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Toledo Skyline.png
The City's Skyline.
Country Castilla
Area 232.1 square km
Monuments Alcázar of Toledo, Puente de Alcántara, Puerta del Sol, Puerta de Bisagra, Governance Cathedral of Toledo, Zocodover square
Headquarters Toledo City Hall
Neighbourhoods High Penguin Quarter, Old Town (Everything Else)
Mayor Emilio Garcia-Pagina Sánchez
Population 80,000
rank by 2009 80,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Toledo
Foreign name Toledo, طليطلة, Tolède, Toletum
Demonym Toledoan
Founded 500 B.C.
– Founder Citizens of the Penguin Empire
Time zone CST (Castillan Standard Time)
Summer time Same as above.
Area codes 487

Toledo is a famous municipality city in Castilla that is well known for it's historic buildings and culture and is known for producing high quality swords. Toledo has been hailed for being influenced by Ow Ondowis Mwa Mwa culture, High Penguin Culture, and Governance Culture. It is also known for being the hometown of Clovis Hochstadt, Leonardo di Tremezzo, and General Hermosa.


Toledo was inhabited the same time the whole island of Castilla was during the Penguin Empire. It was called Toletum and was a commercial and administrative center for the whole island. During this time period was also when they built the Alcazar of Toledo, which became a Penguin Empire Palace. The Empire collapsed in 450 AD, and the island along the city were occupied by Vikings for a while. Then, the Mwa Mwa's mixed with Dorkugese invaded and Toledo entered a golden age. High Penguins moved here since it was peaceful, and art, architecture, and literature thrived. Eventually, the Mwa Mwas were driven out of Castilla and Toledo was ruled by it's original inhabitants again. Toledo also became the capital of Castilla during the 16th century before it moved to Metido. It now is the capital of the province Castilla-La Mancha. It today gets thousands of visitors yearly because of it's rich heritage.


Alcantara Bridge.

  • La Alcazar de Toledo - Once a Palace and a Military Academy, the giant Alcazar of Toledo is now a Library and is also home to the Museum of the Castillan Army.
  • Castillo de San Servando - A castle along the river that is home to General Hermosa and the Military's Infantry academy.
  • Alcantara Bridge - A landmark of the city, shown above, the Alcantara Bridge was built by the citizens of the Penguin Empire when the city was founded.
  • Las Puertas de la Ciudad (The Gates of the city) - There are numerous gates that surround the city taht were built to protect the city during the middle ages.
  • Zocodover Square - The city Square.


When it comes to resources, Toledo is well known for having a lot of iron. For centuries, Toledo has been the country's main sword, knife, and other silverware producer. Toledo also makes good quality guns like rifles and pistols. Toledo also produces soap and toothpaste. When it comes to agriculture, Marzipan is Toledo's specialty as well. The City itself is surrounded by farmland and recieves lots of fresh produce daily.

EPF Hideout[edit]

Toledo is home to a secret EPF branch, which is located below this old abandoned building shown below. The headquarters has a giant TV screen to talk to The Director, a conference table and chairs, and a lot of computers and technology that can track other agents' progress and such. This is the second most important EPF Hideout in all of Castilla behind the one in Metido. General Hermosa is the one who oversees this branch.

Notable Residents[edit]

Here are some notable residents of Toledo:

  • General Hermosa - One of Castilla's main Generals.
  • Gottfried Hochstadt - A knight and noble member of the Hochstadt Gang. Although he has a house here, he does not live in Toledo permanently; he only stays in Toledo when visiting the other Hochstadt Gang members, otherwise he stays in Hohenterngau.



  • The city was once the medieval capital of early Castilla.
  • Toledo does NOT have an airport. Penguins and Puffles wishing to come to Toledo have to go to Metido and take a 30 minute train to get to the city.

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