Three Fruits of Happiness

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Three Fruits of Happiness
The Crystal Coconut, the Platinum Pineapple, and the Golden Grapefruit.
Type Magical Fruit
Effects Instant healer, good luck charm, awesome flavor
Source Magic
Location Hidden in the mountains of Antarctica
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Three Fruits of Happiness are three magical fruits created by the legendary Master Tin. They have been hidden away because of some penguins intending to exploit their mystical powers.


The story began when Master Tin, the great inventor, intended to make a substitute for fruit because at the time there was a huge blight. However, things went awry and instead he ended up with a Crystal Coconut, a Platinum Pineapple, and a Golden Grapefruit. Thinking of his results as a failed experiment, the Master threw away the fruits. One of his interns was hungry and found the fruits in the garbage, and took a bite. The intern then discovered the magical properties of the fruits as an instant healer, a good luck charm, and a deliciously succulent flavor irresistible to the tongue. The fruits can magically grow back any eaten portions too. Master Tin was excited at his findings and published them on 1986 in the Club Penguin Times, but due to the increased publicity of the fruits many were inspired to attempt to steal the Three Fruits of Happiness as they were now called. Those penguins wanted the powers that the Three Fruits are associated with, and many have broke into Master Tin's laboratory in an attempt to steal the Fruits. Fortunately, none of the Three Fruits of Happiness were ever stolen. Master Tin subsequently hid the fruits far away in the mountains of Antarctica. For years and years after he hid the Fruits, many have tried to find the lost fruits. Because of Master Tin's death in 2001, the secret died with him. The secret location of the treasure was disputed for years afterward until a map was found fairly recently. More is explained in the next section.

Map rediscovery[edit]

The Three Fruits of Happiness have sparked controversy about where it was hidden ever since Master Tin decided that they are too powerful for them to be misused. There was an awful lot of journeying and research done to try to reveal the Fruits, but all attempts have been inconclusive. After a while, the furor died down and no ambitious projects concerning the Three Fruits was done.

In January 2010, a realtor decided to sell the former laboratory of Master Tin. During an inspection, one of the penguins spotted what looked like a portrait lying flat on the floor. She picked it up and discovered it was a map, but didn't immediately recognize it as one leading to the Fruits. It was packed up and thrown out on the street, where Icmer found it and announced to the world his discovery. An expedition group was therefore organized by the South Pole Council to journey to the location of the Fruits.

The expedition still awaits financing, and is not set to go until January of 2011.


Because of the few photographs taken of them, the Three Fruits' appearance is not fully clear. What is known is that each of the Fruits is soft, unlike what their names suggest. They all have the illusion of being made of their mineral names. However, they do look like crystal, gold, and platinum. The fruits can magically grow back any eaten portions, which leads to speculation that they hold the secret of immortality.


It is said that there is currently a curse that is preventing explorers from reaching the Three Fruits. Supporters claim that Master Tin, being an ingenious mind, devised a way to make sure the Fruits remained hidden forever. They also use the Buffalo Chips as evidence of their claims, as it is known that they are emitting signals that are said to be tracking devices so that it will be known when those explorers return to attempt to find the fruits again.



  • Strangely, all the previous attempts to find the fruits has always left the explorers with a mysterious microchip embedded in their wings.

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