Thomas Ziegler

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Thomas Ziegler
Thomas Ziegler
Ziegler disguised as a Snoss officer in 2011
Alias Anton Kriege
"Mister X"
Cyborg Ninja
Born June 24, 1984 (1984-06-24) (age 35)
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Species Penguin
Race Viking Penguin
Gender Male
Residence Neumenia Flag.png Neumenia, Ed Island
Citizenship Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Nationality Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Islandian
Military Service
Allegiance Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Branch EISF Ensign.png Ed Island Special Forces
Years Served 2007 - present
Rank Sturmbannführer
(Lieutenant Colonel)
Awarded Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Wounded Medal in Gold

Thomas Ziegler is an Ed Islandian special forces operative. He is notable for his role in discovering valuable intelligence on Snoss military programs as well as undergoing surgical reconstruction into a full-body cyborg.


Early Life[edit]

Military Service[edit]

Mission to Snowzerland[edit]

During the 2010 Osterrean War, Ziegler was inserted into Snowzerland with the identity of a captured Snoss sergeant named Anton Kriege. At this time, he uncovered numerous classified programs including the Snoss nuclear weapon and TIE Fighter programs.

After severe injuries sustained in Snowzerland, Ziegler was placed into a medically-induced coma for over two years. During this time, he underwent one of the most extreme cybernetic reconstructions in history. Ziegler's entire body was reconstructed in a long series of experimental surgeries, to the point where the only remaining original body parts of his were his head and spinal column. Ziegler's cyborg body was composed of artificial muscle, organ, bone, and blood which gave him superpenguin abilities and strength.

Following his cybernetic reconstruction, Ziegler became fascinated with the Ninjas and Japaland. He began training with a high-frequency blade as they were much closer to a Ninja's katana than contemporary Keysabers.


A short period after ZITHIA's supposed disappearance in 2015, Ed Islandian intelligence discovered strange signals surrounding the site of the sunken USAS Marathon. Ziegler was sent to investigate as they were determined to be of a similar makeup to the ZITHIA mainframe's background signals. The Ed Islandian military had kept a close eye on ZITHIA since its foundation; an artificial intelligence capable of controlling the minds of penguins was considered a very serious threat.

Under the guise of a UAN environmental inspection team, Ziegler was inserted into the oil cleanup facility in order to discover its true purpose. Sneaking through the facility, he discovered that ZITHIA was being reconstructed on the sea floor as a massive submersible fortress with electronic warfare and communication surveillance capabilities.


Personal Life[edit]




  • Ziegler is known in internal Ed Islandian documents as the "Cyborg Ninja," a title that he proudly wears.


  • 2011
  • Determined to Destroy Us
  • 2015
  • Sublimation



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