Theangol Anator

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Old darktan.png
The aged, frail Darktan, shown gving his famous "angry look" for a photo shoot.
Title Reformed
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction The Good Guys?
Health Frail as a result of possessing the Shadow Amulet for too long.
Level 20
Status Doing three years of community service.
Location South Pole City, Antarctica
Birth date A long time ago
Death date 2019, October 13.
Occupation Retired and cheering penguins up
Interests Seeking forgiveness and retribution
Friends Those who have forgiven him
Enemies Darktan II, Nightmare
Archetype Evilly good (Get it? He was evil, but he is good now.)

Theangol Anator (formerly known as the evil Darktan) is a High Penguin who was corrupted by the Shadow Amulet and attempted to take over the USA. As Darktan, Theangol gathered an army and made war on the USA, only to be defeated by his own daughter at the Great Darktonian Pie War. He is the father of Vesper and Luce and was previously a member of the High Penguin Council. As a result of his constant handling of the Shadow Amulet, Theangol is frail and his lifespan has been shortened. Theangol Anator is currently serving three years of community service.


See Darktan for his earlier life

Years after trying to destroy Antarctica, he began to rely too much on his Shadow Amulet. The amulet, however, was itself seeking great power and was draining the life out of Darktan. It was during the Pie War and it was break time on both sides. The amulet continuously promised him about he day that he would be the great ruler of the whole world, and Darktan trusted it. He suddenly began to rely on it too much, and one night, just after the great Lava Puffle was shot down, it began. When he went to inspect the destruction that he and his minions had caused, the Shadow Amulet had suddenly disappeared into the darkness, but Darktan didn't know that the amulet had now drained the energy (and evil) and he soon collapsed. When he saw the destruction again, he was in horror. He picked up a nearby stick, and feebly walked all the way to the nearest hospital he could see and tried to get some treatment, but was imprisoned for having a history of evilness. When he was in prison, Shadow the Penguin visited him and Theangol confessed to him that he lied about the antidote. Suddenly remembering that Mayor McFlapp could probably help him, he, after re-gaining Shadow the Penguin's trust, escaped from prison and waddled to South Pole City to seek the Mayor. A day after arriving in the city, he soon found Mayor McFlapp and begged him to believe that he would reform. Luckily, Mayor McFlapp had a sudden liking for him and using his typewriter, he got him a proper walking stick and became his first best friend. Some days after that, many penguins began to like him and even his old haters forgave him, especially Wikipenguino45. Some days after that, he began his community service of making other penguins happy. A few days later, he re-opened Vesper's gardening business and often visits her to see how her gardening is going.


He is doing community service for the even elders, and is cheering up very sad penguins and former villians. He is doing a good job, as 70% of Antarctica is now very happy. He very rarely puts on his now-famous "angry look" as he has decided to become good and is also very ashamed of his evilness in the past. He also is getting interested in gardening, like Vesper.


On his way to the local retirement igloo in 2019 to cheer up sad penguins, he suddenly got a pain on his side. He just thought it was side-stitches, so he went on. An hour after his arrival there, he suddenly collapsed. Nurses ran to him, and helped him up. Alas, it was almost time for him to leave. He ordered a nurse with a pencil and paper, and got the nurse to write down his will. His final words were "Goodbye, my daughters. Goodbye, everybody. Stay happy". Shortly after that, he died. A large funeral was prepared for him, and many penguins were sad for him to leave, especially Mayor McFlapp, Corai, Psyche, Flywish, Wikipenguino45 and his daughters, while Penguinpuffdude was upset that she couldn't burn down Darktan II and dance with him.


  • He has a clone, Darktan II.
  • Theangol is glad he never found his Shadow Amulet again, otherwise he would have taken over the world and, according to his memory, would have erased happiness.
  • Xorai used to hates him, he did still after Theangol reformed, but he no longer poses a disliking for him and wants to be friends.
  • Many inhabitants of South Pole City have taken a liking to this cheerful High Penguin who ambles around the streets using his walking stick. He is a well known figure in the city.
  • Mayor McFlapp took a liking to him and they are now the best of friends. Theangol can often be seen wandering around Ternville.
  • Corai wants to be his friend.
  • Flywish wants him to join his army.
  • Psyche has forgiven him and sometimes treats his frailness.
  • Amigopen thought that Theangol was still going to be evil and try to kill him, but he realized that he was a friendly guy and wants to be his friend.
  • Wikipenguino45 expressed anger and hatred to him for many years but after the Pie War, he decided to forgive him. Now, he would like to be Theangol's friend.
  • Penguinpuffdude in her free time, reads his history and is beginning to feel sorry for what he is now. She wants to put Darktan II into a bonfire and sometimes has happy dreams about burning them down on a large November bonfire and dancing in celebration with Anator and all the penguins who feel sorry for him (Mayor McFlapp, Wikipenguino45, Psyche, etc).
  • Mcdonalds394 completely forgot that he was Darktan.

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