Time Trekker 30000

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Time Trekker 30000
Time Trekker 30000.png
Behold! The Time Trekker 30000!
Type Time Machine
Effects Time travelling, teleporting
Source None
Location Lance X. Penguin's spacecraft
Cost to build Around the 5000's
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

The Time Trekker 30000 is Lance X. Penguin's personal spacecraft and time travelling vehicle. It is somehow larger on the inside due to something that Lance discovered in the instructions telling him about something to do with "dimensional transcendentalism". He found it in an incomplete state in an abandoned underground lab and finished building and modifying it when he took it back to his spacecraft. It can charge via solar energy. It has crash-landed a few times, but has always been repaired and sustained minimal damage. The Doctor managed to give Lance some blueprints on how to improve the Time Trekker which Lance used.

The Trekker is powered by some sort of "Time Reactor" which allows it to travel into different time periods with quite ease.


  • Former prototypes also involve "dimensional transcendentalism" which presumably took several attempts to perfect.
    • Though Lance doesn't know it, The Doctor was the one who helped with the engineering.