The X-Kong

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The X-Kong
Title Mutant Antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Evil
Health Excellent
Level ???
Status Being insane

The X-Kong is an incredibly mutated X-Antibody and the first to contain DNA from more than one penguin. He was created by Nightmare in an attempt to see what would happen if an antibody was made from different types of DNA. He's also technically the X Antibody of The A-Kong.


The X-Kong is a very strange antibody indeed. His creation process first began when Nightmare wanted to test just how powerful the X-Virus was. She decided she would attempt to make an antibody that contained DNA from some of the pasts most powerful warriors. She went into her storage and got out several feathers from warriors of old such as Ulmos I, Finwe, and even Opacus. However, she needed to find an able body to host the virus. She chose The A-Kong, a young Ninja and Wizard on Akongia, an island shrouded in darkness. Metal Explorer injected The A-Kong with the virus that night while he was sleeping.

A few days later the forming was complete. A-Kong coughed up the Virus and it began to form. Nightmare hoped that it would become the most powerful of all the Antibodies, but she was soon disappointed. The goop formed into a very strange looking creature. It resembled a penguin, only with flippers twice the length of the body and it's X-Mark appeared on it's cheek. Metal Explorer simply laughed at the result and called it a bigger failure than Gargantuan (to which Nightmare threw a glass bottle at his head). Nightmare hadn't lost all hope though. She decided to test what it could do before writing it off a failure. She entered his dream in an attempt to talk with it.

"What's going on? What's happening? Who am I?

"Why do you continue to ask yourself these questions to yourself child? Come to me and I can give you all the answers you need.

The antibody looked around.

W-who said that? Why are you talking to me? Are the words I'm currently saying the right words for this situation.

Nightmare then revealed herself to the antibody and introduced herself. She then told him all about the antibodies, and how penguins where evil blah, blah, blah.

She then exited it's dream and took it to the training room. She soon found that the creature did have some powers (go down to read them) and decided to keep it alive, and let him go on his way. Since then he's served as one of Nightmare's lesser minions and usually only comes in handy during battle.

About a year after his formation, he took control of Akongia, renaming it to Dark Island.


The X-Kong didn't do much during the Nightmare Epic except help fight during the final battle. In said final battle, he swarmed DaiVoyager and SirenBuilder along with many other X-Antibodies. However, when almost every controlled Antibody was freed, he was shaken off of DaiVoyager and destroyed by Shinobi Sentinel's Knee Punch.


The X-Kong has quite a few powers that can make him useful in battle. He's quite strong (almost as strong as Gargantuan) and is surprisingly quite fast. The reason for his speed is his long flippers. He can rotate them a whole 360 degrees at an incredible speed which allows him to plow through various obstacles that stand in his way. He not as fast as Tails6000, but he's pretty close.

It was also later discovered that he can retract his flippers to a normal size whenever he wants, to make his own life easier.



  • His favorite food is Chocolate and Fish Sandwiches.

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