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Tomville in July 2012, shortly before abandonment.
Country The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
Monuments Tom Statue
Headquarters Tomville City Hall
Neighbourhoods Atum Springs, Swagworth
Mayor Johnny 115 (Jonathan Kari)
Population 24,550
Inhabited species Penguin, Puffle
General information
Founded April 2012
– Founder Johnny 115
Area codes 770

Tomville is a small city located in Eastern Shops Island. It was founded in April 2012 by Johnny 115, but became a ghost town soon after The Great Golden Crisis of 2012. It was rebuilt in 2013, and has since been incorporated as a city, and the largest community in "Atum County".

Tomville's internal economy is mainly supported by car sales, along with the many businesses that are located in the city. Ever since the Shops Island Highway System has taken effect, the city has also been host to numerous hotels to accommodate all of the visitors it receives.


Tomville was founded by aspiring Shops Island citizen Jonathan Kari (Johnny) in April 2012. He wanted it to become the biggest town in the country, but other cities eventually became larger and better.

In early 2012 Kari came into possession of a rare golden puffle, and saw an amazing opportunity; clone the puffle and sell the clones for huge amounts of WB$! However, he didn't know that clones of any puffle turn rabid due to the lack of a stable DNA structure. After he cloned his puffle about 500 times he realized the mistake he had made, but it was too late, and the puffles rampaged Tomville and expanded to other cities. By the time a repellant was created, the puffles had brought destruction to much of Tomville. Even after the clones were destroyed, most of the citizens of Tomville moved to larger cities. Even the mayor himself, Kari, moved out of Tomville to pursue a rap career (since he's a Swag Penguin) by touring Shops Island.

In early 2013, Kari returned to start rebuilding the town he had created. He had almost all of the original buildings, or remains of buildings, demolished. The only original building left is the notorious Tomville Animal Shelter. Soon after this demolition, he received funds from the Shopper government to help him rebuild. He had a city center built around a revived Tomville Park, which included the new Town Hall, the Animal Shelter, and many new areas for businesses. By June 2013, the population was up to 8,000 penguins, and since then it has steadily increased.

In February 2013, the Chillway ("SI Interstate 1") was built right through the ghost town of Tomville. After Mayor Kari returned and started rebuilding the town, it was decided by the government that the proposed Connection Way ("SI Interstate 5") would start in Tomville. Connection Way was constructed in April 2013. In August, Innovation Route ("SI Highway 4") was extended, so that it would now end in Tomville rather than in Vonkouver. By the end of 2013, numerous hotels and large businesses had made their way to Tomville, to accommodate all of the new "tourists".

In March 2014, Atum County was officially created, and Tomville became an official city. Currently, the population is still small (about 10,000 penguins), but it is slowly rising again.


The only government official is the founder and current mayor of the city, Jonathan Kari. There is also a community council (Called "Council of Swag"), made up of various people from different neighborhoods, as well as important Tomville figures (e.g. large business owners). The council proposes ideas and changes for the city, but in the end Kari makes the final decision. Most political work is done inside of the Tomville City Hall.

The only local law in Tomville is that citizens are restricted to two pet puffles per household, due to paranoia from The Great Golden Crisis of 2012. The rules for sophisticated puffle citizens is unknown, since the issue has never come up. Most sophisticated puffles that read Tomville's history are usually wary of moving there afterwards.



Even though it's a small city, Tomville has always done quite well from a business aspect. It's a great place for entrepreneurs to open up their small businesses, and large business owners alike, due to all of the visitors Tomville has on a monthly basis.

Tomville is often considered to be "The car capital of Eastern Shops", a name obtained after various dealerships were set up by Mayor Kari, due to his love of cars. One of the main dealerships is AutoCountry, actually founded by Kari.

Some other businesses in Tomville include Atum's Fantastic Mall of Goodness! (formerly Tom Mall) and Snowbucks Coffee. Dining establishments include McDoodle's, Fisch and Chips, Eastshield Fired Fish, O-Berry Garden, Red Crab, LongTail Fishhouse, and many more.

Some former businesses include Diamond, Susi Q's, and Pautie's Cheap Stuff.

In addition to stores and restaurants, hotels have also become a large part of Tomville's economy due to all of the traffic it receives. Some of the hotels and motels Four Puffles Hotel, Snossville Hotel, Tomville Motel and Swagworth Motel, among others.


Tom Atum, a character from Mayor Kari's comic series, is a legendary figure across Tomville and Atum County, and it is also whom they are both named after. He is the city's unofficial mascot, and there is a statue of him in Tomville Park.

Although parts of the city have gained an urban feeling due to all of the large businesses, such as hotels and fancy restaurants, most of the city still feels rural, small, like when it was a town. In fact, some areas even have a Redneck feel to them.

Also, as mentioned before, Tomville is commonly called "The car capital of Eastern Shops", which also influences their culture.

Golden Atum award[edit]

The Golden Atum award is an award that was created by Mayor Kari in 2012. It is annually awarded to one Tomville citizen that the city (and Johnny) thinks is worthy. Before 2014, it was known as the Golden Johnny Award. Here are the recipients of the award:

  • 2012: Penquino
  • 2013: No Johnny Award was given in 2013 due to the town's abandonment.
  • 2014:


Originally, there was only one building for all schooling in Tomville. Even though the building survived The Great Golden Crisis of 2012, it was torn down when Mayor Kari returned in 2013 in favor of modern facilities.

In mid-2013, three new school buildings were built (one for each school "group") on the same grounds, and were collectively known as the "Tomville Schools". After Atum County was officialized in 2014, the "Tomville Schools" became part of the larger "Atum County Schools". The individual schools are:

  • Tomville Elementary School
  • Tomville Middle School
  • Tomville High School



These are annual census results from Tomville city limits, or estimated limits when it was a town. Since these are census results, they only account for independent individuals (i.e. penguins), not domesticated individuals such as pet puffles. The census is collected each June.

Date Estimate Population % of change
2012 150 366 N/A
2013 10,000 8,316 +2172
2014 22,000 17,081 +105
2015 23,000 24,547 +43


Tomville is the center of three highways.

Since late 2013, transportation by car has been easy for "The Car Capital of Eastern Shops". Three Interstate highways run through Tomville. The Chillway (Interstate 1) runs from Yuri City in Western Shops, all the way to Vonkouver in Southern Shops. Innovation Route (Interstate 4) runs from the Western Shops Industrial Division, and goes East all the way to Vonkouver, then travels North to Tomville. The final highway, Connection Way (Interstate 5), runs from Tomville, through Kurdley, and ends at Kapsaalu, Freezestonia. All of this highway travel makes up for the lack of a subway station.

As for air travel, Tomville National Airport is located just outside of the city limits, and has flights to othe Shopper cities such as Shops City, Vonkouver, Penguin City, Goberna, Pallinn, and Dancing Penguin City. It opened in 2014.

As for in-city transportation, there isn't much. Some of the larger hotels, such as the Snossville, have a few buses of their own, which bring people to and from the airport, and certain areas around the city such as Tomville Square.

Notable Residents[edit]