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From left to right; Tom, Tim - playing with their Orange Puffle called Silly.
Background information
Birth name Timothy Hudson, Thomas Hudson
Born April 15, 1990 (age 24)
Tel Ah Phon
Genres House, house hop, trap, dance
Occupations Producers, songwriters
Years active 2008–present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Meaghan, DJ Crow, Katy Spitz, Awesomesauce, Cadence
Website timandtom.com

Tim Hudson and Tom Hudson, better known as Tim and Tom (born April 15, 1990) are a Telephonian house and dance DJs/producers duo, who are both brothers. Although they are brothers, they have differences: while Tim is introverted, Tom is extroverted. When they were chicks, they had to move to Scooplefarrogh because their father was in a rock band. They were signed to Club Penguin Music Records in early 2010, and started contacting artists to lay down vocals on songs - as the two had decided that they didn't want to be the main vocalists on their songs. Their debut album, TT House Mafia (2011), was released in March 2011 and spawned seven singles off the album, which all adopted Top 40 success. The duo are close childhood friends with Antarctican singer Meaghan, with who they have collaborated with a few times. Tim and Tom have also collaborated with the likes of rappers (Nebulent, DJ Crow, Jock Posse, jon.a.than, Young Wade, GGD) and singers (Rhona, Cadence, DJ Melodie, Tony White, Aspara, Ashero). The two have set a record for the most collaborations on one album.

The two went on tour from late October to January and released their second studio album, titled Adulation of the Monster (2012), in mid-2012 while releasing three to five singles (including a three promotional singles). Two years later, Tim and Tom followed up with a switch in style with their third album Therapy (2014), released in August 2014, featuring many experimental elements of trap music.

As of 2014, Tim and Tom are the second most sought-after DJs and producers according to the Annual Top 10 DJs & Producers list after Davis Raymeux. Terrain rapper DJ Crow succeeds the brothers in the list.


Tim and Tom Hudson were both born on April 15, 1990 in Tel Ah Phon. It was only when they had 3 years old that they went to Scooplefarrogh because of their dad finding new work. Tim and Tom were introduced into music when they were chicks. Their father made them learn how to play a guitar, when they had 15 years they were introduced again. They like to sing. Tom likes to mix songs and Tim likes to dance and sing. Tim took dance classes with his friend Meaghan. Their mother is a retired Pizza Parlor cooker and their father played electric guitar on a band. Their father went out of the country, while the brothers and their mom stayed in Scooplefarrogh. Tim and Tom were not popular in school, and they only had one friend: Meaghan - even though they were one year older than her. Gradually by the time they were 14 in 2004 they were really getting into music. They started using turntables and other equipment too.


2008-09: Career beginnings[edit]

In 2006 when they were 16, they decided to move to Club Penguin to pursue their music career. As soon as they arrived, Tom spotted the Night Club - a place where they could get a job, dance and have fun with music. Tim agreed and after renting out an igloo and unpacking (then a little rest) they went over to Cadence's parents, who were there and own the Night Club. They asked for a job as disc-jockeys. They were hired immediately with 200 coins per week each. They worked everyday and started at 12pm and DJ'ed non-stop for three hours. At 3pm, they would take a break and somebody else would continue. Then they would restart at 7pm and would go until 1am. Then they would rest and spend their morning having breakfast and practicing. After two years of DJ'ing, they wanted to start their career. First of all, they needed a recording studio. They knew that there was one near the Mine Shack, but they didn't want to rent it and wanted to do their work privately - so they decided to build a mini recording studio in their igloo. They had been saving up for the past years and they used that money to spend on equipment for their studio. So far they had 11,529 coins saved. They first bought simple equipment such as speakers, microphones, tools to build and materials like wood - which took 4,670 coins. They used the rest of the money to buy two, high-tech disc-jockey systems and a producing system. In December 2008, Cadence's parents asked Tim and Tom to work overtime for triple-salary each because many of their DJs were going away to celebrate Christmas. Each of them got 800 coins every week in December and part of January 2009. They had over 5,200 coins then, which they used to build two small recording rooms, shelves and draws. By February 2009 their small recording studio was complete. They started to record immediately. When they weren't at the Night Club, they recorded, wrote songs and talked. They asked if their working times could be cut down - they were cut down by 3 hours, and their salary went down to 185 coins each. From March-June 2009, they wrote and recorded atleast a dozen songs - some which were "Dance2Night", "Monster", "Distorting Base" and "Grieve Witha Beat". Both penguins took part in producing and songwriting. Over the time, they were meeting up with their childhood friend, Meaghan, who was also living in Club Penguin to pursue her music career. She told them that she was signed to Club Penguin Music Records and was going to be working on her first album. She asked if they wanted her to introduce them to the record label. Tom was up for it but Tim stopped him and advised him that they should wait. So they waited and started to experiment with new instrumentals.

Over the time they worked at the Night Club, they occasionally met up with DJ Crow and Cadence. Tom talked about meeting Crow: "We would see him [in the Night Club] and he would come up to us and would start talking to us. He would always ask 'How do you want to pursue your music career.' We'd reply and he'd be like 'Good cause I thought that you'd just want a recording contract and just hit the big notes.' We took that into context and I know why Tim stopped us from being introduced to the record label. We're starting off. We need practice and more time to perfect ourselves - so that's what we're gonna do.' For most of 2009, they worked on creating a "masterpiece to perfect". Tim explained to Tom that they would need to give a sample of their music to the record label, then they would consider signing them. So they worked to perfect their sample and make it really good. In December 2009, they were again asked to work overtime for triple-salary. They wanted to spend some of their Christmas with Meaghan, so they still worked but for double-salary. Because of their hard work, their normal salary changed from 185 coins per week each to 250 coins each per week. So each got 500 coins.

2010-11: TT House Mafia[edit]

In January 2010, they decided that they had finished working on their masterpiece. They named it "Adulation" - so they went to Club Penguin Music Records alone. They explained that Meaghan had suggested Club Penguin Music Records to them and wanted to give them a sample of their music. Tim nor Tom said that they wanted a record deal. They left their contact details and the next week they were called up by K.J. Soetum, the founder of Club Penguin Music Records, and said that he wanted to sign them. They went back and were signed to Club Penguin Music Records. Meaghan told them that her first album, Camouflage would be releasing in March and wanted to do a track with them, which would include DJ Crow and Cadence. Now that they were on the same record label, it was much easier. In mid-2009 Meaghan had recorded a song called "My Luck" with Tim and Tom, which she had changed to "Just My Luck" and took out Tim's bit and Tom's bit for Camouflage - so she wanted them to use their original verses for a track called "My Luck: Reloaded" they did that and the single was released in May - the single was quite successful and Tim and Tom were about to high those high notes.

As they continued to work at the Night Club, their popularity increased. Many penguins asked for their autographs, encores and dance-offs. Then Soetum contacted them and told them that they should start working on their first album, and said to "bring any other work you have done so far". They brought what they had done in 2009 and Soetum liked what he was hearing. He chose six of the songs they had done and told them to choose how many more songs they want to do, plus collaborations they wanted to do. They got to work immediately from April 2010.

From April to November, they worked on their album in their mini-studio, named "Tim and Tom's Igloo Studio". Their Night Club shifts limited to Mondays, Fridays and Sundays only from 5-9pm everyday - but they were still being paid 250 coins each. Then on January 6, 2011, they revealed the name of their album on their Chitter - "TT House Mafia". Then in an interview with Aunt Arctic Tom explained the name: "TT stands for our names, Tim and Tom. House Mafia is something that we used as a side-name at the Night Club. After we stuck to Tim and Tom fans still continued to call us The TT House Mafia." In February 2011, three tracks were leaked onto the Internet: "Dance2Night" - only 50 seconds of the track was leaked, "Tonight" - 2 minutes of the song was leaked and "Mastermind".

2011-12: Adulation of the Monster[edit]

The standard edition of Tim and Tom's second album will include 11 songs, and two more in a Deluxe Edition version. Five singles are to be released from the album in 2012. David Livingston, Rockhopper, Furry Flats, Awesomesauce, Nevim, Dancing Penguin and Bananaphone have been confirmed for the singles line-up.

2013-present: Therapy[edit]

Tim and Tom remained quiet throughout most of 2013, apart from producing a few songs for fellow artists. In mid-2014, they finally announced that they were working on their third studio album and that it was called Therapy. A surprise release of the lead single "Chair" in early June led the path for the promotion of the album. It was released on August 24, 2014.

Personal life[edit]

Tom and Meaghan had always a strong relationship, as said by Tim. They were best-friends always, but Meaghan didn't forgot me, he said. Tim is a very good friend of Childpengu1, and he wants to meet Homsolo, or "Lady Homsolo" as he says to her. There not to great friends with Beetle, but since there friend Meaghan is friends with him, they try to be as nice as possible.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
2011 TT House Mafia
2012 Adulation of the Monster
2014 Therapy
2017 thisisthetelephonecompany
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or receive certification.



Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2010 "The Unstoppable" (featuring Nebulent) TT House Mafia
2011 "Adulation" (featuring Meaghan)
"The Monster" (featuring DJ Crow) 1 1 1 2
"Party Till Dawn" (featuring Cadence)
"Dance2Night" (featuring Icecuber2d2)
"Simply Sweet" (featuring Rhona)
"Get Wild" (featuring Ashero & DJ Melodie)
"Tonight" (featuring Aspara)
2012 "Vision" (featuring David Livingston) Adulation of the Monster
"Easy Jig" (featuring Rockhopper)
"Bulletproof" (featuring Furry Flats & Awesomesauce)
"Those Moments" (featuring Nevim & Dancing Penguin)
"Fruits" (featuring Bananaphone)
2014 "Chair" Therapy
"Cage Fight" (featuring Young Wade, Blake, DJ Crow & Joe-Q)
"Straight THRU the WALLS" (featuring Big Paul)
"Potion" (featuring Smooth Frogg & Meaghan)
  • On March 27, 2010, "The Monster" charted number 3 on the UTR Singles Chart. The next week on April 27, it went up by two to number 1.
  • "The Monster" charted number 2 on the CP Singles Chart. The next week on April 27, it went up by one to number 1.
  • "The Monster" charted number 3 on the USA Singles Chart. The next week on April 27, it went up by one to number 2.

Guest appearances[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2010 "My Luck: Reloaded" (Meaghan featuring DJ Crow, Cadence & Tim and Tom) 1 5 4 8 2 1 7 19 Camouflage
2016 "Kings and Queens" (Joseph Staley featuring Thomas Hudson of Tim and Tom) 1 5 4 8 2 1 7 19 Stars in My Prime


  • They love ice cream.
  • They promised Meaghan they will be in her tour: The Camouflage Tour
  • They know Childpengu1 because of Meaghan.

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