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Toaster223 is a Mwa Mwa Penguin who is in the Str00del Force. He is usually seen either with his wacky Petguin sidekick Cheesy or an anotromorphic clock named Clockie.


At first, Toaster223 started out normal. Penguins at school hated him and made fun of his name. He then decided to become a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Buying a spiky orange wig and buying a few more clothes, he went to the Pet Shop. When he got there, the others also made fun of his name. He then met a petguin named Cheesy, who, being a Petguin, thought he was a hamster. Seeing that they were being mocked because of their names, Toaster and Cheesy went off to find their place in the world. That's when they met Clockie. Clockie told the duo about The Str00del Force. Toaster223 and Cheesy decided to join, since Clockie was already in the Force.


  • "Woo nice!"
  • "Mweaney"
  • "Weeeeeeee"
  • "Captain Stw00del wules!"


  • When talking to the Captain, Toaster223 speaks leet with the Mwa Mwa deformities attatched.
  • He is one of the founding members of The Fellowship of the Waffle, along with Cheesy and Clockie.
  • He is the leader of The Str00del Trio, the Str00del Force version of The Troublesome Trio.

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