Tierra Del Fuego

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La Provincia de Tierra Del Fuego
Tierra Del Fuego
Official languages Castillian Spanish
Recognised regional languages Valencian, Catalan, Basque, French, Italian, Portugese, English
Species  Penguins, Puffles, Testificates, Terns
Demonym Fuegano, Fuegana
Membership Province of Castilla
Government Overseas Province represented in Castillan Congress
 -  King King Carlos Goberna
 -  Prime Minister Jose Jorge Rodriguez Zapatos
Overseas Province
Currency Club Penguin gold coin (GC)
Doesn't observe DST.
Drives on the Right
Calling code 487

Tierra Del Fuego is a Castillan Overseas Province that is considered to be one of the most interesting and more isolated colonies of any Antarctic country. It is located near Habbiton, another rather isolated area. It is well known for it's strange species of Testificate creatures, which were believed to have come from another dimension that were dumped onto the island. Nevertheless, the Testificates, Penguins, and Puffles all live together in harmony.


For many millenniums, Tierra Del Fuego was only inhabited by intelligent, civilized Puffles. Approximately around 1333 AD, a giant portal out of nowhere appeared above the island, and the sound of a tern and a puffle fighting each other could be heard across the island. Minutes later, loads of strange brown humanoid creatures fell out of the portal. They were quite strange in appearance since they had large noses and giant heads. Nevertheless, they were not true humans, although they also were civilized. They apparently worked together with the native puffles to create their own villages of cobblestone and wooden roofs. The isolated island continued to grow in both Testificate and Puffle populations and many Puffle and Testificate villages popped up. Everything changed in the year 1564, when a Castillan explorer named Francisco Velasquez Codigo discovered the island while exploring the region of the Antarctic Peninsula. Upon arrival, Francisco discovered a large bonfire the native Puffles had created, which was common for every Puffle village to do. Hence, because of the many fires that were found at local towns, Francisco Velasquez Codigo named the island "Tierra Del Fuego" for it's numerous village bonfires, and immediately claimed the land for Castilla. Francisco found the Testificate villagers to be especially strange, but he found them to be friendly and passive people. Months later, Francisco returned to the island with a large armada of Castillan ships, and mass Colonization began, and all the Puffle and Testificates were forced to adopt the Castillan culture, language, and way of life. The Castillans eagerly started small towns around the island, soon surrounding the island's coastlines. The civilized puffles who were on the island before them eventually gave in and integrated into the Castillan settlements, while the Testificates built their own villages inland away from the Castillans, although they were still friendly, the Testificates maintained their architecture and culture. Nevertheless, the Testificates also adopted Spanish as their main language to make trading easier.


The Penguin and Puffle inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego have a culture very similar to the Castillan Mainland with some influences from Parhentina and Frio.



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