Theodosia Evanson

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Theodosia Evanson
Born Theodosia Kathryn Evanson
June 21, 1995 (1995-06-21) (age 24)
Hoypart, Austiceia
Gender Female
Nationality Austiceiaflag.png Austiceian
Other names Teddy
Alma mater High School
Occupation Businesswoman
Home town Hoypart
Height 5' 9"
Weight 148lbs
Known for Academics
Parents Kathryn Nicola Evanson (neé Winston)
Theodore Aaron Evanson
Relatives Philip Church,
John Church II
Patrick Sawyer
Frederick Evanson
Olivia Ellen Winston

Theodosia Evanson, born Theodosia Kathryn Evanson, is a High penguin living in Austiceia. Theodosia currently resides in Hoypart with her adoptive family, though she has found some of her biological relatives.


Theodosia was hatched on 21 June, 1995 from mother Kathryn Evanson (née Winston) in Hoypart. Due to unidentified health conditions, Kathryn unfortunately passed away in the hospital on 22 June. Theodosia's father, Theodore Evanson was working abroad as a naval officer. He received news of Theodosia's birth on 22 June, but did not set off to Austicea until 24 June because of his work. On 25th June 1995, one day in the journey to Austiceia, Theodore's ship lost all connections and was never found. Theodosia was given to the local orphanage, where she stayed for 4 months, until she was kindly adopted by the Baker family.

The Baker family consisted of Julia (mother), Ben (father), Adam (older brother), and Emma (older sister). They lived in a typical suburban two-story house. Theodosia was raised alongside Adam and Emma as a normal sibling; Julia and Ben were afraid to tell Theodosia that she was adopted. From childhood, she never showed interest in athletics, which her siblings and parents encouraged her to do. Instead, Theodosia would often sit in the family library studying. She avoided sun exposure as much as possible, giving her a misty, white feathers. By the time Theodosia went to school, she could play piano, sing, read novels and solve algebra. Julia and Ben did not mind that she was scholarly; they slowly accepted that she would be a more reserved penguin.

Theodosia began to suspect she was different once she reached adolescence. She noticed that she was a lot taller than most penguins, and that she rested by looking at nature. Most penguins just thought that she had a freakishly big growth spurt. However, she still did not know she was adopted until graduation of High School.

After her very eloquent speech and a diploma, Julia and Ben drove her back home. It was in the living room where they told her quietly to shut the doors and windows, and said that they needed to tell her something important. In one big breath, they finally said two words: you're adopted. Theodosia was overcome with emotions; she ran into her room and did not come out until the next day.

Hearing the revelation could not make a negative impact to her life; instead she has now researched her ancestry and any biological relatives to consider finding a new home to live in.


During her high school years, Theodosia was a highly academic student. She won a scholarship for her entire tutoring, and had an average GPA of 6. She also attended the school choir and book club.

Theodosia now works as a businesswoman in suburban Hoypart. Even though she likes her job, it does not pay her enough to let her travel and find opportunities for her dream jobs. Her lifelong ambition is to be a singer, preferably in theatre, and also to be involved in politics. She is debating if she wants to migrate to Puffl'and to live with her biological relatives as Lady of Glosethershire. Theodosia would love to see her family and relatives, but accepting the role of Lady would carry many burdens which she cannot bear.


Theodosia is a tall penguin at 5'9" (175cm). She has long, raven black hair which starkly contrasts her snowy white feathers. Her voice has a resonant, slightly posh tone, which gives her an operatic singing voice.Even though Theodosia rarely engaged in physical education, she has a particular strength in archery.

Her personality is often described as disciplined and humble, and she speaks very articulately from her extensive studying.

She usually wears casual clothing, but sometimes likes to dress up in historical periods, like the Victorian Era and Georgian Era.


Theodosia is of Puffish and Castillan descent. Her ancestors were slain during the Khanzem War, and some living relatives captured by neo-naughtzees. Their locations are unknown.

The Evansons and Winstons are distantly related.

Maternal Side[edit]

The Winstons are Puffish. Kathryn Nicola Winston† migrated to Austicea in 1989, aged 19. Elise Claire Winston‡ was Kathryn's younger sister. She married John Church‡, and they have two children; Philip Church and John Church II, Theodosia's first cousins. Andrew Thomas Winston is Kathryn's older brother, which makes him Theodosia's uncle.

Olivia Ellen Anderson, Kathryn's mother, married Edward Anthony Winston‡. She lives in the Duchy of Glosethershire, Puffle'and. Olivia Winston's paternal grandmother was Castillan. Edward's sister, Anne Lucy Winston‡ has a child, Alexander Winston, who is Theodosia's first cousin once removed.

Paternal Side[edit]

Theodore Evanson† was Freezelandic. His father, Frederick Evanson migrated to Hoypart, Austiceia in 1965, aged 25. Frederick now lives in Adenmaid, Austiceia. Charles Evanson‡ was Frederick's brother, and he married Elizabeth Broad‡. They had a daughter, Charlotte Evanson in 1975. Charlotte married James Sawyer‡, and they have a child, Patrick Sawyer, who is Theodosia's second cousin.

The Sawyer family lives in Ard Mhacha City, Freezeland.

Theodosia's great-great-great-grandmother was a Winston.

‡ Captured; status unknown.

† Deceased

Winston Legacy[edit]

The Winston Family are a line of high-standing aristocratic penguins which dates back to the 18th century. Andrew Winston was the Lord of Glosethershire, followed by Kathryn and Elise who were the female heirs. Since they were announced dead and missing, Andrew discontinued his role as a Lord out of grief, leaving the elderly Duchess Olivia to decide the next in line. Theodosia now holds the potential title of the Lady of Glosethershire, which would revert her surname to Winston. However, the decision is still pending on whether Theodosia will continue the Winston Line, as she has two cousins, Philip and Andrew who are also potential heirs. Nonetheless, Theodosia is considered the first choice of heir as she is the oldest of the three.


In this circumstance, Theodosia's strengths are more mental than physical. They are:

  • Intelligence
  • Diligence
    • She is always concentrated to produce the best work, and can spend hours editing small details.
  • Independence
    • Even though she was raised in an adequate family, Theodosia preferred to be alone, whether it was doing chores or going shopping. She commutes to her workplace by herself on the bus. She would also like to live alone once she has enough money.
  • Modesty
    • From childhood, Theodosia's peers and elders would highlight all her outstanding achievements. However, she would always stay out of the limelight, because 'their view of 'special' is normal to me; it is my job to provide educated information'.


Though Theodosia was often seen as the 'perfect' school, she has admitted to some of her weaknesses.

  • Overworking
    • Above, it was mentioned that she was diligent. However, sometimes she has worked too much on one detail rather than making the whole piece of work.
  • Perfectionist
    • Other times, her perfectionism if mistaken for diligence. She has confessed to scrapping entire projects because she was dissatisfied with its result, even though she was just starting.
  • Frail
    • In school, she requested for her physical education classes to be replaced with study time. Due to her lack of physical training, Theodosia has very little strength or endurance, and cannot defend herself in a hostile situation.


  • Athazagoraphobia- the fear of being forgotten.
    • Theodosia often thinks about the world after she is gone and cannot fathom the world living without herself. She realised that in a hundred years, no-one will remember her name, which scares her.
  • Nosophobia- the fear of contracting a disease.
    • Theodosia read many history books, and learnt about epidemics like the Black Plague and Influenza. Though she knows those diseases are eradicated, she always thinks that if a new deadly disease infected her, she would never return to her normal life again.
  • Philophobia- the fear of love or emotional attachment.
    • Theodosia lived for many years thinking that her family was biological, and became close to them. When her parents told her she was adopted, she went into a state of distraught. She does not want any deep relationship, especially romantic relationships.


  • 'Swiss Ninja is an egotistical maniac who does not deserve to be emperor, not to mention his infidelity!'
  • (On romance) Romeo, Oh Romeo, where art thou, as if thou dare to come near and court me I shall kick thy backside into the sewers of Parie!
  • Dost thou dare touch my sweet, aromatic TEA?!


  • Theodosia believes that Austiceia should be independent of Puffish rule and establish its own monarchy.
  • Since Theodosia is a High Penguin, she cannot visit Japaland.
  • She is based off a real historical figure, Theodosia Burr, 3rd Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr's daughter.


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