The Very Cold War

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The Very Cold War
Date November 2-13, 2008
Location Fanon City, Freezeland
Result Fort Deep Ice destroyed
Penguin Legislative Interaction Corps founded
Casus belli The Pirates and Socialists didn't like the Constitutional Monarchy
Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland Pirate-Socialist Alliance
*UTPP (Pirates)
*Penguin Socialists of Freezeland
Freezelandflag.jpg King Triskelle Unknown
Appr. 100,000 Appr. 20,000
Cuts, a few broken bones A lot of bruises

The Very Cold War was a small conflict, sometimes called Freezeland's first Civil War, that lasted from November 2nd to November 13th, 2008. Tensions grew throughout the country in 2008 as penguins had differing ideas about joining the USA. On November 2nd, the UTPP (Pirates) and the USP (Socialists) allied and laid siege to Fort Deep Ice.

The Conflict[edit]

Due to building tensions between Freezelandians about the Constitutional Monarchy in the country, and the ideas of joining the USA as a state (which were growing in popularity), a group of pirates and a group of socialists in the country made an alliance in late 2008. On November 2, they raided Deep Ice, a key Freezelandian fort near Fanon City. A transmission was sent from the fort to Freezelandian Army Generals in Frostborough that read:


King Triskelle was informed quickly and tried to contact Pen Pen Guin to tell the parliament. However, Pen Pen Guin didn't get the message as he was busy eating paper. Cannon fire was heard all night in the mighty tundras of Snowbourne. By the time word got to the Parliament, all soldiers in Deep Ice had surrendered and exited the Fort, which was still being bombarding the with pirate cannon fire (to destroy it). The Pirates started forcefully getting Freezelandian citizens who lived in rural areas outside of Fanon City to join their cause. All roads and communication to and from Fanon City had been cut off, and on November 6 the attackers marched into Fanon City, almost unopposed.

On November 8, King Triskelle sailed with a regiment of Freezelandian Army and High Penguin soldiers from Frostborough to Fanon City. The invaders had taken their time, and were only about half way through the city when Triskelle's forces docked, and immediately started retreating once they had realized the Freezelandians sent reinforcements from the sea. By November 10, the retreating forces were on the outskirts of Fanon City, when they and the Freezelandian Army engaged in a giant snowball and icebullet battle. Once Triskelle and his forces had won there, they waddled to where Deep Ice was and ambushed the remaining pirate and socialist forces, who weren't expecting to be attacked from the rear. By the morning of November 11, there was a cease fire and a treaty was signed (on the battlefield) between the two forces. On the morning of November 13, Triskelle (back in Frostborough) and the parliament outlawed the PSF and the UTTP, and founded the Penguin Legislative Interaction Corps to let citizens voice their opinions while stopping any possible violent threats to the military or the (constitutional) monarchy.


There were very little casualties from the "war", as the direct combat had been snowball warfare, and the soldiers in Deep Ice had the cover of the fort to protect them from cannonballs. Though, there were some injuries, such as cuts, about a dozen broken wings, two broken beaks and a broken foot. Fort Deep Ice was completely demolished by the pirates, just because they wanted to destroy it (they are pirates). The pirate-socialist alliance was still alive after their factions were outlawed, though that alliance would eventually break up. Today, the Penguin Legislative Interaction Corps keeps the constitutional monarchy a little bit safer, and citizens still often use it to voice their opinions.

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