ThreePio Units

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ThreePio Units
A standard unit
Type Labor Unit
Effects Cheap manual labor
Source Plutonium Bay
Western Shops
Location Shops Island
Cost to build 250 WB$
Cost to buy 250 WB$
Cost to sell 10,000 WB$

ThreePio Units are public service units commonly found around Shops Island, that are known to perform manual labor that's deemed undesirable for penguins, yet too menial for recommissioned SIA Drones.


ThreePio Units came into concept in June 2013, less than a month after The Shops Industrial Development Policy was released, stating that SIA Drones were being recommissioned. However, the SIA Drones were only used for high-end tasks that were considered dangerous and unsafe for penguins. The drones weren't in high enough demand to do low-paying labor, that was deemed immoral for penguins to do. This was the inspiration for a lower, and less advanced, level of droids. ThreePio Units soon made their way into the workforce, and were a resounding success.


ThreePio Units are known to have a very whiny and fussy attitude, as most robots have developed intelligence. It supposedly came from the units' designer, who shared "whiny and fussy" traits. The units were also programmed with Puffish accents, for a more charming outlook. But, due to their whiny attitudes, the droids aren't often sought after for interactive jobs, or jobs that require much communication with penguins and puffles.


These units are mainly used in menial jobs which penguins find unsuitable; such as mowing public grass, clearing snow in the winter, washing dishes at restaurants, cleaning toilets, and much more. As a result, ThreePio Units are often cleaned to make sure they look good for their jobs.

Economic Impact[edit]

ThreePio Units have a mixed impact on the Shopper economy. On a positive note, the units do work that penguins don't want to do, but the downside to this is the fact that this takes away valuable jobs, especially for immigrants.


The Shopper government doesn't want ThreePio Units to be sold, therefore resale prices are very high; 10,000 WB$. This is shocking compared to the fact that it only costs 250 WB$ to build. The government says this is so regular penguins can't amass an "empire" of droids for their own personal devices.


  • These units are a parody of C-3P0, a main character in the Star Wars trilogy.
  • Over 500,000 of these units have been produced since their introduction, and that number is steadily increasing.

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