exactly the official forming of the trio occurred, but over time, as the three carried on with their adventures, they earned themselves the nickname of the "Venturous Three" from others. As the Venturous Three, they would seek out adventure wherever they could find it, even daring to go as far as the Darktonian Realm just to explore. They eventually caught the attention of the EPF in early 2012, who decided to invite each of the three to become members of their agency. Shortly after passing the necessary tests to become agents, the three experienced their very first mission, which involved sabotaging Wikipenguino X, Wikipenguino's X-Antibody, as well as his newly formed alliance, S.H.A.R.K.

Though the three were successful in accomplishing their mission, the X-Antibody and his alliance fled the scene shortly after failing. Throughout their career as EPF agents from 2012 to 2015, they proceeded with their journeys, going on quests, missions and misadventures, including Operation: Blackout and Operation Puffle. Along the way, the trio encountered an island discovered by Zephaniah Lagois, Wikipenguino's uncle, and encountered an Abominable Snowpuffle while hiking in Club Penguin's mountains.


WP logo.png Wikipenguino45[edit]

Otherwise known as Penguino Lagois V, Wikipenguino45 is an explorer and adventurer who often acts as leader of the trio. Wikipenguino is usually responsible for forming plans, making most of the decisions, and is known for his adventurous attitude.

Hot sauce.png Falco Hochstadt[edit]

Literally the firepower of the group, Falco is a ninja who possesses fire-based abilities, cunning ninja tactics and excellent agility, which has proven useful for the three. He's often able to get into places the others normally can't, and often assists the team with secretive tasks and undercover missions.

Terry Van Furry new.png Terry Van Furry[edit]

A blue Tropicalian puffle, Terry often works around the clock and behind the scenes with technology to provide the trio with updates, scans and information on recent events and happenings that help the group on their adventures. Terry mostly serves as the brains of the team, help


Elite Penguin Force[edit]

All three members of the Venturous Three are members of the Elite Penguin Force, and from around 2014-2015 onwards, have been heavily involved in the EPF, and usually go against Wikipenguino X and his faithful followers, the S.H.A.R.K. organization.


  • 2012
  • Wikipenguino and Falco, Agents of the EPF - Wikipenguino and Falco pass the test to become EPF Agents, and embark on an unexpected first mission.
  • 2014
  • The Whale's Curse - Following the seemingly cold trail of Wikipenguino's great great uncle, the Three seek adventure into the Kant Sea.
  • 2016
  • Fanon Characters Special 2016! - A mysterious portal threatens the peace of Club Penguin Island, prompting a team of investigators to confront what's on the other side.
  • Journey to the Center of the Realm - Following a wild chase to locate Wikipenguino's fleeing X-Antibody, Wikipenguino X, the Venturous Three enlist the help of the Dynamic Trio to join forces and help them on their quest. Realizing that Wikipenguino X will flee to the Darktonian Realm to reunite with his master, they can prove that Darktan II is indeed helping criminals, and therefore bring him to justice.
  • 2017
  • The Dynamic Trio: File X - Wikipenguino X searches for the highly dangerous document labelled "File X", a secret recipe devised by X-Virus creator Nightmare to create a more potent prototype of the virus. In an attempt to catch him before he can locate it, the Venturous Three reunites with the Dynamic Trio once more.
  • The Dynamic Trio: An Unknown Enemy - A new enemy surfaces in Antarctica, taking control of S.H.A.R.K.'s forces, prompting the Venturous Three and Dynamic Trio to locate and unmask the mysterious adversary.
  • Project Shadow - S.H.A.R.K. initiates the first phase of their last resort plan of Antarctic conquest, codenamed "Project Shadow".
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • A Family Reunion



Besides from the three core members, the Venturous Three has several friends and allies, who often support or aid them when the trio are in need of help. In a way, these allies can even sometime be considered "honorary members", due to how often they help the three and how important they are in the three's mission and adventures.

Wikipenguino's uncle, Dr. Infinity, is an example of one very prominent ally of the trio.
  • Dr. Infinity - An inventor and engineer, as well as Wikipenguino's uncle. He works in Club Penguin City, and often helps them whenever needed, usually to shepherd them out of making any dangerous decisions or getting into trouble.
  • Sammy - Wikipenguino's yellow puffle, the second puffle he has adopted. While not considered a member of the Venturous Three, Sammy does aid or join them whenever it is possible. However, being a very young and recently adopted puffle, he is usually excluded from missions out of concern.
  • Lagois Family
  • Elite Penguin Force
  • Dynamic Trio -
  • Masters of the Elements - During the events of Falco's Journey, Falco joined forces to form a team of elemental ninjas who together became collectively dubbed the "Masters of the Elements". Due to their individual members' friendship with Falco, they can be considered allies to the rest of the Venturous Three.
  • Sensei
  • Baron Hochstadt
  • Hochstadt Gang - Both share common enemies, and both count themselves on the side of good. When in doubt, the Three sometimes ask the Gang for any potential help.


  • S.H.A.R.K. - Being the X-Antibody of Wikipenguino, Wikipenguino X leads S.H.A.R.K., which predictably doesn't have very good relations with the Three. S.H.A.R.K. has taken every opportunity to mess with the Three in one way or another. Whenever not attempting to ruin their day, S.H.A.R.K. is usually plotting continent-wide domination, something that the Three aren't exactly okay with.
    • Wikipenguino X - Wikipenguino X is considered by many to be the mortal enemy of his host, Wikipenguino, and by extension, a prominent adversary of the Venturous Three. For several years since his creation, Wikipenguino X has found himself entangled with the Three who normally intercept or interfere with his schemes to take over the continent.
  • Negative Wikipenguino
  • Ninja Syndicate
    • Crimson - While Crimson has only ever fought and been considered a sole enemy of Falco, he is in turn considered an opponent of the Three, especially due to his status as a known criminal. The other two, Wikipenguino and Terry, have never met Crimson face-to-face, and hardly know anything about him.
    • Scythe - In the same case and same reasons as Crimson, he has only ever fought against or known Falco as an enemy.
  • Septimus Fortuna - The Three are known to have had a bad history with the rather eccentric wizard. Having caused trouble for the Three on numerous occasions in the past (including an incident where Wikipenguino was magically split into several separate entities of himself), the Three aren't known to be too chuffed with his actions.
  • Jackson O. Lantern - Jackson encountered the Venturous Three on a particularly spooky halloween in 2019, and after nearly becoming victims of his sinister plans, have been at odds with him ever since.


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