This Wiki's Not the Same Without You

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"This Wiki's Not the Same Without You"
Single by Greasy Spoon
Released February 8, 2009
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded December 2008
Genre Soul, ballad
Length 3:38 (radio edit)
5:16 (album version)
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Writer(s) Greasy Spoon
Producer Greasy Spoon
Certification 16x Platinum
Greasy Spoon chronology
"This Wiki's Not the Same Without You"
"Don't Go Hack CP"

"This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" is a one-hit wonder song, written by an obscure band called Greasy Spoon. The single was released nationwide in February 8, 2009 - though nobody got the point of the single because of the word "wiki", but they realized it would soon become a classic. Because it was the debut single of Greasy Spoon, they made a rave of public cheers throughout Antarctica & UnitedTerra. Soon the song reached number 1 in all countries. The single was produced and written by Greasy Spoon themselves too, while being released on Club Penguin Music Records. It also had a music video which was focused on equally as the song. By early 2010, the RIAAC and the Penguin Official Music Charts confirmed the single to be the best-selling single worldwide. As of 2011 it has sold over 56 million units all over Antarctica and UnitedTerra.

According to the wiki's view, it was "dedicated to all of the awesome users who left... and Triskelle"


Greasy Spoon were signed to Club Penguin Music Records in August 2008, but remained inactive until early December when they were asked to write a song. The three members of the group got to work. First of all, they wanted to make an impact on all the music lovers. No other information was reported on the song-writing, but one report said that one of the member's of Greasy Spoon thought of the word "wiki" (but the users know that it relates to the CPFW Universe). They recorded from December 17-18, and thought of it to be a complete hit. They decided to do a radio edit of the original version they done. The following month they announced their debut, revealing the plain black and white cover and the track list. Promotion for the single increased rapidly throughout the month. The single gained many positive reviews too.

The album version lasts 5 minutes and 16 seconds. The first 40 seconds is the intro, then the verses come. The outro lasts 50 seconds. The radio edit is 3 minutes and 58 seconds - the intro is 20 seconds, then verses, then the outro which is 30 seconds. The bridge is also cut a bit short.


The melody is here.

This text, is still text, no matter what you know...
The Sidebar, is the Sidebar; or so we say...
And [[links]], should be [[links]], formatting says so...
And bytes, are still bytes, in a way.

Yet this site is not a home, this address I do not know!
I would trade my username,
If you come back and stay;

This Wiki's not the same, without you!
Recent changes, are so few...
Without you...

Track listings[edit]

  1. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (album version) – 5:16
  2. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (radio edit) – 3:38
  3. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (instrumental) – 5:18
  1. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (album version) – 5:16
  2. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (radio edit) – 3:38
  3. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (instrumental) – 5:18
  4. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (acoustic version) – 4:07
  5. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (piano version) – 5:15
  1. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (album version) – 5:16
  2. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (radio edit) – 3:38
  3. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (instrumental) – 5:18
  4. "This Wiki's Not the Same Without You" (piano version) – 5:15


The song mostly recieved praise. Tons of praise.

*sniff* *sob*... this is too beautiful... *notices microphone, still crying* GET THAT &$&^&$^#&^# MICROPHONE AWAY FROM ME! *sniff* ...I just ate some *sniff* onions... that's... *sob* all... *cries*
What's that dang song all abaut? Makys no sensys to me, I hatesys songys that break me fourth wallys!
Wow... that was incredible.
That made my day.
Wow..... that's like, totally intense.
This song would have been great, without that crazy penguin growling in the background.
That song is amazing. I listen to it everytime someone leaves.
Wow, this sounds familiar in a way, but I can't quite put my flipper to it... and hey, is THAT Mabel, CRYING?!?
Thwat was beutwiful.
Pretty good. Haha, Mabel cries but denies.
Wow...this song is incredible. I will give my word and never quit, from here on out!
Very touching. But I feel the feeling in my blood that it's sort of breaking the fourth wall...
Sad... (hahahaha) this makes me feel so horribly sad (heh heh heh) I want to cry ( -laughes- HAHAHAHA) im so sad..( i actuly like i)
A well made song, It is the #1 Song in the grand city of Zürich. It has a good tune to it.
— Lord Swiss Ninja
The lyrics are very well thought of, each one relating to a different part of the wiki! **** 4 stars! Marvelous song! And now... to ban you all!
It was so good, it made my eyes water!
Ach! That was bootifull!
Wow! That was great! And Mabel, CRYING? YOU DID NOT EAT ONIONS!
I um, sort of like it.... no it's the worst song ever.... OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!
Wow, I got a headache for the rest of the day listening to this! In basic words, I hate it. This doesn't deserve any ratings... (waits for angry mob to chase him...) (angry mob chases him) GET OUT OF HERE! (Uses card jitsu cards)
WAAHHHH? Mabel's Crying!? XD Oh my gosh! Get me a Microphone!
*Cries* What the?! Infinity out of one!
I love this song so much! I really wanna cry!
That was cool, shtill tho, if YOU are reading my quote, read Mabel'sh, Don't read mine!.....Wait, why do i need to washte my time here?. YAH MAKIN' MEH LATE FOR A MEETING! [email protected]%@#[email protected][email protected][email protected]#%#^%&$#!!
This song made my cry! I miss you guys! WE WILL NEVAH FORGET YOU! And I will never forget that Mabel cried because of this song!!
This song would have been at my father's funeral if it was never on Gensou Island. Anyways the song is just beautiful...
Wow. Amazed. This is so happy. I'm no quitter, but I don't think I'll ever quit thanks to this one heart changing song...
For such a short song, this is so perfect.
Wow... talk about a famous song from a not famous singer!
Wow. I never thought this would make me feel this way *sniff* It's...It's just so s-s-sad...*cries*...Wait a minute...Mabel's CRYING?


Chart performance[edit]

Chart (2009) Peak
CP Singles Chart 1
Antarctican Hot 100 Singles 1
UnitedTerra Singles Chart 1
Freezeland Singles of 100 1
Telephonian Singles Chart 1
Pengolian Singles Chart 1
Puffle'and Bouncin' 100 Singles 1
Dorkugal Singles Chart 1
Swiss Ninja's Top Hits Chart 1
Los Hits Calientes Castellanos 1
Les Hits d'Aujourd'hui de la Frankterre 1

Sales and certifications[edit]

Country Certification
Club Penguin
16x Platinum
11x Platinum
12x Platinum
Tel Ah Phon
7x Platinum
4x Platinum
6x Platinum


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