Time Traveler

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Time Traveler
You wanna travel time?
Type Used only by Flywish's Army
Effects You step inside it and you enter the year and you go there.
Source 12yz12ab's lab
Location 12yz12ab's lab
Cost to buy None. You can't buy it

Time Traveler is a device used for traveling time.


It was created a long time ago. When Flywish used it he chose to go to the year 7000 A.D. There, He saw his great great great great great great great (5 hours later) great grandson. Then he went back to his time and locked it up. Radal stepped into it and got sent to the prehistoric times. Then she made friends with the dinosaurs. She went back on her own because the dinosaurs were too big.


  • The Time Agency wants to destroy it because it is a disgrace to them.
  • Flywish saw the future there.
  • Xorai made stuff happen.
  • No one is allowed to stop time from happening unless it's a penguin becoming stronger because then Time Agency will arrest them.
  • 12yz12ab invented it.

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