Tom Atum

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Tom Atum

I like cars.
Born Tom Atum
July 8, 2013 (2013-07-08) (age 5)
Tomville, Eastern Shops
Residence Tomville
Other names Tom Atum
Ethnicity Swag Penguin
Citizenship Employee
Years active 0
Employer Johnny 115
Home town Tomville

Tom Atum is a robot created by Johnny 115 to do work around Tomville. Despite his purpose, he usually goes off and does his own things.


Tired from trying to clean up Tomville, Johnny decided to build a robot, since labor was too expensive. His good friend, Penquino, was already building a robot for other purposes. So, the two renovated the robot from a Penquino clone to a willing worker. On July 8, 2013, after about a month of working, Tom Atum was finally completed.


Tom Atum is a red penguin with spiky blond hair, green sunglasses, a blue scarf, an orange hoodie, and light-up slip-on shoes. His white belly piece is yet to come in the mail, so Johnny gave him an old hoodie to cover up the gears and bolts. The robot is actually made of aluminum and iron, but he was painted red to look more realistic. A pointless ice pack was added in Tom Atum's neck area. Therefore, he has to wear a scarf to survive the chilly Shops Island weather. The slip-on shoes were added to show that Tom Atum is still a young penguin, and that he isn't quite there yet in maturity.


Tom Atum has many jobs around Tomville. He's the mailman for Atum's Fantastic Mall of Goodness!, the clerk of every store and AutoCountry dealership, the builder of the newly-refreshed Tomville, and the inventor of Eight Flags.