Thorn the Tern

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Thorn The Tern
What's with the sickle and viking helmet?
Title The Mighty Thorn
Gender Male
Race Arctic Tern
Faction The Defenders
Health 5001%
Level 50
Status Saving the world
Location At a Random EFF

Thorn the Tern is a superhero who bears a sickle that controls the weather. He also wears a sick viking helmet.


Thorn the Tern was a regular tern, flying around with his friends. This was about 150 years ago, when the first storm came to the Snowman Empire. Thorn was dared to go into the heart of the storm. He did, and got electrocuted.

3 years later, a tern fell out of the sky, in Snowman Empire armor, with a viking hat, and holding a golden sickle. Ironically, a crime was going on so he used his super strength to punch them into the nearest jail. There was also a army trying to attack the village, so he used his sickle to make a tornado, and defeat them.

He fights for the good guys all the time. He is usually the organism that makes the storm in Club Penguin.

He recently found out about fast food. He tried it and fell in love with it. His system is immune to fat, so he eats as much as he likes. His personal favorite is EFF.

Thorn helped found The Defenders, and resides in the Defender Tower.


Thorn the Tern usually stops burglars and baddies from hurting civilians. His sickle also lets him cook delicious burgers. He usually makes burgers at igloo parties, but for a cost of course.

Thorn sometimes creates a storm over Club Penguin when he is angry.

Thorn is a founding father of the Defenders.


  • Thorn is related somehow to Mayor McFlap. Its very distant however.
    • Thorn is the Mayor's great great uncle's grandma's sister's father-in-law's roommate.
      • We told you it was distant.

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