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Stripedcatsnout Hall
The logo of the party
Name Stripedcatsnout Hall
Type Political machine
Location Club Penguin Weekee
Head You (de jure)
Boss Tigernose
Job Governing body of the CPW
Members All who have succeded in post-dictator CPW
Headquarters A secret enclave deep in the bowels of the whiteboard (possibly an Archive), which few will ever see.

In Club Penguin Weekee politics, Stripedcatsnout Hall refers to the regime, government structure, participants, movers, shakers, the leader, and the generic order of the modern whiteboard. Led by Boss Tigernose, this mighty enterprise commands every aspect of governing the site, with total control in their supporters' flippers.

Historians traditionally consider that the machine planted its mighty roots into the site as far back as July of 2009 (TSP's final days). However, it wasn't until the collapse of the webmaster system in October of 2009 that Tigernose and his comrades unleashed their might.


The founder and boss, Boss Tigernose, was a long-time anti-TSP reformist. He saw the imbalance in the ruling elite (and friends), as opposed to the Masses, the normal users. He argued that the ruling elite were but "fellow comrades" with "special buttons" and "privelages, not powers". Tigernose believed that every single user was totally equal, that no one ruled.

Secretly plotting since at least March (where he pretended to quit), Tigernose and several like-minded users allied and began to protest in blogs and reforms, striking outside of TSP's palace. TSP attempted to wield his Deletion Rod on them, but their voice was too great. The ascension of Hat Pop and Snowman 1001 and their near-immediant collapse stirred the republic.

Tigernose worked quick to persuade what was left of the order to surrender their powers to their fellow comrades and to work to make the site better.

By late November, they had total control over the site and the state, with their omnipresent "government of the people" controlling everything regarding maintanence. They claim to be working for the greater good of the site.


Stripedcatsnout Hall embraces predominatly socialist and progressive doctrines. The emphasize that everyone is totally equal and that no one has any authority over anyone, period.

They are devoutly classless, somewhat anarchist, and most of all, socialist. They believe that they should share the glory among everyone, each getting glory based on their efforts.

Secretly, though, the power is more or less concentrated into the party's founder, Tigernose, and his immediant comrades, like Seahorseruler. Though he advocates absolute equality, people often come to him for help, and he often goes to the people to direct them to "their greater good".


Comrades of the machine are those who actively participate in machine politics and/or are routinely rewarded by the machine. Indeed, the party has far-reaching members in all parts of Antarctica.


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